ArcheAge is a fantasy sandbox MMORPG that sends players on a journey across the great continents of Nuia and Harihara. In search of the legacy of the Delphinad, the greatest city to ever exist, they will unfold the secrets of the Lost Continent as well as whatever adventures and treasures that turn up along the way.

ArchAge features four unique races that all have their own passive qualities, along with ten ability trees that create up to one hundred and twenty different class options, providing players with plenty of choices upon character creation and specialization. Players choose three of ten basic skill types and thus creating a “class” which is leveled upon improvement. Pets can be purchased and trained into mounts or companions on the battlefield, needing resurrection once they have fallen.

Travel to Freedom Island with a cart and donkey stacked with your goods, and maybe strike it rich with Delphinad's Star special reward. Conquer the sky with flying contraptions called gliders by exploring mountains, putting on an airshow with friends, or having a sky battle with a foe. Sail a giant naval ship out to sea and seek new lands, fighting sea monsters and opposing forces. Join up with a group of allies and take part in a giant siege battle, or get away from all the adventure and spend quality time at your house by creating items and decorating your home.

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XL Games
Kakao Games
Release Date
September 04, 2014
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Windows XP / Sp3 / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8


2 GB




Intel Core 2 Duo


nVidia GeForce 8000 series 512 MB / Radeon HD 4000 Series or better

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gabrielgem 6 months ago
This game had me leaving and coming back throughout. Playing it is one of the most happy memories i have with my brother. we were always so captivated by the depth of the game that we could never stay away for too long. whenever i start a new MMORPG i would always look for the traits i found in archeage and that is how i would decide the game was worth it or not. Once you go Archeage, nothing is really satisfying enough.

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Vincent Schwartz 4 years ago
I can't even play the game because the glyph launcher and website won't let me put in an authentification code. There's nothing about what to do when that happens. Would love to give it a shot but its not worth it

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Penni Penas 4 years ago
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shanara 5 years ago
well this is disheartening to say the least

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hateAA 5 years ago
Worst game I've ever committed 5 months to. If you want to stay competitive as a new player you either have to dump in a ton if in game currency to go patron or pay $15 a month for it to get perks. The main perk being "labor" points which recovers 5 per 5 min staying ONLINE or 10 per 5 min ONLINE and OFFLINE. Every action besides PVE or PVP requires labor to do. Huge gold sink of a game with the regrade system on gear.

Worst part is the pvp. Most veteran players are miles (or spent tons of $$$) ahead to the point where a single overgeared character can take on anywhere up to 5 people at lvl cap but awful gear. They do allow people to kill their own faction which is a MAJOR problem for new players and low population servers. These people that kill their own faction are supposed to build up criminal/infamy points but their guild and alts end up as jury and they get innocent. The simplest way to make money is to tranfer cargo from one are to a main city. Well too bad tons of high gear score players are waiting at choke points just to break your vehicle (gold to fix), take your cargo (gold to make, labor to make), and of course kill you (may lose honor points depending on region). Yay for the players that steal from others! Sucks if you just started and can't even try to do what is intended to be "safe" runs.

And of course alts. This game makes its login counts look good because it allows multiple accounts to be run simultaneously. Players that can run multiple accounts have a HUGE advantage over players that do not have the hardware to do so. Again the labor system allows these extra alts to be used to gather mats for free and allows mains to focus on spending labor in the most efficient way to power-level certain professions (higher professions = less labor cost).

Any positive review on this game are either game reviewers that never invested time into the game.. or are players that have played early enough to be ahead of the curve.

Again, I've invested 5 months into this game... paying for patron on 2 separate accounts (summing up roughly $210) and it still was no where near enough to even get over 4.5k gear score (9.5k being top 100). To even achieve over 5k gear score was decent but the it would've taken months to achieve a measly 500+ boost in gear score.

tl;dr gold sink, pay-to-win, WORST mmorp I've ever come across

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AcidJoke 6 years ago
Extremely promising game, but Trion took so little care with it that made it be like garbage. It's only worthy to play if you manage to get a Patron, but somehow players sell Apex consumables at marketplace, which you can use to earn credits. Because of Apex's relatively low in-game price, Patron is quite easy to get, but players have to work around the crafting system. What really brings down the game's quality is server capacity and stability: I just uninstalled the game right now because I'm unable to play due to extremely poor server connection. When the server you're playing gets high online populations, lag is just unbearable and makes the game absolutely unplayable (sometimes you can't even log into a character to start playing). This just shows how Trion doesn't track their player base size, and keeps the server capacities under their real needs.

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Maxlance 6 years ago
This is an epic free game for reasons cited above -- and I'd even happily pay THE ACTUAL GAME CREATORS for it -- but it's marred by Triton's almost ruthlessly unsympathetic banning policies if you happen to even be using ram boosters and ad blockers in the background or game enhancers such as Razor's Cerebrum. Triton GMs assume everyone's a hacker and won't even consider your situation and evidence to the contrary. I had two characters deep into the game when I got the ban flag and after I pruned down the fault to running Opera with an ad blocker on, Triton just wouldn't even consider reconsidering. Weeks of gaming effort down the drain. Only twice in the decades I've gamed I've unwittingly tripped a ban but their GMs were considerate and let me resume. ArchaeAge is a great game with a bad GM attitude problem so be wary about investing too much effort in a character.

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battttlerite 6 years ago
that's a legendary game

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Treefarmer 6 years ago
Still the best mmorpg out there . ONLY competition is Ashes of Creation and that is 2 years before coming to market says Dev team. OH might also mention the Lead Dev of that game is a Guild Leader in Archeage :P

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Crack is cheaper 6 years ago
lmao What a shit show.

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GamerChik 6 years ago
I played to lvl 50 but it was totally pay to win at the point if you dont spend a shit ton of cash forget getting the armor and stuff you need to survive in the game and you'll also need to be a patron as well

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Lop 6 years ago
Games great I'd play it instead of world of warcraft if I thought it was worth it but it's not worth it. I don't think it's worth the money just to buy a subscription to buy a house. And the game is pretty grindy and it's a paid to win game. It's been months after I uninstalled this game and they still keep sending me newsletters about archeage and newsletters about their other games they have and currently make. If I unsubscribe from your newsletters it doesn't mean I still wanna hear about archeage or rift or all the other games you currently update or build trion worlds. That's why I had to change emails recently it's a shame I had to resort to this.

