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About the game:
Title: Dragon Nest
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Eyedentity Games
Publisher: Nexon

Dragon Nest is a free to play 3D fast paced action MMORPG published by Nexon with cute anime inspired graphics.

Dragon Nest features four cute classes that can be directed down various paths of customization. Play as the melee ranged Cleric, the blunt and forceful warrior, the dodgy and powerful sorceress, or the deadly and speedy archer.

Targeting is becoming a thing of the past. Dragon Nest forces players to aim each strike to strike at your aims. Using a small cursor, you will line up magic, hammer swings, and arrows to puncture your enemies. The engine behind this game is intense and the acrobatics, quick moves, and smooth stream of offensive maneuvers you can link together in this game may surpass lots of MMORPGs when it comes to gameplay. Whether alone or with a group, wanting a cake walk or a controller throw inducing gauntlet, Dragon Nest has you covered. You can customize the dungeons to your liking, with rewards matching the effort put into them.

Dragon Nest takes their unique systems and puts them to the test in dazzling skill based PvP arenas, featuring up to 16 players at one time. They are auto-balanced by keeping track of a player’s skill to match them against similarly skilled players in the future.

In Dragon Nest, assuming the role of Heroes of the world of Lagendia, players seek an antidote to save the poisoned Goddess Altea. Facing countless dangers, including a landscape overrun by throngs of deadly dragons, the Heroes must call upon their strength, speed and cunning – and even discover ways to morph into dragons themselves – to defeat the mightiest of the dragons, protect the sacred territories and save Altea.

From the game’s intense combat featuring combination and chain attacks to randomly changing dungeons and sporadically spawning monsters, players will be kept on their toes as they engage in non-stop exploration of the colorful Dragon Nest world.

Explosive Features:

  • Real Time Combat
  • PvP Arenas
  • Randomly changing dungeons

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System Requirements

Dragon Nest Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Pentium 4 Dual Core
Memory Ram: 1GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 4GB of free Space
Video Card: Nvidia 7600

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  1. Been playing this game for about few years and i can honestly it boring af til u hit max level even then when u clear all the dungeon for the week when u hit max lvl it become the same repeat for the most of the time for grinding. The game became pay to win during the 90 cap when they added skins that can buff u alot by % that u can buy with real money, the pvp system isnt balance for shit when mage is the most broken class ever u need and few other characters.

  2. I started playing very casual just running a few nests and daily quests each week. People I met in-game invited me to join their team to do 8 player instances. These raids are very challenging as you cannot die and one mistake can cause the whole team to fail. Now I play mostly just to do this hardest content although I usually log in every day and do a bit of everything.

    I played this game for more than four years now. Started in the na region but last year that region stopped giving updates for a few months (publisher changed) so now I play both sea and na, Content really only starts once you reach levelcap but I found starting again in sea actually was pretty easy. Leveling took only a couple of days and since that server is very populated and the guild I found was very active it was quite easy to get geared up to find a new raid team there.

    Every few months I try out some new game but I always seem to go back to dragon nest. I strongly recommend it.

    I see some negativity regarding the stamina system – maybe this got removed since I started or is only in certain regions but I never had a problem.

    Also regarding cash I think in most in-game circles it is not expected to have all those cash items. Many of my raid team members have never spent anything and we clear all the content. Some people do get burnt however. For example currently there is some rare item you can get from buying a $1 dragon egg. I heard people who bought 300 and didn’t get one.

  3. Dragon nest may look like a cool game but it is not. Why? because no one ever mention the problem on Dragon Nest which is the Stamina system or Fatigue Stamina that the developer call it. If your a Player that like to play for the Story-line then your hope is going to get crushed hard. This Game will limit you on PVE content on any dungeon level but the worse is once you reach max cap it even more painful then ever to play this game. Yes! (this game is pay to win).
    This game is complete garbage ( Not your Time and Money and Find a Real MMO Game.)
    Not Recommended Stay away from this failure RPG game.

  4. I have spent over 600 dollars SGD (400+USD) and nearly 4 years on this game. I have played since the beta in SEA since it came out and stopped at the level 70cap. I have also played the China version(Yes it exists) to experience the patches earlier than my friends. Having spent a huge portion of my life on this game(Unfortunately), I think I can write a good review for this game. The passage is very very long, but I promise you you will fully understand what you are getting yourself into if you can finish it. Let’s go.
    +The combat is flawless.
    Smooth animation canceling, skill chaining, combo on enemies are the best I have experienced so far. Beats Tera, beats Monster Hunter, and lots of other major titles in this aspect. You can and will have to dodge enemies attack, and unlike the titles mentioned, the dodge is responsive and cancels your skill animations. You can use skills to cancel other skills, so it will chain up into a smooth combo that is addictive. Riven players will understand.

    +The skills are flashy and simply beautiful. Every class will have pretty and flashy skills, from lightning to sword blasts, everything is pretty to look at. Even the classes that sounds the most boring, like Barbarians, and Cleric(idk they sounds boring to me) Have very cool skills e.g Giant tornado and summoning lightning pillars from the sky.

    +Cute characters with nice costumes.
    Other than being gender/race locked, almost everything else is changeable. Then there are mounts, it used to be just horses, but then it became wolves, and now there are sports cars. Yes sports cars. If you can afford that is.

    +Beautiful game design in general.
    If you are into fantasy rpgs this is a title you have to at least check out. It has all the basic jobs you expect. Archer, Cleric, Warrior, Mage(Sorceress), Thief(Assassin). The Academic is for pedophiles and they even have Indian dancers, Spear users and now there is a chick with a big hand.

