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About the game:
Title: Eden Eternal
Status: CLOSED Graphics: 3D
Developer: Aeria Games
Publisher: Aeria Games

Eden Eternal is a free to play 3D anime-style MMORPG from the developers of Kitsu Saga and Grand Fantasia. In Eden Eternal, players will trek across a magical realm filled with vibrant races (Humans, Beast Men, Frog Men and other half-animal races), robust monsters, and prosperous villages as they work to uncover ancient secrets surrounding the mysterious Soul Stone. Help the powerful Eternal Children solve the enigma of their origin and ultimately bring peace to the continent as part of your final quest. Players can customize their character’s armor and appearance with a surprising variety of colors and styles. Search Eden for additional rare and exotic dyes.

Freely switch between classes as you unlock them. As you progress through Eden, you will gain access to 15 unique classes. Help your guild create a thriving town in Eden. Become a respectable citizen by establishing cross-functional structures and mastering a valuable community trade. Eden Eternal’s also features a progressive title system as part of a variety of in-game achievements which are earnable throughout the quest series.

You may not be able to tell from the screenshots, but you will learn very quickly how fast paced the combat in Eden Eternal really is. Feel like a mighty warrior as you battle multiple enemies at once! Every MMO may have guilds, but in Eden Eternal your guild can build their very own town! Construct and upgrade buildings for various uses as you help your guild create a private bustling neighborhood.

Explosive Features:

  • Your guild can build their very own town!
  • Freely swap between classes
  • Fast-paced action combat

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System Requirements

Eden Eternal Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4
Memory Ram: 1GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2GB of free Space
Video Card: nVidia GeForce FX 5200/ATI Radeon 9600

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  1. (Eden Eternal Review)
    + 5 Job Classes and More Job Classes
    + Pets
    + Mounts
    + Costumes
    + Fishing
    + House System
    + High Spec requirement System
    + 5 Race Type Character
    – Very Small Community
    – Lack of Update
    – Bugs
    – Some Races are gender locked
    Star Rate: 4/5 (Great)

  2. IMO, The game died because of the Mimic Class. That class took away the “this is your role in the party”.

  3. Haha… it is rather a shame.
    The game totally died.
    This’ll be some longass comment but if you’re even remotely considering trying this game out, go through it:

    I initially tried this game in 2013 and it was LOVELY. I was still pretty dumb and would ask for help for the simplest things, but the community was so loving… they all treated new players like part of a great family and would be willing to help with such simple tasks. The classes were fairly balanced, economy was fine, it wasn’t such a glamorous things to have costumes and, if you happened to not know about the gearing system, people would actually help you out.

    Then 2015 came… and so did Mimic. And that’s when it all went to hell. I also know about the server merge but you know what? No. That is not what ruined the game. Dia and Sapph BOTH had shitty people in it, gold-selling bots had always been a long-time thing, so to put this one on Sapph’s community is just a shitty way to shove your victim complex down other people’s throats. In any case, got side-tracked… yeah. Mimic came. Then it plagued PvP… I remember when I first went there, I wanted to be the pro-est Blade Dancer, and it was fun knowing that others also had these expectations for certain classes, but after Mimic came it was all lazing around. The higher levels became cocky and wouldn’t help anyone anymore. PvP was all about: someone playing as a normal class they had actually grinded for and became a pro with vs five mimics with shitty gears and annoying abilities staggering the crap out of you.

    The loving community was gone. The economy had gone to hell after the pay2win people came to OF COURSE, gear their mimics. I remember the guild I was used to be really caring and helpful, then the leader fell for the Mimic crap, found new friends, eventually he became a shitty person and we all left. It was all a mess.

    Then we get awakened classes. Don’t even get me started on that. The lack of balance of this game goes up the roof, into space, into another dimension it is unbelievable. And of course, with how easily it was for even shitty-geared people to become op thanks to this, the community died further and all of them became scumbags.

    This game IS NOT BEGINNER FRIENDLY. Unless you got friends to play with or HAPPEN to have the rare sight of another new player and party each other to complete the quests, you won’t get anywhere. Not to mention the pay2win based system and the fact that economy is gone to hell… seriously, it is funny how costy even a single freaking Eden Crystal is anymore. From 50g to 3k real quick… a shame.

