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About the game:
Title: Crystal Saga
Status: Open Beta Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: R2games
Publisher: R2games

Explosive Features:

  • Dozens of Maps.
  • 5 Unique Classes.
  • Battle Wings.

Crystal Saga is a free-to-play 2.5D browser MMORPG with a vast virtual world. Players may choose from five available classes: Mage, Paladin, Priest, Ranger and Rogue. Explore and discover the wide variety of attainable mounts, weapons and items. Find a group and take down wild beasts and barbarians, gaining glory and equipment to aid your progress. Tame a slew of available pets, aiding you and your group in battle.

Don’t let the fact that Crystal Saga runs in a browser fool you! The world of Vidalia is vast and contains dozens of both PvE and PvP zones to fight in. With 50+ outdoor maps, 10+ dungeons and battlegrounds.

One of Crystal Saga’s coolest features is the ability for all characters to equip a pair of battle wings. These wings can be upgraded over dozens of levels, with each levelup upgrading both the appearance of the wings as well as further boosting your character’s stats.

Participate in one of the many daily contests, events and dungeons that Crystal Saga Origins has to offer. Join thousands of other players, as you explore and progress through the world of Vidalia!

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  1. JAMES on February 28, 2016

    how to download this game and how to create an account ?]

    • Tosh on March 18, 2016

      You don’t have to pay to play or become really strong but it takes a while if you don’t cash. The game providers only care about $$ so they make it unfair for most of the non-cashers. You can cash over $50k but you still wouldn’t of maxed anything. They recycle boring events and just constantly make new servers hoping they’d get more cashers to come play. I advise you not to play unless you’re willing to go through the publisher’s bs.

  2. scoobyskooks on December 1, 2015

    not worth the time. r2 pumps out terrible, money sucking games.

  3. TuffScruffy on July 31, 2015

    Now what do I have to say about this game……It looked cool, Sounded cool from the reviews. Gameplay? Well lets see um I CAN”T EVEN PLAY THE DAMN GAME FOR SOME APPARENT REASON! When I’m trying to register my damn account it keeps on repeating the same error over and over and over and over “Nickname or Email address already exist”. Excuse me? I KNOW the email already exists because its MY email! And as for nick names it can’t even accept 3 completely random names. Fuck this game and its stupid registration system. 3/10 game and the only reason why its not a ONE is because it looked amazing in the screenshots and sounded pretty cool in the reviews. BEWARE newcomers to this game because you never know when it can fuck you over.

    • Sethtnt on May 3, 2017

      Well, the reason that it is not letting you create an account is because either someone has used your email to create an account on the game or you have already created an account. Have you tried logging in? You may already created an account.

  4. Anonymous on July 29, 2015

    I love this game… I really couldn’t download any games on my mac a year ago, so I played this. R2games made this gem. And what came after this gem? A lot of trash. This isn’t really P2W, but without paying, it can be quite annoying… This game was great, R2games, is not. I would not recommend any other of R2game’s games besides this one. I wish R2 made more games like this, instead of spamming out the same games like they are now… I give this game an 8.5/10… I give R2games a 3/10

  5. Rachael on April 14, 2015

    Game seems cluttered.

  6. dman on February 21, 2015

    The game is tough at the start but stick with it it gets better

  7. Quinton on February 3, 2015

    it’s a fun game pretty tough at the start especially with the slow levle rate leaving you far weaker than the monsters you quest against so try not to rush into the game and grab all the quest main and side alike keep with the events and farm a bit and you should be on your way to being strong in no time

  8. xavier tan on September 17, 2014

    this is a expensive game, i’m a ex-player of saga. overall its really fun, but only if you have the cash to spend it. i’ve seen lots of player spend like 20-30k usd on this game. So i would say this is a game for adult as you are able to afk training(auto). lots of upgrade and every upgrade = $$$ . some of the stuffs are not trad-able, so you will still probably thinking to top up or stay as it is.

    Money isn’t easy to earn, so please spend wisely.


  9. Rukia on June 11, 2014

    well on normal crystal saga it takes like 10 eggs for an angel or demon to hatch but its just random I know

  10. skillz on May 18, 2014

    is there an afk in this game?

  11. Mike on May 1, 2014

    Yeah I second that ^ After having just got screwed over big time from the company I’d rather wash my hands of it and never deal with any of their bullshit ever again.

  12. Len C on March 19, 2014

    as someone who played this game for 2 years ill tell you to avoid this company, not just this game. “CS” is hosted by R2Games. That company is notorious for aiding and abetting cyber criminals. There is next to no customer support. The GM’s and moderators are abuse their power (except for 2 that ive seen that truly are helpful. still thats a very small % of R2 staff members). The game is riddled with well known bugs and exploits that have been reported thousands of times, and have yet to be fixed. The enchantment system in the game (and anything else with a certain % chance to forge something) is completely rigged and the real chances of success are not the same as the numbers shown on screen. (false advertising in my eyes seeing as they charge $$ for the items required) While the game is F2P you will not be able to play this game by yourself and have a good experience if you play on a new server and dont spend money. You have to spend thousands monthly in order to be able to compete with the top players in the game. Crystal (in game currency payments) always take up to 24 hours to deliver.

    Thats just the tip of the iceberg. STAY AWAY FROM R2GAMES AND CRYSTAL SAGA.

  13. angelito on March 9, 2014

    the description needs a fix you play a KNIGHT not a paladin

  14. JenaFH on January 30, 2014

    Can someone please tell me what are those tiny little creatures (racoons?) following some players around? And how do I get one?
    Thanks in advance

    • K.Ace on February 5, 2015

      Those tiny creatures are beast spirits, they come in bears, racoons etc… You have to be a very high level to get them though, kinda like Sperion

  15. XxUltraDarkIcexX on January 9, 2014

    ….**clears throat** I’m only lvl 27 cuz Its been boring so I quit and started playing pokie saints and some other random games. Also, why don’t they have the top game of 2013 (that’s what my brother told me) called League of Angels ??

