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About the game:
Title: Heroes of The Storm
Status: Launched Graphics: 3D
Genre: MOBA
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Heroes of the Storm is a fast-paced MOBA from Blizzard Entertainment which pits heroes (and villains) from each of the studio’s iconic universes against each other in several objective oriented maps. Unlike other MOBA’s, HoTS forgoes items and traditional ability progression, in favor of passive augmentations to their abilities which players can choose from at set level intervals.

Before each match, players will select a hero from one of four archetypes available. Based on the player’s choice, Heroes of the Storm will attempt to match players with other teamate’s whose heroes compliment the team’s composition. Heroes of the Storm offers several highly thematic maps, each with their own main objective teams will want to compete over. These objectives range from collecting doubloons used to bribe a ghost pirate ship into bombarding the enemy’s base, or capturing shrines in order to become an imposing Dragon Knight capable of punting enemies afar and leveling entire towers with a few swings of his axe. Regardless of the map, these objectives are crucial to ensuring a team’s victory, forcing teamfights on a regular basis.

In Heroes of the Storm players share experience earned with their entire team. With the removal of items, players diversify their playstyle’s by choosing special passive -and sometimes active- talents which are available every few levels. These talents do more than simply add damage to an ability, but may also add new effects, changing an abilities behavior and even utility. At level 6, a player may choose between two heroic abilities (ultimates) which give the player the ability to select one which best suits his team’s current needs.

During a match, players may also procure the aid of special mercenary camps, which when captured aid the team by providing additional pushing power and unique auras. Completed matches earn players coins which can be used to purchase new heroes in-game.

Explosive Features:

  • Iconic Characters.
  • Unique Leveling System.
  • Objective Oriented Maps.

News and Updates

Activision-Blizzard Touts “Record” Engagement In Q2

Activision-Blizzard announced its second-quarter financial results for 2020 (covering April, May, and June), and they look very good. How good? CEO Bobby Kotick called...

Overwatch’s Mei Lands On The Heroes Of The Storm PTR

Heroes of the Storm's next Hero has been confirmed and as we all suspected, it is Overwatch's favorite climatologist, Mei. The new Hero arrived...

Heroes Of The Storm May Be Teasing The Next Hero With Snow In The Nexus

It's snowing in the Nexus and unless Blizzard is preparing Heroes of the Storm for some kind of Christmas in July event, that probably...

Heroes Of The Storm’s Winter Event Is All About The Toys

Get ready to celebrate the real reason for the season in Heroes of the Storm. That's right, the toys have returned. The game's winter...

Everyone’s Favorite Big-Ass Dragon Is Coming To Heroes Of The Storm

World of Warcraft's Worldbreaker is headed to Heroes of the Storm, ready to destroy his foes in the Nexus. The dragon aspect Deathwing comes...

Heroes Of The Storm’s Qhira Hits The Live Servers

Less than two weeks ago, Blizzard began testing a new Hero on the Heroes of the Storm PTR. The Nexus-born character -- named Qhira...

Heroes Of The Storm’s Second Nexus Character Hits The PTR

A new Hero is joining the ranks of Heroes of the Storm soon. Named Qhira, the new character is a Heroes original, the second...

Heroes Of The Storm’s Latest Update Makes Balance Adjustments To Over 20 Characters

Blizzard dropped a sizeable update for Heroes of the Storm this week. No, it doesn't contain a ton of new content. Instead, it's completely...

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System Requirements

Heroes of The Storm Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: 2.8GHz Pentium 4 / 2.0GHz Core 2 / AMD 2400+
Memory Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB of free disk space
Video Card: 128 MB GeForce 5 / ATI 9800 / GMA 950

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  1. Blizzard always makes amazing games, and Heroes of the storm is an amazing addition to the moba world

    • exept for latest year … they make shit heroes and it ads up with shit matchmaking system made by different developer

  2. Quick update Its now Heros of the storm 2.0 heres a quick run down of the new stuff

    1.free bundle packs for everyone limit time hurry while you can.
    2.loot boxes really cool and fun to get
    3. quicker que times


    1. they took out over 15 maps we are stuck with 4 for the time being it gets old fast.
    2. OverWatch noobs now flood the game for skin quests randomly very unbalanced players since you dont have to win to get the skin.
    3.Community getting more Toxic from said OW players that now flood said game
    4.Still very unbalanced heros

  3. I started off playing Dota2 casually, not really getting into the grit of the game. I didn’t very much care for a lot of the aspects of the game people enjoy; Items, gold farming, last hitting, and the controls weren’t the greatest. This game is for people who enjoy mobas but don’t enjoy 40+ minute games. It has just as much fun and excitement without the googling of item builds and 30+ minutes of PvE other mobas have and it packs it into 20 minutes or less matches. It’s the only moba i play on a consistent basis. It’s free so it’s worth at least trying.

