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About the game:
Title: Planetside 2
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: SOE
Publisher: SOE

Planetside 2 is free to play open world persistent MMOFPS published by Sony Entertainment Online. In Planetside 2 players fight in epic large scale battles across a variety of landscapes during the day and night. Each area within Planetside 2 supports up to 2000 players in one battle simultaneously.

Players can choose one of three unique factions each with their own unique weapons, vehicles (both land and air) and abilities.

Planetside 2 offers unique customization options for the player. Players can customize their outfit colors, weapon attachments, and vehicle abilities as they progress.

Explosive Features:

  • Three Unique Factions.
  • Persistent open world FPS.
  • 666 vs. 666 vs. 666.

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System Requirements

Planetside 2 Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 / AMD Phenom II X2
Memory Ram: 4 GB
Hard Disk Space: 15 GB of free disk space
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8600 series / AMD or ATI 4850 series

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  1. My favorite shooter for the last two years. Amazing fighting and amazing graphics. There is no pay 2 win in this game. The first gun you start with is probably the gun you will go back to when you hit maximum level.

    • No. The starter guns mostly sucks I think. At least I just bought Eidolon for 250 certs and it’s a really powerfull gun with no vertical recoil.

  2. It’s an ok game. Initially it’s very confusing for newcomers and you will always be outmatched by the folks who have paid cash or grinded for days/weeks to upgrade weapons. The only advice I could give anyone is try it out but don’t expect much.

  3. If any of you have noticed, if you have a 20gb ram computer, it’s still going to take ages to download this 9gb/8gb game. So this game has a really stupid download progress, but it’s worthwhile for the amazing graphics, delightful dynamic day-and-night cycle, and the impressive classes! I have 20gb of ram on my computer, and it was still a worthwhile download. 🙂

  4. The game is flippin’ awesome, but since the world is a harsh place to live, my PC broke and I only got my Mac now, Planetside 2: Y U NO MAC VERSION? :c

  5. I like this game so much when I play with friends, but it’s a little bit boring when u play alone, but still fun. Great work SOE!!!

  6. The game is Pay 2 Win now. They ruined a game with awesome mechanics and a unique gameplay. So you can either spend 200 bucks and get all the best weapons and gear. Or dont and get your ass handed to you by the ones who did spend all their money.

    • It’s not pay to win. I am battle rank 93 with a 3+ K/D ratio and enough certs to buy weapons I don’t even use. Often I go back to using the weapons I started with since all weapons are side grades and they starter weapons are usually among the best. Saying it is pay to win is just a convenient excuse for you to explain why you got killed so many times due to poor situation positioning.

      While paying cash will let you unlock more options faster since everything is a side grade once you max out a few things early on it doesn’t really help you that much. I know because I can farm high battle rank players with low level alts.

      Even on my main I have never bought anything that increases my in game performance although I did buy quite a few cool looking helmets and camouflages since I wanted to support the game.

  7. This game is freaking amazing. i Know that in huge battles frames drops to 30 on high settings but, the amount of fun you can have in this game is pretty huge. I am waiting for the producers of the game to fix up their code, cause the game is really poorly optimized(sadly, but thats life). This game would have an ultimate success when the code will be fixed.

  8. Here we go, the second MMOFPS that blew me away. The other being PS1, of course. I have reviewed so many games, that I never knew I was going to get to PS2. Its amazing. Graphics are extremely good, I’d say better than BF3 and BF4 graphics (hate please) I have a amazing PC and internet so there is no problem with me and this game. This game DOES have high expectations on your PC, but I’d say its worth the money to spend on a amazing PC or PC parts to build your own. I go lonewolf most of the time. But I do get on Ventrillo (sometimes Teamspeak 3) and play with my friends. Its very time-taking so make sure you dont have anything planned for like a week. Because you’re going to be in a battle for a week. Well, its never happened to me, the highest time it took me to battle what probably 1 day or 20 hours? I spent the weekend playing this game. I have a life and a job. 10 years of college. Computer Engineering and Game Developer. So, I dont play PS2 that much at all, considering all the long battles. I am really creating a game called “Warsong” still haven’t really publicly announced it because I recently just started it. But anyways. Great game. Awesome graphics. Simply amazing. So, thats my review/life story-kind-of-thing. Bye!

