MapleStory is a free to play 2D side-scrolling MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online role-playing game) with real time gameplay that combines action and traditional RPG elements, developed by the South Korean company Wizet. Several versions of the game are available for specific countries or regions, and each is published by various companies such as Wizet and Nexon. Currently, players can enjoy 15 unique character classes, hundreds of quests, and nearly endless character customization options, all for free.

In the game, players travel the "Maple World", defeating monsters and developing their character's skills and abilities as is typical in role-playing games. Players can interact with others in many ways, such as through chatting, trading, and playing minigames. Groups of players can band together in parties to hunt monsters and share the rewards. Players can also join a guild to interact more easily with each other.

Launched in North America in 2005, MapleStory has more than 7 million registered users and more than 95 million registered users worldwide.

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Release Date
May 11, 2005
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


XP / Vista / 7 / 8


2 GB


8 GB


Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Equivalent


Any 128 MB Graphics Card

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Specifications may change during development

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ZeroAtrium 3 years ago
MapleStory is currently the worst pay-to-win game you can imagine. Most people could start their own independent guilds without having to participate in high-end bosses, as I used to have a successful guild and be able to gear up without spending a dime. However, with the introduction of highly pay-to-win bosses only a handful can beat by themselves, this is no longer the case.

You can literately spend $3,600 USD and not get anywhere near these people that get invited to a party of any of these aforementioned bosses, as they admitted having spent more than $10,000 USD into the game.

Oh! And to make things even worse, some of these players who managed to spend those aforementioned amounts into this mere game are among the most repulsive figures you will ever meet in the game. Put it simply, they will start making rude remarks not too long before wanting to bully you out of the game, or at least using the fact far too many people know each other to hopefully make sure you are bullied into remaining guildless. However, none of this was a problem when high-end bossing was affordable enough to the point at least anything that is more than a dozen players can clear said boss battles solo, as it resulted in a lack of a pay-to-win economy that allowed even me to start a guild from scratch with my own set if players and not deal with the repulsive attitude from said bitter competition.

That being said, this comes from myself a player who already spent roughly $3,200 USD in a lifetime of playing this. You will not be able to compete against their trash community nor their status quo unless you are a masochist willing to spend your money on this game instead of gaming rigs or cars. MapleStory is no longer worth your time, and much less your hard-earned money.

Oh, and MapleStory crashes a lot too... that alone could make it just as bad as Big Rigs if you ignore its pay-to-win game design, as I played countless online games including Minecraft in multiplayer mode, and even modded Minecraft crashes less than this. Even Mabinogi, a game too from Nexon, crashes less than MapleStory!

If SS+ were the best letter grade in an A-F grading system, I rate this game -2/10 so it gets a letter grade worse than an F or even than an F-! An FF-!

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Root The Lucario 3 years ago
Play if you enjoy:Wasting your time
Being an idiot
Getting through traffic jams
Watching paint dry
not doing anything exciting
not having fun
not being anything but bored
Do not play if: You were looking for something fun
You were looking for something that isnt a worse version of gacha life turned into a game
You were looking for something Interesting
You were looking for something Exciting
Conclusion:This whole game is a joke and not a good one at all

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Vampunk 7 years ago
This game is a shell of what it once was....yea it was harder then all hell but still so easy bossing feels like any other mob....the issue of buying cash shop skill books in the past was a bad idea in the 1st place....the game dose not feel like a challenge anymore... is a challenge yes. a challange that you could get easily annoyed with how damn easy it is now

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SmexiiWade 7 years ago
Early-mid Game: 8/10
This is a huge game for a 2D world. I enjoy the 3D art work and skills blended into the 2D style.
I love the music for this game. My favorite is Temple of Time. I spent a lot of my early-late game there and I couldn't help myself from finishing all of the quest.
Overall this game is a taste of something different and I think if you haven't tried it yet you should hop in with a group of friends. This game is what you make of it and I think community is a large part of it.

After you've had your taste of each of the characters you can definiteness see the similarities which keeps this game from getting a higher score. There is a huge roster for this game that just isn't being utilized. I will hold my tongue on that subject a bit until Korea releases their 5th job.

I've made all of the classes and reached 4th job (some 200+) and I can tell you that all classes are pretty mobile with the exception to some classes being more mobile and some classes having awkward mobility. All classes are capable of doing high damage but not all classes have a large amount of lines or hps/dps.