    +PvP is skill based.
    VERY skill based. The classes are broken, but almost always those that are bad at PvE is somewhat viable in PvP, or vice versa. Yes there will be an Elestra or Adept that will be literally killing everything on the ladder, but at least everyone will have equal stats, so you don’t always lose to rich bastards throwing money at the game.
    I did not spend 400 USD if I didn’t have to. If you want to play anything, and I mean ANYTHING end game, you better have a good load of cash piled up. And that is just to experience the game content. Getting good will cost 3-5 times that amount. If you are geared enough, and archer can face tank boss fights. And this brings me to the next point.

    -Publisher is cash grabbing.
    “Great, you spent 3 months savings for those high end gears of yours? Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone raised the level cap right now and render all of them obsolete?” At least in SEA, from what I’ve experienced, this is what happens. They pump out nice mobs that are hard to kill>Players cash and tries to kill mobs>Majority of the players can not kill said mobs and some with relative ease>Raise level cap and introduce harder mobs>Repeat.

    -Classes are broken and discriminated.
    I played as a class called MoonLord, a magic based sword master. Before this class got buffed to the broken ass shit it is right now, it was the worst, and I mean the WORST class, but I had a passion because skills were flashy. The trouble is the player base knows that, so I literally never gets invited to parties. After assassins came out, every Dragon fight must have an Assassin/Raven, and there will be tier lists going around Telling people what to pick. If you like the design of an unpopular class, well you better have a fortune or good luck.

    -Game is designed for end game.
    Other RPGs, leveling is a part of the game. You feel yourself getting stronger, keep switching to better gears and fight harder mobs until you can finally top the population. This can take up to a month or two depending on what you are playing. In dragon nest, you ask a end game player to boost you, grind the same dungeons that gives the most exp in the shortest time, for one night you can reach level 36 from 0. You are still holding the beginner weapons but you are already in places that should have taken you AT LEAST a week. Nothing is designed for players that are leveling. New gears, new mobs, new events are all end game, which you will reach in three days asking in public chat for people to boost you. You will not play 80% of the dungeons because they are not exp/time efficient and you will be hastily rushed into a killing machine from an infant. So much well made content was wasted. Wow a 3 headed dog that is meant for my level oh never mind I am already 20 levels above it it’s pointless.

    -Just out right losing it’s touch.
    back in the days when there were only 4 classes. The they added more and more, each time making the player base more unbalanced and toxic. New classes will be just busted for a few weeks, and then nerfed into the abyss of shit. Much like Maplestory. I stopped after Lancea was out coz shit was getting out of hand. Mob models are being recycled, just changing color and stats of the mobs and passing it off as a new enemy. Designs have clearly ran out of ideas, so they starts throwing whatever shit they can think of and hope it sticks onto the wall.

    Verdict: 6/10 (Being Biased and lenient)
    Is a solid game, yes it is, UI, music/voice, Systems, Crafting, Skills are all there and working, well most of the time. It has a few bright spots that got me addicted for very long, and I was willing to overlook some of its flaws. However, very cash oriented. Almost unplayable without cash. For something that claims to be free to play, this is fatal, and unfortunately I have to say the overall experience was way less enjoyable than it could have been.

    Thank you for reading.

  5. This is a bad game. it has a lot of flawed design plus it a cash grab from the very beginning when came out in USA.
    Final Rate: 1/5 (Poor) Bad game

  6. (+ Pro)
    + 9 Character Classes
    + Costume, Mount , Pets, Farm Barn System
    + English Voice Actor
    + Challenging Dungeon
    + Great Storyline
    (- Con)
    – Gender locked Character
    – Limit Progress (Heavy limit Progress at Max Level Cap) Stamina system
    – Cold Community
    – Decline Player base
    – Bugs
    – Old Graphic style may turn off player
    – Lack of Customer Support
    – Gold Seller
    – Unbalance PVP
    Stamina System List of games
    1. Dragon nest
    2. Elsword
    3. Skyforge
    4. Dungeon Fighter online
    5. Hero Dungeon
    If you a Pve player that like to play for the storyline. Don’t bother with this game.

  7. Dragon nest has completely fallen down due to Nexon management business with their playerbase being short now with less staff member and less Game Master in dragon nest. This Community used to be fun and social but nowadays all you well see is bad player who only care about doing most the damage on the score board with their class. (Bandwagon Player)
    it has become nothing but a elitists Community that want more power in the game and not teamwork anymore in dragon nest same for the classes role as well. The character are based on the storyline so it may not be for everyone who don’t like gender locked character plus the PVP system in dragon nest is a complete mess with player who will abuse their skill to get a win in PVP which goes that there is no challenge in pvp. (PVP Server Connection unstable badly)
    Final Rate: 2/5 (Fair)
    Reason why dragon nest went downhill completely:(Small Playerbase), (less Support),
    (Nexon Bad Company), (Less GM)

  8. Dragon nest (Review)
    + 9 Character Classes (Gender locked)
    + Pets
    + Mounts
    + Farming
    + Fishing
    + Raid boss
    + Guild wars
    – Dark Community
    – Server issue
    – Bugs
    – Gold Spammer
    – Class discrimination
    – Gender locked
    – DDos Hacker can ruin the game
    – Unbalance PVP
    – Pay to Progress

  9. (Dragon nest Review)
    – Very Bad Community and enlists Community
    – Lots of Server issue
    – Bad management
    – Unbalance PVP
    – Bugs
    – Lots of gold buyer and Scammer
    – Heavy Limited Dungeon Stamina bar (maxed Capped level 80 or higher Character)
    – Low playerbase Server
    – Pay to win
    Dragon nest is no longer fun to play any more due to the community behavior problem with classes that they don’t like in the game. it based on tier damage for class in this game so if your not on high tier list rank damage board. the player will not take you in their party group for raid bosses or event raid too. it is really sad that this game has a good playerbase connection but it has disappear from nexon bad management. (Not Recommanded) Bad Community, bad business

    • It’s pretty damn long and super hard to gain gold for the things you want altogether if you want to be stacked. Spamming the same stage over and over will most likely bore you to death.