    • angelito on March 9, 2014

      its boring because this game is not like wow or star wars where you get ppl addicted to the game and problem with game is lack of new players makiing the rpg experience boring.also the game does not promote quests for dungeons or party base stuff

    • K.Ace on February 5, 2015

      If you only made it to level 27 then you quit too early. All the battlegrounds and special events are introduced at Level 30. Besides if you’re in a major guild it’s never boring.

  16. Valentinelf on December 27, 2013

    its name is crystal legacy,no crystal saga!!!

    • K.Ace on February 5, 2015

      Different games.

  17. Valentinelf on December 27, 2013

    im famous there!

  18. Valentinelf on December 27, 2013

    my favourite game!

  19. Luke on December 13, 2013

    good for a couple hours gameplay but after that it gets boring

  20. CuteMe111 on September 22, 2013



  21. ugurano on July 17, 2013

    pay to win

  22. ReyFew on July 10, 2013

    So.., the game is fun for some time i got lvl 30 in 3 days, but it’s possible in 2 days, the game was fun for about 4/5 days? Now it’s boring to me… in case: Nickname: ReyFew Lvl:33 Guild: STARDUST Server: s63 Mount: Rabid racoon pets: beach crawler and Boxing bear

  23. Grogor on July 1, 2013

    another autopath clone, It seems to be a standard system on a lot of browser games, I really hate these kind of games are money suckers

  24. badluck on June 26, 2013

    can someome help me u see my super angel is on 10 stars and still no burning angels how many more stars you need on this stupidmcreature and also how many more morph crystal I need I have so much bad luck you see first ive ise to many morph crystal for my baby angels to morphs to super angels I think it was 11 stars and now im sitting and farming so many gold and morph crystal to get burning angel does crystal saga hate me or is it making me uses all my crystal my dream pet is actuelly burning angel and im not gonna give up just yet.

    • >blasted on June 28, 2013

      u need 15-20 stars i think and it’s fair as it is one of the 2 strongest pets in the game the other is
      demon lord

  25. newb on June 1, 2013

    awful game, as people stated above, my server was merged with all high level cashers and Eidolons when there was not even a scion on my server, this company is a scam and will do anything for money, even making accounts for people with top orange gear, phoenix mounts etc for rl money its a total joke don’t play it unless you want to waste your time.

    • K.Ace on February 5, 2015

      I agree it’s a money sucker but you don’t have to spend to play well. Which server? S1 is really good.

  26. MetalEnergy on May 30, 2013

    when I started this game,I thought this game was really boring 2 play,but now it’s so fun!me?lvl26…..I have 2 admit….I play aqw(adventure quest worlds) more often then this game and cyber monster!!!,but it’s still fun 2 play!!!xoxo 2 this game!!!

  27. Tatoo on May 28, 2013

    After trying out this game for awhile the advice i can offer is dont play it if u doesnt want to compete with those that uses real cash to buy ingame gears and items.The game doesnt look bad but the gameplay is.

  28. Wwat on May 9, 2013

    omg don’t try this game
    only waste your time

  29. Player on May 8, 2013

    Actually then strongest class is a hybrid priest

  30. Jen on March 31, 2013

    All of the above stated by ‘useless’ is TRUE, this company is a HUGE con. Do not even dare to try any of their games, they make things easy and fun to begin with to get you hooked in, the game looks legitimate when you start out and then suddenly all of the effort by r2 drops away and you realise the game is not even remotely finished, and the company is just an extremely large-scale scam.

    As mentioned by ‘useless’, r2games will cut deals with cash players to ensure a continued inflow of money.. they don’t care at all about their customers, only about the money they spend. The special treatment for these big cashers stretches far, turning a blind eye to the illegal acquisition of items and character accounts via shady mmo trader sites and other means. They even allow big cashers to use hack programmes such as cheat engine to manipulate the game’s mechanics, there truelly is no limit to the greed, laze and shiftyness of this company – DO NOT TRUST

  31. useless on March 23, 2013

    First off, to people who want to try the game – “Don’t bother to try the game, it is a waste of time”

    Still who are interested let me review it for you. I have played the game in a stretch of 10 months or so & have a 120 level(max) character too(now a bit outdated for few weeks).

    It is a mmorpg, simple as that with multiple classes. As any asian game it needs to grinding to level up at higher levels & quests are never sufficient. You can upgrade a hell lot of a thing like, wings, gears, soul, pet, mount etc. etc. etc.

    Now the things you will sulk if you start trying even after I said you not to.

    Class: There are 4 classes, mage, priest, ranger & rogue. As someone said earlier an mmo should have balanced classes with similar impact on gameplay. It was same when I started in the beginning too. The mages with aoe & priests with healing & buffs seemed little stronger or convenient for things. But when you keep leveling & upgrading the things become weird. The obviously weak-looking class “rogue” becomes strongest. Believe me or not a level 70 well equipped rogue can beat a level 120(of same plane) well equipped other class in every single aspect of the game! The most painful part is that r2games(the developers) know plenty well about this & never doing anything(the game is like 2 years old now). So if you still insist on trying start with a rogue character or better read the later part of this review.

    Events: This game holds events & many events at that. You will get many many things if you can outmatch the cashers or high level players. But still it is appreciable that there is option. Problem is if you look closely to it the events are virtually 24×7(if you count leveling up your character too). That is if you have a real life, or if you can’t play on a single character with at least one real life partner you can’t possibly make use of the events.