This is usually made up for by a combo based system that kicks up more damage with higher combo scores. There are also classes that use summons and even classes that rely on Damage over time and AoE skills. The longer ranged classes could use a bit of a touch up aswell as the Gok- I mean Buccaneer class could use a touch up but there are indeed a few classes that stand out.

So as long as you're not a game addict like me and play all of the classes you will probably feel really unique (especially if you're a Palidan...Avatar warrior,anyone?)

Continue on for late game. Late game: 6.5/10
The bosses are pretty fun and I feel that they really shape out everyone's late game play. The game pretty much boils down to leveling up your character after you've done all of the quest and have obtained decent armor and weapons. Then you do events, cycle maps, fight bosses and hang out with friends.

The game has raids too but there is really only one that seems worth while until Damien is released to GMS. Ursus is the boss I'm talking about and you should go youtube him to know what I'm talking about.
Other boss fights will center around a unique stage and you will fight one giant monster. Some bosses summon other monsters. Bosses can hurt in you in the following way DoT, AoE, % health, % mana drain. Bosses also have status effects that differ on which boss you're fighting but there's a lot and I'll just say to watch out for Damage Reflect or learn the hard way.

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Spoony50955 7 years ago
My favorite childhood game, to bad I couldn't gotten as far as I did in the past but I can't wait to play it again to actually experience what I missed out. :)

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Apple 8 years ago
Maplestory (Review)
+ 20 Classes (some character gender locked)
+ Pets
+ Mounts
+ Housing system
+ Fishing
+ Costume
- Pay to win
- Heavy grind
- Unbalance Classes
- No balance PVP
- Bad Community
- Unstable server
- Bugs
- Hacker
- Lack of idea
- Poor Customer service

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Lucasnoob 8 years ago
this garbage still exists? wow amaze
my review: this game is just bad, I dont really know why it's still around

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CodeZero 9 years ago
I de el like this game is Good but i haven't gotten it yet it's in the process of downloading so if you got somthing to say about I please tell me

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yoyoitsumyo 9 years ago
I started playing Maplestory before the BigBang update. I remember; my friend had told me about the game and helped me set up. First appearing on the map had me overwhelmed at the sheer number of people being curious about my friend bringing in a newcomer. And they were welcoming. The entire community was welcoming. I had no idea what I was doing and up until I was level 40, her and her friends - who eventually became mine - tailed me and helped me level up. Soon when I reached level 50, we started scouring towns and maps, helping out struggling levelers and trying to get higher in a guild all together.

I quit for about five years because school got me busy.

I returned after those five years because my little guild of friends called for a reunion. The first thing I see are new classes. I thought that was cool. New content and stuff, ya know? Once I logged in, I roamed the new revamped maps as my little level 54 character, searching for newcomers, looking for pre-BigBang veterans, and finding people to help.

Instead, I came across people who talked pure s*** to me. I asked them if they wanted me to help. They tell me to f*** off. Left and right, these players who came during and after BigBang were being outright rude. Meso hogging, map hogging, mob hogging. That rarely ever existed in the MS I knew.

My friends and I reunited somewhere in Sleepywood and talked about what the hell became of MS. Now, we all still play on and off, and still try to socialize and rebuild what was left of MS. But it's rough.

Game wise, the graphics and music are beautiful. Skill animations are pretty awesome. And the events that occur can be fun. It's just the community. Avoid the wrong people, friend the right. It's hard to tell but sometimes, newcomers and some returning veterans can find those kinder pre-BigBang souls - including us ^^

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hotty4life2 9 years ago
best game ever!!!!!!!!! really social and fun thank you nexon (creator)

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Sinocence 9 years ago
This game used to be the most awesome thing I've experienced bad in the days. When the pirates came out, I got excited because it was the new class. I took a break of like 3 years and JESUS THIS GAME SUCKS NOW! There are classes that are so powerful that you hit one button and will kill every monsters on the map. Are you serious? Some classes are so strong that it is not even a balanced fun game. This game is not fun anymore.

