Dark Orbit Reloaded

Take part in huge intergalactic battles and take on the whole galaxy in DarkOrbit, the free-to-play browser-based space combat MMO from Bigpoint -- now in 3-D! Choose your faction and your ship, each with their own strengths, and take off into adventure!

DarkOrbit requires a quick trigger finger, bearing some resemblance to arcade shooter games of the past, but with greater customization options. Whether you pilot a quick, lightly armored ship, or a heavy cruiser that dishes out and takes a ton of punishment, or a support ship to shield your allies from harm, you'll be able to alter your game to suit your play style. Collect resources to enrich your faction, and lead your clan into war for total dominance of the galaxy!

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Dark Orbit Reloaded

Release Date
December 11, 2006
Web Browser
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.

Minimum System Requirements

Dark Orbit Reloaded is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

If you have old hardware or software, you may still be able to play Dark Orbit Reloaded, but your game experience may suffer. For the best gameplay experience, we recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

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User Reviews (28)

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Rigard 3 years ago
Basically, it's broken, major lag freeze-frame, and now total shutdown in the form of bad gateway. Started on the new global sever where at least you stood a chance but now can't even play, they never tell you anything on the forum. Until recently it was all over the forum about the bots so they reset the forum, by the time they do fix this game it will be too late like they did with Battlestar Gallactica.

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richard denton 3 years ago
do not play this game ,,its just for botters now ,,if you like playing a game when your not actually playing it may suit you ,but if you want to play for real ,you have no chance .. bigpoint are allowing cheats and bot using ,so waste of time and money now .

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Robin Tremblay 4 years ago
Hmmm. Been playing this game back in 2009 and was thinking to start again. I was in SLK clan in MMO corp, we were big and mean at that time. Guess I won't be back.

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SolidBeared 5 years ago
It's an interesting game, sadly, I played around 24 hours and it got me stuck in levels 6-11, with the slowest progress I've seen in years, had to keep on killing pretty much the same stuff over and over which I hated so much. The auction system was amazing but the mission system and slow progress made it just not worth keep playing imo.

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popo 5 years ago
this is game only from donacion ,only donator play with hack

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I used to play this 6 years ago
So, should you play DarkOrbit?
Right now, no.
This game used to have a great community. It was so much fun to play around and have huge fights between people whose ships were at least close to equal. But it all has changed. I've played this game through it's all stages and wasted a sh*t ton of money to it because of Bigpoint. These days I personally have that ship and equipment that I can absolutely exterminate all the new players with.
But is it fun tho? No.
This game no longer offers fair pvp, good support, good community or the ability to play without paying. Now the only thing you see is wallet warriors who constantly shit-talk in chat because they can destroy new players with their ultimate ship that they paid more than 1000€ for.
It's sad. This used to be my favorite game but it's not even playable anymore.
So no, don't play this game right now. If everyone quits the game and new players don't come it forces bigpoint to make changes. And maybe, just maybe after those changes this game will be good again.
Thank you for reading and sorry for my english if I made too many mistakes.

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lapazjim 6 years ago
Avoid this game.Sure you can play it and spend nothing on it,but it will take you forever to get a ship up to the point where you can actually participate.The only other thing you can do to make your upgrades to better ships faster is to spend money and not just a small amount.We are talking at least $500 to get up to where you will be able to at least participate in pvp matches.
One of the worst things about this game is the support.It is almost nonexistent.Sometimes it takes a day to fix and other times it could be a month or more.The support always has some sort of excuse for what has happened even though most players know that it is just an excuse and not the truth.
If you begin playing this game do not get trapped into spending any $$ on it.You will find that there is little reward in what you actually want.In example you can purchase booty keys Apocalypse keys,blue or red keys or keys for special boxes to receive the valued lf4s(which are basically outdated due to new lazers),but dont as you will find that other than regular booty keys the others will cost you $$$$ and you will not receive anything but items you most likely already have.True you can receive special items,but compare how many of those you get to how much you spend and you will find that it is not worth the price.
Overall this game was once a fun game to play,but now with the game wanting to add more and more things that cost $$$ it is no longer fun and costs allot.It is no longer a fair game at all(it once was and that is what made it fun)due to the big $$$ players controlling it.These $$ players have most on there ship to be Uber Full elite(which means the best of everything)and go around popping players that have little or no way to fight back.Then they go around bragging how good they are when they just really overpower the other players.
All I can say is avoid this game!!!

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Saggs 6 years ago
This game, in my opinion, is one of your best suggested yet! Great gameplay, And I like the story behind my missions. Movement control, I wish I could toddle to keyboard keys, but aside from that, this game rocks!

