About the game:
Title: Spellbreak
Status: Beta
Genre: Battle Royale
Developer: Proletariat Inc.
Publisher: Proletariat Inc.

Become the ultimate battlemage in Spellbreak, a free-to-play battle royale from Proletariat Inc.! Spellbreak takes place in the Hollow Lands, where players seek to eliminate their rivals with a variety of magical spells and claim top honors. Choose your class and seek out the most powerful spells and items on the battlefield to claim your victory!

Spellbreak’s spell system is highly customizable. You can combine spells for spectacular effects or use them to counter your opponent’s spells. You’ll need to be flexible and master many disciplines to come out on top and take top honors!

Explosive Features:

  • Magical Battle Royale
  • Combine Spells For Extra Effects
  • Classes And Items

News and Updates

Pre-load Spellbreak On Steam Today For Release Tomorrow With Chapter 1

Tomorrow, Proletariat's battle royale Spellbreak will be playable on Steam, as will Chapter One, the beginning of the game's RPG content. To get players...

Spellbreak Preps For Next Content Chapter And Steam Launch In December

December 15 is poised to be a big day for magical battle royale game Spellbreak. That's when Proletariat will launch its Chapter 1 content,...

“Straightforward Pricing”: Spellbreak Devs Lay Out Core Principles Of Cash Shop

Everyone makes mistakes. When you're a free-to-play developer who makes mistakes with your cash shop, the best thing to do is pretend everything is...

Spellbreak’s Chapters Prologue Arrives Tomorrow, And So Does Deathmatch

Tomorrow (October 22), Proletariat will drop Spellbreak's Prologue: The Gathering Storm update across all available platforms. That's the EGS, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and...

Spellbreak’s Prologue: The Gathering Storm Brings Home Team Deathmatch On October 22

On October 22, Proletariat is launching the first seasonal content for Spellbreak. Titled "Prologue: The Gathering Storm", the update introduces new talents, potions, and...

Spellbreak’s Goal From Conception: To Be “Watchable, Streamable, And Shareable”

While any video game goes through some changes during its development cycle, Proletariat's initial vision for free-to-play battle royale Spellbreak has remained largely unaltered....

Proletariat Posts Spellbreak’s First Roadmap, Duo Mode Returns

If you've been wondering exactly what Proletariat has in the works for Spellbreak, you're now (more or less) covered. The development team posted a...

Spellbreak – Gameplay First Look

Looking for something a tad different in the battle royale scene? Spellbreak from Proletariat, Inc. puts you in the role of a mage bent...

Featured Video

System Requirements

Spellbreak Minimum System Requirements:
OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1, or 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.4 Ghz or equivalent
Memory Ram: 4GB
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 640 or Radeon R7 GPU

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