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Scharber 10 years ago
So I have been playing Maplestory since the beginning, and It was and still is fun, but a lot of the challenge of the game has been removed. It use to take me a week to get to the second job advancement (Lvl 30) and that was with the best gear and knowledge of the game. Now I can get to the second job advancement in about an Hour of just grinding. It is fun especially if you are new, because you will get new skills very fast, but as person who has played MS for a long time, It is kind of getting boring. Also the fact that they give you equipment every ten levels all the way up to level 60 is a joke. Back in the beginning, you had to choose to spend your mesos (the maplestory currency for those who don't know) on a weapon or armor. You might be Level 30 with a level 25 weapon, and level 20 armor. Some people have stated that you need to pay real money to get ahead in this game. I will tell you this, No you don't. It will make it easier to start a new account, but after you play for about a month, you will have plenty of mesos to make at least a couple good purchases. Just be ready for it to change. They do it a lot, you will be sitting with one of the best classes in the game, and instead of nerfing your class, they will make a brand new class that supersedes all the other classes. I am listing Pro's and Con's based on a new player coming to play, not on how I view it.

Many class options
Easy to level
Free weapons and armor
A lot of different Quest Lines
Party quests
Boss Runs
Easy to make money

Too many classes/ too many new classes (you will always want to play a different class and never really focus on one class to max level)
Too easy to level ( this ties into my first con, it will be so easy to level that you will be more likely to try a new class and get it to second job advancement)
You can start party questing at 30 instead of 10
All the good training places at higher levels are usually full

All in all though it is a great game. I recommend it.

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randomme 10 years ago
I used to play this game a lot, I was kinda addicted to it >w< But I don't know why, but Maplestory had to patch (okay that's normal) and I had to redownload te game because Maplestory didn't work. So I did, but when I downloaded the game it created a shortcut to the site. I spend 3/4 hours on the internet for a solution, but I couldn't find it. If someone know what I can do, PLEASE, help me.

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sleanderman 10 years ago
maplestory is a good game to play for a half of hour. it true that there are hacker running around in guild and the shop market. my best option will be not to join any guild at all. do not waste your money on nexon if they not going to change their habit like any other company out there too. the classes are unbalance with the new pvp system which kind of suck now since it didn't get that much improvement now.

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boo 10 years ago
This game is the biggest piece of casher garbage of all time. You can spend so much money on this game and make yourself totally untouchable to 90 percent of the population. The pvp options when they have them are horrible only allowing multi-player death matches and allow you to use insanely upgraded gears and the classes are highly unbalanced. Not a fun game at all. Not to mention hackers have ruined the economy and nearly everyone has been financed by a hacker who is in there guild. Waste a time. Fail Nexon.

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Leda Bear 10 years ago
urgh i want MapleStory SOO MUCH but i cant because i have a mac and my parents wont let me buy windows THEIR SO MEAN T.T

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XxNiaVovoxX 10 years ago
Woah :D This game really rocks its main theory is that it is a virtual and meeting people is fun. I like it cause you dont have to download it. I tried many times but in the google apps it said "Download" every time I try to sign up :/

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malexg14 10 years ago
I loved this game for quite a while. I have, multiple times, started a scratch character and gone up to ~lvl 40. Every time I stopped right about there. On my last playthrough I wanted to find out why I consistently quit right around level 40 every single time. I found out it's because that's when you stop being able to get good items. There's usually always a really good progression for armor and weapons that you can buy in the in-game shops. Around level 40, you max those out and it wants you to start buying stuff from the cash shop, I guess. Essentially, for me, being 100% free pretty much becomes pointless right around level 40. Not to say it can't be done, but the game stops being fun as a casual, free player. That's just my 2 cents.

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Aree 10 years ago
I started playing in the open beta (2003?) and have been playing on and off. I have tried almost every class except archer types and about 7 characters 100+ (max 160).
I really enjoyed the game when it was new and run by Wizet: simple, few classes, medium-sized world, low lvl cap, SUPER grindy. I still enjoy it after the Big Bang update and to this day (on and off).

- quite a number of classes, subclasses and skills
- large world
- plenty of events
- a LOT of quests
- party quests
- much faster lvlling
- lvl cap 200
- nice music
- crafting system
- lots of tutorials, baby steps and free stuff for new players [newbie friendly]
- story is starting to take shape (if you play almost all the classes to see the pieces of it)
- character customization is ok (larger variety of eyes, hair, etc with NX)
- customization using equips and fashions
- fully customizable hotkeys

- hackers
- very poor customer service
- spammers, beggers, scammers, etc
- still pretty grindy 100+
- community not as friendly as it used to be
- economy is messed up (run by NXers and hackers)
- pay to win
- no pvp (not sure if they fixed the arena but it sucked anyways)
- mount and pet systems are pure NX
- character customization and fashion is largely NX

- grind
- craft
- party quests
- events
- quests
- boss (expeditions)
- collect codex cards
- Mu Lung tower
- ks/show off to newbs
- spend hours trying on outfits in the cash shop (me: and not buy anything)
- be a heneho - sit around and chat if you have friends
- try out other classes
Some classes are definitely more fun than others, my favs being Demon Slayer and Luminous (and Phantom before it got screwed up). There is not a time when I log in and there isn't a list of 5+ events going on, so even if I don't feel like grinding there's still stuff to do.

