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About the game:
Title: Star Conflict
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment

Star Conflict is a free to play 3D spaceship combat MMO by Gaijin Entertainment. In Star Conflict, players will begin by choosing one of three factions. Each faction has their own rich backstory and feature an incredibly detailed progression list of unique faction-specific spacecraft.

Players will get the chance to pilot a variety of spaceships, from small fighters which focus on hit and run tactics, to large frigates which forgo speed in favor of large amounts of weaponry and high hit points. Each of these ships come complete with their own weapon loadouts, handling stats and unique ability modules, all of which can be swapped out.

After every match players will accrue credits and experience. Experience will allow a player to unlock new higher tiered spacecraft along with an incredibly detailed multi-tier tech tree that gives players access to new researched weapon technology and improved system stats which persist from ship to ship. Players can opt to take on missions which give players secondary objectives to complete during matches for extra experience and credits. The game currently favors PvP modes but does offer a PvE co-op mission for players seeking a less intimidating experience.

Explosive Features:

  • Dozens of different ships, from rapid interceptors, to heavy frigates.
  • Each ship can be customized with unique weaponry and abilities.
  • Incredibly detailed environments and dazzling effects.

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System Requirements

Star Conflict Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
Memory Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB of free disk space
Video Card: Pixel Shader 3.0 compliant, 512 MB (Nvidia GeForce 260 GT or better)

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    • this game is now complete horse shit! they added a new campain mode that is completely broken, changes the whole game to now you have to level you polit level to advance to get the next tier of the ships but at the lvl up its broken so your forever stuck at lvl 1, PVE is completely busted, befor the patch it was a 3-5 min wait to get a match now its 25mins to get a match started, massive PVP and Co-op modes but now thoses modes are worthless due to the cost of repair after the fight. its cool you can use the warp gates in open space free of charge but now open space is stupid, they took out all random drops and space junk, 99% of the time the random mobs dont drop loot in space after you kill them, PVP maps in open space are worthless due to every NPC ship attacks you at the gates. Corperations are also broken due to they removed the guild tax you can get for owning a sector in space, Horiable player based comunities and the GMs favor there freinds alowing them to do what they want when they want with out any punishment so if they pick a fight with you, youll be baned for defending your self but they wont. reg chat watch out they will chat ban you for the stupidest shit in the world, chat ban does suck because you cant use the trade channel or talk in guild chat which also kills the corp real fast if your corp mates ask u a question and you cant respond so they leave thinking your ignoring them. ive been on this game sence 2014 and its fun if you dont talk to anyone but if your a typical gamer like me you want to go check everything out and youll see alot of grown ass men acting like lil whiney kids, you can use mutiable accounts but almost every corp is run by a GM and they use your IP addy agenst you so if 1 account you use to attack them from 1 corp and you try to get a invite another the GM will message you talking shit asking why use a dummy account to get in such corp and if you give the wrong answer depending on his mood your accounts will be shut down for 30 days if not longer. i was baned after a new player asked about the patch in chat and i did pros n cons in chat and was baned for such action due to bashing the game, oh dont say anything about russians positve or bad this is a russian game and they will ban you, if your american and they ask tell them your canadain they will ban you on the spot just for saying you live in the states, this game is very ban hammer happy.

  1. The game WAS good but in the last few month it went to a p2w/grind2win way. The devs removed the teamplay from pvp, and some serious social functions. Doesn’t worth to start paying it anymore.

    Finally the destroyers destroyed the fun.

  2. Like the cool ships, the controls, the HUD and the game modes, but now almost everyone in game is pro so starters need to suffer from waiting >5 mins to get in game. I guess we’ll wait for star citizen release

  3. For a free to play MMORPG this game is very awesome and cool and fun, lots of intense fighting, graphics are very nice, combat is very good. Missions and Quests and Skirmish and PVP are also very good.
    However the only let down on the game is that you only get to have 6 missiles to use at a time, and then have to wait like 2 full minutes for them to reload to get 6 more missiles, this is a very big turn off in the game.
    Also the guns overheat very very quickly.
    So over all ill give this game a 6/10, if the missile reloading issue was to be improved, and if the gun over heating issue was to be improved then ill give this game 10/10.

  4. When i click play it says:

    ”can’t initialize renderer because your d3d video is not supported
    by the game”

    I checked forums. No answer there.
    Help ?

  5. pros :

    1. nice graphics.
    2. many ships = many rolls. you can be a tabnk, a healer, a recon, a fighter etc…


    1. after 3-4 days… you realize that thats it. you done it all…
    no new maps, no new quests, no new experience. just grind, grind grind…
    2. most arenas/maps both in pvp and pve require a team that works in tandem. i.e. knows what
    to do and when to do that. usually that won’t happen. at high levels you will usually fail
    because of team management fail. that mean you will grind the lower tire maps over and over
    again. becomes useless and boring.
    3. everything is expensive ! in-game money is hard to get and expensive… rl money is…expensive as hell…

    bottom line : worth a day or two of game play but that’s it…

  6. Since my August 18 comment, I’ve found that the GM’s are of a broader range of personality types than the ones I found to be a narrow-minded clique. It isn’t so bad if you just avoid global chat, but it would be better if they’d quit trying to censor global chat.

