Rumble Fighter

Rumble Fighter is a free 3D fighting MMO game offering a casual approach, being easy to play but difficult to master. A maximum of 8 players get to battle it out simultaneously in fast paced and exciting multiplayer action. Basic offensive attacks are complemented with more advanced attacks, such as combos and counterattacks. The ExoCore skill system is something that really makes this game stand out from other free MMOs. Using this skill players can power up and morph into a stronger fighter, with each class featuring their own transformation items.

Rumble Fighter can be easily played via the keyboard, but players are able to use game controllers for a more arcade feel. Controls never get in the way of fun in this game. There are several fighting styles to choose from and a deep character customization system, ensuring that your fighter is completely different from the other players.

Choose from Battle Mode or Rumble Mode. The first mode is for those more interested in a survival kind of play and sticks to it, while in Rumble there are several game styles to select from.

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Additional Information


Rumble Fighter

RedFox Games
Release Date
August 02, 2007
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP


1 GB


1 GB available space


Pentium 4 2GHz (AMD and Celeron Series Included)


125MB RAM with DirectX 3D support (Geforce3 Ti, ATI Radeon 9500)

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews (65)

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Player 7 years ago
Rumble Fighter

Shut Down

March 31 2016

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Mya 7 years ago
This game is completely dead...

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Review 7 years ago
Rumble Fighter (Review)
+ 6 Classes (gender locked character sometime)
+ Good Customization
+ Many Different weapon style
+ 6 Game mode
+ Good Storyline
- Unstable server
- Negative Community
- Bugs
- Pay to Progress to have more weapon
- Hacker can ruin the game
- Heavy Grind
- Garapon box

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OceanicBuzzer 8 years ago
Ugh, spent $10 on one of my accounts and now I lost it because of this new Rumble Fighter: Revolution shit.

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ugurano 8 years ago
pay to win, new rumbe flighter

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mike 9 years ago
go to rumber fighter revolution its the new one

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realcommentary 9 years ago
so far i've only seen (best fighting game=i think c9 is better than rf in someway) and things like only skill determine the victory... LMAOOOOOO this game has sooo many op scroll that are worth real money this game is the most Pay To Win i've ever seen in my life time if you don't have any scroll you fight with default wich doesn't have any juggle has a poor range and is almost useless while if you pay you can get scrolls that can throw out people out of the map only by pressing two buttons or even some who increase the counter time(counntering is crucial in this ame and it's the hardest thing you can pull when you aren't fighting pros , pros thing are angles....), it's the most pay to win,

that doesn't mean the hosts gamescampus cares about their players every 10 min you can see a new room created with (blablabla is a SCAMMER) written on it and this thing has been happening for decades the developes still haven't created a trade system to avoid those type of thing they're too busy counting their money and rubbing their hands like birdman to do so. they don't care about the player and the game isn't totally fixed either honestly i don't think i need to really push on this but the way pros are playing isn't the way the game was supposed to be played ,

90% they'll use glitches like the air grab wich clearly wasn't intended or even throw you in some buggy angles of the map to juggle with your character for longer.

everything said this game is a total mess not because of the game itself but because of the hosts ogp recently lost their rights over it i blame the koreans who didn't pay attention to who they were giving the rights to because i've already succeded once in playing on the korean servers and i swear to god games campus and ogp are greedy *** when i played on it at lvl 10 they gave me a box with random scroll and it was REALLY RANDOM i didn't receive some cheap street scroll , the scroll was PERM i had zin taekwondo ,

half of the shop who normally cost real money were purchasable with in gam money , getting carat wasn't a pain in the **** while on gc and ogp servers getting a scroll like king ping wich is worth 51k carats when you only gain 100 carats per game of 3 rounds wich often last 4 to 5 min i calculated if you want that scroll you'll have to make 510 games and it will take you 34 HOURS! seriously 34! ,

im writing this comment so that people can understand the true facts of this game and no only view it by the eyes of people who spent 300$ on it and then say"only skills determine victory" i thank you if you took the time to listen to what i had to say and hope you won't mistake this damn pay to win for a real free to play and erase the vision from those rich kids who were SCAMMED by ogp and games campus if any of their staff see this wich i hope will happen this is my message : MAKE SOME DAMN EFFORTS.

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Brother Szobczak 9 years ago
This is a very addictive game.
But as mentioned in an earlier review I've read, it's pay2win
And the community sucks, not very welcoming of new players.

