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About the game:
Title: Forsaken World
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Perfect World Entertainment
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Forsaken World is a free to play 3D fantasy mmorpg developed by Perfect World Entertainment inspired by European mythology. Players worldwide can anticipate a exhilarating gaming experience in Forsaken World including smooth animations and visually stunning graphics streaming on Angelica, Perfect World’s very own proprietary 3D graphics engine.

Forsaken World offers 5 distinct races (Stonemen, Elves, Dwarfs, Humans and the Kindred) each with their own in-depth narrative and history, 8 classes (Warrior, Protector, Assassin, Marksman, Mage, Priest, Vampire and Bard), 11 occupations to choose from (Socialite, Adventurer, Merchant, Collector, Arcanist, Botanist, Astrologist, Armorsmith, Bladesmith, Tamer and Alchemist), and more.

Explosive Features:

  • Great Graphics
  • Varied Races
  • PvP Options

Featured Video

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System Requirements

Forsaken World Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.5 Ghz / AMD Athlon 1500+
Memory Ram: 1GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 5GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce FX 5200 128MB / ATI Radeon 9500 128MB

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  1. Im playing this shit for 4 years. This game is full pay to win and i have spent 4 years enhancing my only character without spending any real money and after 4 years of grinding and playing day by day i cant even take 3 hits from other players on fourth hit i’m dead. fk this shitty game. but im still playing lol gonna dump it soon.

  2. I play Forsaken World on the European PvE server “Illyfue”… and I am having a relaxed fun-time with this rather cozy game. I am a casual solo-player, and all I ask of this game is half an hour easy questing/grinding. This is a nice B-game, if You want to play something real and invest money, look elsewhere…

  3. 2016 Review – 100% pay to win even to progress nowdays.

    If u are a newbie wanna try this game…pls to stop and run away.Everything required to progress are obtained via cash shop the only thing doesnt is champion gear(assuming u are a pve player). If u wanna start from zero and doesnt want to throw a bundle of cash its going to be really hard.Lack of community helps and hours hours of grinding like mad.

    Arena and frostgate ford (PVP) is dead as desert LOL
    A lot of broken link and description from main questline.Never ending daily quest.
    Totally waste of time.Play GW2 even way better than this game

    Sincerely a LH player.

  4. Yes, is a pay per win game. Im in FW since 2011, doing the same quests over and over. Besides, as the greedy of the developers has no end, the ammount of things a player must to rise is terrible, excessive, a pain, but only if you want to rise them using our time and effort… with money, lot of money, all is easier… but even so, could be a pain the same!

    Races are unbalanced, ppl are allowed to make infinite alternative-toons and dual enter, wich means many things players do using toons of their own, playing in solitaire in a MMO game.

    FW lately offered a few things for free, but those things were the same things players could make with jobs, so, FW destroy the time (years in most cases) many ppl invested in rise jobs as Tamer or Weaponsmith for ex.

    Lately OP players dominate the game, leaving almost no space to common ones. Dont think in pvp if you have no wings lvl3, and Masteries and Resistences over 70% total (have M and R in lvl as 70 is a lot, a lot of money)

    Many players left the game after the last patches. Dont know why, but FW blocked many zones with the excuse of the development of the history, but I think FW entered in a tornado and I have no idea how they could do to to escape for their own trap.

    My final advice? As Im in, cant say “dont enter!”, besides, what is exccesive for me could be not so for others. Play a few days and see for yourself.

  5. (-Con)
    -Pay to win (Completely)
    This game require 1000$ dollar to be with the top dog on the leader board. What a huge shame.

  6. I’ve spent a lot of time on this game and I think its an overall a good match for me. I wanted semi-good graphics (high graphics lag my laptop). Honestly this game is the perfect niche graphics-wise. If you want high graphics, you got it, but if you want low graphics that are more oriented towards performance, you got that too. Some lag spikes occasionally and some crashes and disconnects. Annoying but usually lets you directly back into the dungeon when you disconnect (otherwise just find the manual npc and manual in again NBD).

    Something I found REALLY nice was the auto route system when I was a noob. Big maps are hard to navigate around by there’s a link to every npc or next questline (98% of the time… other 2% you gotta think- even then its npcs you pass every day).

    To be completely honest there are some mean people on the game but that shouldnt ruin the whole bunch. Personally, I play on the PvP Eydra server. Lionheart tends to be an overall nicer server (PvE).
    The PvP on the PvP servers isnt too hardcore bad. Hardly anyone pks low level people (also unable to pk people under lvl 30) And for the super PvP people there’s always cross-server or duels or just plain pks outside safe zones.

