Fistful of Frags

Fistful of Frags is the full release re-imagining of the popular Western FPS mod for Half Life 2 originally developed in 2007. FoF features skill based gunplay inspired by popular spaghetti western films like the 1964 film "Fistful of Dollars" which inspired the name. Players assume the identities of outlaws, lawmen and banditos and may fight in team based or Free-for-All game modes.

Fistful of Frags combat is its selling point as the shooter forces players to carefully take aim in order to accurately fire their weapons. The resulting firefights are considerably less frenzied while simultaneously more intense than your average modern day FPS. Guns reload slowly and hold only a handful of bullets at best. Players will need to stand and face their opponents while remaining cool under pressure in order to squeeze off an accurate shot.

Weapons range from single handed six shooters and sawed off shotguns, to two handed single shot rifles and even a bow. Players may also choose to bring along brass knuckles, throwing knives, or even dynamite. For those feeling a bit more civilized, you may don a gentleman's top hat and mustache which comes with additional rule-sets for scoring notoriety, Fist of Frags accumulative score points.

These notoriety points are earned by scoring kills, but the amount each kill is worth depends on how the opponent was killed. This risk vs. reward system works well as using a relatively easy weapon will score only a few points per kill while using any of the shooters more difficult weapons such as the Dual Deringers would net much more.

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Fistful of Frags

Fistful of Frags Team
Fistful of Frags Team
Release Date
May 10, 2014
Windows (Client)
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Sky 7 years ago
lets take a FPS.... and take out the aiming aspect... THEN make the guns shite... thats fist full of frags.....

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Mindworm 7 years ago
you know.. this game is a real f2p version of Call of Juarez (1) multiplayer gamemode.
i used to play Call of Juarez alot and i am glad they made this game..
the singleplay for CoJ was just brilliant, awesome story, the multiplayer, however, had some hackers in and was really hard to play, and unfortunately.. did not have a bow which is in the singleplayer and, was limited by the classes. alot. this game is good. it brings me memories.
7/10 fo me.

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ugurano 8 years ago
best free game without shop

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Pass the whiskey 8 years ago
Pass the whiskey!

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