  4. Activision Blizzard is a overall terrible company with what they did for most of their games. Their popularity comes with the company name, and it seems people don’t know or don’t want to believe that Activision is now in charge. You can see a complete difference with the company now, it’s not what it used to be. They ignore the community, resort to casual play, and patch months apart, which is nothing which you should do in a MOBA. For example, it took them a year to fix the entire ranking system and still to this day they’re doing VERY little to people who intentionally throw your game.

    They do have some improve features from other MOBAs but the shared experience feature literally breaks the game. It punishes more than it benefits. When you realize that one player can do as he pleases and you can’t do a single thing about it, while being completely restricted into dealing with him and his issues, you realize the horrible design very quickly. There is too much emphasis on teamwork, making matchmaking, ranking, and the mmr system, completely unreliable and useless. You’ll be at the top tier and still get people who don’t comprehend basics.

    The popularity of the game is fading, there is less people playing and visiting the forums. Just another failure in the hands of Activision which refuses to deal with issues quickly and efficiently. Their most concern is silences those with a bad mouth, rather than those who intentionally throw the game. We have a mute feature, but no block a player from your games feature. This is the most casual game you can find, so if that’s what you want, go for it.

    • Essentially an unsatisfied gamer. Doesn’t actually reflect the quality of the game itself. He/She wants to play by herself/himself etc. That’s fine. The popularity of the game is hardly fading. The reviewer simply has a preference. Just because you can’t play a game or cope with its particular mechanics (even though its in fact just fine). Doesn’t mean your perspective is the big picture. Certainly not in this case. Ignore this review, play the game and you’ll see exactly why this kind of loner pseudo co-op toxic gamer shies away from the prospect. Play together, win together, lose together and learn together. This is a team game, go play CoD solo campaign because it looks like that’s where this kind of review is coming from. Calls a game casual, can’t play it.

      • I think the ridiculous thing about this game is the fact there is a very strict policy of silence. Now this was not a problem in the AI bot matches.

        But as I graduated to human matches (and due to recovering from an illness at home, I played a lot of them in succession) I found myself eventually silenced last month.

        Mind you, the most vulgar thing I type in the chat is “gg”. I am a very positive person. I barely write anything at all except in the lobby while heroes are being selected, mostly to respond to people who want me to fulfill a certain role.

        Now mind you, this was 24 hours only, so while I was astonished I just let it pass. Now, I played some more hero league and everything seemed fine.. Until yesterday, when i was again hit with a silence.

        Now, I did appeal this one. But the support staff essentially refuses to look into it, saying ‘if I got reported by the community then I deserve it’. Even though I did protest that I have literally not written a single thing after my first silence (I turned off the ‘allied chat’ in my Social options). And it was 48 hours this time, which prompted me to come here and write this message.

        I don’t like the game anymore, solely because being a high volume player in human matches almost surely leads to people reporting you for one reason or another. Maybe they were annoyed at losing a match so they reported everyone on their team. Maybe an enemy player reported everyone on your team for beating them. Maybe someone didn’t like the hero you picked, and reported you.

        Then these pile up, and the support staff refuses to look into your appeal. It’s too much for me. I will quit supporting this company financially. If I am being blocked from the ranked games despite not saying a word, there is no reason for me to continue playing.

  5. Not a bad game. It is definitely unique from other MOBAs in that it doesn’t copy the DotA item, leveling, and map scenario. Although the map is slightly similar in that it has three lanes and a jungle, the towers are completely different, as is the leveling system. I find one issue is that, because of the leveling, where the whole team levels together, when one team gain a single level advantage, they can easily snowball at the ult level. This makes turnarounds much more difficult than most mobas, as the team leading in levels can start to rapidly gain more of an advantage.

    It also does not have much diversity, as you cannot customize characters very well. The only way to customize is through every 3rd level, you get a talent point. There are only a few advantageous builds, so this isn’t very useful, and most people will build similar. It can get old pretty fast because of this.