    For anyone who wants to be safe in a pk zone, use night protection after 23:00 server time (PvP servers/realms for eur). Set your combat assist(gain this at lv 60) to “none” (or “Stationary” if you plan to bot kill overnight) and click start. In 5 min from clicking start, you are protected till about 8:00 am server time.

    Class system is nicely done but cant change classes once created. Can customize skill trees with skill points to make your character better. Soulpower tree wit Dyos/ Nyos is another thing that makes your character kick ass.

    Bottom line is.. this game is pretty complex so if you like simple games.. this ain’t it. Some may say this game doesn’t take creativity and skill but it obviously does to be good at anything. Unless youre assassin, demon or reaper class then you have an OP broken class that DESPERATELY needs to be majorly nerfed *ahem* yeah.

  7. Ive been playing FW for 3 months and it is really a unfair game since csers can just start the game and already get lv 3 wings by using the cash shop when i am lv 79 and have worked hard to even get lv 1 not only that but you can convert real money to in game currency so you can pay to increase your mastery and resistance instead of doing Hell Road twice a week to level it slowly i recently lost a duel with a lv 65 vamp that i won against after i won they said that they would use cash shop then beat me and that is exactly what happened that makes the game pointless if those that use cash are stronger instantly with no work at it. i still rate Forsaken World a 7/10 since it can still be enjoyable if you work at it

  8. This Game is a joke to all the other f2p games (all PWE games)
    as you charge for games you get a charge level (title) that you can showoff to other player and show off your god status.
    they roll back the whole servers just because of a bug that alowed many Free players awesome ways to make gear better.
    with recent patch their pvp is screwed cause people to attack each other with no dmg and after 2 weeks ITS STILL NOT FIXED.
    ms(mercury statues) with where only major method of income is not destroyed with new patch.
    now u cannot make any profit with ms(mercury statues)
    their service also sucks a lot in their forum people that stated that cash shoping is making people too much OP (overpowerfull) thier thread were closed by GM’s and than a new rule was placed that their will be no talk of people cashing for games?LOL

    trust me i wasted 3 years on this game DON’T waste yours and too all fagots saying this game is good go jump from a cliff

  9. @ Adam Strife and alike:

    you indeed one of thoose c0cksuckers that want people try it out pretending its a good game stating totally false arguments to people and misleading them to play PWE s.hitgames especially Forsaken World!
    Your statements are definitely not true and to be precise the so called “free items”!u c0cksucker mention!!! you masterly forget to mention that this “free items” are in 99.9% totally useless or for the rest 0.01% are given so that the new comer (who btw listened to your bull crap) SPEND MORE from hes/ hers hard earned money in a supposedly F2P mmo game!

    Adam Strife and all alike you you are truly a piece of s.hit! No actually a piece of s.hit is more worth

  10. PWE, PWI especially Forsaken World sucks and they all suck alot thats all!

    they isnt only one reason they suck they multiple reasons… should we start from the lack of in game support (that is not existant at all) or the fact that they supposedly free to play though they are not? should we continue with the in game bugs which are never fixed? or if they gonna be fixed they will prolly rollback all servers? LOL

    with free 2 play some would understand ok i can download the game and start playing.
    WRONG! and i explain:
    In all of PWE games this is NOT the case whats o ever. In order to play the toons some gonna create some will 100% need to charge real money in this s.hithole games and it does not stop there. All those who will tell you otherwise, just fooling around with you, cause you know, they need people believe its actually free to play, though it is NOT.
    They need people like you to believe in this PWE F2P bull crap. Who is they? It’s all this no life s.hitheads which have charged tons of in real life money in order too enhanced the so called gaming experience. They need you in order to have a large community, so they can easily own you everywhere, in every aspect of this dump s.hithole games!

    It does not stop there cause on top, all this dump asses will try to convince you as new comer that its actually possible to have a chance to play decently for free! LMFAO! well go try it out and get owned…. go try it out and see for your self that the only classes for which PWE cares are the “cash cows” such as sins, warriors and maybe vamps nothing else. All other classes are nerfed to the bottom, making it absurd to play them.

    It goes so far that in perfect world international and in forsaken world there is absolute no need for a tank class in some cases not even for a healer! if u don’t believe me just go and try it out, but do your self a favor and DON’T charge a dime from your hard earned money.