    I had one good experience with their customer service (different department than GM’s).

    The patches bring some drastic and sudden changes approximately every 2 weeks. It’s an additional difficulty to deal with when it happens. They know when the players are experiencing a substantial, undesired experience due to such changes, and they find some way to make it easier for the players to get through it.

    There’s a lot to dislike about Star Conflict. There’s a few things to like about it. I’ll say have a look and see for yourself. You won’t lose anything. That’s definitely not a scam company. They are fair and honest about the money matters.

    • Same thing happened to me. Spent money on game, then found that my chat privileges had been removed. Went to the forum to complain about the censorship, and was permanently banned there. This happened yesterday. To make things worse, they left my forum post up, but deleted my responses in it, to manipulate the information and make me look worse.

      No warnings. No explanations.

      I have never been banned from a forum or chat program before. This is absurd.

  7. I played it for a month and spent $40 on it. I regret it and do not recommend it.

    It is awesome functionally, technically, graphically and responsively, but it has been ruined by GM’s and conditions. For example: no cussing allowed. We’re expected to constantly kill, get killed, kill, get killed, yet speak as if we were nuns.

    The deceptive and potentially fraudulent aspect of Star Conflict is: they have the terms of use which you can read at their web site. That’s all fine and usual stuff which is easy to agree to. You go for some indefinite amount of time before you realize there’s some other set of rules somewhere else online. They are the most prudish rules I’ve ever seen for a game on the web. Unfortunately for me, I discovered these unacceptable rules after I wasted money on the game.

    I am accustomed to a very adult Internet experience. I will not be micromanaged or watched under a microscope or censored by a clique of narrow-minded GM’s. I will not play a game which is ran like a child daycare.

    • Same thing happened to me. Spent money on game, then found that my chat privileges had been removed. Went to the forum to complain about the censorship, and was permanently banned there.

      No warnings. No explanations.

      I have never been banned from a forum or chat program before. This is absurd.

  8. Off from where devil_kit stated.

    Yes do not I repeat do Not spend anything on the game till about t3 as it will be a waste of money. Even then the game has made major changes to many of the modules for your ships that basicly made all of my money spent t3 gear useless and alot of other gear that was around 8mil or so creds basicly gone in just a matter of an update. {wasted so much time grinding for that gear to just have it taken away with no replacements or atleast half of the money or creds used in the game back]

    That basicly turned me away lately as if they did this once they could very well do it again.

    1. Very good graphics [reminds me of X3, Freespace like devil_kit stated]

    2. Learnable controls [hard at first but you will get used to them after a while]


    1. Their updates can be very game changing [rather you spent money or not]

    2. You have to pay for a liceses to do a squad with your friends.

    3. everything is very expsensive from cred to their cash shop money.

    4. Gameplay becomes repeated after a while same thing over and over basicly.

    5. I have more cons than pros ???

  9. Simply calling this WoT in space would be a crime. It is listed as an MMO but is nothing of the sort- yet. Right now its more of a Multiplayer Online Game with lobby based gameplay in team vs team or Team vs PvE gameplay modes. The game is still in Open Beta state as well and there’s many changes being done here and there. I don’t recommend buying into the game just yet unless you’ll be comfortable with some possible MAJOR changes to the game.

    If you enjoyed space flight sims like X3, Freespace, Colony Wars, etc. then maybe this might satisfy an itch for competitive if at times unfair combat.

    The Bad, yes the bad. The game IS in beta still and some of the gameplay modes / things they are adding can entirely change the dynamic of the game, the game was much more fun and more dynamic pre 0.8 patch. Post 0.8 patch they changed so much (not all for the better) that the game feels like a ghost of its former self to me. Match making can be really one sided, PvE matches can be set at higher Tier difficulty by being matched with someone who has a higher tier ship than you in which you can’t really contribute to completing the mission. Some of the cash shop items are priced a bit too high for how long they’ll be useful to you in my opinion.

    IF you can stomach the bads, and the changes during this open beta then maybe Star Conflict might be for you.

    • PS don’t make any cash shop purchases until you have played up to Rank 6 in a Faction (race) or play a fair amount of Tier 3 (rank 7-9) matches. Since the meat of the upper tiers of gameplay start to show themselves at the higher tiers

  10. I was looking for a game like this for years, downloaded countless games and always ended up disappointed. But this game is the one I was waiting for.
    Fun, smooth and good looking. Sometimes you can get in some epic battles and awesome dogfights.
    Game has huge potential. Lets just hope that devs take it in the right direction.

  11. omg this is a very addicting game if you ever wanted to command your space battle ship to the enemey then you will love this

  12. This game rules although the action isn’t really filled because of the failed graphics, I like it but I wonder why my wife loves it…I guess she never played games in her life!

  13. Almost got introuble with the wife when I installed this, I was looking for a game to replace my Space Sim fix after my other Space sim went inactive. Very much worth a try, very fun has that Space Cowboy(for those who dont know what spacecowboy is look at Ace) feel to it. I like it and will continue to play. Very big coop play, dont fall away from the pack unless you can cloak, because unless you can your pretty much dead.


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