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Radiant 6 years ago
Actually you haters are retarded (latterly u are dumb)
This Game Is A great way to inspire u in the future and helps your dumb brain.
Its fun and tactical u probably hate it cause you to bad and you cant take that so much people are better than you.
Dark Orbit makers thank you for making this game and KEEP MAKING IT BETTER!
Brilliant just brilliant

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Sergei Chyzik 6 years ago
I played this game back in 2009, it was a good game back then, where real money would only speed up your progress, and not give you outright advantages over free players.

The game has since gone from "Play-To-Win" to "Pay-To-Win".

Even the game's store makes it very clear, with over 80% of the items sold being sold only for the currency known as "Uridium", which takes months to get even a reasonable amount of, or you can spend 100€ to get what would take a free player a several months to get normally.
And that's not even mentioning that every single new item introduced in the store has only been sold for Uridium.

This game is at a nearly unplayable state, with high level players camping and denying lower level players from being able to play the game.

For example: You got a mission to go to some specified coordinates on a PvP map, where once you enter combat, you may not leave until you are out of combat.

You go through the jump gate and SURPRISE!
There's an extremely high level player who is at least a hundred times stronger than you waiting right there at the gate, who kills you in seconds, with you having no chances of fighting back.

The worst part is that nothing has been done about this for years, so players who spent massive amounts of money get to completely lock free players out of being able to even play the game.

Now, the staff.

The best way to describe the customer support and in-game moderators is this: Children who throw tantrums and permanently ban from the game and the forums for as little as disagreeing with them on something they say.

To summarize: Extremely Pay2Win-based game with direct advantages over free players, low level players get locked out of the game by high level players, and atrocious customer support and moderators.

This game is just another Bigpoint cashcow game.

Don't play it.

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Alison 6 years ago
NEVER PLAY THIS GAME : P2W/CHEATS/BUGS/GLITCHES/POWER ABUSE/ Incompetent and full of themselves GM's and Admins and so on. Waste of time. Ive played it in 2009 and it was good, now it's a trash game.

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HaveBeen Cheated 7 years ago
I started the game in 2009, I have spent money on this game and in the last three years , the support and general business conduct of the game has become very unprofessional. They have chat mods and smods that play the game and on the same servers that they moderate. They the moderators get mad at you and do things to upset you, such as use there power in the game to ban your ship, or ban your chat, just to name a couple. There is more, I can not name all the corruption in the game, it to much. Here's what you do if you want to play DarkOrbit, Get programming degree, and Network+ cert.. Then Probe there virt server ports they are running finding the limitless holes in their server as well as their security. Decide what ports you what to crack into, then write your program to gain even ground in the game. That will make a kind of fun game, just know there are mostly cheaters on.

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lapazjim 7 years ago
DO was originally a great game when it first started.It was a fair game and fun to play.Yet Dark Orbit found a cash cow in it and destroyed the game.It is no longer fair in any sense of the word.as a matter of FACT you will have to spend money on it to get anywhere remotely close to having the ability to fight or even get any real rewards.Their events are not geared to the new players or anyone not Full Elite(FE) or Uber Full Elite(UFE).The larger clans dominate the events and do not allow most all players to participate.Dark Orbit has created their own downfall with waning to line their pockets with even more money.Every time they come up with something to add to the game it not only costs money,but causes problems in the game play.Then it takes them a week or more to correct the problems they created.If you try to get support from them it might as well be non-existent.When players complain about the way and event is going with the larger clans dominating almost every aspect of the game they tell you the same thing in a non-caring way of "That's the way it is!!"This is not a true PVP game.The player retention rate has become extremely low and their servers are lacking the number of people they once had.Do not really bother playing until DO recognizes they have problems and what thgy actually are.

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Carley 7 years ago
they were ready to go after NYRA, at the quarter pole, if Oscar’s horse had won! On the surface such a reaction to the $3i0a0-cl05mer’s possible upset of Slew O’ Gold made sense and was approprate to the confusion of the race’s first seven furlongs; but, pari-mutually, Shifty Sheik’s payouts for placing were not all that bad; some in the crowd thought he had a chance.To come up with a few of these details I reviewed the CBS-TV Youtube you linked. Didn’t John Hertler and Angel Cordero, Jr. look young in 1984? I guess we all did twenty-seven years ago….

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DarkRogue777 7 years ago
The game was a good game. Between 2008 - 2010 a lot of cheaters (most of them developers from others companies) introduced apps for each player play Dark Orbit 7/24 without the necessity of being on line. The app was used to collect a lot of boxes with prizes, hunt monsters and defend and run away when attacked by others players. The cheat app was so awesome that you could have Uridium a lot without spending any penny. The support was not able or competent to deal with players. The support (most of them little-minded and ordinary people) had a lot of power to decide you could have one more life on galaxy gates. It was usual you lost lives due delays and glitches in all platform full of wholes for competent web developers (more comment than the BigPoint staff) find new forms to cheat and have fun a lot. BigPoint is a mediocre company ruled by some kind of KaKistocracy trying to deal with their own problems a ten years. Its undeniable that the game graphics have improved but the Germany people from BigPoint sucks this outstanding game. You will not find any kind of justice if you was robbed or trapped by the support team with their mediocre corporatism of their employers defending their positions using all kind and sorts of lies.
Find another honest game to play for free or spend your money. You will not change nothing on Dark Orbit.