    I assume all PWE games are alike PWI and FW so in conclusion since i played them both. with hand on heart i can tell they absolute not enjoyable for free and advertising that they F2P is just another scam, since some has to charge real large amounts of money to enjoy playing + this do NOT apply for any class. So if u gonna charge to make a tank your money is a waste, since the only classes they care for are assassins, warriors and maybe vamps.

    in conclusion for all of the above and more: PWE and all they so called F2P SUCK ALOT!

    that’s all

    • This page is full of cretins, who didn play the game just trolling without any sense… Most of them even didn’t play this game i guess!
      The game is not worse nor better than any F2P on the market. enjoyable, totally playable for free, and who ant to spend money can get exotic mounts or pets or fashion. thes thing are also on AH too, so the can be buought wintout any real money just by AH trafic. Through fishing, gathering crafting jobs verybody get enough money to buy what do you need for gear or fashion! The gear is exclusively gained from drops or crafters! Some gear forge materials or gem materials can be bought in Eyrda Boutique, but they are also droped by npcs and are available on AH too. So what’s the problem?…
      Everybody blame the game becouse is a grinder or item mall driven. So if you cannot buy stuff and you cannot get it from drops, then how to get it you idi0ts?…

  11. Forsaken World is one of my favorite free online role playing games yet however it is not perfect and i will explain in best detail as possible. Before starting the game you are offered various races each with the preferred classes. I won’t list the races but will list the classes. Assassin, Warrior, Protector, Magician, Priest, Shooter, Vampire. If i have missed one please comment and let me know which. Unfortunately the customization is not like Perfect World but if you ain’t to bothered about in depth character creation then you won’t miss it. The good things about this game is the Instances, Party finding, Free items, Pet system, Ability to earn free items from cash shop, the choice of 3 skills trees per class and further increase your power at level 60 with a whole new tree called the Nyos/Dyos Virtue tree. Now the bad things about it is the crafting and alchemy, Although the system is good it’s not really a great money maker and takes a long time to create your items which to me was a downer. Graphically speaking this game is stunning specially on a decent graphics card and the characters are awesome but it just seems to lack in the crafting department. Again… really worth a try so give it a shot.

  12. i quite agree this game is Pay to Win their r wing system that let others know how strong ur gear r lv 1 wings lv 2 wings and lv 3 wings a non cash shop user can get to lv 1 wings but than thats the limit lv 2 wings is very hard communty is childish i killed a guy in pvp and he spamed my pm “u r noob” “i eat u alive” than he cashed and beat me again and again so in this game
    cash > skills
    unbalanced class assassins water bards vampire and warrior dominate pvp (sin is dominant class )
    so many unbalanced stats booring pve instance r very booring. end is full pvp all cool stuff comes from pvp and with weekly bogos(buy1 get 1 free) they ruin the in game economy

    in order to make money u need to buy ms(mercury statues) from other Csers and u make like only 30silver profit per run so its not worth it another way is NC(Nightmare carnival) alts so u have to make an alt level it to 60 and spam NC for gold and keep doing it again and again till u make enough gold
    this game is good but failed due to gready system

    • fw really a huge piece of chicken shit game, biggest regret of my life i plyed this for a year, b4 i realized tht every patch theu made, just for noob cash shoppers, . wings on this games not really mkes u stronger, the mastery ofc, and thts a bot pf a prob, only hardcore cash shoppers can obtain tht, wings are easy i got 3 lvl2 winged chars 0 spend of real money,

  13. Horrible game, not worth the download.

    Constant crashing for over a year. Load crashing ruins your daily instance runs such as GT and GL. Also ruins arena score. Known issue, has never been fixed.

    Auction house search crash. Known issue, has never been fixed.

    Why worry about botting? When it’s built into the game. No really, you can bot in this game, and its perfectly ok to run multiple clients and do so. Horrible idea.

    Cash shoppers are much more powerful. You can “farm” gems and gold to upgrade for years.. or just spend $1000-$5000 and destroy everyone.

    No level limit on armor quality, fortify level, or gem strength makes lower level pvp a cash shopper only arena.

    Rift is the same allowing only major cash shopped guilds to bid. Very poor balance.

    12v12 is the only random team pvp, but the rewards take months if not a year for War God set. Most of the time its filled with cash shoppers that make it very unfair and annoying.

    Wrath is annoying during pvp and forces you to collect yellow balls like you’re playing Pacman mid duels and fights.

    PvE is repetitive and very boring. Same quest every day. Very slow, boring and I found myself falling asleep and botting everything.