    Pay2Win: Now the cashing. It is obviously pay to win game. I said about many many events before. But what makes it most interesting that cashing is must to leech the usable benefits of most of the events(the useful ones if I daresay). There is a thing called success rate in the game for enchanting weapons or equipments, making higher level pets, morphing mounts etc. If you are a casher & a good one at that you can get anything done with a tenfold success rate than others. Example: You a non-casher(or small casher) tried to make a burning angel & at last got it using approx 700x morph crystals. You may soon come accross every good casher of your server who got it in like with 40-50 morph crystals. Luck favours how much you cash in this game. I must ensure that being ViP is not enough in the game(I was one for the whole period I played).

    Now the most interesting part.

    r2games: They presumably made the game for big cashers which was always evident from every aspect of the game & how no non-casher could catch up with cashers whatever effort they put into it. Yet the recent development was shocking enough! R2 gave “Game Master” access to one of the players for his all accounts. They gave him everything he asked for a large amount of money he invested in the game(heard about 200k USD). He was able to delete or manipulate his co-players’ accounts at his whim or convenience(he admits that he deleted few non-cooperating players of his server!). Now somehow he got annoyed for being mistreated by r2 & got some revenge & exposed the deals! So be ready to compete with this guy in spending too if you still want to play this game! or, may be on a random day some casher will get your hard-played & may be cash invested account/character deleted.

    So all & all this game is a no no for my point of view. As r2games hold many more interesting games, after that recent revelation about GMship to a huge casher, I would pass all the games by r2 if I can’t spend like him!

    Good luck to all who likes to play decent F2P & MMORPGs ^_^

    • Thundaga on June 29, 2014

      It is not “a waste of time” its just simply not a game to your taste. Everyone has their own opinions to things and the crystal saga community is pretty big so I can guarantee alot of people disagree to your comments

  32. bittergamer on March 9, 2013

    Don’t play this game. It is extremely broken, unfair, and horribly tedious. The events are not tiered, so low levels are forced to compete against super high level players with no hope of accomplishing anything. If you are going to play this game, go as a Rouge because it is the best class to take advantage of Crystal Saga’s horrible imbalance, even for a low level. The developers put no thought into weekly events and clearly have no intention of fixing the obvious imbalances and broken aspects of this game. I’m willing to bet they’re leaving it broken so people will pump money in order to become better and cope with it more reasonably. Avoid at all costs.

  33. Metalenerg on March 6, 2013

    this “hits” me alot.

  34. Metalenerg on March 6, 2013

    what do u guys think about this game?^-^

  35. Metalenerg on March 6, 2013

    this game is REALLY cool!!(even though i had just started)8)

  36. Kncharrowkiller on March 5, 2013

    i want to play crystal saga

  37. Hydrosity17 on March 2, 2013

    This game is just like the game called Broken Realm except it has different quest and other equipments. 😛

  38. Sombra on February 19, 2013

    I just started this game and i am stuck on the clown puppet quest. i got the clown puppet but cant give it to Orison. Help please….

  39. CaIsUs89 on February 16, 2013

    how to buy?

  40. nobsibot on February 9, 2013

    where is the shop for th CE mine is full but cant find the shop plz help

  41. Anonyma on February 6, 2013

    This is a online game, right? Free-to-play is the same as online? I have an oral presentation, which I have to write about online games. (What is the plot? What are the characters like? What maks it an online game?) However, I have never plater this game before, even though it looks so awesome, so please~~!! To those of you whom have played this game, please help me find those informations!

  42. problemssssss on February 3, 2013

    i tried everything but still says nickname or email already exists. what do i do i have done everything i changed the email i changed the nickname everything. please help me

  43. lolface on January 27, 2013

    The developers of this game are lazy.
    -in-game issues are not taken care of
    -unfair treatment towards players who do not pay
    -banning of only certain players (relates to point two)

    The game itself is not bad, the developers of this game are horrible.

  44. Kristabella on January 26, 2013

    How do you build up relationship? I see 2 hearts but a zero next to it.

  45. Johnny on January 20, 2013

    Crystal Saga is a pretty easy money sink with the servers populated mostly by immature people who sink more money into the game then you and will enjoy one shooting you. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who can’t sink a couple thousand into it.

  46. sam on January 16, 2013

    pls help cos i spent a whole day on it
    to get a high level

  47. sam on January 16, 2013

    hi the game isawsome i reccomend it but i cant see the login i only see the sighnup

  48. michael on January 8, 2013

    Can you play this game on a tablet

  49. KlownyZirkus on December 21, 2012

    This is a real review of Crystal Saga based on key points… Great video up there, slightly off on some topics, but pretty accurate…

    AFK Mode (In-Game Bot): Beneficial and yes, you can literally leave your computer (overnight if you have enough time) while your character kills monsters to level up… Not as beneficial as the video would have you believe though, which brings me to my second point…

    Leveling: Quest Based? Fairly accurate, as most everyone will be doing the quests to get as much experience as they can, but when you get a certain point, grinding is a mandatory part of the game as well… Furthermore, there are several dungeons that you can run 5 times (8 if VIP) per day… All in all, I would say this is kind of a mixture of a questing, grinding, dungeon-running game…

    Another point on leveling is, that while the level cap is 120 right now, there are 2 rebirths (Scion and Eidelon) available at this time, which resets your character to level 1 with additional bonuses including extra skill points, attribute points, and even skills… A level 100 after first rebirth (Scion) would easily be able to take down a level 120 that hasn’t rebirthed yet (mortal)…

    Dungeon-Running: This game is just as much about running dungeons as it is about grinding or questing.. In order to upgrade the wings as mentioned in the video, you need to run dungeons to receive particular items that allow you to attempt to upgrade your wings… Same goes for the mounts, turning the turtle into a black panther, then combining mounts, and so on…

    The dungeons are something most people will be familiar with… First one being a beginner dungeon, no difficulty choices, just something to familiarize those that have never run a dungeon before of what they are like… After that it goes into the different modes (Normal, Hard, Nightmare)… Different Modes of the same dungeon will drop same level equipment (Level 30+ equipment, etc), but of a better quality… Nightmare Difficulty dungeons will drop shards you can use to synthesize yourself an equipment set, which, when you have so much of, will give you additional bonuses for having so many pieces of that particular set equipped…

