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About the game:
Title: Habbo
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: Social Type: Browser
Developer: Sulake Corporation
Publisher: Sulake Corporation

Habbo is a virtual hotel environment where players can socialise with each other using customized avatars called Habbos. The virtual environment features Public Rooms which are accessible to all players; and Guest Rooms, which are private user-created rooms. Habbos can furnish their rooms with items called Furniture, and may also choose to adopt a virtual pet. Habbo also features a number of mini-games within the Hotel environment, and we encourage the community to create and host new games and other events, such as competitions, debates, and performances.

Explosive Features:

  • Unique Art Style.
  • Large Playerbase.
  • Interesting Customization.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. I think habbo has developed quite alot after i came back after like 1-2years??? there’s like new games made by other online players as well as the new ‘wired’ system and all… They are kind of nice and useful and I find them kind of cool too. Also BOTS!!! So i guess habbo does make an effort to make gameplay better as they add more and more cool stuff.

    But I think they should step up on their regulations. Some of these habbos are underaged and some of them curse and swear whenever they lose a game. I have some personal experiences where i had to eliminate people and i got scolded because i chose them (wow salty much?) And everything now in habbo runs on how much money you spend on playing this game to get friends rather than socialising and stuff.. vulgarities run rampant too….

    i want the friendly habbo community back pls

  2. I personally think habbo is cool. Ive been playing it for 8 years. It sorta went down hill 5 years ago. I am very experienced with militaries. Add me. My username is milforlife1

  3. Unfriendly and Hate Speach
    I did not like this site. I thought the avatars were adorable but the technicolor feeling of the spaces were a bit jarring, but that I could have gotten used to. What I could not get used to was the hate speech and the community that was extremely unfriendly. The idea of Habbo Hotel was a nice idea, but the community does not feel comfortable in the slightest, it feels mostly hostile actually.

  4. I “played” Habbo hotel when I was kid, it was great then. It was unique social ground for kids or…. more suited for teens actually. But it was really fun to meet new people or hang out with friends and find all kind of secrets or easter eggs from the old public rooms, surf through rooms and see all kind of decor and messages on notes on the walls. The old public rooms were the pillars of this game, but now they’re gone,and whit them the people. All these pictures of Habbo here are from the old hotel that is no more. Habbo is not hip enough for the teens who it’s best suited for, and not nostalgic enough anymore for the old “players”, but it got now little of both. Only reason for me to visit this game is for my cat for nostalgia, or when my sister is trolling ppl there. Habbo hotels golden age had ended long time ago.
    I’m speaking of finnish Habbo… but I think this applies to english Habbo too.

  5. habbo is horrible try woozworld.com its way better maybe in level one to ten you wont have fun but level eleven to fifty u will have lots of fun try making lots of friends my name on woozworld is rosefroze 😛

  6. Habbo is terrible, has a horrible community, it is for sure not friendly, you literally encounter some rude, disgusting people there. I had a hard time fitting in with these “Habbos” because they were very rude and tried way too hard to expose you if you got on their bad side. Especially the one problem, “DDOSING” is a huge problem, many people on Habbo have a system where they can cut off your internet for however long they want, they pay virtual credits for this, and label it as a “booter”. The moderators are straight up slackers, they’ll mute you for no reason, but when people are actually doing inappropriate things/saying inappropriate stuff. It honestly is a terrible community and needs to be shut down, or at least needs better players. I would say Habbo is a social type of thing, nothing else.

  7. awful game. customer support is impossible to contact or get any help from and coins are way too expensive for how much the stuff you can buy with them is worth.

  8. right habbo and obbo are not realy a virus the same right if obbo is a virus habbo is a virus to well tho they are same but same game so if obbo is a virus so habbo virus

  9. This is my personal experience. I think this site is bad. Scammers, hackers running rampant, people using foul and inapproriate languages, with so many underage children/teens this site is also a breeding ground for pedophiles.
    If you get scammed or hacked, their so called “help support” will only reply to your request with templates message repeatedly without even trying to solve the problem. Even the ones who get hacked sometimes get banned for no reason.
    The community is not friendly, not newbie-friendly, some will discriminate you if you’re not “Habbo club member” and calling you norm (normal)/noob. First time playing, you will find yourself really confused because Habbo doesn’t provide any decent newbie guide or how to make credits yourself without buying off Habbo. You will have to find it out yourself unless you have friends. I think it’s a way Habbo encourages you to buy their virtual pixel credits.
    From what I’ve heard you can get permanently banned if you roleplay in some rooms because the moderators consider you “disrupting”. There was a giveaway and the winners are the ones who are doing best at role playing in other rooms, many people got permanently banned because moderators consider them “disrupting”.
    It’s funny how you can get permanently banned that way, while talking to underages sexually, discriminating, and using foul languages only get you a mute for a day(s). Their “moderators” are not professional in my opinion.


    Retro hotels is about: Free everything!, Some credit every 15 mins!(Not in NextGenHabbo], Make awesome rooms!

  11. @someguyatwalmart, same thing happened to me on another website… Later i found out It’s cuz you have to be at least 13 for Habbo.. If your date of birth exceeds the date they won’t accept you, so next time they ask you in which year you were born, say 1999 to be safe 😉

  12. hmm, i can say its the best social game. it’s easy to meet people here. but the con was u gotta pay for VIP to have more fun, lol. seriously, with VIP, u gonna have nicer hair ect. so girls or boys would stick too you. so, if u just want to have some social, this games is the best at here. too have all fun? PAY MONEY. that sucks man. haha

  13. look obbo has such less users whilst habbo is widly used and gets 60,000,000 hits a month with over 5000 users whilst obbis shit with about 100 users

    • dude Iam from Habbo and THAT ILLEGAL, did you aslo know that most retros (like 100) get shurt down a day and they spread viruses in ur computer!?!?!?, oh no ok have fun getting Viruses 🙂

      • first of all, habbo doesn’t shut down hundreds of hotels every day, and i haven’t been on one single retro hotel that has given any viruses, it just sounds like some BS that you just made up…

        • Dude..I think he was talking about obbohotel.com that John25 was talking about. not habbo hotel. Habbo hotel is perfectly fine. obviously. If not the millions of peopl would stop playing.

          • i know that the original habbo is perfectly fine, i was talking about habbo retros in general, as where obbo is just one of all the retros that exist.
            the thing is that Dominique said that sulake (the ones that made habbo) shuts down alot of retros every day, which they don’t. he also said that you get virusus from the retro hotels, which i answered with not having gotten a single virus from them yet.

  14. When you first hear about habbo it sounds like it has a ton of potential…tons of of rooms and locations to explore all in one hotel?!? Sadly it IS too good to be true.The 8-bit graphics that aim for ”retro” end up ruining the game,what should be loads of fun feels more like a cell phone demo,the things you do feel remote and unrealistic as you are just a couple pixels jammed into avatar form,you never really get the sensation that you are right in the action.


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