About the game:
Title: One Tower
Status: Beta Graphics: 3D
Genre: MOBA
Developer: SkyReacher Entertainment
Publisher: SkyReacher Entertainment

Explosive Features:

  • 1v1 “Micro-MOBA”
  • Customizable Minion Waves
  • Power-ups And Traps

Get ready for intense, one-on-one action with One Tower, a “micro-MOBA” from SkyReacher Entertainment where victory or defeat is entirely up to you. Choose your hero and carefully choose your wave of minions to progress down the single lane and destroy your opponent’s tower — but watch out for traps!

As you kill enemy minions and neutral creatures, you’ll gain XP you can use to upgrade your hero’s powers. You’ll also earn gold, which you can use to upgrade your minions and provide a greater challenge to your opponent. There are a wide variety of minions available, each with their own unique strengths, and you’ll need to send them toward your enemy in the proper order to emerge victorious.

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System requirements

One Tower Minimum System Requirements:
OS: 64-bit Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 8.1)
Processor: Intel Core i3-4170 or AMD FX-8120
Memory Ram: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: At least 5GB of free Space
Video Card: DX11 Compatible GeForce GTX 460 1GB or AMD HD 6850 1GB

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