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abdo 6 years ago
dont downlawd this game after week of downlawding this game the game deleted her self and i got error say faild to load game date

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Loxly 6 years ago
State of the game, December 2016, 3.0 Revelation expansion: After reading a good portion of the posted reviews, it's apparent that you will either love Archeage or hate it. I returned to the game after a long break post-launch, and this is what I found. The game is highly slanted toward pay-to-win and sells items that assist a player to enhance armor and weapons during end-game. The reason for this is explained below. True, the dev's have promised to reduce those items but they need to make money somehow as player levels continue to decline.

The game has been nicknamed Anarchy-age because game mechanics allow gankers, trolls and azzhats to target you, same faction or not, and steal your hard-earned trade packs, destroy your vehicles (boats, wagons, etc.) and cost you labor to resurrect your character and get your experience points back (if you're still leveling). These game mechanics foster unrestrained, negative social behaviors that destroy the familiar on-line communities that grow out of aligned interests; everyone is literally out for themselves at ALL times. This core issue, on the other hand, is what motivates "fan boy" players to level up (called a "regrade") their gear and weapons; that way they can no longer be ganked but gank others instead. As you can imagine, solo play is limited or non-existent depending on what you want to do in the game. Sure, there is a lot of things to do but come with moderate to high risks of being ganked especially if you're not with a group. This is impossible to coordinate and perform when a group of five players have five different agendas.

The developers are using "high risk, danger and antagonistic" mechanics in an attempt to create immersion. However, it unfortunately has had the effect of just frustrating those who have low level gear, their friends are not online at the moment (because they live in another part of the world), or they are very new to PVP-centric games. Yes, a cap-level player can gank a level-one player at any time. Thus, a very specific type of player with a very specific focus is the person playing Anarchy-age. A good number of care-bear, casual players simply don't have the time to put into this game or they don't see the point of the antagonistic AA environment. Still, many semi-casual players do exist. Thus mainly hard-core players are those that stick with AA and is one reason player levels dropped so dramatically since launch.

Yes, you can join a guild but are limited in the help you will receive. Remember, others are also trying to "get ahead" and it takes time away from their advancement if they help you. These dynamics require tedious truces between players that are only established for brief periods while it benefits both (or a small group) of players. These truces quickly dissolve and "purpling" consistently ensues ("Purpling is the activity of flagging your character as "blood lust" which allows you to attack a member of your own faction). Thus, because Anarchy-age is free-to-play, a number of those players have no interest in investing anything into the community, the game, or for themselves. They simply enjoy "ganking" and PVP all day.

The game is somewhat of a paradox; there are those that farm by planting and raising livestock and those that farm dungeons, farm other players, and participate in other world events. It's not faction against faction as one would assume and is familiar in other MMO's. Anarchy-age is literally the trade packing "care bears" against the self-righteous gankers.

The self-righteousness can be described like this: Players incredibly create their own rules to justify larceny against their own faction, neighbors and guild members. On players stated to me after uprooting my accidently planted experience lots outside my protected area, "Any and all items planted or placed on public land WILL be taken." He lived two houses away from mine. The items he stole? Worthless experience lots that gave me experience to level up but gave him nothing but something to uproot. It was only "fun" for him in a twisted sort of way. I was a member of his immediate community, working to build and protect the area the same and he was. Yet, he severed that trust, connection and team over a worthless item. His excuse was expressed in his self-righteous statement, "Well, buy land and plant it there." I pointed to my plot just yards from where he was standing and asked if he was blind." Evidently I had planted two of my lots just outside the protected grid which, in turn, somehow entitled him to uproot them. Again, this entitled, self-righteous, and antagonistic attitude is encouraged in this game and is why many simply leave.

With the 3.0 Patch, Trion has now introduced "Fresh Start" servers where players can start from scratch and rebuild their "empire". It appears that this is just another attempt to counteract the declining player levels. Mass emails have been sent out to former players promising them the game is better and to come back. Trion has given away high-level armor to other players to entice them to come back. Now with fresh start servers, players are encouraged to stick with the game and, yep, do everything all over again. "No, that's not right" you say? Well, the original Legacy servers won't talk to the Fresh Start servers. So, if you want to enjoy any content exclusive to the Fresh Start servers, you have to start all over again. In some circles this would be labeled a form of "extortion".

So, if you enjoy exercising power over others when they can't defend themselves, Anarchy-age is for you. If you enjoy the "challenge" of avoiding the pirates, gankers and players of your own faction and guild, outwitting them in order to get paid, this game is for you. If you enjoy the challenge of staying connected to the game, don't care about unannounced patches even if you're in the middle of a trade run (aka losing you trade packs), this game is for you.

Remember, Trion is the publisher and advocate for this game. If these attitudes are prevalent in-game, they are more so within the company. And they are. Due to their history of game mismanagement, it will be a true challenge to immerse yourself in Anarchy-age. Personally I was moved to another server due to consolidating player population, a symptom of players leaving the game. I was not given any new land on the new server and had to start all over again. So, if the challenge of being treated like a nuisance instead of a customer appeals to you, then Anarchy-age, and Trion, is the game and company for you.

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ASD 7 years ago
After the tutorial and playing for a bit and still being under level 15 I already get arrested and put in jail because I commited crimes I confused the whole jury because I looked like a new player which I was which was so funny and was given like 5 minutes in prison XD. But trion is a horrible company making idiotic moves with this game I'd still play this game if trion wasn't being stupid with the stuff they were putting in the game. I didn't mind the subscription since I had one in World of warcraft and was highly considering on canceling my World of warcraft subscription for a Patron subscription but after I've seen how bad trion worlds was I decided to keep my world of warcraft subscription I don't think it's worth it. I mean I really like this game especially since it has ingame housing but the bad ideas and paid 2 win features I've seen is worse then I've seen blizzard entertainment doing so I'm better off staying on World of warcraft. If trion worlds changes or the publisher changes and archeage becomes better I might come back in the future or if a game just like this releases in the future I'll definetly buy a subscription or join it since we all gotta admit World of warcraft is getting past it's prime and not everyone want's to pay to log in. But If you don't mind trions BS company then I'd recommand joining it now otherwise I'd advise stay away from trion worlds games.

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Starr 7 years ago
I played this game starting at official launch up until last year, and I played it hardcore. ArcheAge is the DEFINITION of pay-to-win. Gear crafting and enhancements are entirely RNG. Loot boxes are RNG. You NEED a Patron subscription to even think about doing anything legitimate (unless you play the game longer than you'd work a full time job, and even then.) Players who spend money on the game will ALWAYS have an advantage over those who don't, plain and simple. Anyone who says otherwise is either a) being paid by Trion, b) someone who pays, or c) has never actually tried to play the game to any real endgame content.

