About the game:
Title: Enlisted
Status: Beta
Genre: FPS/TPS
Developer: Darkflow Software
Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment

Step into the most famous battles of World War II in Enlisted, a free-to-play shooter from the makers of War Thunder. Experience squad-based combat from the ground level, as you command your troops, outfitted with era-authentic weapons and gear, in massive battles with over a hundred soldiers apiece.

Enlisted offers both infantry and limited vehicle gameplay, so you’ll have to master aspects of both to conquer the battlefield. Whether you’re in the trenches defending Moscow or capturing a foothold on the beaches of Normandy, you’ll fully embrace the soldier’s life and struggle through intense, hard-hitting battles!

Explosive Features:

  • Command Your Own Squad
  • Historic Battles of WWII
  • Era-authentic Weapons And Gear

News and Updates

Enlisted Has A New Campaign For Testing, The Battle Of Berlin, But It’ll Cost You

World War II cost a lot of money: $4.1 trillion (in today's dollars) for America alone, by one estimate. The new campaign for Enlisted...

Enlisted Will Get More Battle Task Changes And AI Soldier Improvements

WW2 shooter Enlisted hit open beta last Thursday, and as you might expect from a game facing a sudden influx of players, there have...

Enlisted – Gameplay First Look

Enlisted is a free-to-play World War 2 shooter from Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment. Fight for the Axis or the Allies and lead your...

Gaijin’s WW2 Shooter Enlisted Hits Open Beta With Dozens Of Maps And Over 100 Weapons

It's time to storm the beaches in Enlisted, as Darkflow Sofware and Gaijin Entertainment's F2P WW2 shooter hits open beta today on PC, PlayStation...

Open Beta For Gaijin Entertainment’s WW2 Squad Shooter Enlisted Kicks Off April 8

Gaijin Entertainment's WW2 shooter Enlisted is reaching the end of its closed beta and preparing for an "influx of armies of new players from...

Gaijin Will Have Three Titles — War Thunder, Cuisine Royale, And Enlisted — On Xbox Series X|S Launch Day

Gaijin Entertainment is hoping to make a big splash on the next series of consoles. Microsoft announced yesterday that 30 games would be "Fully...

F2P WW2 Shooter Enlisted Tries Out New Weapons In This Weekend’s Test

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment have another test going on this weekend for WW2 F2P shooter Enlisted and they'll be offering plenty of historical...

Gaijin Entertainment’s WWII FPS Enlisted Starts Public Playtest Today

Enlisted, the squad-based first-person shooter from the makers of War Thunder and developer Darkflow Software, has an playtest going right now that's open to...

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System Requirements

Enlisted Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 or newer 64-bit
Memory Ram: 4GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 6GB of free Space
Video Card: 1GB Nvidia 660GT analog from AMD or similar

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