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About the game:
Title: MicroVolts
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: SK-imedia
Publisher: Rock Hippo Productions

Explosive Features:

  • The graphic style resembles Team Fortress 2.
  • Different Game Modes.
  • Intuitive controls.

MicroVolts is a 3D free to play online cartoon style third-person shooter (MMOTPS) where players get to control toys that are armed to the teeth and ready for battle in arenas

Intuitive controls, a ton of weapons, customization features. and a third person view make the game easy to play and fun for both newcomers and veterans of shooter games. Game modes include Free for ALL, Team Deathmatch, Item Match, Capture the Battery, and many more featuring various maps designed by toy concept.

The gameplay is fast paced and addictive and the graphics are great. If you’re a fan of Team Fortress 2 you should give this game a try as soon as possible.

Featured Video

System Requirements

MicroVolts Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: P4 2.0GHz
Memory Ram: 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB of free disk space
Video Card: GeForce FX 5600, ATI 9600 PRO

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    • I started playing it in open beta back in 2009 (or so, before all the op god weaps and so, and before all the hackers this game used to be so fun I used to play 48 hours non stop, and I wasted about 20000$ on buying rt for me and my friends, before 2013 this game used to be amazing, now they changed all the qualities of all the weaps, the guns that used to be awesome and made people waste a lot of money to win them, lost value, and worth only as collection items, and all the new stuff they want people to waste money on getting is too OP and every noob that plays 2 days, but spinned the capsule and won those weaps and op tanker armors and sets can beat a pro player that plays for years and doesn’t need to spam op ammo to win…

  1. This game is fun but with all the hackers in it the game has basically become pay to win and that’s if your game stays up, I enjoyed brawl busters so much more compared to this game. Since it is just pvp it is harder to build yourself up. I will say it is fun to play with people you know as well as see hackers accidentally kill themselves in game.

  2. The most unstable game ever made.

    Let`s start with free players versus paying players. If you don`t spend any money on it you need to go Bruce Lee on this game to actually be any good. Ofcourse not every kid in-game with OP weapons is hard to defeat, but the advantage is just way too big. Free players have just very limited items. Probably only about 20 procent of all items and it`s getting worse every year.

    Most of the latest updates are RT focused, so for the paying players. Most of the new characters don`t even have clothes in the shop for free players. Bugs take weeks to get fixed. There`s just a huge lack of interest into the free players, it`s all about making money these days.

    The biggest joke ever. Servers crash weekly when too much people are on em. If you have 100ms+ you warp and lag all over the place. The game also freezes frequently without any notice. They also get DDOS`d from time to time, in other words, don`t expect to able to play in the weekends.

    Most of em are Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese I don`t know what else. So a normal conversation is very rare, even the English players are most of the time true bellends. Not everyone ofcourse but most of em just think they`re the god of this game or something, high dilusional.

    The only pro I have about this game is that it WAS really fun to play. It used to be more balanced, everyone was more friendly, clans weren`t just a bunch of hackers together. It`s just getting worse every year. I wouldn`t recommend anyone to play it, even tho I still play it from time to time. It gets me frustrated after a few matches since every room is unbalanced in a blink of an eye.

  3. Very fun game I recommend it to everyone to at least try it. It is very difficult in the beginning but once you slowly figure the game out it all makes sense and you have a great time, I fortunately had a friend show me the ropes! So yeah get it, try it and have a great time.

  4. I wish it didn’t take so long to load.
    I still love the game, but I suck at playing it so I’m usually not on it, but you should try it out first, I definitely got some laughs, like when I hit another player making him fall of the moving truck and for some reason I couldn’t stop laughing. I will warn you that there are way too many hackers. You should also check out the game BrawlBusters which is from the same company I think, plus there’s a little more customization in it.

  5. I love this game for the fact that I can dominate without using cash. But I really do hate the kick system. If you’re doing good then there might be players who will vote to kick you out of the room for false reasons resulting in you not getting rewarded for the match. Other than that I have no other problem with this game.

  6. A great game with cartoon graphics, funny elements and requires skill and strategy to make it far in the rankings.


    1. Rewards are rewarding, you will be able to buy your own weapons every 30 – 50 matches. Sounds like alot but how many CoD/Halo/CS/BF matches have you played? Enough said.

    2. If you are good at 3rd Person Shooters you will dominate in this game, just takes a little bit of getting used to switching between all of your weapons frequently.

    3. Funny. I mean your taunts are all references to Gangnum Style, you Hs someone and your female character with shout “Pow Pow Pow!” and other funny little remarks.

    4. Surprisingly not many kids play this game, have had little issues with trolls besides hardcore clans with big egos.


    1. Laggy at times.

    2. No level restricted matches besides the beginner channel.

    3. You want to use your tutorial rewarded weapons, otherwise you will always be one hit shy of a kill.

    4. There are hackers, expect them.

    5. Takes skill to master the game, game is team based besides TDM which is a variant of camping and spawn walling.

    6. Cashshop is… you guessed it… overpowered.

    7. Unbalanced maps.

    I already mentioned you will have to get used to switching frequently between all of your weapons, people will halo jump you to death and on bomb maps you have to stick the bomb on a wall/ceiling for it to register for some reason.

    Other than all of that it is a fun game you will play for a bit but will lose its appeal unless you buy some cashshop or you just honestly think it is the best game ever.

    • Looks like this guy know what is he talking about ! by the way thx for the information but the question now is how much size cuz in the pictures it doesn’t sound realy that cool

    • LOL not many character is fixed you LOL i benn rank 19 so you think the best one ???? maybe let’s fight 1 on 1 melee mode elimination foosball map

  7. This game is very interesting for many reason’s and i have been playing this game since CB:
    First Reason: The graphic’s is amazing for a game that aim’s to be a toy shooter which fit’s quiet well.

    Second Reason: The mapping has many path’s to go through and even way’s for you to even go behind enemy lines.

    Third Reason: This game is NOT pay-to-win. You might find someone else with a gold or a RT(Premium currency) weapon, but you can buy a in-game weapon permanently and upgrade to your desire. Besides the game is heavily “skill” based, based on your potential. Ex(real). I was level 5 I killed a level 34. With a game like this it is recommended to work as a TEAM.

    Fourth Reason: There is a single wave where you can fight computer controlled bot’s. There are many modes such as scrimmage( Game where you need to do the most amount of damage), Capture the battery( Get the enemy battery and return to your side and well…capture), Team Death Match(To kill and watch out for your death count), Elimination( Where you need to kill there whole team and no respawn until that match is over), bomb battle(where one team defend 2 or more point’s while the other try to set the bomb in one of the location and protect it while the timer goes down for the BOOM.

    I would give this game a 10/10 ^^

    • 2013 – PAY to WIN instakill wapeons, most strongest wapeon from capsules and real money upgrade 3/4 hp one shot bazooka

  8. Does the download manager on the Micro Volts website fail to download when you use it. I have to use the direct download for some reason. It only takes around 5-6 minutes but it is still all good.

    • LOLZ i been played that in agust 2 and 3 2013 and also i been rank 19 i have traker legs (movement speed 4.0% and MP+ 11.0%) and i also got 1 star chainsaw
      but new character is kai and maps are cool bitmap 2 and footsball all of microvolts player are can defeat the traker boss and cool box they can get in


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