With the few players left on this game, it's entirely PVP. Even members of your own faction can "flag" and kill you to steal your things. And when the game's economy relies almost solely on running trade packs, unless you have a massive and powerful guild to help you on those trade runs, you are screwed. Trion allows, encourages, and even rewards players for being griefing assholes. The tone of this game is that you need to have money and be willing to betray literally anyone to be on top. Even if you think you're going to avoid PvP, it's not possible, unless you manage to find empty land in a safe zone, which good luck. Script bots and land hackers dominate real estate, and again, you need at least one property to do literally anything.

Stay FAR FAR FAR AWAY from this game and ANYTHING released by Trion. It's not worth the huge financial losses you'll incur just trying to get halfway decent gear.

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AOA 7 years ago
This game had alot of potential I even downloaded it and gave it a try but after a week I uninstalled it. I even thought it could of beaten world of warcraft if they actually tried because of how great it looks. But trionworlds proved looks can be decieving just because the game looks amazing and has great features doesn't mean they make great decisions. Trionworlds makes really bad decisions and are a paid 2 win game. If this game had a way better publisher giving this game justice and better combat development I think this game could of been way more popular and beaten world of warcraft easily. I do admit I had alot of fun on Archeage but the only problem I see is bad publishers otherwise this game would of been great to play and worth investing time into.

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Drax 7 years ago
This game was with everything to conquer the world of MMOs, but the publishers is horrible, they try conquer the money world with lots of premium items.

This game are now destroyed

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Unknown 7 years ago
Game died for me when the developers banned the use of blockades

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todoran 7 years ago
can kill wow whit the concept...... but not whit this kind of publishers

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Amanda 7 years ago
where do i go to download? or play? NO link!

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Adalric 7 years ago
i payed out over $100 to get in the early start when this game first came out. Worst mistake I have ever made. Did I get the 2 week or 1 week start that I paid for "NO". Other players who did not pay for it got in faster and before you could get in bots had grabbed all the land. Still I tried to wait and see if they would comp for this, nothing was done. Customer support much less said oh so sry but screw off we will not comp you anything (we have your money). Then the big expanded came to where you could get land to build your mighty castles. A lot of guilds saved up and paid out a lot of gold to other players and clans to help secure land for each other. Then when it was open again they screwed up and only a few got in to the game and bots and hacks once again had all the land. Did customer support do a reset or anything. Again they said so sry but screw off. now the Game play was fun, you craft and build and adventure, but wait all that at low lvls (1-20)while lvl 50's or higher where jumping you and killing you just for the fun of it. There is no pvp cap lvl you can be attacked by the maxed out lvls when you are lvl 1. This game was a waist of money that I wish I had never spent.

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JS 7 years ago
I've played this game since 2014, on and off since then.
I love the class systems, being able to change your combination of skills and experiment with different classes and skillsets. It was a wonderful concept. However, a lot of changes were made to scale the skills in each class. This was fine, since balancing is necessary for mmo's to function well. However, this made it difficult to play classes that were straightforward. Playing simply as a mage or archer was fine, but over time people who were 2 classes combined became more powerful. It simply became a better option to play with swapping weapons and all that.
(I normally played as a cleric or soothsayer, cleric for PvE and soothsayer for PvP)
Personally I liked the quests. I played through the storyline as an elf and as a firran. The issue here is that if you are not a patron, this is easiest way to level up quickly if you are playing solo. If you are patron, you have more creative ways to level up. If you don't like questing, you can gain exp through crafting or mining or all that. Playing for free allows less accumilation of labour points, unless you have time to be logged on for hours during the game. However in updates for patron members, the gaining of labour points have increased.
The issue I found most frustrating was the economy. Prices of APEX (you can buy this item in the game store with real money, and when you open it, it gives you credits. This is sold to people who don't buy apex with their own money, and gives a way for free players to earn patron with gold.) would inflate to crazy prices. In the time of just a month the price almost doubled, making it harder for new free players to earn patron status. Once you actually have patron, it is easier to continue with that status, but it cuts into your profits.
Trade packs and trading was pretty fun. During trade runs solo in safe areas was a good way to make profit, however more dangerous runs required parties. It can be frustrating to lose your trade packs, however with good teamwork and planning you can pull it off easily. Personally I enjoyed this aspect! rip my peanut tradepacks tho :'( you will be missed.
Fishing is also a great way to earn money as well as use up labour points. It was also a lot of fun. You gotta be weary of the other factions though, wanting to steal your fish. I also loved to explore the oceans.
When the game first started up there were many bots, and land grabs, as well as spam in mail, but now they've removed most of the offenders, so it isn't much of an issue now.
In my opinion, this game was very enjoyable for someone just chilling and going with the flow. Unfortunately, I can't talk about PvP too much since 1) I am Australian and my internet connection isn't as good as everyone else's, and 2) I mainly played as a healer. You can say this game is p2w, it certainly gives a boost and I agree. But grinding as a free player can get you similar benefits, I found obsidian weapons to be enough for me for a while and eventually upgrading them (btw upgrading is a pain and very expensive. Usually this is what p2w refers to).
You may have heard of the merge of servers due to the large open world with less than needed players on each server. A lot of players were against it and unfortunately I've hardly played since then, so I can't give an opinion on that matter.
I hope this will help anyone to give a bit more insight on how the game is like now.

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BAYAG 7 years ago
at first i really love the game... One more lvl till cap and here comes the worst situation, all CC players can kill you easily if you're just a plain old player who dont want to pay like me (btw only got heroic cursed obsi set )... To make it worst i need to stay online for almost 24hrs everyday for the freaking LABOR POINTS just to open loots that cost 200 and 300 LP.. AAMMMAAZZZINNGGGG!!!

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Etsune 7 years ago
When the game came out on launch day, I was excited then I realized that in order to get a damn house you needed a premium account. By the time I got one, all of the channels on the server were full of houses already. Multiple houses built by only one person or the house was put down in a way where there wasn't any space left. Along with those labor points which completely mess up the gaming experience I was hoping for.
They really need to get rid of it. Along with PKs on certain parts of the map when you want to do trading. Makes it impossible when you have players who camp out just to steal your trade packages and you can't even level up.

