Genshin Impact

Explore a bright and fantastical anime-styled world in miHoYo's free-to-play online RPG Genshin Impact. Assemble your crew of adventurers and shift between them on the fly, as you journey across the world of Teyvat and fight monsters, solve puzzles, and help the townsfolk. Experience a detailed storyline and interact with a diverse cast of characters on your voyage and fight against the evils that plague the world!

Genshin Impact's action combat requires you to use multiple characters to exploit your enemies' weaknesses. Swap between them for the best effect, and increase their abilities with experience and treasure. Journey alone or team up with other players for special events for fantastic challenges and a bounty of rewards!

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Genshin Impact

Release Date
September 28, 2020
Action RPG
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows 7 SP1 64-bit


16 GB


30 GB


Intel Core i7 or equivalent


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or better

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Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews (16)

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hndassignmenthelp 1 month ago
Life Problems of Ted Bundy: Analysis Essay

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ved 7 months ago
low end pc 32bit not sport plz help

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yuuki69 1 year ago
This game is the best

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imnotyours 1 year ago
uhhhh the fact that im on chrome and i can't play the game...

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treasurecat8690 1 year ago
Great 👍

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Hojo 1 year ago
This isn't an MMORPG. Wish I looked more into it than MMOBOMB before figuring that out. You don't even get to co-op until Adventurer Rank 16, and co-op max players is 4. That's a big disappointment to me.

Other than that it seems like a pretty decent game, worth a shot. And so far doesn't seem pay to win. Although you CAN pay for an advantage. I'm so far AR21 and have been doing fine while not paying for anything. It's a pretty fun and decent game, but could be so much more. Maybe it will be in the future? I really wish this had more MMO aspect to it.

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OP 2 years ago
Well... people commenting "p2w" and other stuff dont wan't game developers to make money, its an amazing f2p game, i am playing since its launch and its the best game ever, the story, the world is amazing, if you think its "p2w" just play the game for its beutiful world, i just sit on top of mountain and watch the sunrise, there is nothing bad about the game, ofcourse the dev needs to make money, i am a f2p too but i look more like a whale now because i just stick around exploring

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Random Game Dev 2 years ago
Why the hell is this game in the MMORPG section and why is it labeled as an MMORPG on this website even when it isn't? It's a Free to Play Single Player/Co-op game..

Is it good? Sure, but don't label it as something it isn't.

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Chancetaker 2 years ago
Its not an MMO and a shady business model. The energy system is terrible, the chances for good characters basically nonexistent, and its overpriced a lot. There is also no content present, so its basically depleted after just a week of gaming. Developers don't listen to their fanbase, Co-op is meaningless.

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Dazh 2 years ago
Not really can be consider as mmorpg game, and you can just play solo without need to have other people to help. Just my opinion..

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wandi 2 years ago
It's a game you won't enjoy speed-running, playing 24/7 or for multiplayer, but amazing with taking your time and appreciating it as a standard solo triple A game. The graphics, design and the world are fantastic. I would gladly pay for the 50 hours of gameplay.

People are concerned with the P2W, but the brunt of the experience is solo. There's nothing really much to be competitive about. Not really an MMO game. I'm not experienced with Gacha, but it feels quite forgiving to free to play gamers, especially if your luck is really good.

It's a simple, beautiful relaxing game, excellent for casual gamers.

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Unikage 2 years ago
The game is P2W game, it makes you roll for characters and powers ...

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yui 2 years ago
The game start fun then everything goes down the hill and becomes boring and repetitive. too many characters and the story is not interesting. was really having high hopes for this one.

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asdf 2 years ago
Game is starting to become bad...

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Urthemiel 2 years ago
I don't really like the fact that you can switch to other characters on-the-fly.
I like getting used to, learning, and sticking with - the one single character that i have picked.
All this random "cheating" ain't fun at all, to me at least.

Plus, looks like this will be yo typical mobile crap full of gacha and other p2w garbage.

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