    Purchasable things are overpriced, and you can directly buy items instead of buying gems to buy them. It is quite easy to get gold to buy them with instead though, and everything necessary can be unlocked by gold, as well as some skins and such. Still, to pay for anything with cash on this game when a single item can be $10 seems like a huge waste and discouragement for anyone to buy skins or heroes.

    It can definitely be quite fun though, and is a new spin on MOBAs for sure. Worth it to try out.

  6. Well… I have played this for a bit, while it was in the Beta and everything, and somewhat continue to play it now, but I do not get too much satisfaction from this game. Most of the characters in this game is immensely over powered, and it it really isn’t much fun for me. I look for good, competitive MOBA games to play, but this is lacking the competitive factor. This is ok to some people, but to me it turns me off of the whole entire game. Although there are different changes to the characters inside the game, it still runs basically on the same concept that all other MOBA’s are based on, except without items.

  7. Heores of the Storm, is pretty decent to me, first because is not another DOTA-Copy related MOBA, every MOBA I tried till today is the same:
    -Same map
    -Same items
    -Same mechanics
    -Same skills
    -Same copys over chars
    At least HoS can be original from his roster (since it begins with Warcraft lol) and the twist about no items is good too. Definitely a good game to spend time and have fun.

  8. Coming from a player that played SMite for over a year and a half and breifly playing Dota 2, my expectations for this game were not high. However i was very much mistaken. The WASD keys for moving, skillshots and 3rd person camera were the main selling points to me when playing Smite but when playing heros of the storm these selling points that they didn’t have that smite did are completely mitigated. I’ve seen many people claiming this game is a cash grab and some extent i’d disagree. This is because well if you think somthing is over priced there is no need to buy it, its not like this game is pay to win so waiting a little while to gain a hero isn’t much of a big ask. There only really seem to be two serious problems that i have with HOTS. The first is that when i get myself into a game i find that 8/10 games that i play people completely lack any sort of teamfighting sense. This is highly frustrating when your healers don’t heal and everyone starts attacking a tank instead of the half health assassin. The other problem that i have with HOTS right now is most likly the lack of playable characters however i’m sure that will change in time soon. Overall i don’t think that any one review can completely some up this game accuratly and i would recomend that anyone with a keen interests in moba’s or to try moba’s should give this game priority

  9. This game is very easy, and booring after long playtime. The rank system is very easy and everyone can get rank 1 by 50 wins, if you win, you get 200 points and when you lose you lose only 50 points. Thats what makes this game so easy and booring.

  10. I have palyed 1400 dota 2 games and I absolutely hate farming. Dota 2 is a PVE game where you need to average above 500 gold per minute so you can win. Fights last 10 seconds and you farm 40 seconds to have a maybe combined a few minutes of fights

    Now HOTS is takes care of this problem, there’s no farming in this game. But. There are no items and aren’t many choice available in fight to you. It’s feels like dota for 5 year old… I’m sure people who played dota will understand. But there is a lot more pvp going on than in dota obviously.

    • sorry meant farm 40 minutes not seconds. Dota 2 is basically 40 minutes farming and maybe 3 minutes fighting

      • again, dota players reading this: there’s no ancient stacking or last hitting creeps or any of that crap which I hate.

        I wish there was a game which took problem of farming but retained some of dota 2 mechanics.

        • You got too many complaints. HOTS is perfect! I’ve been playing DOTA since 2005 and last hitting and denies for me is essential in MOBA. But HOTS is an exemption cuz it’s great for casual gamers who doesn’t want to spend too much time in 1 game. If you don’t want any of it, then play the League of Losers (LOL) .

  11. I got -2’d for recommending a game >.< WTF guys. It's not super competitive which is fine with me since it is at least fun for a while as a casual game. Every other moba I've tried has been insanely toxic or boring after the first day or so to me. I at least got a month or so of enjoyment from this one. I just don't get the fascination with the genre but that's just my taste. This one is alright and Strife was decent for a while. I still recommend this if you have the patience for balancing and content additions during beta but the fact that some characters require payment changes a lot of things for who i'd recommend it to. This really is only there for casual gamers and people who don't care about stats. It's mindless fun which is exactly what I look for in any game.