    • Would you mind adding someone else (*cough* me *cough*) as an unofficial teammate? I won’t take any credit/pay, i simply would like to experience the development of a game.

  9. I loved this game. But I encountered a glitch in the game and SOE decided to blame me for it and banned my account. When I appealed the ban they Hardware ID banned me so I can never play this game on my computer again. Awful tech support. Plenty of bugs. And if you don’t act accordingly when encountering bug they ban you with no chance for an appeal.
    Good game
    SOE is a pain in the ass to deal with.

  10. Just installed it (didn’t take long at all, but I got a serious gaming puter which I saved for months to get) Lookin forward to playing it. I’m totally GREEN… SUPER FRESH NOOB. Hope it’s good. I used to be into gaming years ago (10+) I’m 35 yrs old now and geezus gaming has changed in the past 15 yrs. I’ve been crazy busy with college and starting my own business that I haven’t had any free time. Now that I’m all finished with school and my business I can have some fun. I am looking for a game with a GREAT, INDULGING story-line, lots of awesome weapons that are super upgradeable, characters that are extremely custamizeable, top of the line graphics, and huge maps with vehicles. I know this game doesn’t offer all of that, but what is the best online fps out there? I want that cinematic experience that leaves you breathless!

    • Tough question, Firefall? Hawken? They both have great Sci Fi story-lines. As for weapon/character customization, in Firefall, you can probably customize anything that touch your avatar, while in Hawken you’re basically a mech, there’s no pilot or anything, just a mech. You can customize that mech all you want, and when you run out of options you buy another mech with different options. Firefall is like a sandbox so the map is huge, while Hawken is a lobby based shooter with a kinda limited map, but in Firefall there’s only a bike available to premium members while in Hawken you’re the vehicle itself. Both games have story-lines good enough to have their own comic/manga. Also, There’s no such thing as the “best” game no matter what genre it is since everyone have their own opinion.

  11. When you first play PS2 it can blow you away by the mass of people and space and the beatiful graphics but after a week or so you will probably be bored because of repetitive gameplay, dying alot, and taking forever to get credits but the good side is that it gets updated alot and is fun playing with friends.

  12. I’ve been playing this game here and there for a while, it’s ok. It’s not fantastic, and there are tons of bugs. Don’t play on the NC as the vehicles and weapons are far superior on the VS and TR. If you like flying, go VS and jump in a scythe, best fighter/infantry strafer/tank buster in game. NC weapons are slow and inaccurate as hell.

    A membership is the best way to earn certs, although advertised as free to play, unless your unemployed, earning certs w/o it takes FOREVER, and most weapons take 1000 certs.

    Free to play is really youll be cannon fodder until you put some serious time or cash into the game….or both. Hate F2P models.

    Oh and random game freeze/kicks a plenty.

  13. Hi Everyone,

    I’ve played this game for about a month and it was great. I’m more of a Lonewolf kind of player and for starting the game was great but they have added this new patch that removed all ways a Lonewolf kind of player can enjoy the game. The only way you can play this game now is to play with squad or platoon. If your the kind of guy who plays solo or with a few friends I suggest to try something else.

    It was fun when you could easily make points and excel in experience boost. What I mean is, They have 3 continent where you can play from and each of them can have a experience boost related with the amount of people on that continent of your faction. This new match remove the possibility of capturing near by territories if you are under attack until the the territory is totally defended… When you are alone or a few friends under attack by 12+ people, you cannot do much but move elsewhere. This means no more counter capture strategies or playing with a few people as such when you are out numbered 12 to 1.

    My suggestion, if you are starting try to join an outfit and stick with groups otherwise this game is pointless and you cannot do anything.

    This game rating will take a hit for sure… Prior patch 4.5/5 after patch 3/5…because of the unbalance faction weapons, gameplay and bugs this game has.

    Trust me, bugs, they got plenty!

