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About the game:
Title: Card Hunter
Status: Early Access Graphics: 2D
Genre: TCG Type: Browser
Developer: Blue Manchu
Publisher: Blue Manchu

Card Hunter is a 2D browser-based game that combines elements of a trading card game and table-top gaming. Developed and published by Blue Manchu, Card Hunter gives players the experience to play as a person, playing a role-playing game. Guided by your awkward tofu-pizza eating Game Master, Gary, battle monsters in dungeons (And other challenges) as you amass a powerful team.

Upon defeating a campaign players may loot dungeons for rare items in this nostalgic table-top game. Once equipped, a piece of loot provides the appropriate hero with unique ability cards they can cast during play.

Card Hunter provides an in-depth single player RPG experience while also offering competitive multiplayer. If you have the skills, you might just convince Gary’s older brother, Melvin, that you’re a true master of Card Hunter.

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Explosive Features:

  • Unique blend of TCG and tabletop.
  • In-depth loot system.
  • Features PvE campaign and competitive PvP.

System Requirements

Card Hunter Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
Memory Ram: 1 GB

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  1. Really good game, the only concern I have is that when they have Gary and Melvin talk to you it’s like they’re assuming you’re a guy. (ex: when gary says you should’ve upgraded your Animal Husbandry skills, when Gary gets all nervous because the pizza person is a girl, and when she asks what they’re playing he shuts the door saying they’re doing a history project…)

    • Animal Husbandry is not gender dependant, it’s a branch of agriculture. Couldn’t it be that Gary just has a crush on the pizza girl not simply because she’s female? Maybe sees you as just a friend he’s not sexually attracted to.

  2. I love TGC and Tactics games… this game is Awesome I played for hours and not even realize I’ve noticed.

    Game= 10/10

    The style D & D with a GM who accompanies you in campaign mode is excellent. The design of the characters and board resembling a board game is magnificent and gives a unique touch.

    I recommend it to anyone, whether you like the TGC, RPGs and / or games Strategy Tactics.

  3. Addictive! I find myself wishing there was a Star Frontiers and Gamma World versions! This is just like 4th edition D&D with a few CCG elements thrown in. The cheezy gamer nostalgia is part of the journey. Tactical chess with powers and armors as cards you play per turn.

    • you might’ve figured it out by the time I’ve left this comment, but when you click on someone’s name in multiplayer you can click ask to join.

  4. Pay to win game. If you actually don’t invest hard buck on the game you won’t get any usefull gear and those who do, have definitely a precedence against you especially in pvp. It is stupid players who decide to pay for a game to have way better priviledges from players who don’t.

    • hey stop complaining about people who pay getting advantages over people who don’t. The people who actually pay SHOULD have an advantage since they are supporting the game and making it possible for YOU to play for free. Without paying players free games would either not exist or be overrun with so many advertisements (as a way to generate revenue) that it would be ridiculous.

      • @tafiv – You are right about that, I don’t pay yet in this game because I’m newbie in this game, I do in the other games. Complaining about pay to win is too much, why don’t they just enjoy playing the game. They should be honored playing a free game. In the other games I don’t pay, yet I win against to those who pay by playing with my non-paid skills and planned tactics or strategy. even if I lose, still I call it a good game, anyways I get to earned EXP. Be honor to battle with strong players who have trump cards or the strongest weapon and try to defeat them with all your skills without compromising their payments. gg to you tafiv =3

          • Cardhunter is NOT a “pay to win” game. Some of the best items are common and uncommon that can be bought for the farmed gold.

          • I’m pretty sure people paying for a game doesn’t not kill a game. Consider you leeches who don’t put money in the games are the real killers of good games. Erhm, you Tool ^>^

      • It goes both ways. A company that treats it’s free players poorly and wastes their time will not have many customers.

        F2P games are a business and are EXTREMELY profitable. They exist to make money. They are not some oh so generous charity that we should all be gracious for, especially when there are other F2P games on the market that can generate large amounts of revenue without compromising game balance.

        Your last sentence also could not be any farther from the truth. Have you never heard of freeware or open-source games? They’ve been around since the invention of the floppy disc, made by people that don’t try to squeeze every last penny out of their games.

        • 1. CardHunter is NOT a “pay to win” game. Money will NOT guarantee you wins and will just slightly increase your chances of getting great items. Yes, you can spend your money to buy the rarities, but the game has a sort of “subscription” (called Club membership) that’s generally much more profitable.
          2. CardHunter is so good that people who like such games feel that their money aren’t going to be wasted 🙂 Really, I’ve played almost all online TCGs present, and just few of them are really good enough to buy any cards.
          3. Free games are rarely well-designed and almost never well-supported. When you see a real jewel like Cardhunter (I play TCGs almost 20 years and I know what I’m telling about), you feel that these guys really deserve your money.

          • True, plus (more or less just started but) the only thing to really “buy” is pizza which you can customize your characters with.

      • sounds like theres a hack for this game the way you defend the pay to play peeps that kep the game going as you lot hack away all you want for free lol

  5. This game is really wonderful. You hardly have to pay to have the best items in the game. And as my second day of playing this game, I had to rethink my strategies when defeating bosses or just regular monsters.

  6. The game is really great. Nice graphics, good mechanics and very challenging. You definitely DON’T need to pay money. I did it all without cash shop and it goes fine. Just need to be a bit smart e setup deck/tactic in the right way.

    TCG lovers must try this.

  7. Mounted, i’ve been looking for a game thats kinda like soe’s magic the gathering and this game does it better.

    sadly there isn’t any true animation of the cards in game but hey i still enjoy it


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