    Game has less and less players

    The skills are allll the same on every type of talent tree. Example, Ice Mage, Fire Mage, Wind Mage all use the same basic skills.

    Graphics are decent, but the game is CPU heavy (core i7@3.7ghz) and doesnt even warm my gtx 560ti. If you max graphics you crash everyone other screen. If you lower them, you crash less often, but still experience frame skip and need to reload client to refresh corrupted data.

    Tech support is the worst ever. The community is foul, unpleasant and childish.

    I have played Ferentus, Dialbo series, Guild Wars, and many MMO’s. This is by far the most cash hungry company that I have ever seen and suggest to check the BBB rating of F before ever spending a dime of giving them any of your time.

    2/10 for the decent graphics.

  14. I’m gonna start playin this game probably and Just to say this… If it dissapoints me Ima go on rage in the game! Lol just kidding it’ll be awesome!

  15. incredibly repetitive game, no “fun” factor as everything is mandatory to advance.
    – You must win once in 12v12
    – You must partake in the arena to get good gear
    – You must do glistening lowland to get gold (if F2P) or gems (Works for both F2P and CSers)
    – You must do Nightmare Carnival
    – You must do Life in the harbor

    and much more…

    Its this kind of stuff that kills MMORPGs

        • Depends . I dont do pvp , so i dont have to win once 12v12 , if you do you can do pvp for tokens .
          PvP in stick to the target game really is not something you can complain , just target and spam skills , thats fun .
          GL give gems both to F2P and also called CSers .
          Nightmare carnival is useless after 60 .
          Life in a harbor you can do for rep/dedi , if you dont want rep whatever , if you dont want dedi whatever too , some people dont do it even .

          Also where is this pay to unlock content . No such thing .

  16. Got to about lvl32, lagged alot and made my computer freeze aswell sometimes. barely any character customization options and got bored very quickly

  17. This game has awesome background development and graphics. I love the variety of characters and the story. But the lack of character customization kinda killed it for me, especially after playing Perfect World which was completely customizable. Plus, PWI is all about the heavy grinding which just really gets on my nerves. So much potential, poor follow through for me though.

  18. LMAO at the ppl who say this game is not cash shop dependent. The good news is you will quit the game due to boredom before you have to spend the 1000$ thats right THOUSANDS of dollars that the top players spend. If you try to do this w/o the cash shop you will be grinding till the year 2050 and by that time D3 will be out.

    • You are so dumb! Did you play this game at all?… Or you are just bored and just troll without any knowldge of this game! I’m playing it since months, a I did’nt sped any real money, I also know lot of end game players who also didnt spend any money! And we can enjoy it! Eyrda Boutique is mostly for exotic mounts and pets, fashion. Stuf what everybody can sell and buy through AH as well! If you gather and sell dungeon gear you will get lot of money and you can buy stuf what is in Eyrda Boutique through AH! Fusion agent, Star crystal, etc. You better go and play Solitaire, that”s free for you anytime!

  19. Picked up the game ~3 months ago, give or take a week or so – gives me a decent foundation to judge from I think. In any case, in no particular order:

    Graphics – Pretty decent, I’d put them on par with Rift. My only gripes with the graphics are that some of the player characters are a bit shabby around the edges; fingers ending in points, incorrect polygon motion while moving. Also, it follows the horrible mounting idear of most mmos – anybody who wears robes and mounts will have their robe expand to fit the position of their legs and the fabric will clip straight through the mount.

    Gameplay – Okay, here is where FW will get a handful of slaps. First off, the quest selection is incredibly small and very inadequate in explaining any of the overarching storyline. Secondly, the experience curve is RIDICULOUS; you need experience in the billions for the last 10/15 levels. That’s right, billion. Not million. And building from that, there are criminally few quests available to cope with this massive curve – you will be doing daily quests for months on end. So the grind passes the extreme marker and curves right back around to rank as “idiotic.” Also, the number of zones is criminally small for a game that boasts a level cap of 80. That being said, the quests themselves are certainly interesting enough and some of the dialogue choices made me laugh. Player professions or “jobs” as they are known are badly skewed in terms of raising difficulty (Scavenging, I’m eyeballing you!) although the actual creation/gathering system is certainly unique. The dungeons themselves are engaging enough with plenty of interesting mechanics although some of the later boss fights tend to phone it in a bit.