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caedwyn 7 years ago
i love archeage its like a sort of fantasy virutal world where you can find and do anything you imagine
i used to play on us server with this very name and i put my main username here as proof because when they decided to MERGE the servers and ruing the lands and houses there were thousands of people saying NO and asking not to do it
but they hired someone from sony entertainment and she would just ignore and make jokes of the people who were mad or sad and were playing for a LONG time
and they kept messing with people for 4 month and said "people are supporting this merge" while there was atleast 2 other ways to do it they finaly merged and me and so many others quit the game all because of the fail management of trion

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Naiop 8 years ago
This game really falls under two VERY distinct classes, depending on whether you're patron or not. If you're patron, you can enjoy the best sandbox game out there. Build a house on the map (not in some instance), raise a farm, and participate in the amazing crafting/economic system the game has to offer.
If you're not patron you get a very underwhelming combat system with quests that are not only pointless but are extremely annoying as well. While the combo system is pretty awesome, don't expect to use it very often. The crafting system is extremely limited. Your labor points only raise when you're online, and you can't have any land. That means no house, and no farm. If you decide to attempt to craft, you'll either be limited to 5 trees and 10 plants, or planting in the wild where anyone can take from you.
Yes, the game is F2P, but the sandbox part of the game, which is why you're interested in ArcheAge) is P2P.

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BURAT 8 years ago

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darestim 8 years ago
I played since it released and can say its a pure pay to win game. If you dont have endless gold + luck you cant progress your character from one point. Because you cant raise the level of your items and items are everything in the game. It doesnt matter how skilled player you are if your items are above divine. And seeing some newbie leveled up his items to divine-mythic range on the first try to regrade and meanwhile you try to upgrade your unique weapon regrade 13th time and fails also not help your desire to still play the game.

Except those its just a pure graphical version of the farmville. You build gold piles with trade , farming, fishing and other profiencies and use the gold on regrading items. Game doesnt provide pve content except 3-4 dungeons and 1 raid and the designer of the dungeons are not so creative since his dungeon opinion is putting a boss on each room and they can be killed with just one skill spam like protective wings to not get any damage.

So in short not suggesting to play AA for regular mmo players.

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Jessica 8 years ago
This would have been the perfect game.. but it is way too much of a pay2win game and despite being an open world PvP game, there is only one very boring PvP que map. Unless you subscribe as a monthly user for $15/month you will never amount to much unless you make great friends who will give you gear. It takes massive amounts of crafting material both from monster farm and from farming crops to craft anything. Labor points limits this. You can not grind money in the game because there are limits on how many dungeons runs you can do and items do not break down into useful materials from the dungeon and labor points are essential to do much of anything. It has literally been stripped away of any non IRL money advancement potential unless you plan on playing for years. The game took out a lot of features such as outfit stat bonuses and off-road vehicle techniques.. all of which I worked for in this game only to find out they took them out! The game was destroyed when the developers destroyed the economy by turning rare craft materials into a cash shop item. This disrupted everything. Truly a PAY 2 WIN game. Half the population on my sever left after that. Castle sieges are a waste of money... there is really no benefit to owning one.... the cost of upkeep and providing pots/food for prime guildies to defend castle takes away most profit of the castle. RNG is very bad.. no wonder why they sell boosts in the cash shop. If only the game was a bit more friendly on your wallet.. more PvP que maps, slightly better RNG...didn't take out essential points such as outfits with stats.. and NO cash shop material items... then this game would be amazing (Played 5 months, castle owner)

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IMBATMAN 8 years ago
This game is completely free to play and not pay to win. Of course u cn place houses and farms only with the subscriber status,but u cn earn it in the game without spending a dime.The launch may have been crappy but now (2015) it really is one of the best free 2 play mmorpgs out there.Many ppl dont recommend this game cuz of the labor system(labour is used up for crafting,farming and almost all of the non combat stuff), there is NO auto kick or whatever in this game, so u cn leave ur pc switched on and go to sleep or work or whatever.Archeage is a really fun,addicting mmo, that I would recommend any1 who is tired of the combat-combat-combat-combat-combat-combat-combat-combat-combat nature of most of the mmos in the market today. This game is actually an MMO RPG with actual,non combat ROLE playing. You dont even need to lvl up more than 30 to get a house,a galleon and most other ships,a farm and all the other things that make this game so special. This is a game where u make stories,not play thru them.


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Wolfing 8 years ago
Game itself now is really good: awesome PVP mechanics, Loads of PVE stuff to do (treasure hunting, world boss taming, Kraken hunt, Leviathan hunt(comming soon), abyssal event, trade runs, fishing, exploring the world in general). But new players cant do anything: they are undergeared compared to the rest of the world; weaponless, armorless, saying it short: naked. And most of old people dont care about new comers so Hasla and GHA is pretty much out of the question and to serpentis you wont get invited untill you get at least GHA/Hasla gear, which sucks as you need at least Hasla/serpentis gear to be of somewhat viable in pvp and top end PVE. There are very few ppl who will actually help out. So you either have to spam "LF ____" or hope that someone think "hey, he might need help". Crafted gear is out of the question as RNG will fck you up at as non-patron an are hurt badly already. Non-patrons dont get offline labor regen, cant own land and cant sell items on AH, which sucks, pretty much all ways to earn gold are now blocked when you finish all quests.
Now what touches Trion. They fcked up so many times and they never learn from their mistakes, the most recent example is the RNG box which was said to contain Archeum (expensive thing needed to craft equipment) and it didn't, day later they called it "Confusion" when it was their mistake, and it doesn't seem to be fixed any time soon. We all old players seen how they can freely take down market place and fix their stuff but now its like 3rd week, 2x "updates" happend and its still there. Also all the bugs, exploits and all that other stuff. They dont even try to fix it.

In general game is something to try out, get a feel for but definetly not to make as a main game for yourself at this point in time if you are new, unless you get someone to direct you and help you out (like me) or hope that in future Trion will get their sh*t together and fix their made bs.

EU Orchidna
Haranyan (east)
IGN: Wolfing

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Trios 8 years ago
This game may have alot of haters from a couple months ago but the game has made huge improvements to cover thes issues. The game is so much fun if your in a guild working together, either on trade runs or killing the kracken it really doesnt get boring to easily. Plus longboards i mean who does not want one of them. Forget the haters and just try it out with a few friends, this game is not dying my server is very active and busy its just people are being ingorant and don't realize how much work it takes to create a game like this with where everything revolves around the players.

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Sleepy 8 years ago
You know, it looked great but then I couldn't even get into the game. My PC has lots of spare space, the hardware is all up to date and I have no problems with mote intensive games playing on my PC.
I looked online and saw other people had been having the same welcome. Right after selecting a server I wanted - boom. Disconnected.
Lame. Uninstalled.

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Clovilah 8 years ago
TL;DR This game had potential until they got incredibly greedy and ruined it. It WAS worth it, now it's pay to win AND pay to play the better functions of the game. Period.

