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About the game:
Title: Rift
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Trion Worlds
Publisher: Trion Worlds

Rift, a once P2P MMORPG now Free to Play MMORPG by Trion Worlds is set in a world being torn apart by mystical energies. Play as either a Gaurdian or a Defiant in your fight for control of the ever-changing planes of Telara, choosing from 40 unique souls to create your own custom class. Be careful though, Telara is plagued with dimensional rifts that can occur at any moment, offering brave warriors untold power, or unleashing invasions of extra-planar beings bent on destruction.

Rift’s soul system is quite robust. Players can opt to use three souls at a time (although more can be used by switching specs) with each one contributing unique passives and active abilities to the player’s character. As a player puts more points into a singular soul, they unlock more abilities to utilize for that soul.

The MMO offers dynamic Rift events which spawn a variety of enemies in certain locations and usually require groups of players to to tackle. If players ignore these Rifts enemies will begin a crusade towards nearby towns, capturing them and preventing players from turning in quests or utilizing the hubs services. Players will then need to recapture the hub in order to regain control. Occasionally, large open world raid bosses will spawn from these Rifts which require a coordinated effort to tackle.

Rift’s endgame is quite expansive, boasting multiple dungeons and raids with up to 20 people. Players looking for more open world content can participate in instant adventures which party players together in raids and have them completing multi-stage quests sprawling across a zone. PvP is also available, with Rift offering multiple Warfronts and open world PvP to take part in. Each with their own innovative mechanics and rewards.

Explosive Features:

  • Multi-Class Soul System
  • Zone-Wide Dynamic Battles
  • Unique Artifact Collection System

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System Requirements

Rift Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.2+ GHz
Memory Ram: 4 GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 15GB of free Space
Video Card: Nvidia GTS 250+

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Rift, a once P2P MMORPG now Free to Play MMORPG by Trion Worlds is set in a world being torn apart by mystical energies. Play as either a Gaurdian or a Defiant in your fight for control of the ever-changing planes of Telara, choosing from 40 unique souls to create your own custom class...

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  1. Was a great game several years ago. Was a good game recently. Now, with Starfall Prophecy, it’s a complete mess.

    No, I’m not nostalgic for anything. The SFP expansion is unacceptably buggy 2 months after release, and every bug “fixed” tends to expose two new bugs. The much-hyped Fortress Siege failed catastrophically the day it was released (two months *after* the SFP expac released), and had to be shut down. The follow-on Looking For Raid (LFR) and 10 man raid also failed that day, and then again when enabled separately. The LFR queue would not pop reliably even if you had a complete group covering all required roles; when it did pop you might find your group had more or less than 10; after you started, the same queue might pop again and kick anybody who declined. Servers shutdown with overload just from the LFR queuing process — NOT from anything in game play, but just trying to group 10 players to start! Official reason was “Unexpectedly large number of players…” Seriously, we’re talking in the hundreds, folks, maybe a thousand, not millions. And that’s just the most recent and visible of a succession of similar issues with buggy content either being turned off or, more often, just left as is.

    Is Rift P2W? It didn’t used to be, although it has definitely been more and more “Pay to get caught up” with each expansion. That was player choice of time v. money, though, and the Rift statement was always “Best In Slot (BiS) gear can not be bought, only obtained by successfully doing end-game content.” Yes, you could pay for very good gear as an aid to getting that BiS gear, but you still had to play the game somewhat competently (or be in a really talented guild that would carry you) to obtain the best gear.

    That is no longer true with Planar Fragments, the new “gear adjunct” that carries all secondary stats for improving dps, healing or tanking. PF’s are clearly pay for a chance at BiS. Short form is that “great” planar fragments are incredibly rare in any current content, and many BiS fragments are literally unobtainable in play. But you can buy boxes of planar fragments from the Rift Store for game credits (cash). Now, you’ll have to buy a lot of those boxes because both the selection and ability to improve fragments is totally random, and costs an additional small fortune in in-game currency — you’ll have to buy REX or some other commodity that you can sell for in-game plat, so open your wallet really wide.

    Maybe Rift is about as P2W as your average national lottery: If enough gullible people pay, one of them just might win. If your idea of a good time is “pay money, get mostly junk, but oh, one can hope for that great digital bit of treasure each time!” — then Rift just may be your game.

    All of which is irrelevant because aside from (rapidly dying) PvP, there is no current content that requires even good gear. The three (yes, 3) Dungeons are all “easy-mode” and unchallenging even in world gear with a minimum set of planar fragments. So really, Rift is “pay to grind limited content a minute or two faster than average.”