    This game is Aeria’s cow when it comes to money. Shitty repeated altar with shitty looking costumes and recoloured mounts only herald the eventual death of this game, and also make evident that they don’t know what to do with the game anymore aside from feeding people’s egos with their shitty gears. And what is the saddest is that those shitty people make guilds that house even shittier individuals. And of course, if the game’s only about the money now… you can already tell, there’s literally NOTHING a new player’s gotta do here.

    Unless you like stupidly unbalanced classes, shitty people to deal with both at PvE and PvP, throwing money out of the window for looks, and being in lonely ass maps where you’ll rarely run into anyone unless it’s the main city where the assholes are sharing a meeting in, don’t try this game. Waste of, not time, but spirits. Plus it’s gonna die soon so… lol.

  4. It was a beautiful and excellent game, i honestly loved this game to bits and spent so many hours on it with my guild. lvl 75 and my ign was kiritsuga to those who may know me on the diamond server, or what was once the diamond server before aeria games made the worst decision and merged the two servers. as i said before the game was great, community was amazing, awesome gameplay. i ended up getting a few long distance relationships there and they were great. but once they merged with the sapphire server everything went to shit. the sapphire server was filled with hackers and gold buyers which destroyed the once stable economy of the diamond server. beginners couldnt use the auction since everything was overpriced and most of the small businesses couldnt compete. my guild once 30 strong fell apart as we couldnt keep new members since the game was ruined by the merge. we lost our guild town, something we worked for half a year for, our members, and most of all our family. soon only the two founding sisters and i were left. i honestly miss the game so much and i tried getting back into it but now the once loving community i knew quit the game and never returned. some stayed, like my old ign gf and joined new guilds. i was offered places being a rookie and one of the top pvp players on my lvl,majoring in templar and being built to combat agaisnt mimics. but the family aspect we once had were we all knew each other by name was gone. its still a great game on its own right but its full potential that had been reached was destroyed in days after the merge. if you want a game where you have so many options then pick up this game, but if you want a community with a good game dont pick this one up.

    • it was never pay 2 win as some people put it, you used to be able to earn gold and buy allof it at auction and the daily raffle if you had the orbs which you could buy as well with gold. costumes, mounts, pets, were all available and it was great. but once the economy got destroyed all of that was still there but only the higher lvl players could get it.

    • I feel so sorry for this dude and this game man. Ive never played it (but i will eventually bec of it looks, and bec of the rpg and anime theme), but after reading this post … its a little sad! Its almost like League Of Legends. I started League form like the end of 4th patch and it was decent! There was a couple or trolls, but it didnt matter at all bec it was like… small ones. Now there are like kids, trolls and other kind of rude ppl that only want to ruin the game! Thats why im going to Paladins or other moba (saddly there arent that much). But i hope that uve started a new good game that u can enjoy! Ill start Eden Eternal so … wish me luck ;)!

      • Aerea games does that and this isn’t the only game that went to shyts because of poor executive decisions. I guess they didn’t want to pay for extra servers and it ended up backfiring. Lots of games that were once good like Pangya and Dragonica / Dragon Saga for instance were amazing but bad decisions and change of hands turned it into crap. Feels bad man 🙁

  5. Eden eternal
    + 20 different style class gameplay
    + 5 races character (some are gender locked)
    + Pets
    + Mounts ride
    + Housing system
    – Less Active Playerbase
    – Pay to win
    – Pay to look good
    – Unbalance pvp
    – Bad Ecomany
    – Lack of update
    – Anti-viruse issue
    – Server issue
    – Unbalance classes
    – Bad Commnity
    Eden Eternal Minimum System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
    Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4
    Memory Ram: 1GB
    Hard Disk Space: At least 2GB of free Space
    Video Card: nVidia GeForce FX 5200/ATI Radeon 9600
    Age rating: K=Kids only Age5-10

  6. This game is a huge P2W grindfest. Sure it was fun at first release, but now 2 years later, you cant do shit without spending money. Here a list of some of the things that you can buy straight up with money:

    100% success rate stones pack to get from +0 to +14 on your weapons and armor
    Legendary costumes that add a bunch of stats to your character
    Battle mount that increase your movespeed by 50-70% in combat while also increase your stats
    Permanent stones buff that increase your stats

    And the game is now deader than the hooker in my basement. The company is throwing all kind of legendary shit on the Eden Crystal altar, which is like a lottery, to keep the players playing. And of course, you have to pay money to get the eden crystal.
    If you have any sense, do not play this game.