A lot of people are completely lying about the way this game is and I don't know why. They ruined their own game. I have had Patron status for awhile, I was in beta for a long time and a Founder as well.

The game is gorgeous and has incredibly beautiful artwork, scenery and very attractive, unique characters along with many, many spells and attacks to build your own unique way of fighting. There are literally dozens and dozens of ways to customize and play your character, without touching on the fact that trade skills, farming and creation in this game *was* so very, very fun.

The problem with this game, that a lot of commentators are *choosing* to ignore, is that in order to gain access to the core functions like having a house, building a farm, etc. you HAVE to pay for the game. Not once, MONTHLY. You cannot promote a game as free to play, then turn around and tell players they cannot enjoy most of the functions within the game without paying for a monthly subscription. You cannot own land, you cannot have a house, you cannot start a farm or anything of the sort without this subscription. Even if you do decide to pay for these features (honestly, it is only $15 but the fact that they force this on the player...) good luck finding a place to put your little scarecrow in order to start your garden. Every server is so over the top populated by Founders and subs that you will almost never find a place large enough for everything you want. "You don't need to own a piece of land to plant things." No you don't. You only need to own a piece of land in order to insure that no one steals your stuff. When your things are ready, people can just take what they want or even just uproot or destroy your stuff all together. You can use the Public Farm if you are feeling adventurous. But make sure you are right there when your things are finish growing (some thing in the game literally take real-life days) or someone will steal those, too. Public farms will only watch your items for so long before they become public property and anyone can take or destroy them. I have had people try to actually steal mounts I have been 'growing' right in front of me simply because they thought they could.

If you just want a fairly generic experience running around killing mobs, finishing only half the quests you find (a lot of quests center around trade skills) then you won't find an issue. If you want to experience everything this game has to offer without a lot of the hardship (it still has many annoying factors such as not enough free land, thieves, soloing content becomes incredibly hard after about level 10, mounted combat is a joke - to name a few) then get ready to pay.

Another huge annoyance that people are conveniently forgetting is that you can be suddenly banned or you can have a suspension on a specific server for having the wrong race of character. They will also randomly tell people that certain races cannot be created or played any further on certain servers for an unknown amount of time, because of what they say is over population. You would think this simply tells them they need to stop merging servers or just make a new damn server but they refuse to do something as bold as that in order to help out the player population. Players that do still play are only gatherers and not a lot of groups or partying is going on anyways so they don't think it is necessary to help lower levels in the least. You can suddenly be banned (as my Found account was) because they might associate your account with someone who bought gold. If for instance you raise and slaughter something, then sell the fur/meat on the auction house and someone with illegal gold buys yours then you can be traced to that person. Which is exactly what happened to my account. You will be banned, permanently, characters deleted and property made public for anyone to take, destroy, etc. without any say what-so-ever. Did you pay for the account with real money? Start your own guild, work hard on a private place of your own to start a farm and build a nicer house that cost you tons of stars? Too bad. Remember that when you think about this game.

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Zerotaker 8 years ago
Pay To win? YES! BUT! you can achieve anything you need as far as paying,in the game. even patron,threw in game gold. BUT! GRIND GRIND GRIND! HOURS! and once your close,more hours! Unless you use your credit card!!!! the community is very cutthroat! I have never meant so many people i would KNOCK THE HELL OUT in real life,in a game before! But also,have meant some good new friends also.

The story line is stupid,and is not even necessary to level. So if you like questing,then,forget this game. You need to craft for just about everything,or need help.GRIND! You find yourself,with so much to do. Yet very bored all the time,cause all there is to do is craft,or go be a dick to people.

Dungeons,are either very easy,or can be glitched. BORING! The game is so,rinse repeat it hurts!

Trion,or support is horrible!!! so many down times,they need to give out i am sorry packs.
people get banned,cause they run there voice chat on admin. and other stupid they did nothing wrong reasons. because,the gold spammers and bots are like roaches in a dirty house!everywhere!

In short,the game can be so so so much better.but it's not! at this time anyways! i truly enjoyed the game from the start. but once that SUPER DO THE SAME THING EVERY MINUTE EVERY DAY! started,it was not long until i quit. i know it was not me,i watched super guilds,vanish,for same reasons,over and over.
Combat,sux!!! more or less if you get hit 1st,your done...and is not fluid at all!!! compared to a lot of other games!!!!!!

show me 1 person who plays and likes this game!!! and i will show you 20 more,who will tell you what i am telling you..and i played since launch until a month ago. but hey give it a shot,we are all different.

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Kyrion 8 years ago
Hello, I do play this game since it opened to f2p and I find disgusting that some people make critic reviews without even knowing the facts. For emaple everyone here saiyng you need patron/membership to have boat and its a complete lie, its really easy to get a boat as a f2p and do trade runs over the sea and make gold!
You cant buy anything that gives you armor/weapon advantage in the store, the way to make gold with real money is to buy and sell APEX that is wat f2p can use to become patron, but one of those costs like 10€ and is worth 300gold in the game, a good weapon in AH costs around 20k gold.... So now think how much money would you need to spend to become p2w!
I play in orchidna server EU for a lot time and ive saw reaaaaally few p2w and they arent even that strong.
AA has amazing graphics, so much content and awesome PvP ! WORTH IT
PLAY AA its amazing

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Jazzster98 8 years ago
Do NOT play this game, Seriously, this game has banned my account the first day playing, I had not done Anything except questing and farming. i never said a thing unless i needed help with something. Seriously. i do not recommend this game in the slightest bit since 2 of my accounts have been banned, one from not logging in after a long period of time and the second one for no reason.

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xill0uT 8 years ago
Archeage is a fun game, really good graphics and super good figthing system. I really enjoyed it, till it become pay to win. Make no mistake, it is a free to play game, but you will not be able to have a House (safe ground where you can grow your "crops"). Without a house it is most likely impossible to grow anything, and if you cant grow anything you will not be able to forge the bests armors and weapons. Yes you can have an "eligal plantation" but most of those are destroyed by the enemy.
When i played it, we could buy an item in the market that would give you Patron status. It would cost 200k gold each and you need 2 of them. The price is made by the players so i dont know the currently price of it. So there is a free way to have patron, but it is really hard to obtain that amout of gold. People gain gold by doing trade routes, the far the trade is the more gold you get. For any free player, 200K is easy to get from quests, from there forward its when you need to start the trade routes. And ofc most of the trade routes you will need a boat, so you as a free player will be able to do only the "land routes".