    Community – Every MMORPG will have trolls, get used to it. That being said, I found world chat to be even less of a help than the Runescape general channel although there was no rampant insulting. One plus is an almost total absence of gold farmers. And the world channel will help you if you flat out request it (i.e. Advertise for a party or an accomplice for one of the co-op quests). But asking for general information – forget it. Ask Google.

    Progression – As stated before, leveling becomes ridiculous very quickly, especially past 65. FW however has almost nothing in terms of endgame content. So you will likely get bored very quickly at the later levels, assuming you even make it to 80 in the first place. There is quite literally NOTHING new at level 80. You do the same things you’ve been doing the whole time, the only difference being the lack of experience gains.

    Economy – No gold farmers. Extra points to FW for this one. However, making “actual” gold that can be used to buy and sell things from players/Auction House is not very well explained as FW does not give such funding from quests and monsters. Instead, the latter two will give “soul gold” – a currency used exclusively for item upgrades and purchasing skills/reagents. That being said, it is possible to make “actual” gold – it’ll just take time and/or luck.

    And so we move to the biggest cancers in this game. The luck system and the cash shop. Tackling the second point first, FW follows the PWI tradition of having a cash shop and subsequently, being VERY cash shop greedy. Player progression is either achieved through paying for it with real money or by putting in some serious hours. Want a mount? Either a)pay 20 dollars or b)spend the next month+ grinding for reputation. And when your rep grind is done, grind for 300 gold (or 3 diamond, same amount, 1D = 100g). Want reagents for your jobs? Either grind for hours to buy them from the auction house or fork over more real money to get those reagents. Do you want a halfway decent pet? Same story. Admittedly it IS a free game and needs revenue somehow but it’s followed the Perfect World example of being essentially “pay to win” although to a slightly lesser degree. In PW you forked over in excess of 25 hundred for things. Here it’ll only cost you oh…500 or so.
    And the second pustle to beat FW for is its incredibly shitty luck system. And before you say “oh well all games like this are luck based,” BELT UP. First off, yes, FW follows the usual tradition of each boss having a drop table. Luck will determine what drops via random rolls and your party will roll for items if they like. And yes, that part is acceptable. What is not acceptable is the following malarchy: Each item has a myriad of random stats that can be assigned to it when it drops. Each class has only a small niche of “useful” stats it can use and the rest are absolute tripe. So then, you require luck to get a piece of gear you can use, luck to win the bloody thing, and luck again for it to have something remotely useful. And if you fail on the last one, there is NO way to alter the stats save for one thing – re-identification scrolls. And what are those based on? Luck. But not just the re-id chance but also getting the scroll itself. Luck to get the scroll and luck again to re-identify something useful. Whoopee. And guess what’s available in the cash shop? Those of you who said “re-identification scrolls,” give yourselves a cookie. So then, if you cannot rely on luck, you’re essentially screwed. But not just in the gear, no. Once you pass level 60, ALL of your future skills come from scrolls? And where do they come from? Random drops and event rewards? And how do you get them? Luck – to the tune of single digit chances? And even IF you manage to get a scroll, you need luck again for it to be a scroll you can actually use. In short, the gear system is asinine.

    So then, FW. I’ll give it a 7 out of 10 because I’m in a good mood. Otherwise it’d be lower. Points lost for an unhelpful community, excessive cash shop greed, and a terrible gear/skill system. But it looks very nice and there is one thing I will happily debase myself for and that is player fashion. Never before have I encountered a game that allowed my elfie to run around in a bunny suit. Although those among us who are female should probably remember that almost all fashion items will cost real money to purchase. But if you’re friendly, you may find some soul willing to haggle a bit.

    • I don’t think you can judge the game at all by the players you met. Seriously any game has annoying players and just because some people who saw your question didn’t respond does not mean the community sucks.

      • i agree with this statement i kept getting someone who wanted to duel constantely and then another who would just attack me when i was battling a monster

      • Community is a huge part of a game. It determines the type of people you’ll be constantly dealing with, the type of people that you’ll have to work with, and the type of people that you’ll have to socialize with. Completely disregarding the community because of the players s/he met is absolutely stupid. Your response was an “if” question. If questions are not acceptable for criterion. Why? Because everything can be retorted with an if question. What if the cash shop is going to get better or non-existent? What if the gear/skill system were fixed? What if the game no longer requires billions of experience to reach cap? See where I’m going with this? Now let’s be real here. For 3 months the players that would actually answer weren’t paying attention? S/he’s played the game for 3 months and has had continuous problem with getting help from the community. 3 months is more than enough time to fully experience the community in a MMO. Hell, 1 week is enough time. You also made that statement sound as if s/he critiqued this game solely on community; which, may I add, s/he did not. S/he had numerous criteria that would make, or breaks, a MMO, s/he gave highly useful information for each criteria, and s/he was fair.