Finally I will give it a 7/10, I have gotten bored but can never bring myself to uninstall it, it will always hold a special place in my heart as my first ever MMO and, as most MMOs, it's very fun with friends but lonely and boring without.

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Adam Strife 10 years ago
I remember playing this game many years ago when it was just the explorers. I thought that game was amazing but unfortunately all this new updating they been doing over past few years as completely destroyed the game and all the aspects that many people played it for. Don't get me wrong a variety of character classes is always great in any mmorpg however Maple Story have gone a little to far. The last time i played it was when the Aran and other one was released so good few years ago. I thought about playing it again so downloaded it and noticed all the classes now and i was just disappointed to be honest because not only is it so difficult to choose the right class for you many are quite similar in some aspects. I'm sure many of you will agree with me and some of you won't but it's matter of opinion and my opinion is Maple story was better when it was just the one set of characters. Somebody said they concentrate to much on Maple Story, well i agree with them. Nexon have some good games like Vindictus which should be updated a little more really but above all else, It's about time they do something with Shattered Galaxy, I still love that game to this day but theirs never been a single update.

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There once was a time 10 years ago
I used to play this game since v.30. When I discovered this game it was amazing. I remember discovering FOG and Pig Beach. It actually meant something to find a steely. I discovered some amazing friends. I had a huge guild that I started. Now I visit the game every once in a while to see if it could ever regain its glory days, sadly it has only gotten worse. I used to love HHG1 and seeing some lvl 70's show off their skills and dreaming of one day getting to Zakum. Now I can get to lvl 70 in about 3 days with very little effort. Drops do not mean anything anymore. Hackers are rampant and I have suspicion that it is Nexon themselves that are part of the hackers making money selling stolen mesos busting you and taking the account. makes sense why they would not put a stop to hacking when you can make money from it and it was not even part of their original business plan. I'll stop my rant now I just wish the good ole days of maple would be around cause every and I mean every game out their now has done what RL is having a problem with putting profit ahead of the people living or playing the game.

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Nolol 10 years ago
Grindy as hell, plenty of hackers, gold spam and nexon doesn't care. Not worth your time to attempt to succeed in a game that doesn't even care about itself, let alone any of its players. Move on folks, nothing to see here.

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Dominique 10 years ago
A really really good 2D Side-Scrolling MMORPG.
Just ignore the hackers and sellers, play in an empty world and enjoy with your friends.

Cash Items (real money) only give you boosts, fancy looking clothes, etc.
so you don't need a'lot of money to play this game.

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Used to be good. 10 years ago
This used to be a great game, then suddenly they added jump down, changed the maps and started adding new classes, starting with pirates.
MapleStory was at its best at v.55.
I'd say the perfect MapleStory server to play in would be a v.55 with 4x exp, 2x mesos, 2x drop and around 100-200 players online at any given time.
Sadly there isn't any.

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Gamer X 10 years ago
hmm finaly a download that will be good and not take much time..... WAIT 4GB !

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Gamer X 10 years ago
some guys are telling that the MS was better before the big bang update what happen and what was the big bang update . reply please I think I am going to play this game but I want trusted friends.

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ThatDude 10 years ago
Here is the game in a nutshell as of right now.

Hacks are selling ATT scrolled earrings and such for tons of in game cash. You can not really get anywhere without ATT scrolled items at first then you have to % scroll, cube, AND Chaos scroll rare drops to get to 200.

You are always almost able to mob at the best xp spots and by the time you get to it the xp means nothing and you have to find a new spot. Game is geared towards pay to win in all aspects, you can limp along if you want but the in game market is ridiculous and you have to buy a market stand just to sell anything unless you want to stand around yelling at people that your trying to sell stuff.

Everyone that plays is either an egotistical little girl or a fat dude that wants to max out everything.