To finish this review... the game is really good, but their publisher is just the worst in the world. Every single game that TRION touch will have problems in the future, just like it happen to Archeage, people will stop playing it. Free 2 play but Payed 2 Win!!

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Vazky 8 years ago
Hum about people saying its only p2w or whatever servers are laggy ... Not at all ? The only way you'd have to put money would be like to take a membership if u want to get ur Art points always at 5000/5000 but u could just wait for it to fill up, or build a house ... whewh a house who cares, U can still have a ship :D! This game is awesome, flying wif my friends and boarding on the sea

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Dragan Mocny 8 years ago
I am playing at other Trion's game - Defiance - it isn't good game - but is funny. Archeage has all Trion's sins and fails. I PLAYED Archeage... - no funny (server lags, tons of bots and children, "unforgotable" quests; ugly - terrible graphic and animations; fatal - very bad game optimalisation - works not cool even on i5/i7 machines with powerfull GPU cards. Skills and combat system - Christ... Lineage 2 was betetr 10 years ago...
For example: Guild Wars 2 isn't perfect game but destroy Archeage with no mercy... If you buy GW2 - you have game which is worth to play. Archeage is for "free" - but its waste your time and money...

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crons 8 years ago
this game is totally bad, trion are turning into one of those bad publishers where when you see a game published by them you just avoid it, like you do with aeria games...

dont waste your time with archeage its very P2W it has korean RNG rubbish , after playing archeage im never going to play another korean game EVER they are all the same just trashy games RNG bs lack of gameplay lack of everything with the same terrible game designs

Stay Away....

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Daetor 8 years ago
Let's start with a simple game review. The systems, the leveling, the classes, the customization.. It's INCREDIBLE! The amount of choices you have building your character are nice, the beginning content is nice, the end-game is nice, traveling the ocean, being on a player jury, becoming a pirate.. It all feels amazing!

Then you actually play it. The systems themselves are still superb and it feels like a great game, till you need to put down your farm.. Then you realize that they screwed up and used Hackshield, now we're stuck with no space to put any farms or do anything because the bots own all the land! Yay!

Land is a major system in this game. You need to farm to make trade packs to make your gold, and you need to grow trees for wood, which is a vital resource. Bots can grab land as soon as a plot goes down, so it makes sense to come in a group and kill them before they have the chace, right? Not even close. Bots can grab land from a far distance, and some can even pick up a plot without even logging in. Odds are you'll never win a land grab. (Sorry!)

Then I'll go back to the launch. As an Alpha player (Yes, I wasted $150 on this garbage) I was looking forward to launch. The problem was the queue. The queue, even for patron players, would go on for hours, and you'd be disconnected if you didn't move around for ten minutes or so. They tried to correct this by making many new servers, which helped out at first..
Till people realized just how much Trion had screwed up the game and let down their fans with different upsets in the game.

Now suddenly you have a game built for large scale pvp and not enough players to support it. (Reminds you of Aion, right?)

Great Graphics
Unique and diverse class system
Player housing on the game map
Interesting "Labor" system
Gliders are way too much fun than they have any right to be

This game was published by Trion
Bots everywhere
Upset players
players too spread out
not many reasons to play with others except in dungeons
can be killed by max level players while questing in your zone

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KT 8 years ago
Played for about a week (after trying to be patient with all the queues at launch) and realized the game, that was advertised as being truly free (originally) with no gimmicks, is actually a pay to win game. Sure graphics are nice but .. never went back after I played a bit and all my guild from other games decided they were not going to play ArcheAge even though they were counting down the dates til launch all excited about it. It disappointed us all. The only one of us who has continued to play is someone who paid before release. it is NOT Free to play ... like someone said earlier playing free is like playing a demo with constant reminders that you are missing out on the TRUE game.

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PotatoMan 8 years ago
Doesn't live up to the hype. "Sandbox?" HA! This is not a sandbox game, it's generic quest system will have you running around forever, while it holds your hands each step of the way.

The only "New" thing this mmo brought to the table is it's class system, where you pick 3 different classes and select skills to use from there. Other than this, this game is horribly generic for how much hype was in motion.

Better than most of the generic crap out there, but not by much.
Rating as a stand alone game: 6/10

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Zack 8 years ago
CrapAge HackAge and totally P2W age. A lot of bugs and Trion doesn't care about them they just want ur $

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Berry 8 years ago
I should start out by saying I have only played for two days, specifically about 12-16 hours, but I did reach level 15 and got an idea of what the game had to offer. Here is what I think of the game:

What I liked:
The thing I liked the absolute most about this game is that is has a diverse class system that allows you to pick an initial skill set and an additional two skill sets which add up to your final class. I went with sorcery which is your run of the mill magic skill set, then I went for occultism which is kind of a curse like skill set that focuses on dark magic, then I went with vitalism which is a support/healing hybrid skill set, after all is said and done my final class was an "Occultist" which is more of a damage oriented class with some healing and support abilities. The next best thing was a diverse crafting system. I have played RuneScape for 11 years and am looking for a replacement due to the past two terrible years, and the thing that really got me involved in RuneScape was the skills...well, that exists in ArcheAge as well and it's overall a great system in my opinion and you can't really go wrong with it unless your company happens to be Jagex. The third best thing was the involving storyline. I have tried multiple other games that just don't get me involved at seems like a repetitive do this and get this type of experience which I hate, but not with ArcheAge. It still has that kind of feel, but not nearly as bad as any other game I have tried thus far.

What I didn't like:
A pretty much standard feature in any MMORPG game is trading, and with that means a marketplace or auction house where you can sell your items easier...well guess what? Unless you're a patron or buy 750 gems for $5 USD then buy an auction license for 150 gems you won't have access to the auction house at all. This is why I decided not to continue...I am not going to pay for basic functionality, if they offered 200 gems for $0.99 USD or $1.25 USD then I would gladly pay that but not $5 for something as standard as access to a global trade tool. This is really all that bugged me. Everything else was fine and dandy...because they seemed to do the patron thing right by offering bonuses vs. access to exclusive content. If you can afford the patron status (it is a whopping $14.99 per month) then this game may be very fun to you, and I encourage everyone to give it a go. I also wasn't a big fan of the labor system which takes points (you get up to 2,000 for non-patrons and 5,000 for patrons and it replenishes 5/5 mins while online or online and offline if you're a patron) when you do activities. I think RuneScape has the better system of small xp gain and unlimited static resources.

