Echo of Soul

In Echo of Soul, you are chosen by the gods as a soulkeeper, a valiant warrior in the fight against darkness who can claim his enemies' souls to increase his or her own power. Offering a wide variety of gameplay modes, from standard group dungeons and PvP to solo dungeons and massive guild vs. guild battles, Echo of Soul offers an immense array of options, letting players advance in the way best suited to them.

There are five classes in Echo of Soul -- Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Guardian, and Sorceress -- each with multiple specialization and customization options, though there's no dedicated healing class, which might throw some players for a curve. In addition to their combat proficiency, characters can also take up several hobbies, such as resource collecting, alchemy, or cooking.

For PvP lovers, there are a few different options, including a MOBA-like lane-based mode. If larger battles are your thing, and you've got some friends, you can form a guild and declare war on another guild. Echo of Soul also has challenging PvE dungeons, including the option to take on an infinite dungeon, with randomly generated monsters. There's plenty of loot to be had in these encounters, and players can even acquire "Magic Eggs" through gameplay, which offer items normally only found in the cash shop.

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Echo of Soul

Aeria Games
Release Date
May 28, 2015
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP


1 GB


10 GB


Intel Core 2 Duo


GeForce 6600 or ATI Equivalent

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Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews (31)

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Aeria = Shit 6 years ago
Its a game that has Aeria tied to it... need I say more? Oh, I do? Aeria ALWAYS screws over the player in the end. They take great games and pimp them into becoming money hungry tricks. They milk the player for all they can with micro transactions, all the while ruining the game with P2W OP'ed equips and doing nothing to add gameplay or content (see Shin Megami Tensei Imagine). Tiered Spender Events they call them, where they promise you OP'ed gear for spending a set amount of purchasable coins usually in the price range of $20 and up. BUT that only gives you the lowest tier. For the big shiny gear they have on display you have to spend over $50. After a few years of milking the players for cash they drop the game. Sometimes they give you a warning a month in advance but most of the time its without warning. Having to go to Google and find out that the game was picked up by another company and that you've just lost all of your data is kinda infuriating. Sometimes they don't even sell the games off, they just kill them for not raking in enough cash. Maybe I could understand if it only happened once or twice...

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Geneis 6 years ago
Pay for power!. This Community is deserted like a ghost town. it is no joke.

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inez 6 years ago
I've been playing for 1 year now and the game is not desert, at least the EU servers and a lot of na players transferred for that fact.
It's obviously a pay to win game like any other but overall you can have a lot of fun even if you don't pay because there's a lot of content for either Pve/Pvp sides.
Obviously if you are pretending to deal more dmg than someone who spent 20k euro on their character you must be retarted talking about p2w because without those ppl the server wouldn't even be running.

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xx 6 years ago
dead game that just knows how to take peoples money. can't wait to see all the p2wins cry when it shuts down in na

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somenoob 7 years ago
I'm about to install this game.This looks pretty cool!
By the way I have one question, is this game allowed in Asian countries? :|

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BNuts 7 years ago
I came to this from FusionFall and Scarlet Blade.

Class and specialization, check. Jobs and Hobbies cooperative system, double-check.
A reasonable amount of EXP to level, check.
Jewel and rune gear enhancement system, check.

I know a lot of people complain about the grinding and the characters being gender-locked, but this is still a lot better about it than some of the other games I know about. Heck, what about the MOBAs where you can't customized at all? Despite locking classes to specific genders, there are a LOT of choices involved in playing Echo of Soul:

Within each class you get to choose between two paths at lv 10. Don't worry if you end up choosng something that doesn't end up working, though, because the Jack of All Trades object you get for achieving lv 25 allows you to open a second skill page and choose an alternate path. Then you can switch between your pages when you're out of combat. You also get 2 Amnesia items up to lv 70 (the current cap) allowing you to respec twice. As noted the game doesn't have a dedicated healer, so you have to keep your bandages, potions, and scrolls well-stocked. Gears and items do have level use restrictions, so it's wise to keep track of that. Most items before lv 69 only cost 1 silver each, making it easy to equip yourself. Jewel enhancement rates are strict, however.

You can create more characters on a single regional server than there are classes, so there's plenty of room for trial and error, and your account has shared storage, making it easy to send drops for other classes to your other characters.

You can also choose how much PvE and PvP you want to do, since you can access the Battlefield as soon as you reach lv 10. Want to avoid grinding? Do PvP. Hate getting one-shotted by better-geared players? Grind normal quests and dungeons. In BFs all players' stats actually get equalized regardless of level, so the biggest difference becomes skills and buffs. But I've even killed a lv 70 as a lv 10, so if you figure out your skill cycle (and avoid getting sun-locked or Zerg rushed) you can still do well in PvP even as a lowbie.