  20. This game is good worth time playing i have played from cb1 right up till now

    Character customization is not like Perfect World ( were you can change head body size etc etc)
    but still has some nice things to make your char looks nice
    the playable class’s are
    StoneMan (Tank) this race only has one class. Male only
    Human (Warrior,Mage,Priest and Assassin) Both male and female
    Elf(Warrior,Priest,Bard) Both male and Female
    Dwarf (Marksman) only one class. Both male and Female
    Kindred(Assassin,Vampire and Mage) Both male and Female

    The gameplay is good you can join instance at lvl 15 and can auto party for it also at lvl 20 there is a thing called Gods Trial which when you use 2x xp scrolls you can get 1+ lvl for lvl20-32
    You can catch a wide range off pets
    it has GvG and PVP (pk only on PVP servers)
    This game has 2 types off cash Soul Coins (used to buy Skills,hp pots, repair etc etc) and Play Gold (used as soul coins but also to buy from Auction house and Players shop YOU CAN NOT USE SOUL COINS TO BUY FROM PLAYER SHOPS)
    Game is more of Quest Grind than Grinding off mobs as mobs giv low xp
    Game is not Cash Shop wins type game
    This game is Worth checking out
    Game score 8/10

    This is my First Review will try to do better XD

    • not a cash shop wins type you say.. so answer :

      1. how do you generally earn tradeable coins?
      2. what is “Mercury Statuette” ?
      3. Where do you find “Mercury Statuette”?
      4. What is “Mastery and Resistance Training”?
      5. How do you gain “Mastery and Resistance Training”?

      • And self game now have major problems with lags and lack of main chain quests 🙂
        So simply I stop`ed play this crap.

      • Well spend some time reading the foruns and you eventually find something interesting before flushing the game down the toilet.

        Mercury Statuette is a cash shop item BUT, can be bought from players, just like Hellgates act 3 ticket system, the same happens in this game.

        Mastery and Resistance training seems to need gold coins, so i will past something i found while searching some foruns.

        Gold Coins or Trading Coins are for trading to other players. You gain those by exchanging Game Tokens you get while in the Nightmare Carnival, Doing Trade Runs for Christopher, or Mida’s Touch quest.

        Hope this will clear some foggy minds.

        • I played this game for six months. This game is most definitely a cash shop win type game. There is a lot of PvP in this game and free to play grinders cannot compete with cash shoppers.

          • Ok , it very much depends on the server you’re playing on.I’ve been playing the game since open beta in a pve server and i didn’t need to use the cash shop even once. I could easily find what I need from players trading those items. As for the gold – sell items, do quests and instances , the gold isn’t that hard to find and if you haven’t noticed you can trade gold for cash shop currency in the very game.The only thing that cash shopers do better than the rest is that they can refine their gear faster, but even those items ARE ALL READEAMABLE IN THE VERY GAME

          • Bored is right, zass you’re just being dumb. Server has nothing to do with PvP, PWE cash shops are terrible

      • Hey,

        Q & A:

        1.- You earn Tradeable coins by doing certrain Events and quests such as ”Mercury Revelation” in wich you win 5g+, Events like Nightmare Carnival, in wich you can get Gold coins and various ways to vend/auctions items for gold.

        2.- Mercury Statuette is a in-game item required to do Mercury Revelation.

        3.- You can Mainly find then in Cash Shop, Auction, and vendors near the Quest NPC.

        4.- Is how you increase your Mastery level of an element, in wich you increase your attack, and resistances to an element, lowering incoming attack, and increasing it gradually as you level it,

        5.- You have to first Complete a quest in Arena Of Souls (outside instance), then you can go to your class tutor and level it with gold, as the amount increases by each level increases.

        IGN: Stoddo – Storm (PvE) – Lvl 78 Precision Marksman (Winged) – Guild: Paradise

  21. Played during the Closed Beta, i must say i was a bit disappointed regarding the character customization system when you think about how much you can customize your character in Perfect World and then in Forsaken World your faced with only a hand full of options you cant stop yourself from asking “why?!” aside from that the gameplay is pretty decent and each race has a different background story there are also a lot of quest so you wont have to worry about starting to grind for a wile.


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