Problems be problems:
I did encounter a few problems that are going to happen to a new game like this. The first one was disconnecting when exiting a portal to leave a trading area known as "Mirage Isle". Leaving would mean loading a very large area, which is perfectly understandable...but it really shouldn't happen. The second problem was server maintenance...while I didn't experience it, there did seems to be a lot of it. Again, this is a new game so this type of stuff is fully expected, but they could execute them much better in my opinion and do things to avoid the issue of your server being down. Maybe if your character didn't only exist in one server then it would be fine, this is where RuneScape has always excelled in my opinion.

In conclusion, this is easily a 4/5 game. I enjoyed my time and actually wanted to come back...and honestly might just suck it up and drop the $5 for an auction license and progress further. I certainly haven't gotten that far in the game and can't point out it's absolute strengths or absolute faults, but the fact that I did enjoy what time I did spend while playing the game. You might too, give it a go.

I have read a few comments and reviews and what not about injustice from Trion and XLGames about this game. While it may not seem to bad and seems to be related to the issues I have stated, it is something all gamers considering this game should be aware of.

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Melissa 8 years ago
LAG! Amazing game but ruined my computer, had to reboot it. My BF got the blue screen of death because of this game. I really wanna still play though, it's an awesome game and I've been having a hard time finding one as good.

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Alex 8 years ago
Dont get people that write that they will buy it, and those that ask if its good. Read the damn comments! The game is crap. You HAVE to pay to do many things, and you HAVE to pay to have a farm to advance in the game. There is LOTS of hackers ruining the game, and the developers seem to do nothing about it.

If you think its a free and great game - think again. Its one of those games that LOOK good, but when you played it for a bit you realize it isnt funny for the above reasons. Try at your own risk. But please learn to read comments.

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DontDeleteComments 8 years ago
Dont delete comments, dear Mmobomb staff. Yes the game is dead, 80% hackers, no economy and pll are leaving everyday.

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MitiS 8 years ago
This game is terrible! Please don't ever try it out! Trion simply steals your money and lets the hackers run around like babies in diapers. The game is falling a part; you're better off staying with MMOs like TERA. Save yourself the pain.

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John 8 years ago
Wow Great game .Wait once again Trion steps in and trashes what could have been gredat poor management and CONSTANT SERVER DOWNTIME. Dont waste your time. wait for something better micro transactions and crappy community

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Trios 8 years ago
Now its launched and conquest of Auroria has come out this game is awesome although yes it does have a tab pvp system its still fun somehow. If you add the pvp siege machines,naval pvp, glider pvp and mount pvp its great in pvp.

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daWanted 8 years ago
Looks AWESOME until you realise the game isn't ARCHEAGE it´s more HACKAGE...true fact
tab target combat it´s really bad for 2014 game focus on pvp
dont get me wrong the game have cool stuff for sure... best things in game was the glider
and class system
but for now i'm leaving the boat

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John B 8 years ago
A game with cool ideas, but piss-poor implementation. Completely pay to win as a free player is unable to do most of the interesting things such as farm and get land. Most of the land (or all of it) seems to already be taken by founders and early players leaving nothing even if some poor soul were to invest in this fiasco. The game-play is as generic as it gets, so looking for a good f2p? Keep looking.

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anon 8 years ago
Game went down the plug with bad development.

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Lirash 8 years ago
It is by far the worst game ever, it is a hack/pay to win. They charged $150 for a game who is not protected againts hack, you can use them as much as you want and GMs are stupid enough to allow it (maybe they don't even know how to check if some one is using hacks). And for those who think that I am q.q, I have a char lvl 50 with all the class at max lvl, 4 farms in my continent and 2 in Auroria, regular equipment so I can have good pvp. But why should I keep working in a game when any random guy will be able to have the same or even better equipment just usin hacks? Sorry Trion, but you turn the best game release on America in complete joke.

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Carlos 8 years ago

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Spunky 8 years ago
The game itself is super fun, but if you don't pay the sub for it it's very slow. It has housing available, and farms. You need at least a farm to advance in the game, but you can only own land if you have a subscription. You can plant a farm off protected land, but any player can take your stuff then. Also because the housing/farming areas are uninstanced there's pretty much no place to play unless you want to spend a month doing trade runs to try and buy a farm off another player.

Lastly I'd like to say that while the game mechanics were fun, and the graphics and customization were pretty great, the game is not worth a play at all. It has the most toxic and hateful community I've ever been a part of. Trion encourages scamming each other and you can't even talk to customer service without paying for something.

Save yourself some time and frustration and try another game.

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crap game 8 years ago
and more bad things... game si client based that means game files can be hacked from you computer i saw on youtube videos with russian players spawning water boss kraken on land! and killing it with guild mates... also players complain about hackers who teleport with trade packs doing trade run every 2-3 minutes.. is just a bad idea of playing this game and more than that PAYING for this game

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crap game 8 years ago
i played as f2p player for 2-3 weeks.. if you dont pay you get shit.. is a pay2win.. houses and farms are only for pay players.. farm you can get with apex but it sucks.. very few pve content few equipment sets if you are not a pay player you wont have enough labor points to craft

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Chris Jones 8 years ago
Spent over 6 hours trying to get the client to work, had to mess around with direct x files, download some new folders, mess around with directories, a new error would appear once I moved on from fixing the last....until I was left with a client that would do nothing after clicking the 'enter game' early-beta product at best - avoid.

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Drew 8 years ago
Trion World is now >>>>>>>>unbanning<<<<<<<<< all the hackers that are RUINING this game.



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jonesy 8 years ago
This game had so much promise but the long que times have killed it

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Grimsbane 9 years ago
So I see all these reviews and I thought I would give my own as to give the game a fair aspect of what in reality of light it is,

Yes this game is very much so as on would say Pay to Enjoy the reason behind this is that there are content gates on the free to play users such as Auction house sellability, Farming and home ownership, along with labor regen online and offline and not to forget the all so notorious labor cap increase and 10% more xp if a patron, now I know this seems daiting and quite annoying face to most people yes it is a turn off and quite shows that the game is only going to last for a good maybe three years unless content and or the labor and home ownership is changed.

But now lets look at the positives of the game and lets start with the free to play side with of course its good qualities in mind, free to play on this game does not have any prohibition from leveling or getting great gear, this just means you will have to work harder which truly shows that you are more dedicated to the game than those subscribing, in fact as a free to play member getting an auction house license is of ease if one gets themselves and kindly asks one of there fellow guild members to gift them said license, however there is no current way around land membership you can still use the guild house and farm, so you may have some form of housing, even as free to play you will still have access to being able to farm up gilda and getting that cool glider you always wanted or even build that boat that you've had your eye set on, but say you wanna get your hands on some of those nice looking item shop items, if your interested you can do trade runs everyday for as long as you want or until well your labor runs out, but even then there are labor potions to be purchased from the auction house, and with that apex you will receive 1200 credits.