    F2P in lower zones is nice: decent graphics, many types of activities. But you’ll mostly be playing solo, and good luck with group content, because the older zones are all uninhabited and none of the old dungeon queues will ever pop. Dimensions, artifact hunting, questing and soloing rifts are all still there, though. The soul system is still pretty nice, although it’s a lot of out-of-game effort to really master; the guides for leveling and such are really stale, as many abilities have changed but the guides are no longer maintained.

    Rift never did a very good job of documenting how and what to do; prior to SFP, there were lots of fan sites with good descriptions of the various “events”, and gearing, leveling and so on. Many of those fan sites have been abandoned or shut-down recently, and their databases are no longer being updated.

    Rift was maybe, or potentially, great, was probably good, now is best avoided for a few months. Then see if it survives with interesting content, before making any significant investment.

  2. Since, the new expansion, the game really blows. You WILL pay to play, or you will simply be left out IN the game. The entire world is dead, except for the new expanded area. EVERYTHING, that had to do with levels 1 – 65, is now DEAD! EVERYTHING! Rift went for the LAST hurah by soaking their fans for one last $40! Once these people become bored, and they will, the game will be dead. Killing off 90% of the game (levels 1-65) crafting, gear, and all, that was absurd! You can still play these ares, but for what? The game has now been destroyed, thank you Rift! PS, I was a patron, and loved the game very much. I will miss it. This game not recommended for new players.

  3. I really wish that there was a good game like this… This game was amazing, but then once the developers got greedy, the game because a pay to win mess.

  4. I have played this game off and on since 2011. I have massive experience with the game. I can say with great confidence I know more that the collective minds of the class devs all put together that are now running the show.

    Rift WAS a great game but due to massive failures in design and implementations they have made the game go down very bleak path losing 100s of 1000s of players. I have 100s of player and friends on my friends list that are gone as an overall result of the poor choices made by the Senior Devs.

    However, there is one thing that you will immediately feel as soon as you start playing the game. You will feel like the game is open to all types of players offering fair playability for all the avenues the game provides whether you are a solo player, a raider, a party player, a pvp’er or a pve’er. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS. This game early on was built to pull players in as it had an incredibly logical approach to appeal to the vast majority of types of players. However, as you begin to invest over time you will find that the common sense approach in the beginning is tosses out the door. Classes are wildly imbalanced, it is expensive to gear up and you will eventually need to spend credits(real $) to catch up or get to the competitive level of other players. There is also a lot of deceit in the cash shop and gearing system in order to trick you into buying useless stuff with real money. There was an increase in grind that made it near impossible to multiclass and avoid the terrible class balance which is derived from an archaic system where classes fall up and down a cycle of an expansion. Meaning there is no real balance ever in pvp or pve. The current developers are no where near as qualified nor do they react in any acceptable term to fix broken or imbalancing talents. They also have made numerous mistakes that killed the synergy between the souls making almost every soul cookie cutter or the synergy would be niche.

    The amount of potential this game seems to have was astronomical but the developers have squandered it over the last 2 expansions. I point this out because as soon as you play Rift you will see a direction which is incredibly pleasing but that direction is loss in the later part of the game.

    Over time this game has gotten worse and more expensive to play. They have went as far as to remove things that were in the game to reintroduce them in a Pay to Play manner as well while removing vast amount of content in the process.

    Upon release this game was 4/5 stars. SL made it 3/5. NT made it 2/5 and the next expansion is already criticized on being completely PAY TO PLAY and Near completely PAY TO WIN. They have introduced a system that basically allows you to buy stat points for real life money but in order to fool its players base they developed it in a way that blocks out exactly what its real intention and purpose is. The game is on its last legs and the new expansion is meant to milk as much money as the it can out of the faithful player as possible.

  5. I played rift for ages – so to give a brief long-term player review of pros and cons here we go!

    First off – the game is as classic EQ style MMO as it gets, talent trees, classes, races, factions, alternate advancement. Solo content is experienced in openworld and in some instanced events, smaller group content is experienced in open world events like rifts, world bosses and zone events as well as instanced dungeons for 2 – 5 players (depending on the type). The raiding…oh the raiding… It is epic, if you like old school raiding I’ve found no better! Rift really has some of the best fight and boss mechanics I’ve played. For an old schooler this game satiates that craving for the complexity of old. The housing system is awesome and a great way to kill time. Though you can buy plenty of stuff it’s definitely not pay to win, more pay to look classy and get awesome/silly mounts. I used to fork over money for cosmetics out of appreciation for the game. Be forwarned, the game engine is a MASSIVE vram hog and will run like death on anything less than 2 gb vram. Honestly though if you’re looking for a game to recapture that feeling of old – this is exactly that game. Patron status and premium currency can be bought in game -this is nice, though I paid from time to time when money was tight I could gold-farm and still get the latest and greatest cosmetics off the store.