    P2W?(Pay2Win): Is this a pay to win game? Absolutely… Sure there are quests or other various things that will reward you with things such as eggs that will hatch a pet for you that can’t be received in any other way, but you won’t get the eggs with the best pets without paying for them.. Sure, you can upgrade your mount into a bad ass battle-bear for free, but in order to continue upgrading your mount to a Gorilla Titan, a Gryphon, or the Hellwing (awesome red dragon), you will need to purchase the items necessary for upgrading mounts once you get as far as the battle bear freely, or purchase the items from other players that spend money on the game… And the same thing also goes for the wings… You can upgrade wings so far, but after a certain point, you will need to purchase the items to upgrade them further…

    Other P2W aspects include a system known as enchanting… Needless to say, a +12 Sword is better than a regular Sword… and once you upgrade your weapon or armor so far, chances of failure increase, and each failure will decrease your enchantment rating, so attempting to enchant a +7 Sword to a +8 Sword and failing, would make it a +6 Sword… They do have items you can purchase though that give you a much better chance at enchanting…

    There are more P2W aspects of the game aside from Wings, Mounts, and Enchantment… One of these would be Gems, which you can socket into your weapons/armor for increased bonuses… These gems drop from dungeons, and if you save a really long time, you can make one of the highest tier gems, but they also sell gems of a substantial tier as well, so someone who can simply buy a few of these, can make these top tier gems in no time…

    PvP (Player Vs Player): The PvP in this game is fairly straight forward, you use your skills, potions, pet, and mount (if you have an attack mount, such as the battle bear) and attempt to kill your opponent… Fairly simple enough, but beware! A major flaw with the PvP is the ability to Crystal Rez (buy yourself back to life with full health/mana right on the spot)… This can occasionally end up being a problem if you are in PvP with someone whom you are relatively evenly matched with, considering right after you kill them, they will simply get back up and continue attacking…

    They do have several PvP Tournaments, such as The Sengolia Battlegrounds, where players who P2W can rez themselves on the spot, but their kill still counts as points towards you, and reviving themselves right there is simply a waste of money…

    Rebirth: Are there incentives to going back to level 1 and doing it all over again? Absolutely, additional skill points means that you can have more powerful skills… Attribute points means that your character can hit harder, dodge better, block more, or whatever you like… Furthermore, some of the best skills any class has, you can only get after rebirthing… A good example is a skill for the Knight Class, which is a passive skill, that converts a certain % of any damage you do to any enemy, to HP for you!

    Another great example of a spectacular rebirth skill is a buff that priests get, which lasts a half an hour and increases your attributes by a certain amount plus a certain % value… Level 1 of that skill being an increase in Strength, Agility, Intellect, and Endurance by 25+5%… You only get 3 attribute points per level… That means that this is a buff that increases all your stats by more then 33 Levels! Last level of that skill increases all those attributes by 150+25% for a half an hour, making anyone with this buff able to take on a hell of a lot more then without…

    Final Thoughts: As Magicman had said in the video, it is a relatively good game for a browser MMO, and I personally had lots of fun playing it… Main piece of advice I give to anyone that is going to try this game, is to simply pick a server, and stick to it… Yes, people can Pay their way to the top very fast, but that’s just it, they payed their way to the top, while those that play for free still have a ways to go! Don’t be discouraged by people that simply pay their way up, as many end up leaving the game anyways… If you love this game like I do, you can get up there as well!

    • fenris on July 16, 2013

      very good review except you for got to mention that high level rogues easily outmatch other classes

    • Credo1911 on August 1, 2015

      I second that.. i have played that game in 2012 and i do believe it, But,. i been playing in 2014 and things have changed years afterwards and it was a success. So come on down everyone and have fun. Everyone is equal and don’t hesitate to come , just because some haters want to diss the game, it doesn’t mean that it is played same.

  50. Johnstir on November 23, 2012

    i think its a pretty good game thou people usually ignore me unless its ROBLOX im playing. Crystal saga character: Johnstir. ROBLOX character: johnstir20003

  51. VibeExpress on October 9, 2012

    idk but im only usin a vault in starglade since im still a lvl 33 Wizard (fire) im still just doing quest and havnt known anythin much. right now im just actuallly looking for some answers on some basic enchants,upgrades,socketing tutorials. i need help IGN: HotFuzz Server Phsychodelica.
    or email me poku7658@y.c.
    gr8 game

  52. Cougar on September 24, 2012

    explain the vault and where to find it

    • fenris on July 16, 2013

      vault is storage for items and it is found in starglade

    • K.Ace on February 5, 2015

      You can find it in Starglade or The Tree of Life

  53. THUNDERGOD20 on September 15, 2012

    i am new to this game and i would like to know how to equipt between two mounts

  54. MasterRAVEN on September 13, 2012

    If I hatch a baby deamon egg or a baby angel egg it just dissapeares. . .HELP ME PLS!!!

    • MrX on September 15, 2012

      It says it has a rare chance of hatching a baby demon/angel. Make sure you read it properly. I got mine in 5 eggs.

  55. Josey on August 7, 2012

    Cud Sum1 Tel Me The Best Class in Crystal Saga?

    P.S. No answering:
    1.It is different for each person.
    2. IDK
    3. Which Ever the One that has the most *thing* on it

    • Commander on September 4, 2012

      o.o you haven’t played much MMOs have you? I’m contemplating on whether to try to out this game.

      In any MMO there is no “best” class. Each class has their pros and cons. Someone might be able to answer you if you question was more specific. Such as: which is the best damage dealer class?, Which class has the highest defense?, Which class is best at healing?, Which class is tank, DD, healer, crowd-control, DoTs? The answers to these questions are facts where as everyone has their own idea of the “best” class. I don’t think anyone can actually give you an answer on which is the “best” class.

