About the game:
Title: Starborne
Status: Released
Genre: MMO Strategy
Developer: Solid Clouds
Publisher: Solid Clouds

Build your space empire and conquer the galaxy in Starborne, a sci-fi free-to-play browser-based MMO strategy game from Solid Clouds. Start with just a single station, and improve it by collecting resources or raiding your neighbors to build new facilities. As you progress, you’ll learn new skills and be able to build new stations and expand your domain, all with an eye toward taking over all of known space!

Starborne works in real time; actions take time to perform, and other players will make their moves while you’re offline, so you never know what the state of the game will be when you next log in. There is a wide variety of strategies available, both aggressive and peaceful, so you’ll need to choose your specializations — and your allies — carefully if you’re going to survive in the harshness of space.

Explosive Features:

  • Sci-fi, Time-based Strategy
  • Different Paths To Victory
  • Expansive Skill Tree And Ship Roster

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  1. A group of us who have played RTS browser games since 2010 tried it but like others said, its not really browser and there are a few other issues. We are waiting for an indie game called Zalenia to come out. Has great grassroots effort and the gameplay that has been leaked is solid.

  2. It is very pay-to-win. And it is not some city builder game where you can do your thing at your own speed, it is a competitive session-based game with winner and losers at the end of each round. Not sure what the developers were thinking, but this is unlikely to work.

    Plus, the first few hours are fun, but by day 2 it becomes boring and fairly repetitive

  3. Please change the category of this game. It is a DOWNLOAD game, not a browser game.

    Oh wait. I signed up through a browser. So that makes it a browser game?

  4. Evidently, Browser-based now means, “Well, it GOES to a website, initially. But then you have to download software.”


  5. The game is good but the company and community of devs and moderators are extremely bad.Not only recently the Tournament server was a great failure ,answer being ” devs admit they screw up” but the game is also played from a specific group of devs within a closed circle of 100 players where devs, mods etc participate in politics as players. And not only that they will have you spend real money and if you need anything there is no refund and only behavior. I have played and achieved rank 30 in the game just to see getting bullied from a bunch of kids and their dev friends. Spending time even to report bugs as i did is a waste of time nothing serious nor company wise. A joke that takes your money and do not deliver.The worse of the worse experience i have ever seen in my 20 year participation in the gaming community. From early alphas to actual game launch this is definitely a community to avoid.Game has potential but not from this group and company. Anything beyond farmer casual will face this directly in the form of enemy alliance and bulling discord. Dont waste your time!! They wont say we take your money we wont give back and if the game fails as Tournament did the answer was .Who cares the devs admit they screwed up and we renamed the server from tournament to SPace flu so it does not count…ss everything on discord.


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