However to conclude this long review, ArcheAge is a mmo made by XLgames which is a korean based company, Trion tries there best as they have stated to influence and convince XLgames to make changes to the game that are desired by the players, however as many have noticed such changes will more than likely not happen as XLgames never gave into the requests of the Russian and or other versions of the game to be altared, so Overall ArcheAge will get a 3/5 for me on design and originality in some of their systems, but for service and quality of the game itself I would give it a 1/5 as the free to play portion of the game is highly gated and the time in which to complete tasks of crafting end game gear and or trade runs would be over burdening on their labor.

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BamWhat! 9 years ago
the game is great but the creators will destroy it. and if u play Free Acc actualy u don`t play the game atall its like plaing DEMO of it. so pls for your helth all F2P gamers don`t DL that game

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just me 9 years ago
game sux because of labor points and queues.. is not so spectacular how it looks at first sight.. boring leveling..

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QueAge 9 years ago
Another company that fails a launch, don't get me wrong. It's a good game. Nice gameplay, nice animations. (Crappy Cutscenes,) but that could just be me, But overall i enjoy playing AA. It's a shame they failed to have a decent launch. i mean, didn't they saw it coming that Lots and lots of people wanna try this game out? and now you have to wait 1/2 hours to enter a server. Defo some terrible prep by trion for launch. I mean, they had to saw this coming right? if im correct the previous beta tests, also had que problems. so instead of throwing all the bucks into advertising the game, get some decent servers instead? they knew lots of people would be trying this game out. I wonder when the days of having que's with newly released MMO's be over.


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Tsandsoup 9 years ago
Need more servers all full all time and waiting 5000+ on all servers

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sniperman248 9 years ago
One word Long que's lack of good support.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 9 years ago
i downloaded this game and cant even play it. Cant even go pass the char screen. Keep dcing. My bro bought early access key and he can play and login when ever. I didnt buy the key so i cant even play the game.

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Leandros 9 years ago
People that are carching 135 Euro for a game and do not invest in hardware and Services at all do not deserve to keep that money. I am 3 days in the headtsrat it is only been 3 hour queues followd by 15 minutes gameplay crash and repeat. Today something new happend i got in queu number 3200 something went down to 65 in 3 hours and stuck there for 40 minutes. after restarting i got back to number 3000 something. i have yet not been able to properly play this game ... Also let me as you this since all the land for housing and farms is allready taken by us founders what will the new patrons who will pay a montly fee for that status get in game ? level up to lvl 10 and realise there is no land ? If i would offer that kind of service i would be in Jail by now ! If i could have access to the money those IDIOTS made from pre selling the game. i would do a better job, even though i dont know the first thing on gaming servers ... i would just go buy the best hardware and hire the best team. so what ? Oh no we only made 900 million we spent 200thousand on hardware ...

It is a farse 3 days and you can not get your act together TRION I hope the Koreans will send an assassin !!!!

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sniperman248 9 years ago
I have played two beta events now and here's what I have learned about the game it is not truly f2p infact there are some paygates within the game that block some of the content from you, in fact the labor regen on f2p makes it so that you have to quest or afk until your said labor regen's up however at end game you are out of quests so then you are forced to afk till said labor is regen'd the fact that f2p is highly restricted by labor that basically for f2p its quest, dungeon, quest for said hasla currency to get level 50 gear, and pvp and thats it, as a f2p you can't own your own private farm at all, you have 0 access to auction house you can only buy items from it and you regen 5/labor per minute, in this game the only way to compete with those paying to play is to invest in the cash shop but even then the patron will still hold that advantage over you, because in the end this game turns into one big pay to win as you can buy labor potions from the item shop and from auction house and those who are rich will giving them a distinct advantage to how much output of said crafting they can do a day, if you want access to the auction house you will have to buy a cash shop item in order to gain access, otherwise with ArcheAge they are pretty much saying you want these gates gone sub up or deal with it all together this game is not truly f2p and never will be unless they make changes to the game and remove the pay to win factor that is in the cash shop and auction house itself.

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Cockos 9 years ago
Where can I find the download file???

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Chuckvs 9 years ago
I've been waiting for this...




-Looks at watch-



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ItsTime4Gaming 9 years ago
Still waiting TrionWorlds.... Still waiting......

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teo teo 9 years ago
archeage is free game ?????

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DisGameIsPoo 9 years ago


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repale 9 years ago
Can't wait for this game, but you guys have a GUILD WARS 2 screenshot up there ^^

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hamim 9 years ago
what if i play this on Intel I5 1.8 ghz 4GB RAM will it work?

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kenji the folf 9 years ago
This looks like a game that will finaly hold my attention a game that will mix in greater aspects of other games in this kind of environment hopefully it will be as good as it looks in the end

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bobby the archeage ubsesed boy 9 years ago
jk its awesome

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bobby the archeage ubsesed boy 9 years ago
this game is soooo awesome i cant stop playing plz help me if you think its a joke viset the prison sell im stuk for choping my big bros hand off i am only alowed to go on internet 1 a week so STOP PLAYING ARCHEAGE FOR YOUR SAKE ....

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bobby the archeage ubsesed boy 9 years ago
this game is soooo awesome i cant stop playing plz help me if you think its a joke viset the prison sell im stuk for choping my big bros hand off i am only alowed to go on internet 1 a week so STOP PLAYING ARCHEAGE FOR YOUR SAKE

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TK 9 years ago
I used vpn to register and play this game through russian publisher. Its actually not that much better then FF14, played for 2 days then switched over beck too D3Ros cuz i quit playing that like 5 months ago.

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Laurentiu 9 years ago
This game not free to play,paid a lot money to can play it

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Teepo 9 years ago
just wanted to ask is this playable in philippines

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Atomic Man 9 years ago
I like what I see in the reviews and in the videos both game play and movie modes. I would like to try it before spending money on a founder pack.

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Random 9 years ago
if you look at the screenshots below the name of the game you'll notice a GW2 screenshot :D

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Laimor 9 years ago
how to play this game, this so AWESOME.

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GreensDragon 9 years ago
Looks AWESOME. Altho i can see on the website they made rift also.. didnt like rift :-( but i hope this will be so much better.. Looks AWESOME..

Gonna try it for sure.

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Foopa 9 years ago
Man waiting so long for this game...
the vague "sometime in 2014" release....
I don't even know if I wanna mount this or not...

Ahhhh screw it...


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