      For me, the classes are usually roll are healers. In my opinion, they are not the best class but the most useful and stressful class. They usually have the weakest defense and damage in the game but they are an essential addition to a party. I’m one of the selfless persons who take on the pain of being of a healer. Though, having the weakest damage+defense gives you the ability to heal constantly which ups your survivability. You also have to put of with parties where YOU do the tanking while the tank DPS and refuses to taunt and let you die. Or parties with retards that run far away from you but bitch at you when they die and tell you you’re a sucky priest. We have all had to deal with that.

      Healers generally need a meat shield. And the healer+tank need DDs. Each class usually has their role in a party.

      Generally, the best class would have to have the highest damage, highest defense, best heals, highest speed etc…

    • varma123 on January 2, 2013

      knight is the best class cause they have offence defence or both at once. Rogues have bad def, mages sux at close up,rangers rely on range and priests scion skill can be suicide. im a hybrid knight 1500 patk 1000pdef and 750mdef balanced at lvl 45 so i can deal tons of dmg while taking less.ONly my opinion but knights are the best

      • xave14 on January 14, 2013

        the hybrid priest is best they have high health def and attack if you do it wright the have drains buffs and aoes

    • fenris on July 16, 2013

      knight is best for pve rogue is best for pvp however rogues are the best class in this game…

  56. kyuubifreak on August 3, 2012

    this game is sooo awesome i recomend it to everyone, im *kyuubifreak* on blackrock gorge as a lv 40 mage, plz add me

  57. Metalsnake27 on July 24, 2012

    This game is…let’s say… unique. It’s a chinese 2D browser based mmorpg…. which I know wants to make a lot of you run away.. .but this one… is actually not too bad.

    Besides it taking many aspects of many different chinese mmorpgs… and also the fact it is pay 2 win, the game itself is REALLY in-depth for a browser game, once you get passed the graphics. The translations are very well done, and the player-base is huge! The game has LOADS of content, and a lot of stuff to collect. Making it a very in-depth game.

    Not much on class variety, which each class only having 2 skill trees. However, it’s one of those “Heavy Stat” games. Meaning, if you mess up your stats.. well.. your screwed. Thankfully, you can easily find guides for skills and stats, and the game also has an auto-set feature as well. The main problem I have with the skill system is that there might even be too many skills and many of them, if you want to optimize your build, will have to skip until later… since you do not get a skill reset until at least level 50 or so.

    The mobs in the game are passive until around lvl 30 or 40, I forget which, which is fine. The music is also very well done, and the animations, for a 2D game, look pretty nice.

    Again if you take the game for what it is, it’s not bad, and can be a great game to jump onto every one in awhile, since it is no download and has a HUGE community.


    • Metalsnake27 on July 30, 2012

      Just making an edit. There is not an auto-stat feature. For some reason I thought there was o-o

  58. Ocarina on July 24, 2012

    This is an awesome game. It’s almost 3D and you don’t have to download it, there are lots of quests to do for great rewards, its easy to level up, plus you get to ride on weird creatures! When was the last time you rode on a giant turtle? And you get afk mode where you just set all the features the way you want and then you can just walk away and it’ll battle for you. Plus you cannot get attacked by other players while in afk mode. This game is the best adventure game out there. I’ve been playing it for 2 to 3 weeks now, everyday. I love it, and when you start playing, you will too.

  59. kat on July 20, 2012

    ok how do I get a etherael savior’s hauberk

    • penduko on July 21, 2012

      i love this game especially when im off. the whole day I play. I meet a lot of nice people. I recommend this game, its wholesome! Pls. add me”penduko” of limitless guild in psychodelica server. seeyah!!!!!

    • penduko on July 21, 2012

      there are variety of shards to collect here some goes with the color. like pink, blue, yellow and purple. Most are drop from bosses in the dungeons. try to save always some money here coz like wekend times, a lot is playing. Then go to starglade check some of players selling their stuff. most here when its too many selling they give a pretty reasonable and affordable prices. just you have to be patient in looking for weaponsn and stuffs. Penduko – level 45 of limitless guild at psychodelica server. you can join our guild and we can help you understand the mechanics of this game. cheers!

  60. CakedKate on July 14, 2012

    Hey in the friend box there are two hearts next to each characters name i dont understand them but for two of my friends there are numbers by the hearts but for some of the characters there aren’t any hearts at all and btw why can’t you gift. when ever i try to gift my friends there is either a chocolate letter or flower icon by there name and it says “This user only wants the fallowing things can anyone give me some tips on those few things.

  61. jasmin on June 29, 2012

    hi.. i always buy crystal, lot of them. but recently my crystal is gone little by little when im online. is this a bug or someone is stealing from my acc. is someone having same prob like me?

  62. Rose on June 20, 2012

    Im a non cash user..and i got a burning angel…that proves that non cash users are also good…its not like some game where you will get stuck at some place just because you are a non vip player…and each egg has a CHANCE to hatch a demon, angel, teeka, or firelord. I got 19 eggs on my 2 demons and 9 eggs on my angel…to all players hatching eggs, goodluck! ^^

  63. Coffee on June 10, 2012

    Its a good game. Fun to play, but you are really at a disadvantage if you don’t buy a VIP membership or crystals. Thumbs down on this one

  64. yehia576 on June 7, 2012


  65. Eramir on June 1, 2012

    can u change what gifts u want?