    Cons: System req’s are brutal high for a smooth experience. Archeage killed the game population (and also kinda sucked), all the best new mounts end up in the store and – more obnoxiously – inside loot crates so you get to pay-to-roll on the most insane mounts.

    Summary: WoW got you seeing red with the last 2 expansions? EQ2 making your eyes bleed after a decade? Can no longer understand the pixelated sh–storm that is EQ1’s gfx? Give rift a try, it’s a free try after all, and it’s pretty solid.

  6. People talk about the best MMOs online.I would say that has to be The Elder Scrolls Online.You just have to pay the monthly fee.It’s really worth it though.Great content and great gear as well,and you do NOT pay for the gear. You can buy a mount ingame,with gold you earn.They give you aa horse for 1 gold piece and thats right away you get that. I am thinking of playing this game too.I tend to play more t han one game at a time.

  7. Was hoping Archeage was less P2Win. Rift is great. 9/10. Good content. Not too much grind. Although Archeage has more enjoyable graphics and better “attack and magic animations”.. Rift is worth trying if you like MMO’s

  8. is this available in the philippines cause im looking for a new mmo to play want to try aion and tera but i think its ip block in my country can someone reply pls ty

    • Nothing,even though some gear sets can be bought both with money or in-game currency, but, the very best gear sets are only bought with in-game currency and/or getting into dungeons.

      now, if you want to look nice… have different hair color, skin color. good looking mounts, good looking clothes… that can be bought can the cash shop.

      if you want to level faster, get in-game currency faster, that is in the cash shop.

      But absolutely every single Best in Slot item is only obtainable playing the game.

  9. I played the game in beta and pre-ordered the game. I played a lot when it was p2p. I finally got away from the game. I recently came back to the game and found out that it was f2p now. I’ve really enjoyed some of the changes. I still like setting up my own souls (the tree), but have a few characters that I have created and like that I can just let the default souls be created.

    I also like the fact that you can still level up just by playing the warfronts but I like the addition of the automatic adventures to help leveling and getting gear.

    I have not gotten to the new end game stuff since coming back to the game and finding the level cap was raised to 60. I have been to busy playing with all of the different jobs or souls and enjoying all of the lower and middle range content.

    I really don’t believe that the game is pay to win.

  10. What settings will I have to put this on to be able to play it?

    Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
    Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU B950 @2.10GHz
    4GB Ram
    Virtual Memory: 7.51GB

  11. (Free to play) not really if you want to stand equal in the game you will have to purchase from the online store and end up wasting more money then much better pay to play games out there. Content is fine but considering money you have to put on it i would strongly suggest considering much better one time fee games out there. Even the monthly fee games wont cost you as much as rift will cost you in store but at least you wont have to waste more money on gear to be equal in the game .

    • [quote]Even the monthly fee games wont cost you as much as rift will cost you in store but at least you wont have to waste more money on gear to be equal in the game .[/quote]

      You obviously haven’t been even close to level 60 yet.
      Yes, you can buy some kind of gear, but that’s only leveling gear to get faster to lvl 60.

      ALL of the other things in the store are stuff like : More exp for 2hours, more Reputation etc, things like that, But to truly stand out in game, you don’t need any of this stuff.. Okay, with the leveling gear you’re stronger at your level, And yes, at lvl 60 you can buy massive gear, to be geared up quickly, but it’s not needed to have a great gameplay,

      Even better, If you all buy all that lvl 60 armor, just so you can be raid ready you’d have to spend over $600, but that is totally not nessecary, you can just get those items ingame, okay you’re ready for raiding faster, but you won’t be as good as the other players that acctually worked for this gear, They will be alot better in the game than the people that payed for it, so in the end, it’s better to not spend on it than actually spending money on it.

      Anyhow, To make clear. it is NOT pay to win, if you buy gear etc, you won’t be better than anyone else, you can buy gear to get to raids faster, but all the best gear etc you need to Achieve Ingame, with ingame tokens that you get from doing dungeons and raids.

