PC players have been taking to the skies for a while now, but the latest update for Warframe has added a whole new dimension to the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players.

The Archwing update is now live for console players, adding the same brand of space combat and explosive weaponry to the console that PC players have been enjoying. Other additions include new quests, a new reputation system, new enemies, a new Warframe, and more.

As a bit of an aesthetic overhaul, the Warframe website, logo, and launcher have all gotten a re-design. The press release announcing the update also boasts of having over 12 million sign-ups for the game and is the most downloaded game on the PS4, with a “strong presence” on the Xbox One.

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  1. I quit warframe after archwing update, not excited, very boring, there is almost nothing new and dont like to play arcwing missions at all, waiting next patch to come back if its will be not archwing update.

  2. default arcwing nerfed to shit 75-100 energy for complete shit skills outdone by the cash arcwing’s 25 energy skill

    map for elytron part every1 fricking dies & leaves woth max rank wing and weapons


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