  66. long shot on May 29, 2012

    2hardest classes, ranger & priest.
    but priest is hardest
    should add a sprint function
    bows need greater range and sight

  67. Cookie Monster on May 22, 2012

    I really like this game though the customize is very little

  68. Kylle Alexander on May 18, 2012

    WAAYYYYY outdated. and its a BAD guide. Sorry but you cant just try to give all your own opinions about the beginning of the game. At level 30 it slows down. At 55 it gets hard. From 70-80 it takes FOREVER. then you can rebirth 2 times. You can get everything from dungeons and its not hard, and you can buy things from cash shopers for not much at all. Also you dont get 2 crystals every acouple of minutes….. you get 2 CE every 15 seconds. Crystals you cant get on game. Please Make a new review for this game or let me do it. Because this is horrid. Email me whenever you can. Because people are thinking bad about the game yet theres ALOT of people that play it. Thanks…

    • fenris on July 16, 2013

      they should change the name to rogue saga

  69. TheLastPride on May 7, 2012

    give me 999 crystal and life all have 9999999 at gawin nyo sa character ko lvl 500

  70. shaku miguel corpus on April 26, 2012

    im like playing crystal saga so awesome

  71. NongFa on April 24, 2012

    Hi , can anyone tell me about upgrade weapon ++ ?

    Add me lv 25 , NongFa 🙂

  72. prototype on April 19, 2012

    i nominate crystal saga for most extreme game ever

  73. Navillus on April 18, 2012

    I highly reccomend this game for everyone

  74. MoonFlower on April 17, 2012

    Hi.This is a great game. i play daily. Is there a page i can read about how to upgrade wepons and equiment and what you need to upgrade them..

    • fenris on July 16, 2013

      aeria games has a wiki page for common things they are a partner of r2 games

  75. king on April 17, 2012

    can anyone tell me how to use crystals essence vials???? pleaaaseee

  76. xxx on April 17, 2012

    How can i buy crystal?

  77. duckid939 on April 10, 2012

    this game is awesome but where can i get mount upgrade tokens?

    • fenris on July 16, 2013

      mount upgrade tokens drop in dungeons

  78. The_Dragon_Girl on April 9, 2012

    I love this game, it’s great!! 😀 Just one thing though. I’m doing a quest to get the Dragon Sword and it says I need a letter. I click on the word letter and it takes me to Kaspaya Beach, where there are loads of goblins and I assumed I am meant to attack them and find the letter. However I have tried LOADS of times and got nothing. Am I missing something?

    • johkjhk on June 9, 2012

      you should make sure you have room in ur inventory

  79. Wolfy on KS2 on April 7, 2012

    Really awesome game.

    Tried it out today…a definite 5 stars.

  80. Highcross on April 5, 2012

    Were is the best place to go to find Magic dust??

    • DeathCreater on August 7, 2012

      From elite monster that you have to kill normal monsters lots of time to get

  81. topazruby on April 2, 2012

    i can’t acess my account plz help

  82. coolstu on March 28, 2012

    i cant get into starglade every time i try it teloports me back to the starting village. plzzz help

  83. Terezi on March 18, 2012

    Hey everyone im Terezi on Sukemo Bluff im lvl 31 come play!

  84. julia on March 15, 2012

    i open it and it says something on top and it automatically turns off

  85. D3llary on March 7, 2012

    I need a help on how slow this game is for me, If i can find a “low quality setting”, that would be cool. :}

    • fenris on July 16, 2013

      you can hide all players and effects below mini-map in upper right corner

  86. seppeknul on March 3, 2012

    hey im new to crystal saga,im now lv 19,i found a vault expander (bounded) a short time ago,i put it in my vault and dubble clicked it and my vault won’t expand…

    • Terezi on March 18, 2012

      You don’t put it in vault, just have vault open and click on the expander in your inventory.

      • fenris on July 16, 2013

        you dont even need to have vault open to expand it

  87. Ochocinco on February 25, 2012

    how can i get full health atfter fainting ?

    • Terezi on March 18, 2012

      potions, or pressing “U” and staying there for a little bit.

  88. Eliwhat on February 21, 2012

    Great game but you really should add custimzation, and more social like features like guilds or clans, ive tried many times to get a person to talk to me on this game and they are just not intrested. My reccomendations: 1. add character custimization 2. social features 3. longer quests 4. more weapons ( you can never have enough!!!)

    Eliwhat, TheGameMaster

    • Terezi on March 18, 2012

      bro, this is called a review. Its not by the creators of the game. He’s simply telling us about the game.

      World chat is what you talk in, unless your under lvl 20. say a joke, reply with something funny so people will read it.

  89. Deuce on February 21, 2012

    How do you raise the heart number (im guessing relationship?) next to a friend on your friend list?
    and how do you get silver coins?

    • kittywink on February 22, 2012

      you get silver coins by getting 100 bronze coins. It works like pounds and pence

  90. kittywink on February 20, 2012

    How do you raise the heart number (im guessing relationship?) next to a friend on your friend list?

    • fenris on July 16, 2013

      friends items will drop in dungeons around your level

  91. mike on February 17, 2012

    sir..hello just wanna ask..if i hatched egg is there a chance to get baby if im still level 1?

  92. dakid0420 on February 14, 2012

    i have equipment that is bound how or what do i have 2 do 2 get it off

  93. IceBlaze on February 13, 2012

    lol,i play this

    • Carol on September 13, 2012

      Hey lia. Tried your game was kinda fun xD only request I have is to have an innstat retry button or the like if u just know you’ve messed up and wanna quickly restart that level. Or immediately start the level without showing the Play/Map Select’ window after clicking retry’ on the Chompy didn’t make it’ window. I needed that badly for last level of map pack1 lol

  94. hellogoodbye on February 12, 2012

    How do you use those items that make you friends better?

  95. Chris on February 10, 2012

    How do you make crystals in Crystal Saga?

    • Terezi on March 18, 2012

      Sell heaps of enemy stuff that they drop.

  96. Scotto on February 7, 2012

    yo, been playing this game a while and its awesome 😀

  97. druski on January 27, 2012

    hey does anyone know what the map levels are for

    • So you know where you can go without getting killed or best places for you to grind.

