Broken site ( should fix it asap ) 🥇 Live

kriplPosted by kripl

when u click on main page on smething it forgeting redirect on a article and leaves it only like that "https://news/new-mmorpg-into-echo-bills-itself-massively-multiplayer-time-travel-odyssey" well done coder guy u should give slap for this.

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midori 9 months ago
Seems like I can not create suggestion only to reply to existing ones (using chrome, windows 11 PC) I did disable all my extensions ofcourse and it did not help. I would really love to have ability to create new topics, and some small game forum would not be bad idea either, after all there are many pages like this (this being my favorite) so to have sense of community would be sweet.

alfie 11 months ago
waiting for another castle clash code 1 year ago
Suggest me in casstle clash

williamnoah 1 year ago
suggestion is good

Justpaulo 1 year ago
Thank you for your feedback kripl. Both issues are now fixed.

kripl 1 year ago
+ this to this coder guy well done job another find out here is a screenshot