  10. Wow , even the description says that’s only 4 classes while the game has now 8 classes, you guys should renew this page

    • for sea website http://dn.cherrycredits.com/
      seriously now the game is still strong in sea still crowded in all of the servers they say its dying but when you play the hell there are many people playing, It also has the best pvp system were you can actually DODGE the skill and every single push of the button the character will obey it also even if your a lowbie you can beat high levels. and this is not pay to win many of the top players i know didnt event top up to get legendary gears with high enhancement. Pretty much i love the pvp watch the youtube actual 3d graphics

  11. Well, the game is fun, but i’m kinda dissapointed due to the fact that it says 1 gb ram, i have 3 gb and it’s still really laggy…

    • Probably because of the server it lags sometimes when ur in the town but I don’t get lag in most places besides saint haven my opinion of dragon nest is like 7/10 because its fun cool moves and dungeons are amazing but sometimes its hard to find a party or a player to help u in some dungeons to get the materials for the armor to craft :/

  12. a good action game but the people managing this game are careless, events are not really neat. they will promise to give legend items & will not give it to you especially if your guild is compose of less than 50 people. so many items being revised.. one item that is so expensive during level 50 cap will be worthless in lvl 60 cap. the codes, the pacultas & other materials used for crafting materials will be obsolete. they keep changing the gameplay especially in pvp because of more people who complain about skills not balanced. they always keep changing the materials needed for crafting.. changing the strength of skills the classes have. what this game really need is smart technical people who will make sure that their events are really carried out & items or materials having used not being downgraded to worthless things. you cant even sell it to NPC at a fair price. I love the game.. I hate the those idiotic people who manage it because they are so full of inconsistencies…

    • yes this is very true! many people already say that do not play dragon nest due to the developer having very time to doing about the class system and many other thing inside. I recommended anybody to stay away from dragon nest.
      (All hope is pretty much lost on this game.)

  13. it has the most fail pvp system i’ve ever seen…ok with the air combos…but you hit targets while they’re down?and no at least 1-2 sec invurnelability after respawn?so fail!

    • the hell u talking about? why wouldnt u be able to hit a target while its down. its one the kool features. idiot. dude, u respawn with 1-2 sec invulnerability. this nigga just hating cuz he cant own in pvp. dragon nest has a better combat system than any mmo out there.

  14. [TOP SECRET]
    Easy to download and very fun to play
    you will have so much fun playing it
    Gigard>lvl.34>looking for a guild

  15. If you are looking for new concept or playing an MMO, you should give this game a try. It is leaning towards action fast-paced game. It is easy to play. But not every dungeons are soloable. To get to the average level of gearing wont require you as much money like the other games I used to play. I’ve been playing this game in SEA server since it open beta release and I am still enyoing the game. The nest (4man boss dungeon run) and the raid nest (8man boss dungeon run) require alot of training before you could get used to their mechanic. Tho there are some issues with class discremenation in SEA server, overall the jobs there are still playable as they will be eventually be revamped to balence things out. It is true that the end game is a little bit repetitive, but you could still enter the pvp zone where every job’s damages are balenced out and there are multiple modes that you can apply according to your own preferences. Every once in awhile, the developers will organize some wonderful event such as guild vs guild event, the halloween event and some other fun stuff. In SEA server, they will assists the newbies with gifting them materials as the level up to craft some decent gears to assist your leveling process or you could also rent some weapons and amors from certain NPC before you could get your own set of equipments. Overall i love this game 😀

  16. Dragon Nest is an end content game. The difficulty and opportunity for exploration racks up only to limit caps. Previous dungeons and nests relative to previous caps become relatively easy if players are playing from a higher level cap. The game is a dungeon instance. Players will be compelled to re-enter dungeons to satisfy daily quests, crafting materials or high grade level items and gears. This means that there is an extreme repetition. This kind of repetition are for non-cash spenders. For the cash spenders, they simply have to buy the fruits of the labor from non-cash spenders and avoid the endless farming and hunting. In turn, cash spenders, which are exclusive to them, buy cash items and sold to non-cash spenders. Cash items are upgrade protection, trade enabling items and skin costumes. Dragon Nest is a skill-based game. Dungeons and nests on current limit cap are punishing. For example on 60 cap Desert Dragon Nest, players need to defeat 5 sub-bosses in order for the path to the Desert Dragon to open. However, the nest has instant death, party wipe-out mechanics and high damage from bosses. Take for example the Spitflower stage, failure to jump to non-burning platform when burning sand overflows all over the map will result to instant death. You have 5 seconds to jump to the nearest platform. For party wipe-out, the sandworm sub-boss creates a pit of death and you need to damage the bombs around the pit less than 1/2 of of its HP bar. Failure to sufficiently damage the bombs or completely destroying it will result in a party wipe-out. The bombs are fragile and the pit has suction effect so everyone is moving even if the directional buttons are not used which adds to the difficulty. Bosses already has high damage from the start which can take half of your HP. The problem is aggravated when enemy HP goes below x2 and bosses go berserk. Damage by bosses is multiplied by at least x2. Getting hit under berserk status may result to instant death. These bosses and party wipe-out mechanics require team cooperation. When players finally meet Jakard the Desert Dragon, it gets much more harder and extremely difficult. The boss is invincible unless you disable its protection. Failure to disable properly the protection statues will result to instant death by some members. These protection have attacks of their own while the dragon has its own large AoE attacks at the same time. When you’ve disabled the protection, the fight begins. At some point the dragon will activate the protections for a party wipe-out assault. Every team member assigned is tasked to click all protection statutes in less than 10 seconds or a party wipe-out will occur. The map is very large with the dragon at the center. At some point, the boss will spit out a rotating sand breath. Multiple moving mini cyclones will be created dealing heavy damage and flinching characters while a black shadow revolves around the map. This black shadow can cause instant death if players gets passed by it. That’s normal mode and can resurrect at most 3 times. There’s an even more harder version of it which is Desert Dragon Hardcore which does not allow resurrection and bosses start at berserk status right away. If interested potential players imagined the difficulty this Desert Dragon Nest provides, then expect lots of practice and lots of failure in order to master one boss at a time. Include lots of frustration over party-mates blunders and of own self as well. I haven’t even talked about PvP which has its own competition on an international level.