      • lily on February 6, 2012

        Could someone please tell me how to morph a baby turtle?

        • pim , ET on March 27, 2012

          to morph a baby turtle you will need 5 mount upgrade tokens (MUTS) to aquire muts you will have to do either hard or nightmare dungoens, or if ur to lazy you buy them from other players, in churga gorge they cost about 2g-2.5g. Jews sell em for about 3g-3.5g. another tip is that you should go to free crystal and fill out surveys and all that crap. you will be awarded with crystal. ~~~ easiest way my favorite way is to participate in events such as sengoliaa battle grounds, dragonspin battlegrounds, delivery quests, etc. these reward you with bronze,silver,gold badges. once you have 10 talk to general krahn and exchange for MUTS.

          • pim, ET on March 27, 2012

            i also forgot to tell you that most of the time the upgrade will fail and it takes multiple tries to upgrade that rrutle but keep trieng and eventually it will happen =p

  98. cristina on January 27, 2012

    Hi kinG how you doing its a friend from Void I got a lvl 48 priest in well I forget name now its not Bloodfang Village. But close name I had a lvl 41 tanker in void I sold you a bunch of item expansion pack. Name was Pachema. I moved to this server with PewLazer but he quit. Come visit some time. Or join me.

    • KinG on January 28, 2012

      if ya want to keep in touch.. add me on fb.. prince18gean@y.c

  99. KinG on January 27, 2012

    for all newbies who wana play this game..

    this game is awesome! its not really money based but the only thing that makes you pay cash is your pets. i would say NOOBS DONT TALK ABOUT THIS GAME IS MONEY BASE BECAUSE YOU HAVE SPENT 300$ FOR BA (Burning Angel)! there is loads to do on this games, you can be in a guild and do some guild quest and other stuffs, at lvl 1-35 .. you pretty much just do quest. you have AFK mode which is pretty good and you can attack mobs automatically and be safe against other player if you go AFK on Peace mode.

    if you dont wana pay anything to the game, then dont start thinking about getting Super angel, Super Demon, Fire Lord, Teeka.. etc.. . you can pretty much get Morphed pet. they are a little weaker but SO WHAT ??? if you are weak then no point having good pet.

    so like i said. this game is good if you want a balanced game on characters, all characters have there good and bad side, depends on what you want and what server you go in to, PvE or PvP ..
    unlike other games, some character are way better than the other but this game is the most balanced game i’ve ever played.

    server always do maintenance to give players some stuff to do like extra quest..
    GM will always answer your question by sending Support to them,
    BUGs will always get fixed.
    loads of people on each server.

    thats all for ya’ll
    IGN KinG … Current Server Bloodfang Village

    • fenris on July 16, 2013

      the game is biased… rogues dominate just give them time to lvl up

  100. KinG on January 27, 2012

    haha.. you are playing in TheVoid. FYI for lots of things u do, the 2 crystal that you are saying is not the 800 crystal/month on VIP that is for upgrading your soul at lvl 30+ .. once you reach level 40+ you will find yourself grinding all day because you will be out of quest, you could do some extra quest if u like but 4 hours is not enough for a day.
    IGN KinG … but i left that server already ^_^

  101. Daisuki on January 24, 2012

    Is there any type of storage in this game? Banks, or bags, or anything? I’m tired of my inventory filling up, I did that vault expander thing but nothing changed, was it supposed to?

    • Brian on January 26, 2012

      If you follow the main quest line, you will eventually find the vault. The vault is a storage bank for items. You start out with 3 rows available and if your lucky to acquire the vault expanders… You can add more rows. Same concept for your backpack inventory, it requires backpack expanders.

      • fenris on July 16, 2013

        you can aquire vault expanders by turning in guild contribution points

  102. Kenshi on January 23, 2012

    It’s Kinda Like Godswar… But this is much cooler.

  103. MisterO on January 11, 2012

    how do i get crystal essence vial do i have to pay for that or what?

    • NagatoPain on June 7, 2012

      yes pls.. can someone answer this question? need help.. thanks

  104. purity from celestial peaks on January 6, 2012

    im a lvl 38 priest on crystal saga server celestial peaks i have been every class and have decided to be a priest what many people don’t get is that there would be no fun really in crystal saga with ought them u see healing essential with ought us people would die to often unless by some mirical u automaticaly shot up two lvl 30-40-50+ other wise its hard to live and like with the world bosses and dungeons were the enemy’s hp spikes and u cant kill them that fast unless u can strike a 20k lucky strike <( which i dought) but now today ima go to celestial palace server with my OBF and create an ranger XD hope to see u there XDXDXDXD

  105. marlon on January 5, 2012

    If you had to pick the best over all class to level pvp what would it be and why.
    I’m stuck in between ranger or fire mage?

    • fenris on July 16, 2013

      rogue is best pvp but they take alot more work since theyre very squishy

  106. Rhyden on December 26, 2011

    How do you put things from your inventory into the temp storage? I’ve tried dragging the items there, and double clicking like it says, but nothing goes.

    • TheAwesomeMe on December 27, 2011

      you can’t put things into temp storage. it only keeps things there from dragon hunt.

  107. OnyxParos on December 24, 2011

    i need help getting to the shrine of demonia. please let me know if you can help thank you

  108. Sean on December 22, 2011

    I have been trying a lot of MMO games lately, and this one is great! Its quite entertaining and is a great substitute for GodsWar which sadly only has a Windows client/FB server. The graphics are beautiful and the quests are fun. The wings are nice too. I would like to see more character customization perhaps though. Other than that, this is a recommended MMORPG!