Note, however, that the BFs grant more points for capturing towers and collecting resources than they do for kills. Your reward for BFs will vary depending on your score at the end, even if your team loses.

Event and dungeon bosses will take strategy (solo) and teamwork (event, legendary, and raid) to defeat without getting killed. And I should note that each time you get killed by a monster your gear's durability goes down. You can get it repaired at any shop or let it break. Learning bosses' special attacks is essential to surviving dungeons and events, so those who say you can just mash attacks and survive are dead wrong. Perhaps they didn't progress far enough to tell.

At this point the older guilds are very well established, but you can still find ones that are helpful. If you want to make gold fast, you can join a hostile guild and farm Essence of Courage in the PvP field Valhalla (do beware of hunters who like farming you). Each EoC goes for about 1 gold, and if you farm for the whole hour you can get about 300 of them. EoC's are ingredients for the professions and hobbies.

Currently Aeria is running a speed-level event where you get special jewels and gems, as well as EXP boosts from BFs an dungeons. This lets you level even faster (lv 57 with my Sorceress in 5 days). They've also reduced grinding and gathering quests before lv 70 to 2-3 instead of 8-10. But the event is bound to end soon.

Aeria runs events on a regular basis, and they do weekly maintenance and update semi-regularly. Echo of Soul is well-supported and far from dying.

In the lv 70 end game you'll be introduced to the Free and Team Arena mechanics and a separate set of gear for PvE and PvP. You'll need to amass points and coins to get the higher-level gear to so you can access the higher-level PvE dungeons and hunting grounds to get better gear, unless you want to stick to PvP BFs and arenas. You still also have Valhalla and a grounds called Issus I haven't figured out. The bigger guilds dominate there. There are still many options, although it can get repetitive, which could be why Aeria updates as often as they do, introducing new quests and content.

I have to admit it's nice seeing an actively-supported traditional grinder out there (let's not kid ourselves: most MMO's are grinders). I like this one because levelling is faster than I've seen in other games, and there's less emphasis on getting gear out of the cash shop. If you grind enough, you can access the gear you need fairly easily.

Overall I give this game 4/5, since there is always room for improvement, like making the lv 70 content easier to access so newer players can participate more fully in events. Otherwise I'm having a lot more fun in EoS than I did playing SB or FusionFall -- and I went berserker with SB's Whipper and rinsed the other classes as a Sentinel, so I can have fun with very little. EoS is significantly less grinding than either of these games ever were (although to be fair, FF was entirely PvE).

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mr a7a 7 years ago
this game has no playres

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Joke 7 years ago
This game is good untill patch 2.0 and 2.1.
before 2.0's my favorite mmorpg

But after 2.0 everything change .........

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steve 7 years ago
game is fun till you get to raids and have to cordinate a bunch of retarded BR's that dont understand any english words other then lag

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Kess 7 years ago
So far I've played up to 12 so I can't vouch for every little thing, but here's a brief list of features and you guys can be the judge of if you play it or not. A lot of stuff is up for debate.

-Traditional tab-target
-Go to point A, kill 3 monster, collect 3 item, go to point B rinse and repeat questing
-Genderlocked classes
-Relatively smooth and quick animations
-Very poorly optimized at times (fps is fickle)
-Small community
-Soul and skill systems are simple, there's not much to learn and basically no nit-picking on where you put your stats because it's automatic
-Most areas are instanced. Some are made up of multiple instances (which is good for fps if you have a shitty laptop like me, but terrible for everyone else).
-Game encourages grouping/co-op early on (doing the soul thing takes 1/2 as many souls if you co-op, which takes like 2 seconds for players to do together)
-Grouping/co-op is not necessary but will generally be more fun to do since the game is bland when you play alone
-I used like 2 health potions total so far, in the first solo dungeon without my buffs. The monsters are pretty easy (even the "bosses")
-Definite unbalance with ranged vs melee classes
-It runs decent on my shitty laptop! Hooray!
-Characters are cute enough. idk what's up with the warlock dude tho
-Somewhat pretty graphics but nothing to write home about.
-Game is extremely generic. There is nothing remotely new or exciting about it.
-Overall feels like a game that should have some out fully in like 2009.

If you're like me and enjoy picking up a simple, somewhat crap MMO just to let off some steam or waste some time, EoS is a good pick overall. I went in with SUPER low expectations and was pleasantly surprised, but it's really subjective on whether or not you want to stick with this game or move onto something actually worth your investment.