  17. I’m not a dungeon based games fan myself but I enjoyed Dragon Nest a lot the couple of months I played it.

    On EU I was close to being one of the best snipers/illumias (smashers) on the server but the game got too repetitive and I had to stop playing it.

    As long as you don’t get too used to the game, it is fun. The endgame, however, is annoyingly repetitive. You keep doing same dungeons and raids over and over again and if you get to cap everything in the first few days after reset, you have only 1 thing to do, and that’s pvp. Which isn’t anything special as ladder becomes more and more unpopulated the longer the updates exist. On lvl cap 40 ladder was practically dead on EU a month before the update, with lvl 60 it’s no different.

    I recommend this game but warn you that endgame is repetitive and reaching level cap can be done in about 1 days of non stop entering the same dungeon on abyss/master in a party. Gears are too cheap and too easily obtained. So yeah, gameplay wise it’s a great game but it still lacks in content to keep players interested in endgame.

  18. i cant believe i cannot stop playing it.. from 20+ mmo i have played this is the best so far mmorpg for me!!
    the PVP is the best thing in this game.. you dont need to be geared or items to pew pew pew the enemies…. you can just PLAY NAKED on pvp.. and focus on your skills sequence and combos.. coz the damage is same as everyone.. the is really intense fast pace flashy game! especially the EX version skills of your specified class is purely awesomeness <3.. and the 8v8 or 1v1 clash team fight is really great and so epic rumble as soo good wooooo.. dota,lol or other focking BORING POINT TO CLICK GAMES has so far beyond this unique awesome gameplay!! im looking forward to dragon nest 2 which is rumored to be open world, pk ,and more realistic graphics <3

    • no the pvp system sucks…no invulnerability after respawn.and you can hit enemies while they’re down…it’s the worst balance i’ve ever seen…learn about balance…then criticize a pvp system.but well…you seem to be an amateur gamer..as long as you said you played only 20+ mmo…and compared dn which is action game with lol and dota which are moba games…good job..please don’t leave comments if you don’t have a clue

      • and don’t be a an elitest who thinks he knows it all let me tell you something hitting someone while they are knocked down or stunned fyi is in every games pvp system nowadays so get over it and get your facts straight just because your timing and reaction suck beyond comparison of others does not mean it is flawed, PvP is about which player can succeed in reaction, timing and advantage, advantage meaning knowing his skills and taking advantage of them and how effective they are and timing them throughout the fight and when to react to a certain situation.

      • There are skills and actions that could help you avoid being hit while down. Wake attack of sorceress for example, if i remember correctly all class have similar skills(those that make you’re character stand up and do damage and push attacker away). Also, you can roll to avoid attack. There are many evasion skills there’s even an aerial evasion skill. Dodge offers a little I-frame which is enough to avoid deadly skills. I don’t think you’ve played the game enough to judge its pvp system. Some skills are imbalance specially after level cap raise, but those will be fixed after a few patches later. Your other concerns though are just plain sign of your ignorance with the game’s pvp system.

  19. dragon nest is a good game to play but you be very disappointed that the dungeon system will limited you on your gameplay which doesn’t make it that fun for a new player or a veteran player since it has a stamina system like a few other game that came out a few year ago. overall I really don’t recommended this game completely since it will be waste of money on a game that hinder you on your time playing with dragon nest. (not recommended)

    • Lol they do that to keep you from overplaying and abusing the abyss dungeons. Plus it refreshes everyday, like warframe with their revives.

  20. Dragon Nest is a fun game had there not been lag and the obvious fact that new classes completely overshadow older classes. Breath taking graphics, one of the best combat skill I’ve seen, but horrible management on the game.

  21. This game is totally awesome. It has the best battle system I have ever used and it’s really cool that you can revive in dungeons for free (limited to 5 times per day but still). I played it like crazy for some weeks but then I got hooked up in Vindictus since it was kind of hard to level up and to progress when playing solo. It’s not that bad but you have to do a little bit of grinding. I also love the story line and the items. The graphics are alright and the places are well-designed. I don’t really like the type of mmorpg-s when you always have to collect stuff and kill a number of monsters, and among the ones with dungeons, this is definitely one of the best out there. Try it.

  22. This game has got to be the best game I’ve ever played. I got kind of disappointed when I saw that the classes were gender-locked.But you soon forget about all of that and get sucked into this gaming world where you feel like you can do anything. People compete against eachother. Everyone wants to be the best. I honestly have to say that if Dragon Nest became a game like Sword Art Online(excluding the whole “die in game you die irl thing”) I woukd go and buy the “Nerve Gear”, or what is similarly close, Oculus Rift. They say this headset is supposed to be coming soon (Spring 2014) So we’ll see.
    And to those who have problems in the community, dont worry about it. You’ll meet your fair share of annoying and frustrating players. I also have to comment on the PvP. I can’t get enough of it. Last year, I stayed up all night on DN just because I wanted to PvP. I know, its not healthy and I shouldn’t have done it, but that’s just how much fun it is. I seriously recommend this, and I feel like this game is going to be coming up with some new stuff in the future. I just want to say AWESOME JOB GMs. You guys are really doing a great job. Im looking forward to some more things.(doesnt matter if you dont see this post)
    My laptop is currently getting fixed and I should be getting it back in the next week or so. So, if you need some help:
    Lexis-Wind Walker
    Virsa-Elementalist(Lvl 41)<—–Future Saleana
    Diaspro-Mystic (Lvl 40) <—–Future Force-User
    And I do have my jump character who is still Lvl 45, she's an Elestra, but I cant remember her name.
    In at least a week Ill be able to enjoy the game I love ♥◇♥/》
    Well, see you in the game !!!~
    P.S.-Cant wait for assassin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Like it but it’s still lag I sometimes get beat from nests or dungeons errrrr……. so angry but still it’s good love the kali class if u need advice on how aquire gold add me at DN greenwood server name DOWNSHOT 🙂 hehehe PM me if i’m online 😀