  109. Alamonk on December 20, 2011

    this game is terrific. the short quests and constant running is really grinding, but otherwise its pretty fun. i recommend this game to anyone who likes to progress through games quite quickly and likes to find ironic twists. (First mount: baby turtle) they are constantly updating it, so if you have questions about what something does, wait a while and you might find out.

    shrine of kithar: Alamonk

  110. lulu142 on December 14, 2011

    i need to reach the next level and i have done all the guests all that is left now is the callenges but i ave to go into a place called crystal ladder but i can’t get in because i need a party. what is a party?

    • ERROR on December 14, 2011

      … A party is a group of people that you do dungeons and stuff with. I’m not sure what crystal ladder is because it was only recently added. You don’t have to do the challenges though.

      also if you want to level up quicker, go to the trolley near the minimap and click coupons. you can buy 1.5x exp cards there that will give you more exp when grinding.

      hope that helped a little!

    • Joseph on September 12, 2013

      You need a party you can run ladder solo (by yourself) or with a group every lvl you pass you get more xp and when you all die in ladder you got back to the same npc you entered ladder with to claim your xp as well as every 10 lvls you pass you get one soul shard(ss) with it

  111. TheAwesomeMe on December 13, 2011

    Where you playing on The Void? I can tell because There was Henta1boy talking in the chat box. anyway it’d be nice if I could add you!

    (Also, read the comment above. thats me too)

    • KinG on January 27, 2012

      yah he is playing in the void.. i saw few people talkin in WC.. Malevolent, Henta1boy and Chun wah is your char?

  112. Toeto on December 13, 2011

    I freaking LOVE this game. It’s awesome how you can get wings, cool pets and even better mounts! It is very easy to level up and everyone is really friendly (apart from the once in a while PKer). It’s really cool how you get green dragon coins everyday too!

    The only thing is I don’t like how you can’t customize how your character looks.

    Otherwise this game is so much fun to play!!

    (I’m Toeto on The Void if you want to add me)

  113. Zenick on December 8, 2011

    can someone plz tell me if you can change the way you look?

    • cacalips on December 12, 2011

      AFter you learn to read English, then youll learn all you need to about the game, look at the GD comments: “You cant change appearance”.

      • muratica on March 13, 2012

        your appearance will change slightly with armor sets such as savage pvp set. that only changes your clothing though

      • FireDragon69 on May 25, 2012

        wow a little harsh, everyone is new at some point and trying to learn the game, so stop being rude

  114. Alamonk on November 28, 2011

    Can u get married in this game? Because when I veiw other players it has “spouse”.

    • TheAwesomeMe on December 13, 2011

      Not yet, I’m pretty sure. CS is still being finished. Kind of like how there’s that purple bar above the exp that gets filled up over time, the actual use of that was added recently.

      • bullet on December 23, 2011

        the purple bar gives u some gifts

        • 1313 on December 23, 2011

          it does not! it gives you crystal essence that you can only get if you have a crystal essence vial.

          • Joseph on August 7, 2012

            Actually, Crystal Esscense(CE) can be used at any time. You use the CE to upgrade your soul, and when you reach scion you can use it to upgrade your pixie too. CE vials are just to store 500 CE so you can sell your CE or save it up for later.

  115. Bradster on November 28, 2011

    I LLOVE this game but the thing that anoyns me is I do not know how to get on evil mode someone please help me

    • Alamonk on November 28, 2011

      above ur health bar has ur status. Click and choose evil.

  116. Whimsy on November 26, 2011

    Can someone please explain to me how saving the character works? Every time I log on, I have to restart my character from the very beginning! For some reason, I thought it would be an auto save… Is there something I am missing?

    • a player on November 26, 2011

      You have to play in only one server… you’re choosing a different server after you made a character in the first server

      • MetalEnergy on May 30, 2013

        Dont anybody hate it?like,EVERY server u go 2 u HAVE 2 make another char.?its just ………..s-t-u-p-I-d!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Dan on June 16, 2013

          Exactly how old are you?

          • MetalEnergy on November 4, 2013

            Q.1.Whay do you want to know?Q.2.Did you seriously had do that?

  117. flamingbird on November 12, 2011

    every time i hatch a baby deamon egg or a baby angel egg it just dissapeares!!!!… HELP?!?!?!

    • michigo on November 26, 2011

      it only has a 10% chance of hatching dont worry it happened to me 5 times know 2 devils failed and three angels

      • sea on January 11, 2012

        it happened to u 5 times? well,, consider me as very unfortunate, it happened for almost 10 times and i still haven’ got my angels or demons

    • brimstone on January 27, 2013

      one of my friends in the game had to use over 50 fire lord eggs to get one. I have tried 15 times to get mine demon to morph and have still not yet succeeded.

      • Joseph on September 12, 2013

        Takes bout 10 stars or 15 to 17 times for it to morph

  118. aj on November 11, 2011

    can sum1 plz explain 2 me the pvp worlds

    • michigo on November 26, 2011

      its player v.s. meaning you could fight other people without cost ex. if you get killed in player v.s. evironment whoile your in evil mode you have i high chance of dropping one of your weapons in player v.s. player you dont

  119. SpiroedJester on October 28, 2011

    ya i like to know how too hatch a babby demone or a fire lord cause every time i do it wont hatch.and how do u get luck.

    • Xyphon on October 30, 2011

      It’s just random luck on hatching it mate, if you read it, it says there’s a chance of getting (whatever egg it is)

    • Chelioss on November 28, 2012

      Buy 10 eggs any kind and you will hatch pet for sure 😀 maybe with less tries…i hatched baby demon with third egg,:D

    • Joseph on September 12, 2013

      It’s a random hatch rate you are never garenteed a hatch.

  120. Andreas on September 15, 2011

    It has many short quests.The grafics are nice but is doesn’t allow customisation of the character.I recomend this game.

    • Alexius on January 23, 2013

      you mean you can select preset?

      • rACHAEl on February 26, 2014

        When i exit the game in facebook ver it deletes the char and tells me to make another one …

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