This game has been out for at least 7 years now (from the point of me making this review) and there servers are not up to par. It's almost a regular thing to expect a random disconnection while in a match.

Now I mentioned a little bit ago how this is pay2win, well how? Boxes. Random item drawing boxes, almost every recent update has some kind of box, as people spend countless amounts of money trying to get an item they want. What about in-game currency items? Well forget it. Back when the game was 1st released, most updates were about in-game currency, not so much now. Some in-game currency items released, no one purchase because the items suck, or look ugly compared to the astro items (astro are the irl money currency)

Now there is a korean version of this game known as Gem Fighter, the difference is that most of the rares that are on Rumble Fighter can be purchase on Gem Fighter for carats. What about rares in Rumble Fighter? Nine times out of ten, there gonna be boxed for astros.

Now how about the in-game currency? A full room (8 players per room) depending to how well you do, can earn you 0-150 carats per game unless you have a carat boosting item. Now how much are some of the in-game currency items? Well lets take the scroll Metatron for an example. It cost 70k (70,000) carats to earn this item. It leads to tons of grinding. Which in my opinion, takes away from the gaming experience despite of how addictive it is. Now lets take 70,000/150, that equals (rounding) 466.7. So what does this mean? If you get 1st place for every game you play, it will take you approximately 467 games to save up 70k if you start from 0 carats.

Now Rumble Fighter is basically OGPlanet's money maker. So an action of it being pay2win doesn't surprise me. Despite of all of it's flaws, it's still a pretty addictive game. Those 467 games could feel like nothing if your having fun. But this is just my opinion.

Rating : 4.5/10

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khmal2 9 years ago
yeah sure, if you tape yourself eating a giant pile of dog shit

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khamal 9 years ago
can someone gift me black out on "Fightzerz" ty

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Rosa 9 years ago
Love the game itself.. The community and the company that runs it? Not so much. Most of the events require you to pay real money for virtual items that can go as high as $300.. and have nothing that matches it.. then sooner or later it's released in another event or inside the shop which pisses a lot of people off.

The community itself is pretty bad too. It's manly full of idiots and rude assholes who think they're better then everyone and the way the newbie players are treated is pretty bad too. Not very welcoming.

Like Skyless said, the game itself "fakes fun". I was addicted to this game for nearly 4 years before realizing what a waste of time it really was and there are much better quality games.

Still, I love the game itself but everything else just kills it.

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Skyless 9 years ago
It's not closing.
The contract was renewed a while back.
This game is very pay to win, but you can win some games with the in-game currency. It takes ALOT of skill, and its changed alot since this video.
However, as stated before, the community is really terrible. You will hate the game so much, but cannot find a way to put it down. I finally escaped the trap myself.
RF isn't fun. It fakes fun, and that makes it all the more potent.

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spike 9 years ago
rumble fighter is mostly built on astro a lot more than carat in this game plus people can demote thierself with a high level player or low level player in the game and there a lot of scrammer in this game that can get a hold of your account in game with the trade system. the event are mostly focus on cash and less free stuff in the game which take away the item option for carat point another thing to mention is scroll. there is a lot of scroll that don't take skill when you can spam them to death if a player fall down on the ground or in the air and it mostly astro scroll not to much carat stuff that can do a lot of damage and now there op exocore that can be spammed in the game which make made me think that there is a lot of braindead player on this game. it only a few player that don't spam to win in the game. (bad community) overall I don't recommended this game to anything new player and old player you will really have no fun in this game when come it out the hole to say heartless cold word in this game. don't spend money on this game. this is a true fact of the outcome of this game. I tested it for 2 years to see how far it will down the hill.

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kod 10 years ago
rumble fighter is pretty much a fair rate game since the community is really bad and the content is mostly built on high cash for pay player only in rumble fighter. there are a lot of hacker using the trade system and the item mall too if people don't know that it part of that hack too. overall I would give this game 2/5 star since that the most problem in rumble fighter game. this my true opinion on rumble fighter game.

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ugurano 10 years ago
pay to win game

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iKorodo 10 years ago
The Game Is Mainly A Pay-To-Win Game as Said Above. Overall the game isnt a bad game. Out Of 10 i'd Give It A 7.5 just For The Fact That The Community Are Ass Holes and There Are Hackers. Trailed is Outdated. HAcking used to be alot worst so thats a plus. Huge advice for People Do Not Trade. 90% of those people scam. Even if said on the mega phone that someone is legit its either them using a spare account or their friend.