  24. I really like this game and how its kind of like do it yourself action though I kind of hated how long the download was T.T Though this game is pretty fun and I think its pretty much worth the long download. :3

  25. This game has been my passion in the past, not so much now but it is an extremely well made game. There are reasons certain games in asia are hallmark staple games (think Starcraft) and that is because it has a high appeal when it comes to variety of content.

    The storyline is silly, amusing and inticing. It varies depending on which class you pick and the storyline quests help you level up through the entire game. Raid bosses and dungeon bosses are serve a particular challenge however anyone can solo anything with any amount of gear if they’re skilled enough. (For example the highest skill cap class Acrobat has many invis frames and evasion moves but extremely hard to control for a novice)

    Combat wise this game boasts the most satisfying/challenging combat system I’ve yet to encounter in 11 years of gaming. If you do some research, every class has various sorts of “Chain combos” or strings of skills you can use to juggle opponents in pvp or to burst a dungeon boss. Skills that give that nice “crunch” kind of satisfaction from 50 of the same sound effects playing at the same time when you hit 50 different mobs with one skill

    PvP ladder games is EXTREMELY challenging, don’t expect to roll your keyboard and waste all your cancels/recoveries and hope you win. Winning in a ranked pvp match is about exploiting cool downs on recoveries/cancels of your opponent and knowing what they can do, not your regular run off the mill bash each other till you’re dead.

  26. this game sucks now tons of DC issue..and its pretty lag i play and quit it …well it best at first but when u get into high lv dungeon its start to lag..plus its hard to gain gold ..u cant get many gold via dungeoning or nesting u need to participate in selling item to player and price right now drop big time cos many player quit

  27. I’m from the philippines and I have problems with the patch completion. Whenever it reaches around 10 it stops. Anybody help please!

  28. Apparently, this game has a new class: the Engineer, and I hear that it’s really fun to use. I played as a warrior, and I enjoyed this game quite a bit. If you love anime-like graphics, hack and slash games that you can play with others, you should try it out.

  29. Hmm is it possible to play on the Mac? My laptop is a Mac my father got from work and I find that most MMO’s seem to be for PC’s. Which on the one hand can be very understandable but on the other rather disappointing for me since I feel I’m missing out on some potentially great games.

  30. I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks now and now understand the game fully. It is just like any instance based mmo so as others have said it is very repetitive but leveling is very fast compared to other games I have played. The real grind on the other hand is gear. I started playing just to pvp as it looked like a fun fast pased skill game. The gear grind is so repetitive and lengthy I decided to pick up another mmo in the meantime as to be be competitive in the 1v1 bracket You simply just need gear. I think it’s a lot more fun then most instance based games but its severely lacking in a lot of areas. For instance forget a real trade chat or world chat. It takes ingame item to post a a maybe 32 character limit message that can only be obtained through real cash. And the message costs around 70 cents american. The game isn’t pay to win but its def pay to advantage. If you buy cosmetic gear they give you stats that really make a difference like 2% extra dmg done with extra stats on multiple items. Wings that give you movement speed increase. For the casual pve player it might be fun but if you’re looking to be competitive in pvp get ready to dish out some real cash. The pros are it has some of the best 1v1 pvp that I’ve played and feels more fluid and less clunky then bigger action mmos like Tera. A game like this on open world without cash shop necesities I see something like this being extremely fun and big. 3/5 due to nexon cash shop.

  31. Really great game 😀 A wonderful and engaging battle system where you actually have to aim and nice graphics. The only thing I find a little sad is that it can get pretty lonely if you don’t have someone you know irl playing with you, as there are only dungeons…
    The community can be stinkers too, but it’s still one of the best games I have ever played.

  32. This game is SOOO FUN ive ben looking for a good f2p MMO for so long. I literaly have downloaded and tried about 45+ and none are as good as this. you should definaly give it a try. i give it a 9/10,, i would give it a 10/10 if there was open world pvp but i heard a rumor they are working on it. but the pvp none the less is waaaay fun. it takes skill to be good at this game. and u cant just buy stuff at the shop to be super uber cuz a person who doesnt spend one penny on shop items vs a person who spend 100’s of dollars on items can still go toe to toe.

  33. I been playing Dragon Nest SEA ever it came out. Should’ve been around 2 years I think. Well Dragon Nest is a very unique game that no other game can compare to it. I played around 30+ MMORPG games as well as a few ARPG games but I can proudly say that Dragon Nest features way more than them.

    Dragon Nest is definitely no game which you have to cash to even kill monsters. Although that cashing might give you that little more edge over others, it relies more on your skills. With that said, this game requires a little bit of experience in other MMORPG and you actually need a good set to clear dungeons, be it solo or party, in higher difficulties and dungeons.

    Dragon Nest is a more involvement based game which requires one to actually use their own judgement and skills to win the game, rather than those click and attack types. However, it is very often you see a handful of players who can’t really play well and gets really frustrating in dungeons as well as PvP.

    Other than the PvE in dungeons, I would say that the main reason I played this game for so long was the PvP. The game itself is a rather fast-paced game and combined with pitching yourself against another skilled player makes it have some difficulty. Combining your skills with your normal attacks to make up combos as well as the ability to really dodge attacks, it’s no anymore the normal spamming of 1-4 keys and the character still stays there.