  7. You guy just suck at this game
    i play though it already it very fun
    and 1 more thing i don’t pay anything to play this game
    and it not laggy

  8. im currently downloading the game. Im not sure if it’s about the internet connection or what, it is taking too long to install :< however, i kinda like it it looks like sword art online whahaha

  9. This is a lonely game. The community is terrible. There is hardly anyone out playing the game in the world. And to make friends you have to pick them from a list of players. SUCKS!

  10. 2014 update the game download size is 2.88 GB. Eden has made alot of changes form the starting of its career in 2009 to now 2014 massive updates and it is much more user friendly now and way more in depth. I rate this game 8/10 for overall performance

  11. What is The real installer of this game the one with small window or the large window with Eden eternal on top and A two ladies? T_T

  12. What is The real installer of this game the one with small window or the large window with Eden eternal on top? (Confused) and its so sloowww :(((

  13. The PvP on this game really, really sucks. You get thrown in as a random monster fighting other random monsters in the monster battle arena OR OR OR You get to fight 3 on 3 but your pets actually do more damage than players, meaning you can buy power.

    Verdict? The pets ruin PvP. The monster battle were not fun, even the first time around. I kinda liked this game, but when I reached level 40 something I noticed that this game does not take PvP seriously at all. The community was also lacking, too many very super young kids. It did not help that the game is almost completely solo friendly, so you don’t ever need to group, really.

    Want an MMO where here you solo 95% of the time? Play this game, or you might as well play a console game than has infinite better graphics, mechanics and no lag.

    • First of all I enjoy PvP , you can change between all classes which makes PvP and PvE rly unique and it wont get boring for a while , so theres bunch of things to do just with classes.
      And the thing youre talking about pets is false , yes they are OP at around level 30-49 but thats it , after that your base defense is too high for pets to do that much dmg , and the difference between atk of a pet and a player at 65+ is too big …. you didnt even bother trying to level -.-“

      • PvP SSSSSUKSSSS “you can change between all classes which makes PvP and PvE rly unique” pls … everybody Mimics. P2W or GTFO.

        Pets are OP at any level.
        Rep. systems SUKS (Why the hell the rep. is not shareable between characters on the same account??)


        • I agree with ZIVOR ARAX,

          Yeah i played this game for maybe a solid one year it was okay at first when you’re doing your own thing but eventually you gave to group with some people, after getting higher lvl at first i floated at lvl 50-60 for along time had some fun there but then they came out with the new class “Mimic” and destroyed the game even more than it already was. i then leveled up to 75 and same thing everyone was playing Mimic. went into a PVP guild and once again was ashamed of the PVP even at a guild level the entire game is Pay to Win if you fail to see that clearly your one of the people who Pay to Win, in the end game is unbalanced in everyway possible to many little kids in the game that have their parents wallets in hand and ruined the experience game rate for me is 3/10 only reason i stayed so long was because my Girlfriend was playing it at the time.

          In the end I would not recommend this game to anyone. unless the games Cash shop is changed to not Pay to Win and entire server Wipe.

  14. I better be able to make a character that looks like my favorite Anime characters and name them said character’s name! Otherwise it’s too the recycling bin!

    • Enjoy the first 40 lvls and mountains of classes but once your past 40+ its gonna be hell from then on if you can keep up with other cashgrabbing nuts all around. I’m not saying its a bad game heck I played it long enough to say thats its a really really awesome game before hell comes. Its worth it!! Enjoy the trip! 😀

      • uh? There isn’t much that you can get in the item shop that you can’t get with in game currency as well. They’ve made this a lot easier now, and its realllly easy to get to level 70 now. So have fun. 😀

