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About the game:
Title: Kards: The WWII Card Game
Status: Released
Genre: CCG
Developer: 1939 Games
Publisher: 1939 Games

See the war from a totally different angle in Kards: The WWII Card Game, a free-to-play CCG from 1939 Games. Play as one of the major powers of the war and take on other players or a challenging AI. Play offensively, utilizing the blitzkrieg, or shore up your defenses for the long fight. No matter how you play, KARDS offers a wide range of strategic options to help you secure victory!

Kards pulls from authentic WWII history, meaning you’ll need to utilize the iconic tanks, aircraft, infantry, and artillery from all stages of the war. Espionage and sabotage also play a role, and sometimes you’ll even need to call in naval support to win the war.

Explosive Features:

  • World War II Theme
  • Authentic Vehicles
  • Espionage And Sabotage

Featured Video

System Requirements

Kards Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 SP 1 64-bit
Hard Disk Space: At least 3GB of free Space
Video Card: DirectX Version 11; Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics

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  1. It’s a fun little game so far.
    Must admit the use of art works really well in that it resembles war time propoganda and the visual are generally great. Even some historical anecdotes as flavour text.

    In terms of gameplay the deckbuilding is a simple faction system with rarity based limits on copies. Nothing groundbreaking but the card design does try to represent the different nations in strengths and philosophies which is a nice touch.
    The game itself has the unique aspect of most units possessing varying movement costs(so the energy system, Kredits, can be spent to play cards and/or employ them), and ‘the Front’, where ground units can move to after being played being held fits the war theme, though not necessary in the short term.
    The Unit types make sense in the context and have meaningful interactions, though Artillery may benefit from higher Movement costs in some cases as they can dish out damage without taking any in return.

    The UI is fine, generally, though the deckbuilding display is a bit tedious honestly.
    Another major criticism is that ‘Allies’ aren’t really explained at all in the tutorial and I have couple of the daily quests which reference them but have no idea how to fulfil this. I believe this concept was added during the expansion, perhaps?

    Unfortunately as a smaller game without much publicity there can be quite a wait to get a PvP match. At 60 seconds the game does allow you to fight an AI instead. Good that they included that but it would be nice if there was a campaign mode as well; given the time period there’s plenty they could do with this.


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