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MidnaNatio 7 years ago
Questing is extremely, extremely repetitive. I'm trying so hard to play it and level up to 60, and it's been really difficult to keep myself playing. I want to love this game, I really want to have fun in this game. Character customization is awesome. One big drawback for that though is that classes are gender fixed. Rogues, warriors, and warlocks are male, and archers, guardians, and sorcerers(sorceresses) are female. That's not just something I personally dislike but I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate gender fluid classes, not just for the sake of gender equality, but for the sake of character customization. But anyway, the questing is the main problem by farrrr. "Kill this ten times" 2 quests later "Kill that ten times" Another 2-3 quests later "Kill this eight times" I don't feel bothered to even read the dialogue because I know that I'm gonna have to do either 1 of 3 things: Grind, collect, or talk to someone new who will give me more quests. I know there's probably not much about that that can be changed at this point, but I suppose, Aeria, to consider this for future projects. But hey on the other hand, the graphics are phenomenal. The world is really, really beautiful. Sometimes, after I've been playing for a long time, I'll go back to Aurora just to visit. There's been times where I go a bit overboard on screenshots. The way the lights illuminate your already-stunning character is just absolutely beautiful. It makes you think that you have a sole purpose of being in this world, kinda like a fantasy-anime protagonist chosen in their world to be destined of adventure and heroism.

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Heucaze 7 years ago
Gendered classes? Yeah, no thank you. And for the record, I have seen the gameplay. It's pretty standard and really nothing special. I don't need to play the game to know it's just one of those annoying "kill stuff to finish objective" kind of quests.

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Snakebite 8 years ago
Gettin tired of reading all these negative reviews on this game. This happens to be one of the best Games i have played in quite a long time. Its all you idiotic school age children that give games like this bad rap. This game is awesome in every aspect. The quest line is great. The animations are great. It is not P2W, hell any mmo with a cash shop could be labeled that. So grow up and step away from your mommies titty for a few and shut up

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MAND4 8 years ago
There are only a few things you need to know about Echo of Souls:

1. This is not action MMO. You still tab target. The only difference between the traditional MMO and EoS is that channel times are short/non-existent and animations play out faster.
2. Questing is literally the worst in any of the MMORPGs you'll ever play. Yes, even Tera. Note that, please. Tera has better questing than EoS. Let that sink in.
3. PvP is laughable, since balance is ... well, there isn't one.
4. Game has insane powerspikes whereas it literally forces you to grind content you've already been through in order to progress further (this is the case with leveling, mind you, not end-game gear).
5. This game is NOT open world. It's instanced to hell and back.
6. Runs like shit despite looking like one.
7. Dungeons are mind-numbingly easy - you can just spam the hell out of buttons and you profit.
8. Back to PvP; if you plan on playing this game, for some ungodly reason, and plan on PvPing, take ranged class. Just ... trust me on this one.
9. Game is already near dead, and you might as well play something else.

Yeah, it's more than "just a few" but hey, I had to point out some annoying things.
Just skip this game, you'll be doing yourself a huge favor.

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BAYAG 8 years ago
Reached lvl cap and nothing to do.. end game sucks.. repetitive as hell.. Got bored bruh!!

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Mark Lee 8 years ago
Questing is extremely repetitive and the end game content is lacking. The PVP system only has 3 things: Arena, and two battle grounds. The battle grounds are boring and gets old quickly. The level 60 pvp is extremely unbalanced if you're a new player. You would basically get 1 shot by most players.

The game takes forever to grind for items and the dungeons are extremely boring. You basically have to run noob instances until you have the required gear level to enter harder dungeons, but queue times for the dungeons are varied and can take forever (unless you're a tank, in which case you'll have no problem finding a dungeon).

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choomiwi 8 years ago
So far I LOVE the game, but I'm also lvl 7 so... the game crashes a lot for me but it works after waiting a bit. It's sponsored by aeriagames so that means there are items in the cash shop but there's not much in it so play while you can get a lead on people fairly!!

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Fhurr 8 years ago
The quests are repetetive, so boring i considered suicide after the 3 first days.

Oh and pvp is a fcking joke

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JAY 8 years ago
The game sucks! PAY TO WIN AT ITS FINEST. If you don't have $$$ you'll be left behind. $$$ always rules.

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john 8 years ago
Tried to download this yesterday. Never could get it too load because of all the trojan generic c viruses in the installer. There's also a trojan at the end of their patch files. My avg anti-virus removed them all. But removing the 1 in the patch erased the installation.

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