  15. I’d just like to say that i used to be a big fan of this game back when it was in open beta and launch, great game but the customer service is terrible, i took a break for like a month and come back to my account had been hacked and my character had not weapons or armour. so i sent a ticket to speak to a GM, took 5 days for anyone to get back to me and the guy says “well I’m sorry but it looks like your account got hacked and we can’t do anything about it, you should of kept it more secure, have a nice day.” so i sent one back telling the guy that i am a customer and not a idiot, i sent the ticket to see if i can get help and i get a mouth full. then 2 days later i get a reply with just the words “Enjoy ;)” and every time i try to login to the website i get this “Sorry. The account has been blocked due to violation of our terms of service.” what a load of bull crap. i wanted to play this game again with my account and claim one of the key from this site too 🙁

    • Did you share your password with someone?
      Customer Service has been very kind to me, even when I once deleted a quest item like an idiot, they sent it to me via mail with kind regards within days.

      They tell you to submit a ticket if you need help, and there are a vast amount of players that play Eden Eternal so it may take some time before they get back to you.

      • No.Customer support is idiotic.Being a WoW player I have been hacked before and although it took time,the items were usually returned.Even on other games such as Mu Online,Ragnarok Online,FFXI,etc. my items have been returned or at least some form of compensation was given.But Aeria has crappy security and it is usually not the fault of the player that items get hacked.More than likely they acknowledge that they have security issues but won’t do anything about it.That is why this game and every other game Aeria has should be shutdown and given to a better company that can actually do things to improve the quality of game play that us,the players and customers,will be receiving.As opposed to this load of bs that they call “Customer Support”.

        We are not just players…we are customers and without us the games they have will die off.Just like Grand Fantasia is right now.

  16. Game is good. a bit harsh on gold making but its completely doable. anyone who says the game is shit is probably a loser ap spender. as a f2p i make 3600g/day just by crafting.

  17. It’s really good game c: but I hate when server is off Dx but I like updates, so.. I had lvl 35 and 68 but then it was harder and harder to play and.. okay, okay, I forget password xD but it’s really easy to get lvl 20+ (I get it in one day) but after 40 lvl it’s really hard xD
    Anyway, it isn’t browser game, you need to download launcher + register on a official site to play it x3 but it’s worth it!

  18. This game is specified as a ‘Browser game’. Yeah yeah, I’m on a feeble laptop, but I never had a browser game with 2.5 BG to download in part 2/3. Browser? I think not…

  19. ive played this game for like 1 and half years. when the server merge came so came the trolls and over pricers to the diamond server. Everything became very ridiculous, like low level materials for crafting in a auction house goes for like 10g per piece and then high level materials go for 2-5 gold a piece.

    then aeria doesnt keep up with their servers which creates server lag. Especially on sapphire you have tiny bits of lag when you either talk to an npc or your quests lag up when you kill 7 monsters and it shows up as 2. Aeriagames need to get their crap in gear. or else this summer their gonna have a very bad time.

  20. Pretty nice game. You guys should play it it’s easy and fun plus I mean like you should really try it. I’m already playing it. XD

    • Nice ??? EASY AND FUN ??? dude trust me the 1st 40 lvl u gonna enjoy it…..
      But what comes after that is a nightmare…. bro i got a high lvl there and u gonna lose and be the worst of all if u dont pay….. all i see is P2W people owning F2P people in arenas….. and u gonna get own too soon enough….. u gonna leave the game soon…. believe it gets boring if u always get owned



    • Game is dead don’t bother. I been playing for 2 years and all I can say is once you hit cap or get banned 2 times from aeria then this game gets boring/terrible

  22. Oh man I played this game when it first came out (was supposed to be in OBT but problems occurred) and I loved it. It was amazing at first but then it started to become really pay to win, all the major events involved the cash shop and that was about it.
    I might start playing it again if the mood strikes, I do miss my shaman…

  23. Do not trust Aeria Games. They are shameless scams and money robbers. They are thinking “It is too expensive to hire real programmer so we will hire any boy from the street as the game admin.”
    I played Grand Fantasia which has been shutting down with no money compensation to players.