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PureDay 10 years ago
who ever did the first look is kinda stupid its a basic game thats very easy to understand and he can't even figure out how to equip an item obviously if he looked at his character which he claims is to small even thought it fits perfectly in the world, you can see the character wincing and huffing for air like its out of breath. Hmmm oh wait it stopped it seems this happens when i get hit by monster say let me climb onto a rope and wait 3 seconds so I can equip my item. Also like he said the starter weapon sucks so obviously grinding with it isn't a good idea. He did a horrible first look the games noob friendly but you can't figure it out x.x

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Curious 10 years ago

Any chance you can tell me how to make the 3rd job advancement for a priest now, after all the changes. It seems you have to kill Zakhum???

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GamerBewbs 10 years ago
Well one thing I need to touch base with first is. There needs to be a new first look video of MapleStory.
The one up right now has horrible sound, the clash of what seems like shouting versus how loud the actual game is just.. lol. I dunno how you guys have had it up for a year, just saying!

Now the actual game part!
MapleStory is currently on v.125 and on January 9th it will be on v.126, leaving us with Thirty-five classes total. Twelve of which are Limited/Event release types. Two of those are gender locked.
With the v.123 game update was Tempest: Prelude, it removed the need of the secondary stat for all characters. IE: Warrior used to need STR(Primary) and DEX(Secondary).
Along with that was... The Job Advancement change!
3rd Job: 60 (From 70)
4th Job: 100 (From 120)
Also in v.123 was the max mastery for skills being lowered on a lot of skills through most if not all the classes. Making it probable to max all skills on most classes through all job advancements. Some classes are more complex and thus make you choose a skill(s) to leave behind.
Because that happened the amount of SP gained per level was modified as well.

Anyways, those are some big changes and are not the only ones that MapleStory has received since the update this site has had on this game.
I hope you guys update this page! It would be much appreciated <3

~GamerBewbs (Mitsune/Bewbs)

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vikutaa 10 years ago
Yea i played it be4 and train untill lvl 90+ and quit. For me, i mean jsut for me a NEWBIE a NOOB.Whos probably just start off this opinion..this game not that good D: the game is cute, but u get fade up later. Why?first good place to train exp always fill with alot of people and they will just ask u get lost and talk sh*t. second, the jumping is hard D; i am a newbie so... this make me hard to do party quest. activity in maple? train train train train get storng get strong. presure, god. for the maple's lover, no hard feeling guys. you guys are pro, i amma a newbie noob D; i get fade up. Bye

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Memories of Maple 11 years ago
Maplestory changed alot, I remember feeling so proud cause i had finally got a character to lvl 20. Stopped playing for many years but i just couldn't forget about it, and i decided to play again. Suddenly i logged on and there's lvl 100s and lvl 200s running all over the place, and more classes than i'd ever imagine with more to come. Everythings so expensive now so i rely on events for equipment. It was so fun back in the days and random people would party together to help a lower leveled person on a quest or something, now i don't see that happening much anymore cus everyone's leveling so fast it's crazy. But i really cannot bring myself to dislike the game even though it's not what it used to be, had too many good times in this game, i'll always remember the wonderful game that Maplestory was.

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KilalaKitty 11 years ago
i think maplestory is fun i've been playin this for a little while. Now iam lvl 92 :D this game is fun! and i have a lot of friends in the game :3

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From Legendary to Shit 11 years ago
This once was a really amazingly outstanding game. I first played this game in 2005, leveling was extremely hard but that wasn't the point of the game. The point of the game was enjoying quest,events,and mostly chatting to friends. Doing all the most goofiest ways in game was the best about maple(ex)KSing noobs in HHG, playing hide and go seek, racing to the finish line in jump quests and if your friends fall off a ledge you "LOL" at them. Those were the good old days.Now Maple is all about leveling to 200 and having the best gears. So hard to find good trusted friends now.
The peoples in game now are Map hogs, mesos hogs, item hogs. Peoples are very impolite and wouldn't help each other at all. Most of the players now are players who started playing maple Story in the Big Bang update. Iv'e played this game from 2005-2012 and all the changes in the game that i see are immature peoples and hackers.They say that they like the game, but little do they know that the game has gotten from legendary to shit.