    Dragon Nest is truly a unique game and although there are many other ARPG games out there I would say that it will truly appeal to those who like anime-styled characters and the graphics is unparalleled. The last thing that makes me keep coming back to this game is the smoothness, I have never ever seen any game which makes your turning so smooth! This is what puts me off in most ARPG games,especially in PvP. But if you aren’t the kind of guy who hates laggy controls, then you might not really like this feature.

    A word of caution before you play though, Dragon Nest has its own difficulty. It is a game where you get better as you gain more real-life experience in the game, if you are going to play this game, then don’t be put off at the first day or second, because that’s when you still have yet to really understand the whole game.

  34. @ jazzy

    Error Code -40 is a Nexon Game Manager (NGM) error that typically occurs when the installation process is blocked or interrupted by an external program. The first sets of numbers within the parentheses are assumed to be the file number identifier where the installation process failed, but this has not been confirmed.

    Happened to me wen I was a little click happy at install trying to play the game try reinstall.. The game launches from inside the browser.. Hope that helped.. Google error 40 obvi…

  35. I played Dragon Nest for about 2 days now, and I must say, this is a FANTASTIC game. It has beautiful graphics, smooth gameplay, and it’s not laggy at all. It’s not like those games like World of Warcraft, or AION, where you just have to wait it to finish auto-attacking. With Dragon Nest, it’s has the combat gameplay quite simillar to RaiderZ, where you do the attacks yourself, by clicking your mouse, and it has some awesome powers and combos included. As dagudman said, it is one of the best MMORPG’s out there. There is a lot of class variety. I FULLY recommend getting Dragon Nest, it is such a great game. So, what are you waiting for, get it now!

  36. This game is one of the best mmorpg there is, no more click and wait. Here you just use the skills and you do combo automatically, it works in every country, you have a lot of class choice, I quite like the fact that the characters are gender locked.
    Now the most important thing, IT IS A LOT OF FUN.
    This game is everything anyone would want, you should definitely try it!!!!

  37. This is very good the combat is fast enough to keep your attention you do not have to buy characters upgrades to be a good player the guilds are very fun to be around and has a pleasant community and they have plenty of classes to change into the only downside i found in the beginning and was a bit of a turn off was hitting the enemy because their would be a delay i am about to play it again but overall it is a much better game than Grand Chase and you could have fun with a good community and above average gameplay

  38. Dragon Nest indeed is a good game. Mainly because of the battle system’s physics isn’t term based, which also means that it’s an action game more than a turn based rpg fighting system. The game’s system is mainly about Dungeons. Therefore, whenever you start a mission, it is somewhat similar to Vindictus: You go to an area, clear the area by killing the monsters, unlock the next area, kill the boss, gain exp, and then receive a reward.

    Grinding isn’t necessary in this game, since you gain exp by clearing Dungeons and Quests. Item durability dies often, so don’t forget to repair. Skills are wide ranged and hugely affects the gaming depending on your range and location between the player and the mobs.

    Think the level is too hard? Don’t worry, before starting a Dungeon, you can choose your difficulty ranging to Easy to Abyss.

    HOWEVER, this game and most mmorpg’s share one thing: the battle system will soon be repetitive. Honestly, many of you choose the best skills to use during battles with monsters. And skill use in Dragon Nest is a major mana killer. Throughout the game, you might notice yourself killing monsters using the same skills over and over again until you get to tryout a new skill. But the excitement of using different skills allows the player to use different combination of attacks. Please do notice that all skills have a certain cooldown time.

    For those players who like to travel around big maps and have social lives, this game wouldn’t be very suitable for you. Dragon Nest’s system is Dungeon based, so there wouldn’t be much freedom to do whatever you want like in all-round games such as Mabinogi. This is clearly a “fight, fight, fight” mmorpg game. It holds a lot of action, though it lacks social elements between players. Don’t get me wrong, it does have some social elements, but it doesn’t really have any activity that you can do with other players on a large scale other than running through dungeons together.

    But there’s always things to expect in the future.

    Thus, it is reasonable to give this game a 4/5 or a 7.5/10 – 8/10

  39. Ooops! My bad let me fix this one..

    I Can Say that Dragon Nest has the Best Intense, Fast paced, Action Packed, Epic PvP battles… As of August 28, 2012, Dragon Nest SEA just patched up to level 50 cap including new 3rd jobs! (Yeah!!)
    Ok, so as of this moment, we have 5 basic classes, 10 second Jobs, 20 3rd Jobs branching from their respective basic classes (additional 1 basic class soon to come! I just spoiled it.. XD):

    So Here are the Characters you can make:

    Sword-Master Mercenary
    Gladiator | Moon-Lord Barbarian | Destroyer

    Acrobat Bow-Master
    Tempest | Wind-walker Sniper | Artillery

    Paladin Priest
    Guardian | Crusader Inquisitor | Saint

    Elemental-lord Force-user
    Elestra | Saleana Smasher | Majesty

    Engineer Alchemist
    Gear-master | Shooting-star Adept | Physician

    Just choose what you think that goes with your personality, and you will enjoy a lot! ^_^

  40. Seems like a very fun game, only thing i do not like, or trust even is that you have to fill in your person info to create an account.

    I will never ever give my ID or Sofi number to some random site to play a f2p mmorpg.
    I don’t even understand why Anyone would do that.

  41. Uninstalled this game after about 2 or 3 days. Huge lack of customization, or at least in the early levels. Even at level 10 there were players walking around that looked almost exactly like I did. The classes are gender-locked too for whatever reason. Player base isn’t the brightest – I joined a party and was kicked from it because “I wasn’t talking enough”. Why they expected me to stop fighting the boss who was smacking me around to hold a conversation is a mystery to me. I also queued up for a PvP match, and my teammate actually stood still hiding behind a wall while I got double teamed to death, then ran out after I was killed so he could solo them. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know either.