  24. Game was fun at 1st and I enjoyed it but certain things are holding me back from continuing. Combat system is extremely clunky, feels super laggy. Instant casts are not really instants as for most of aeria games I’ve tried. You can change to any class you want as long as you have leveled pre req jobs. This wasn’t too bad for me, unique but I originally didn’t like it. What killed it for me was the fact that leveling other jobs gives you something called job expertise which basically raises your stats. So if you want to at top of game you will have to grind out every single one, carrying different weapons of all the classes in your already cluttered bags and at around 30 the gold to level each professions skills gets extremely expensive. If the games combat wasn’t so clunky, and there was no job expertise I would enjoy it 10x more but that’s just my opinion on it. 3/5 from me

  25. Very nice game, great population, the community’s good, but gets grindy fast…even though the grind itself isn’t very bad. It’s still a bit annoying.

  26. A very fun and cute MMO… but doesn’t offer much new to the genre.

    This is a Chinese game, localized to English… so players shouldn’t expect any kind of local content development… only patches and occasional expansions ported from the Chinese version. (This is the case for many free MMOs) However, Aeria does have an active GM(Game Master) and GS(Player Mod) staff so events are fairly frequent.

    I think the main unique point for Eden Eternal is its class switching feature. At any time, out of combat, you can change to a different role with a different set of skills. Of course you will need to level up each class separately if you wish to be effective with it. This feature is super convenient over maintaining multiple characters.

    The quest system is very straightforward and simplified to the point that you don’t even need to speak english to perform them. Simply right click on a quest objective and your character will autoroute to the required monster field or npc.

    The item mall seems to be much fairer than other games. You won’t find any legendary equipment… everyone still hunts bosses, crafts, or participates in arena matches to deck out their characters in gear. You will find boosts, cosmetics, fashions, and resets… however many of the items are tradeable and buyable from sellers with in game currency.

    Rather than outright buying items though, the cashshop seems to be more gambling oriented. There is an in game slot machine style feature called the Crystal Altar. It consumes Eden Crystals to use which are the top sellers in the cash shop. The Crystal Altar features ever changing fashion/mount/consumables as prizes and will most likely be your primary money sink, should you decide to spend on this game. The webpage also features various Mystery Boxes, Gambling wheels and such to spend your cash points on. However nothing that can’t be purchased with in game gold (by those who sell their winnings) if you are the hard working type.

  27. I wanna try it, but I only have Graphics Card: “Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family”
    I wonder if I can still play this game without any problems regarding on graphics =_=
    like a total blackout screen.

  28. hmm, i just quit it after i reach lvl 17..quite boring..i prefer good community games. this game sucks at it. the graphics nice, character custom good. just the community urgh.. ( when can i find a game that i can settle down)

  29. The game is fun,there are no lag issues,the community is very odd but interesting what i can say its a fun game to jump into with friends instead of playing alone, The download for the game was not that long and the update took little time c:
    Specific races have specific passives to classes and each race have some different stats
    Its worth it trying the game out

  30. amazing game great community (mostly a few loot thiefs) the GM are great the problem? well they lease the game from a korean company that actually made the game and the people at aeria have never actually programmed anything for their games other than their item mall crap so only the korean company can patch problems and what the hell do they care they are getting paid a lease no matter what. so amazing game but put in the wrong hands with aeria blizzard or NCsoft woulda taken this and gone nutz and created something like wow but with a new class system and yah aeria is group of cheapskates with their servers

  31. Great game, but the bugs and launcher problems (to not mention crashes and other problems) is even worse than sims -.- Do try and download the game – if you’re lucky it will download successfully, and not get stuck, but then you will get disappointed again when your game crash … yep, do try it…..?

  32. I don’t like Aeria company anymore. I played Grand Fantasia, which is a nice game. Tho Aeria sucks big time, by not helping the community. So yea, I would advice any of you to look for a serious company. And I tried this game too. So far, I see it way too boring and repetitive.

    • Yeah I’m hesistant to try this game because I played Grand Fantasia — I liked the gameplay of Grand Fantasia, but PvP was literally impossible unless you bought items from the item mall- and I tried hard and was very patient, trying to learn strategies to beat mallers, but I never could never even have a chance. So I wonder if all of Aeria’s games are “pay to win” :/

      • Some of the PvP in Eden Eternal is your normal PvP stuff (non-arena style), but if you join the arena, things do differ quite a bit. For example, the monster arena is fun. You become a boss monster with a whole new set of abilities and stats based on your type. Your monster type switches every round. There is the traditional 1 v 1, but there are also 3v3 and 10v10, and even massive guild wars and territory fights (though being at lv 75 for those (the current lv cap) is helpful. My lv 60 fell prey to all sorts of trouble). Some of the PvP is indeed cheap when there are paying users, yes (when isn’t it that way?) but most of the time, the PvP is fun and worth a shot.