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TNAGuy 10 years ago
oh yea for any new players lvl does not matter , it shows how long you've been playing . You can be a lvl 5 playing in a pro channel it depends how skilled you are if you do very well you will get promoted if you do badly you get demoted you will fight high lvl people when you start off because they have been playing for awhile and still haven't developed a good skill yet :D they have a Free channel open for everybody which is always running lively so go ahead .

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TNAGuy 10 years ago
Rumble Fighter is a fun game to me, i started earlier this year and im going to be honest i have put some cash in the game because as i got better i wanted to face harder obstacles but threw level 1-15 they pack you with scrolls and exocores and some clothes and once you get to lvl 15 you get perm exo and scroll , they have tons of clothes and accessories, they have Zombie Mode , and a great Boss Mode system after you defeat a boss you get a Chest and you have to buy a key and that Chest can contain Clothes , the Boss exocore , the Boss gear , which is very cool . They have tons of events with GM's - CA's , which gives out clothes or rare clothes . So overall very fun game with tons of gameplay you can do

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vivaldi108 10 years ago
I need help changing into a werewolf form. please reply!

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fulminta 10 years ago
thats a lie i got to semi pro before i bought astros
ign fulminta

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Mati2001 10 years ago
No Europe, yeah...

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Streetbossx2 10 years ago
ok guys really your using a old trailer from 2007 go to the main sight and see the latest trailer its sick guys

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The Black mamba 10 years ago
This game is now bad it became a pay to win and now look at the games they are closing down rumble fighter should just go to we made to make it better and the community is horrible!

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dios 10 years ago
this game is fully built on astro meaning cash so there not to many people play this game since the company ogp made the game pay to get decent weapon on this game. the community is very bad and now there a lot of hacker in this game better not play this game.

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Pittsburgh DUI Attorney 10 years ago
Is it possible to play Rumble Fighter without living in U.S.A,Canada or Korea any trick,tip or hack?

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Wonred 10 years ago
Is the best, but im from chile and can't play I HATE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Raizen 10 years ago
This game is amazing , skill determines everything.

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Bizzie 10 years ago
Dabess Fighting Game to download! Takes pure skill but the downside is that most exocores and scrolls cost real money so u will be buying UGC's. BUT they do have nice scrolls n exos u can save up for. ALSO when u get to lvl 15, you get a free scroll

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Kim Rada 10 years ago
how to Game this???

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LapK 11 years ago
This game is fun, but its tough to master. The trailer for the game is outdated by like a few years. This game should be easier for beginners because the changes in the game. This game has a ranking channel, if your doing good you get promoted to a higher channel, if your doing bad you can get demoted down. The channels are split into Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, and Free (any rank can join). Levels don't really matter in this game, most people use it to tell how long people have been playing the game.

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holidays 11 years ago
there is now a beginner system which rewards players with various different items that are timed although it leads up to a few useful permenant items! Much easier for beginners now, one of my favourite games of all time.

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kennikia2234 11 years ago
I enjoyed playing this game.
Unfortunately it is extremely "pay to win"
All of the best skills all require you to buy with real money.
There are not very much items worth buying that don't cost real U.S.D
The game is fast paced and fun to play, but the korean version (Gem Fighter) is much better, Most of the Items can be bought with in-game cash, rather than the U.S. and EU version.

If you plan on playing this game, know that you will not be able to pass being a rookie without spending some money on new abilitys and cloths.

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kingtoshiro 11 years ago
my personal favorite i still play it

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gandehsa 11 years ago
i can't play this game cause it says "cannot download client cause u are outside from blah blah country" i can't play this here in philippines.

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alexDowg! 11 years ago
This Game Is Nothing like splash fighters,watcha talking about this da best game online there is well fighting genere of course splash fighters is a bad game RF Rocks.

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nick 11 years ago
i think a serious online fighting game with serious graphics will be awesome...
guys over 13 yo cant play games like these

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Numluck 11 years ago
Its game is epic. The trailer is so outdated though. This are new rumble modes and boss modes now. And now the creators are taking some of the players ideas and putting them in game for everyone to enjoy. The only problem is the scammers and and half of the community is very trashy. Other than that 4/5

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Watchan12 11 years ago
It looks for me a copy of splash fighters. They are both the same but rumble fighter still wins!

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powerdude202 11 years ago
wth 987mb dum i though tis game is good but people keep knocking me out 2/5

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Saif 11 years ago
rumble fighter isn't free

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yayawaw 12 years ago
the game is very fun LOVE IT!!

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kyomoto 12 years ago
Best fighting game online there is.

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