    Game is highly repetitive too. You will be doing some of the same dungeon instances like 3 or 4 times, whether it be to level up or to get better gear drops from the higher difficulties. And going back to my previous point, it’s annoying trying to find people with common sense, but you have to, because the higher difficulty dungeons are either impossible or will take an incredibly long time to clear solo.

    TL;DR – Typical kiddy playerbase, mediocre customization and gender-locked classes, and highly repetitive gameplay. The only good thing I have to say about the game is that its combat was fun. Everything else just couldn’t keep my attention. So if you’re looking for a game that has really nice combat, but crappy everything else, go for it.

    • First of all, it’s gender-lock for a reason. The characters tie to the story. I can’t imagine some guy with a bow jumping around while shooting arrows mid-air and being all athletic, or some girl swinging around a huge sword.

      Second, every game has some kind of repetitiveness to it. I can agree with you that Dragon Nest can be a bit overly repetitive, but every other game has a sort of repeating stuff, too.

      And kicked from a party because not talking enough? That never happens… must’ve been a bad day or something. People aren’t THAT stupid.

      And low level PvPing can be very pressuring. I remember when I was level 18 and my hands were shaking while PvPing. Of course, I got destroyed within seconds, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone around level 18 or so was hiding. The next part about getting out from behind the wall seemed really rude though… Again, must’ve been a terrible day. People aren’t that rude all the time from my experience :I

      Also, around higher levels, there is a bit more customization detail stuff, and at 32+, everything starts getting more unique.

      And don’t say the game is for kids. Anime graphics does not mean kids. There are sorceresses that wear some of the most exposing clothing I can imagine, and Irine just goes about making her skirt all flowy for all to see. And it also says, “Crap” and “Damn” in it. I know those aren’t too bad of words, but they aren’t for kids. =3=’

      Behold my rant-novel-writing power~

    • Omg dude, you met up with some seriouse assholse, ive been playing for almost a year and none of that ever happened to me, it was something close before tough, I was on my force user and got into a 2v2 fight where my partner was an academic dont rember the 2 other classes, so we went out and started fighting, or I went out and started fighting cause my teamate didnt di sht so I started running, ik ik cowardly tactic but I was being ganked, not to mention I was squishy, I finnaly managed to kill one of them, and whne I was about to kill the other one, my partner came out an alckemist I remeber now and finished. him off, and I go all ragy and wth why t f didnt u come sooner and then he said he was bateling his friends and practesing 1v2 and ofcourse he didnt bother mentioning that before now and I asked why they didnt lock the room and he said he did and I asked how I would be able to get in if that was true so all of them sudenly left… But yeah ive met up with my fair share of sickheads 2 trashtalkers, runners and so on, once I lost to an SM 3-5 and he gets like “oh you suck you should quit DN cause you suck, and you should kill yourself” etc etc im like wtf man im using the toughest pvp class in game, at that pont I. Had never seen another force user in the colloseum before and when I said I was a girl he went all oh sorry I thougt u were a guy, its just guy talk and so on, bleh and all the times ive been called weak and coward and so on, but hey, im a close ranged force user shouldnt I get credit for that, it was like there were no people talking englis and in that time DN SEA was considered the global version but they only trashtalked me in half englis and half… Whatever and now its way to lagy for me to play so I just deleated the game after donating my chars to the guild and now im waiting for the EU verison which is due. At the end of the year, hopefully it will be less lagy and more wnglish speakers, and the official site is supose to be early this mont and with it probably comes the closed beta keys so its less than 2 months wil DN Eu hopefully theyll releas in cristman so we get that cute cristmas theme in the town yay

      Customization is pure joke. EVERYONE LOOKS THE SAME! Mix that in with repetitve combat and huge grind and not allot of skill play = Things feel so cookie cut itis REDICULOUS!
      Want to know how lazy the development is and copy and paste? The first major expansion introduced a dungeon where you just stand in one room protecting a fountain as all the mobs from all the dungeons you just visited spawn in… No nex mobs or boss. Just rinse and repeat copy and paste. Then between mob spawns if the fountain was hurt (it has an hp bar) you heal it by whaking yellow ducks that wonder in… The lack of creativity and the stupidity of all of this is pretty much dragons nest. This is for people that like baby looking anime characters and to talk in Wheebo.
      IT sucks. Your keyboard will hate you for mashing the same buttons over and over.

      • for your information, it actually was bosses in that place, dont go rating when you dont even know, either way id like to see you come up with a bether game, and if you dont like dragon nest, cut it out of your life and stop talking bad about it, it gives a bad impression for future gamers, also i was disepointed in the customazation, but thats not the whole game, but its possible to use mods, its not legal but its possible :I or like others do they buy costumes, or new faces, or new hair, meanwhile i dubd a cheap prick like you would bother to do so.

      • The dude must’ve been playing Boundary of Jealousy Dark Lair dungeon…
        Even bothered to try the other dungeons, such as Boss Nests?

    • i have been playing this game since beta and honestly…i never liekd any of the classes untill tinkerer was added. I love that little girl and all those damned turrets and alfrado XD. also i have yet to meet people THAT rude. i have met jerks but nothing THAT bad.

  42. This game has great graphics when i saw the trailer I didn’t finish watching it cause i had to download that stinking thing so I could play it

    • It doesn’t have the BEST graphics, but the graphics are pretty gud owo You are going to enjoy yourself in the world of Altera or whatever it’s called. … I’m gonna stop myself here before I go on writing a novel about the game.