      The best gear ingame is Relic gear (Also called legendary in WoW for an example) and to get that gear you need to WORK for it, You cannot buy it.

      So don’t let this fool above ruin to miss out on a wonderful game.

      • Sure you can get the gear in game with currencies but let me remind you people have a life besides gaming and won’t spend 18 hours a day playing rift to get the necessary gear for raiding so they will eventually end up spending money in the store. Now maybe you don’t have a life besides gaming and that’s your problem . There are much better games out there that are completely ftp and don’t require players a tremendous amount of time and dedication to the game. If you need examples i will be glad to state you some .

        • Have you actually played the game? I have hit 60 on an alt and made or had a guild member make most of the gear I need to be raid ready. 350-385 hit is attainable depending on class just from profession items without spending a cent in the store, and the rest of what is needed is easy enough to get in expert dungeons which with that gear you now meet requirements for.
          You will need to grind rep for certain items especially the lessers for your sigils and some runes, but these are not items you need specifically for raiding, and you certainly don’t need to play 18 hours a day to get the gear in order to raid.
          I’m not sure what games you have been playing but generally if your going to play an MMO so you can raid, your going to need to put in some time and dedication to succeed.

        • LOL If you don’t have the time to put into a game, you shouldn’t be playing it in the first place. If you don’t want to work for your items, you shouldn’t be playing it in the first place. IT’S SO EASY TO GET MAX LEVEL NOW. And gearing up doesn’t take that long honestly. You DON’T have to have all of the t1 gear to raid. You really only have to meet your hit requirement. If that takes you to long… Seriously… You shouldn’t be playing any game. Games are time sinks. It’s quite simple for me to say again, if you don’t have the time, DON’T PLAY GAMES. Sheesh.

          You can be raid ready in less then a day on Rift. lol.

        • In all my time as a raid leader and guild leader in Rift and the hundreds of players that passed through the Curators of Telara guild I can’t recal a single player who purchased a single piece of gear, this is simply not a true statement you make, Alex.

  12. A really good game, easy to learn. Much content. Many , many players. The pvp can be a bit new for some players but you will get used to it very quick. Don’t let this scare you off.


    The 1 point is for the future.

  13. Definitive the BEST free MMORPG out there cant accept the third place on top 10 MMORPG list
    there are much more things you can do than in Tera that means not Tera is a bad game quite the contrary its very good but in my opinion not as good as Rift is

  14. Played it before it went f2p and playin it now. Great game. It’s not pay 2 win and it’s not like u need to pay to get to content(swtor). One of the best and mb the best free mmorpg that have been realised.

  15. When this game used to be P2P it was good even back then but I then grew tired and persued playing other MMORPG’s like Ragnarok 2,C9,Vindictus, and even the old game “WoW” with the new expansion Mists of Pandaria. Although when I heard when Rift came F2P I instantly hopped back on the game and found many improvements and other content which made the game extremely better now than what it was before. It isn’t Pay to Win at all and only common cosmetics items and other miscellaneous items to help you travel faster, look cooler, or level faster. There will be a small amount of bugs in the game if you are unlucky but the Trion Support listens to the players and fixes the problem in the next patch which many times run once per week or they fix the problem in just a couple of hours or even minutes if the problem is no problem for them to fix.
    Many people love playing this game because of mostly two reasons that make this game shine like it does today, 1. The dynamic and unique class making system also called the “Soul System”
    and 2. The intense raids and battles trying to destroy rifts or defending a place from a rift invasion.
    I recommend this game to all MMORPG players who love to play MMORPG’s because this one is one of the best rated and popular MMORPG Game I and many other people played. Really the only thing that is a con about this game is small bugs but that rarely gets in the way of playing the game since they update and patch the game frequently.

  16. And some things I forgot are: Mounts which the first you can get from level 11 (If you save your money) the equipment (armor,weapons etc) are nice. And the classes are much.

    Now to say some bad things: Some hours of the day the servers are sometimes full which means you can even have a delay of 1-2 hours to get to your server , sometimes the game lags (or it is my connection) and the chat is spam-conquered (some of the chatters say about WoW and much more games they compare with rift and some others say hodor which is spamming ).

  17. I always wanted to say this : Mounted! This game is so popular and great too. From what I have played until now (I am level 17 (max is 60) ) I think its not boring and it offers you much fun the gameplay is great, the environment is great and there is even a house system! You can make your own rifts which you can fight the monsters that come out of the rifts solo (if you are powerful) or group. I really recommend you this game!


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