  33. game is terrible, devs dont do a thing to update their server, all they do is put things on item mall to milk money from cows (players), they are absolutely getting nowhere.

    -Constant Dc
    -Runtime errors
    -Arena disconnections
    -Client crashes
    -Bugged skills

    I couldn’t honestly say the game is good, but if I rate it, its only at 5/10

    • you computer or internet sucks if you get disconnected all the time.

      i’ve played this game for a while now (yes, even before your comment) and i’ve been disconnected like 1-5 times, haven’t noticed any skill bugs and my client never crashed.

      skip the bullshit, thank you.

  34. on more thing… you should update this page coz there are already all races avible and the game is not in beta anymore

  35. I played this game till lv.40. It is a great game but on high levels the strory can be repetitive and it is hard to lvl. The graphics are nica and they give cool stuffsbut it is still bad that on about lv 39 you neeed 3 days to lvl up…

  36. Could this game play in Indonesia server?
    I’m not sure
    coz I have tried LostSaga US and Camon Hero US
    those game couldn’t play in Indonesia server

  37. Well iam not a huge anime fan, but i liked it, the fact of changing classes is very nice, sometimes i get bored of my warrior and simply switch to a mage or thief,and this make dungeons more easier,and its very nice to play, the combat is REAL fast paced, questing is nice even with the grind.Really liked it and they alredy added new classes!

    • Both are really great games, but I think Dragon Nest is better. It has a better game economy (by far! Eden Eternal, right now, has some serious crap to clear up in that department), and it’s storyline is really good also. Eden Eternal is a lot of fun, though, but leveling isn’t as easy or as fun than it is in Dragon Nest. DN has exp bonuses for partying up, and for doing dungeons with friends (as well as other people, but that would send me on a massive rabbit trail). Eden Eternal, however, offers no such bonuses, so people solo unless they don’t care about exp that much and just want to help or be friendly.
      The guilds in Eden Eternal, however, are a huge part of the game, and they do the game great justice. The guild system is definitely my favorite part of the game: you can have your own town that you can visit for weapon and armor blueprints for crafting, you can mine and farm for crafting materials, and you can ever craft high level gear there. The DN guilds are not nearly this complicated and cool, but are very nice none the less.
      Finally, there is the conflict of “click on an enemy and attack with a skill” or “hack-and-slash style” combat. Eden Eternal has you click on a foe, then you can use either skills or regular attacks to do damage, and you and the enemy attack automatically (not in a turned base style, though). There are AoE attacks, but you can only attack a single foe via the target (unless using an AoE attack of course). DN, on the other hand is a hack and slash game, meaning you run around and deal damage and can dodge attacks, use skills in between attacks, etc etc. Like a Legend of Zelda game, or a God of War game. DN’s battle system is a lot more fun in both PvE and PvP and both courses provide a challenge, but Eden Eternal’s battle system is fully functioning as well and doesn’t take away from the game.
      These are just my opinions. If you’d like to ask me more, feel free to either chat here, or contact me in either Eden Eternal or DN. My IGN for Eden Eternal is Rowigrath, and for DN it is Rachale. Thanks for listening!

  38. Awesome game! 😀 I was instantly hooked from the start and I highly recommend people to at least try this game because of its fast paced combat and the ability to switch between classes at will.

  39. The game is actually going worser by the day, lag becomes a daily issue, server down are random, prices gone wild, programmers only focus on item mall…I would recommend this game only if your patience is of steel and don;t mind the constant lag or the constant lack of player interest. Oh and I almost forgot, seems the company aims for more and more lag since they keep implementing stuff to crowd the server with afk and trash event.

  40. Very nice game. I’m loving it so far. I recommend it! At least try it once. Get a friend or two to play together and you’ll see how great and how far this game can go. 🙂


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