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vyktor 7 years ago
the game is fun but stronger players has a lot of fun to kill new players.. which make the game less attractive.. also not being in a "clan" grinding for credits can be pain in the ass.. killing the same monster and over and over because you can't kill better monster just to get on points. also "auction" you can buy many usefull items for a lower cost than it should be. a lot of "memberships" benifits. this game is a pay to win but everything can be bough on the auction house so it take to the pve system ...



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An old Dark Orbit player 7 years ago
Here is an honest review of Dark Orbit from my perspective. This game was launched in late 2009 and it became vastly popular between the years 2009-2010 (when the game reached its pinnacle). The game is very simple yet very fun; its a spaceship sci-fi experience - you have to use a ship, equip it with weapons and equipment, destroy aliens and other players from other companies and farm alien experience and in-game currency. You can hunt other company players as a group. You can work together to take down bosses. You can create/join clans, form alliances in a real-time strategy browser game. There are three companies to choose from: Earth Industries Corporation (EIC), Venus Resources Unlimited (VRU) and Mars Mining Operations (MMO). There are players that are in the top leagues with the best equipment and ships in the game, including high level drones that accompany your ship wherever you go. Now, you may be asking, why did i mention that its most popular years was in 2009-2010? The answer is, the game back then was not so much a P2W system (Pay to win). Free players in a free browser game could actually become FE (Full elite - term for the best position) without having to spend excessive amounts of cash. Using your own money would just speed up the process, but there was nothing over-powered that would give you such a poor disadvantage. Now, in 2016, the graphics are much better, the detail of the space maps are brilliant and so are the animations. But prior to updates post 2014; the game has now turned into a massive P2W game. If you want to get anywhere, you are going to need to spend excessive amounts of cash to be in a 'decent' position. I'm not saying you don't have to spend anything - but it will not be fun in the slightest and anyone will soon come to realise that all the new added weapons, ships and level upgrades in the game requires a lot of cash to be spent. The company, Bigpoint, no longer cares for the free players whom play solely for leisure and such as a fun game, the way it is meant to be. Bigpoint has now turned to the 'wallet warriors' (term for those who are willing to splash their cash to get the good stuff) interests and in their favour, keep them occupied with new toys. Which means that the free players are left behind. For those in a better position, of course it is fun for them, they are considered 'decent' or even 'respected'. But I ask, what fun do we have as free players? When we are constantly getting destroyed by the UFE (Uber-Full Elite) players and we don't stand a chance to defend ourselves. It simply takes the fun out of it. The developers have not fixed the game in terms of the functions for all types of players, the disproportionate cost of some items and the massive imbalance of free players to wallet warrior players. To evaluate this, I believe these reasons are the main causes for the exacerbation of decline in the total player-base. But, anyone can find fun out of playing this game, anyone can play this leisurely. But do not expect to be having 'fun' yourself at the top leagues unless you are willing to constantly pull out your wallet to make that happen. I would happily return to the game should they fix the severe gap between us free players and the wallet warrior players as well as the in-game shop's items and accessories.

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Hate darkorbit 7 years ago
Do not play this game. They like to steal your money out off your bank account

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Solider_Pkz 7 years ago
i played this game back in 2008 it was a wonderful game with a very supportive and honourable player community... Now it is nothing but a pay to win bug ,glitch and lag infused game with a poiseneus player community full of rank hunters spawn killing new players.... WASTE OF TIME DO NOT PLAY

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Lone_Hammer 7 years ago

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Lone_Hammer 7 years ago
This game was once enjoyable, now it is full of Bug's and Glitches, on top of that the Developers of the game are not fixing them and introducing new assemblies and functions for the game that is already full of problems as if this was not enough the prices for already overpriced items has increased. You are more than welcomed to try to play this game for free but you will be lucky to get out of the port. I would suggest to give it about a year and maybe by then there won't be any one on the maps so you will have them all to your self, DON'T PLAY THIS GAME !!!!

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tfuj kink 7 years ago
strasznie gupia ta gra w ogule nie wiem o co hoci powini to araby wybóhnaci

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Michael 8 years ago

also mein Review über das Game fällt sehr schlecht aus, es ist sehr Zeitaufwendig als Free to Play user, da man mit Payn vie viel viel mehr erreicht und die kleinen Spieler regel recht Dominiert um dort mitzuhalten könnten müsste man jeden tag 6-10h Farmen und das will denk ich mal keiner. An sich ist aber das Game vom Design sehr gut.

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