Audition Online

Audition is an online music and dancing game that allows players to compete and cooperate with players from around all over the world. The objective of the game is to dance your way to virtual stardom by syncing avatar’s moves with the beat of today’s hottest pop music. Players enjoy a variety of single and multiplayer modes, and in-game clothing and accessories can be bought to customize player avatars.

* Over 20 different game modes to choose from

* Thousands of outfits, hairstyles, shoes and fashion accessories to deck out your character! Make sure you look hot on that dance floor!

* Constantly updated every few days to add new content, music, clothes and dance moves, so that Audition stays fresh.

* Stay connected with new friends, old friends, and hipsters from all around the world with a built-in instant messenger, friend's list, and more.

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Additional Information


Audition Online

T3 Entertainment
Redbana Corporation
Release Date
April 02, 2007
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows 2000 or later


512 MB RAM


5 GB available space


Pentium 4 @ 1.4GHz+



Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

All material on this page is copyrighted by ©Redbana Corporation and their respective licensors. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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User Reviews (19)

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Maya 6 years ago
This game is pretty much dead now. If your looking for a dance rythmn mmo, you should look into 3Claws Touch Online

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orwahatsune 9 years ago
i think this game is so beautiful ^^'
what song is this ?? it's really good

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Dxyiva 9 years ago
i played this when i was 5 xD AND I WAS SO DAMN GOOD

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Eurinne 10 years ago
guyz, plz reply :(, is this game needs download??? PLS REPLY I BEG U >.<

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Kay 11 years ago
A fun game, i have played audition US, audition SEA, and audition Indonesia (it's where i come from).
Great if you like music and rhythm game!
however the amount of musics in Audition US & SEA aren't as much as in Audition indonesia, so i got bored and only played them for about 5-8 times then... uninstall~
there's only a few (1-3) japanese music, korean music without the real artist singing, and on top of that i don't know why, there are a lot of new & popular western music in audition indonesia then in the US server :\

then again if you do not mind the music , well the game play is ok with so many mode to choose.

i've played audition indonesian server for about 5 years or something *lol*
i rarely play it , coz of... u know, kinda bored after playing it for 5 years =w=;;
and second it's Bcoz my couple is busy with his final year in university so he rarely online.

i really wanna thank Audition online, without them i wouldn't meet my boyfriend 4 years ago :'D
and we're still going out till today

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RaineForte3314 11 years ago
I had register myself to this website and audition online account as a new user. I followed all the instruction audition online wants me to in order to download this game by keep trying download this game like five to ten times but it didn't show the audition online games on when I download. Did I do something wrong? please someone help me how to get the audition online games to work?

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Cookie 11 years ago
cant play it anymore cause dont have nvidia?help?

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beastwant 11 years ago
had signed but I can not login to audtion gamers online
Why can not I login replay
gamers online
I wish it would play games
can you give me typs

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jazzy 11 years ago
great,fun game awesome clothes and assessories used to play it but quit cause all my friends left :/

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iAttract 11 years ago
Actually this is a pretty fun game. I have a level 22 and married. It can be hard, like 8 key. but i got good at it after playing for a long period of time. So you should play it :)

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scream_ice-creamz 12 years ago
so true never even got pass lvl 6 :(

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xxmiku 12 years ago
preety fun rhythm based mmo too bad it can be so damn hard sometimes.....i love it anyways :)

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