  43. I love Dragon Nest, mostly because of the fact that you have to actually aim your attacks and it’s not always serious in the storyline (like quests, for example), it has a bit of humor, too. Dragon Nest isn’t one of those games where you just click on the monster and click on a couple skills to decrease its health faster, it’s a game where there is actual challenge, and more than just the challenge of getting to max level, keeping an eye on your health while waiting for a monster to die with auto-attack, etc. That’s what I love most about it, its uniqueness. Away from that opinion, it’s one of the best MMOs I’ve ever played, though I’ve only played a few @_@. There’s also class difficulty, owo. The only thing that often gets a bit repetitive (every game has a bit of repetitveness to it) or irritating is the Slow-leveling. Takes a bunch of EXP to get to the next level starting at about level 15. I’ve also seen this negative opinion about “The character customization sucks” and whatever. It’s actually not that bad. Not many MMOs let you choose different beginning clothes at the Character Creation, and there are a lot of subtle differences in other clothes that you get from drops from Monsters, and enormous differences in Premium Cash items. Overall, I wuf Dragon Nest, even if the leveling can be a bit slow ;w;

    Mystic forever >:3

    …I just typed another novel.

    • The shortcut icon that you get is just a shortcut to the website. The play button on the website is the actual launcher of the game. You do need to run an administrator to get the start-up/CLICKHERETOSTARTTHEGAAAAME window. When the patches finish loading, you can click play, and shortly after, there should be a little picture at the bottom right part of your browser screen, which is like a miniature loading screen. Shortly after that, the game should start with the Nexon logo, Eyedentity games and whatever, and then a poochum running for the loading screen. If this did not help you, I dunno what to do without more specific details on your problem =3=’

      …I just friggin typed a novel.

  44. Very nice game, great graphics, only thing I would like to see more of would be Nexon pushing the partying aspects of DN, because I mostly solo everything I do because finding a party is just too much trouble. I’d like to see a simpler party finding system, other then that this game is really great. They dont really push you on cash shop though the clothing does look nice. There are also a very nice community in the game, I’d recommend this game to anyone looking for a game that keeps your attention and enjoys a nice little storyline with beautiful scenery as well.

  45. Most Repetetive thing i have ever played i am 5 levels away from 40 which is the level cap and it has been the same thing over and over again, you do quests till level x than exp slows than so you do side quests and grind till level y where there are better grind insentiences so yo grind there with a party till level 1x where you do quests and side quests untill you reach level 1y where you grind more until level 2x and it repeats at level 3x and 3y my advice for you if u want an action game like this go and buy one for console or get Tera or just wait because this game is not the best action game made on top of that the cash shop is the same as all other nexon games where nothings good and if something seems good there is an expiration date to it unless your willing to pay 4 times the price it show

  46. Ok everyone YES IT WORKS EVERYWHERE, THE SEA VERSION IS “THE INTERNATIONAL VERSION” and the Nexon Versionis the NA version READ THIS AND STOP ASKING FOR YOUR REGION AND /OR COUNTRY i had to use caps to do more emphasize in stuff XD sorry

    Btw: Nexon’s DN costumer service is crappy, like always. I recommend the SEA version even if you are from the NA

  47. rawr. for philippines- there’s a SEA version. * – * I’m playing it right now and it seems pretty fun. could be played in solo mode and well, there’s party as well…

    mn… one comment is that, unlike other mmorpgs, this one has instance dungeons and a party has the capacity of 4 people which makes it a bit dull because there’s something fun with raiding a dungeon with your whole guild or whatever.

    At least pvp battles in the arena can have 16 players.

    the quests are very entertaining though. 😀 .-.

    T ^ T there’s a limit to the number of times you can die which is good… but quite annoying when you want to finish a dungeon and you can’t get ressed anymore.

    It’s pretty light, and the plot isn’t too deep. character creation aside (since it’s pretty limited >.>), it’s a good game~

  48. I’ve played till level 5+, DN Nexon is a very stylish game. TO be quite succinct, it reminds me of dynasty warriors and a top down shooter mixed together. My main complaint so far, was the damned sorceress going Ha Ha Ha when I use her main attack….its a stupid voice clip.

    The game feels pretty cool, but at the same time you wonder if its ultimately just a light show… I think they should force new players into a group it would help you appreciate the MMO aspect…

    anyway I recommend this one,

  49. Ehm.. there’s “Play for free EU (<- Flag)" but the OB is only in NA and SEA (or am I wrong ??)
    So I don't know pls tell me I always thought SEA was "South East Asia" it is right or ?? ^^
    Or can Europe play this version (SEA) ??

    • well if u r stuck in something like id numbers(birth , passport,etc) so just go to others and type any any number randomly and it should be unique !

  50. Hi, the game looks really good, but I’m a bit confused @.@ There’s 2 Play Free links; one for US and one for Europe. I live in the UK so I go for Europe but when I click on the link, the site says Official Dragon Nest SEA .. soo, as you can see I’m very confused. Should I go for the US link? Will my gameplay be smooth or laggy if I go for US or SEA? Please, a little enlightenment. Thank you. <3

    • Dragon Nest SEA stands for South East Asia. It is probably more smoother in SEA because there are less people playing compared to the International server (US) but I think you’re forced to download the US server because you are in Europe. Or if that’s where you are XD The voices in SEA are the original korean voices though. Unlike in US, honestly, the english voices suck a lot.

  51. okay this is the single handed best mmorpg i have ever played! you see with me ill play a mmorpg and say “hmm this is a good game” and never play again because its not enough action for me (exception of maplestory) i love this game beacause its an ACTION mmorpg which are really rare (if you dont know the difference fable or kingdom hearts are both great examples of action rpgs.) i love the anime graphics in the game and the classes although gender locked (cleric and warrior are boys mage and archer are girls) they a play REALLY DIFFERENTLY. the game has cutscenes which are actually surprisingly entertaining all skills and attacks need to be aimed to work which means the game is VERY VERY FAST PACED i put that all in caps because i cant emphasize that enough the character customization is horrible but thats the only drawback this game is awesome play it know


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