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:D 11 years ago
I LOVE this game, its really fun and you can hang out with friends and make your own character.
(you might need Karma Koin, Or if theres a major glitch followed by many maintences, they give you 5k nx)
The game can get REALLY laggy, But I have never been outside of Scania. (Scania is probably the most populated server in ALL channels, so you might wanna choose some of the newer ones E.X Renegade) It has a nice leveling system, (it was harder back then)but it gets harder in the 100s. If you make a Cyngus you only get to 120 as the max, and others are 200.
New classes come out almost every year, but they are mostly an extension of the older classes.
You can hang out with friends, and alot of the time they censor out words. Even though they do, its not exactly "Kid Friendly". There are also mean people and spammers, which can get annoying.
Even so, its a really fun game, tons of quests, party quests, mini games, (Omok and Card Match)events, and its FREEEEEEEEEEEE~

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Shik 11 years ago
-VERY expansive and FREE RPG
-Many ways to customize your character
-Oodles of classes to try
-Tons of quests to do
-Party Quests!
-Vast variety of equipment
-200 (or 120) levels to gain
-Many features of character customization require NX points
-Economy is ridiculous compared to other games'
-In the later levels, leveling up can be arduous
-Can be hard to get an original name for your character
-Graphics and detail
-Sometimes the game can seem to be out to get you

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Apathy 11 years ago
I've been playing on and off for about 5 years and I actually enjoy the changes that came about from bigbang. It's a lot easier to get things done now, and mages can actually boss. That being said, there is a huge gap between free and paying players and nexon's customer service is somewhat lacking.

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denja 11 years ago
this game is one of the best game i have played like this u play for a lil then u quite for year are so and come back...

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Naoki 11 years ago
It's in 2D but I usually play 3D games is it a good game or a bad game cause a lot of people are saying it is not worth playing

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Gamer 11 years ago
I have to say man. I LOVE THE MUSIC!!!!

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ShiroKuro 11 years ago
maplestory used to be good when it was hard to level XD and there were sooooo many nice people around back then and congratulate you if get 3rd job advancment (which was damn hard) now its just if you have nx your not poor and a noob if you dont your just a noob and literally everyone is level 120+ and so yeah.......liked it when it was actually wizet and nexon nows its just full on nexon >:U

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Mr. Pro 12 years ago
I'll say it deserves a 7/10. Basically,there are the Adventurers,KoC(Knight Of Cygnus) ,Aran,Evan,Dual Blade,Resistance and the Legend. Each of them,excluding Aran,Evan and DB,has 3/4 sub-classes. It gets kinda grindy when u reach to a higher level. There are mainly only 4 archetypes:Warrior,Bowman,Thief and Magician. Skill animation is awesome! Please try it out at least once. Personally,I quit the game because of boredom and also I do have a life -.- Tonnes of quests for u to do and graphics are very original. RPG,Side-scrolling,2D . However the storyline is not too In-depth like Dragon Saga. Level cap is 200. If u want ur character to be ahem... awesome.. there are such things like pure _____ like pure int,dex,str,luk . WHich means its not like other games where your att range depends on ur eq.(it depends on how u pump ur stats) Ok thats about it .. Give comments for my 1st review ^^

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Leex 12 years ago
does this work for mac

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derindel 12 years ago
i'v been playing this game off and on for about 6 years now.
in the early days the game was incredibly grindy with very little to do at end game, in fact the way the level system is set up, level cap was made to be nearly unreachable, took about 2 years if im not mistaking for the first person to hit it. the cap is 200, the highest character i ever got was 94 and it took on average an hour per 10% of a lvl, and dieing just one time resulted in losing 10%, and since at high levels you can die from getting 2, or even 1 shot, you can imagine why level cap was so hard to hit.

fast forward to big bang, they have revamped the whole leveling system, in a very good way. its now possible to get to the interesting job advancements in a matter of a few days rather than a few months. the class system is alright at best, there are 4 classes with 3 different paths that are slightly different, but at later levels, there's a huge imbalance of class viability. warriors vs magicians for example. every boss has the ability to drop everyones hp/mp down to 1
warrios get their survivability from their massive hp, wheras mages have an ability called magic guard that makes 90% of damage take away from their mp rather than hp, this is fine, except bosses also have the ability to lock your spells that can only be removed with a priests dispel, or a potion. now you can imagine how hard it actually can be to even survive if these 2 abilities overlap, mages have to dispel themselves, hit magic guard, then hit a health/mp potion to survive the next attack, which comes within a few seconds, any latency at all and your dead, wheras the warrior needs to just spam health pots all day and its no problem.
fun game i must say, but at later levels you start to see there really is no point in trying to get better at the game as there is almost nothing to do at level cap, and if you accidently chose the wrong class, may not even be able to kill bosses rendering you completely useless after spending so much time playing.