  12. This is a good MOBA, however not the best. This is one of the most casual MOBA’s there is, however it does have its moments. This MOBA relies on team fighting to win, so if you aren’t a big fan of team fights, you won’t like this as much. The leveling system makes it so that the team all stays at the same level, which I personally dislike. Also, they took away items which is probably one of the largest difference there is. Even without the items, you can still play your hero uniquely. Another major difference, is the different maps. There are multiple maps that have a unique jungle in the middle. However, there’s no way to pick a certain map, so you end up just playing the same map over and over because of its random pick. But even with the jungle being different every time, you still do the same thing each time. Go in. Kill. That’s about it. So the different maps didn’t really end up doing very well. I personally think that this MOBA has some of the best heroes. or fighters. Each one has a unique move set very different from any other. Also, its fun to see your favorite SC2 or WoW players fighting it out. The only problem with the hero system is how long it takes to purchase a hero. To buy the average 10,000 gold hero, it takes about a week to earn it. This isn’t a major problem, but it limits it a bit. The AI system is pretty poor. If you want to fight computers, you only fight the same 5 or so heroes. But even then, every game is different.

    So far, I’ve really enjoyed this game and will continue playing it for a while. I would recommend this to anybody who likes MOBA’s.

    • dosnt mether … if thay charging you to play even beta then you have right to say about game what you think … game is not free now

      • Only the beta is paid,plus you get 3 heroes and a skin 4 each+ a mount you are able to buy only during the beta.
        Also AFKs are played from bots

  13. You guys are in for a huge treat when this opens to everyone. Not gonna go in to a lot of detail but I got accepted in to beta on my birthday and I can say while it isn’t revolutionary Blizzard has repeated what wow did with mmos with the moba genre, this is as good as mobas get. Hope to see you guys in it soon.

  14. As of February 2015 this game has:

    1) A broken matchmaking system.

    2) Terrible hero balance leading to ranked games being played with the same heroes over and over again. (Hi Stiches, Tychus, Valla, Uther, Brightwing, Arthas).

    3) You gain almost no gold from playing the game, all your gold income comes from daily quests which leads to the wait 3 days, do all 3 quests at the same time for maximum efficiency play style. Terrible concept that promotes not playing to get the most out of your time. (You get 30 gold for winning and 20 gold for losing in a player vs player game type)

    4) Cash shop prices are terrible. Heroes cost from 2000-10000 gold and their real money cost can go up to 10 dollars or euros depending on where you live. Skins are pretty damn expensive too but because those are not required to play the game I will not stop on them.

    5) Any kind of criticism about Blizzard gets down voted to hell on the official feedback forums. People are delusional enough to justify this weak attempt of a cash grab by saying that Blizzard is the Ferrari of the gaming world so they can ask for higher prices.

    6) This one is purely based on my own opinion and as we known opinions are like a**holes, everybody has one but game play get old really fast. With every hero pretty much having just one viable build path and every map playing out exactly the same every single game (forced objectives, miss them and lose game pretty much) you’ve pretty much seen the entire game by the end of the first month of playing it. Ofc impressions may wary depending on the person.

    • Now before people rush in here waving the “closed beta” flag I have to say that any game that is selling an access to their game while maintaining a working cash shop can throw that flag straight out of the freaking window.

    • well it would be paytowin if they were cheap now wouldnt it? andi ts a team based moba so if u dont cooperate, theres a large chance that your team will lose

  15. As an avid MOBA player I find Heroes of the Storm extremely lacking in any real depth. The only two things going for it are the well-known blizzard characters and the unique leveling system. The lack of any other customization features makes for boring game play. Blizzard dumbed down MOBA’s a little too much on this one.

  16. Never liked mobas. LoL turned me off to all other mobas, so when I got the alpha key for HotS I never played it. I downloaded it yesterday and started playing and I cant put it down. This game is amazing.

  17. BE ADVISE NEW KEYS FOR ALPHA WILL BE GOING OUT NEXT WEEK! OCT 8 OR 9TH 2014 SO BE READY….And yes it blows all these other games out of the water. I know cause I have them all and dont want to play any. Guess I will wait till they come back online.

  18. This is an awesome game. Best feature is the average game time ~20 min! So you can easily squeeze in a game before dinner. Closed tech-alpha is in it’s final stage, closed beta will probably start before the end of 2014.

    • No one knows right now when Closed or Open Beta will start. based on the amount of stuff they want to do before they release into beta i would say we are probably looking at another 6 months at least. They may announce it at blizzcon later this year but it probably wont be till next year before we see a beta. its silly if you ask me though a lot of moba’s coming out lately have been far less polished. I think if they started open beta tomorrow it would be fine as long as they had the servers in place to handle the load.

  19. untill today i am still waiting for my alpha key. This game is so awesome i played DotA and LoL this is nothing like those.


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