  14. GREAT game BUT if you don’t have an EXTERNAL Graphics source (Like a PVR), you will find it REAL tough to play due to a lack of system resources

    PS2 being a RESOURCES HOG is THE ONE thing I hope & wish Sony would fix in the next version. If they can do that, they’d get more people to play. If not, then why not just market it as a PlayStation game & make $$$ off of it ??

    Just sayin’

  15. I think this is going to be a very nice game for me to play. I am downloading it and i was wachting
    the first look video and really like everything about this game. Hope it’s just as good as i think it is….. 🙂

      • Uninstalled it, lagged like hell, its so easy to do the lagdance here, im gunna re-install this awesome game when i get a new computer with a awesome processor with Nvidia 11 and has 6 or 8 GB of RAM.

        • Well i can tell you i got a new pc with 8GB of ram and i far excced the requirements,loads in 13 sec max settings and HD res,only 450$ for the PC tho,but i didnt change all the parts.

  16. THIS GAME TAKES FOREVER TO LOAD ITS STILL LOADING STARTED AT 8:49 p.m now its 9:20 p.m its only like 3 bars….really want to play this

  17. First time I started the game I was so confused , I dropped in from the sky.. no information at all , did not now what to do.. died so fast.. xD.. but i was not alone in that.. everyone who play it the first time.. will feel the same.. Anyway played this game for around 1 month now, it´s really a great game, “Huge” battles!! it can be up to 2000 players on each server i think… but I get frustrated! Abilitys/Gear/Weapons/… and there are not many at all.. maybe 1 good weapon for each class.. and it sucks.. also it takes forever to collect these cert point.. so called in-game money points.. maybe 1 hour you get around 100 points or more… and a new good weapon cost around 1000… then you have to buy gear on the weapon all over again… you can not use the ones you bought for the old weapon… and they use the same scope,silencer, suppressor,, laser sight, forward grip,better ammo ,etc… they cost 30-100 certs…

    And the bad about the game is it is really alot of bugs.. it crashes and get really laggy sometimes.
    the fps can drop to 10-30.. in huge battles. even when you have a great computer.. and the game lack of guiding & information..

    so if you going to play the game.. be sure you got time for it, because its more fun when you upgraded every class and gear.. I give the game 8 of 10, it can only be better with the time.!

  18. je suis vraiment dégoûte mon pc a mit une 1/2 journée à chargé le jeu et à la fin me dit que mon pc n’a pas les configurations nécessaire lol -_-

    • No. Gun Gale was an MMOFPSRPG this is an MMOFPS huge difference. I guess I just hate the feeling that I’m just constantly grinding for nothing. if you are gonna play it I advice bring your friends along it is more fun that way.

    • Sort of yeah, I know where your getting at. Skipping the fact that GGO is a VMMORPG like KIT said. Gungale I would say is a mix of Blacklight:Retribution and Planetside 2. (BTW check BR’s light saber hehe)

  19. Its fun for awhile or just to kill some time but continuous play is a bit boring. There are numerous hackers now, alot with just aimbot which is the hardest to recognize but its pretty obvious in this game who has it. The game itself is great but there is no end, no real progression, no ultimate reward at the end of the day when all you’ve done is killed some players and captured a number of bases which were probably recaptured by the enemy minutes after you just captured them…its fun, just not for hours on end.

  20. It may be good on your computers but on mine it is extremely slow, very laggy i mean I’m sure it’d be great if my stupid computer wasn’t so old!!!

  21. this games looks good, i tried playing it but my damn graphics card doesn’t meet the game’s requirements so the game wouldn’t start, it looks like MAG (PS3) a little bit, not the look of the game but how it plays, this is what a lot of FPS are missing, you actually need to work as a team to keep control, there’s a bigger goal to archive rather than just go around killing… to bad there isn’t anything close to this that won’t discriminate my computer

  22. I was wondering which nation should i join when the game comes out. I am thinking between NC and VS but the choice is so hard to make. So I want some help or advices from you.

  23. Been playing it for a couple of weeks now. Once you get past all the big battles on epic scale phase you notice that the game itself is incredibly hollow. I don’t honestly believe it could hold my interest for more than a month at maximum.

  24. Get on the site and sign for the BETA, this game is awesome, I have been playing the tech test, enjoying it immensely!


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