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BrokenHeart 12 years ago
this game if they made it 3D or 2.5 D
as Maplestory 2 or something it would be awesome and it will get alot of ppls
after i saw this cinematic trailer i thought of being 3d

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random dude 12 years ago
maple story has been around since i was a kid i always wanted to try it but my damn computer wont let me so if u cant download maple story then dont worry they're naking a facebook version of it i don't know much about it tho all i know is it has the same kind of custimaztion as the original its still in closed beta tho but i have no clue when it will b in open beta

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1337 12 years ago
FANTASTIC GAME. but nexon has been ruining its fun simplisity by adding more advanced and overpowered classes,while i do apprediate the change whats not broken doesnt need to be fixed.

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Gamer 12 years ago
This game was really fun and addicting! I had lots of fun on it, but it got boring after a while for the pure grinding and repetitive party quests. Though I really do love the party quests system, great chance to interact with other players and an alternate way to get experience!

Though I hate how you have to be rich to be able to survive on this game. 1 pair of normal work gloves costs like 50,000 mesos! All equipments have gotten their price increased! I was hoping for a new start in new servers, but some people bought cash and transfer their characters! Therefore it's hard to get a new start so that you'll be able to afford things. I would come back, but I'm sad now that I cannot be great as many other players who have like 10+ attack work gloves (where a LOT of players have it, for every party I go in for a party quest, there's bound to be 2 or more people with good equipments)

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Dorgengoa 12 years ago
Nexon sucks as a company. And after the Big Bang Patch, MapleStory sucks as a game. All of the new classes are so incredibly overpowered that it makes the game completely un-fun for anyone who likes to stick to the basics and play Adventurers. It's completely impossible to be good in this game unless you have a lot of money to spend on Nexon Cash, because that's the only way to get amazingly good equips, and really the only good way to make money. Nexon has completely alienated their original fan base by adding all these "improvements", and continues to show their inability to care when their members get hacked by the hordes of hackers that frequent this game. All in all, this game is NOT worth playing. Try playing WonderKing instead. It's new, so there are still a few glitches, but there are virtually no hackers, and the company that runs WonderKing actually responds to your problems. MapleStory receives a 2/10 from me, and that's only because it was once a great game, but sadly, is no longer.

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bamb2w20 12 years ago
Well, knowing Maplestory is what got Nexon extremely popular, they should try their best to focus on it (for the sake of all the MS fans) Why are you complaining as well? Didn't they just update Vindictus with a new character and also updated Dungeon Fighter? To be honest, compared to G1, they aren't that cheap...

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Suck It 12 years ago
NEXON Sucks Ceapest companie there is so many problems and they ignore it and focuse more in maplestory then any other mmo

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Tsukuyomi 12 years ago
Nexon the company that owns it is TERRIBLE. The censor forums for any glitches they dont want to fix or any criticism. They will delete it no matter how big the problem is, while not paying attention or fixing glitches or hacking. Another flaw with them is they are greedy greedy greedy even making new headlines because of it. If you want to play a great game like this without the crappy ownership play windslayer or wonderking. They may not have as many classes but think of it this way, literally all the newest classes are rip offs of the old ones so shouldnt really count as new classes.

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jcjy9z42 12 years ago
A game that's so simple, its fun! there's tons of quests and casual and hardcore gamers can get into this game as well. The gameplay reminds you of an old school plat former and if your new to MMORPG's then this a perfect game to start with. Some things that I dont like about this game is that it is real easy to screw up your stats and it takes ALOT of grinding to level up. Not only that but the cash shop items that you buy are only available for 90 days. Overall it's worth your time to try I give it a 3/5 :)

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RdPf 12 years ago
The game is REALLY fun and kinda addicting. The real appeal of it for me was the fact that I can just have fun in a game where I do quests and kill some random little monsters and talk to my friends and such. The game is very enjoyable with friends. The only big flaws I see are the time and effort it takes to level up [it took me a week to get from lvl69-70 on 4 times experience becasue I actually have a life] and all the immature and often really annoying people who are currently holding the majority of the population. Other than those flaws, I'd say that people should give it a shot with some friends! Maplestory is definitely something worth experiencing.

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