About the game:
Title: Star Colony
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORTS Type: Browser
Developer: Eiyland LLC
Publisher: Eiyland LLC

Explosive Features:

  • Sci-fi Setting
  • Strategic Base-building
  • Clan Wars

After a great war, the people of Earth have moved on to a distant planet, Terra Sperata. They’ll have to contend with alien life, hostile terrain, and other well-armed colonists, eager to seize their neighbors’ resources.

In StarColony, a free-to-play browser game from Eiyland LLC, you’ll settle a new world and build up your colony from scratch, exploiting the land and battling your rival colonists for resources. While building up your colony, you’ll need to devote significant thought to your defenses. Even the layout of your base can be used to your advantage, trapping enemy invaders so they can be mowed down by your own forces.

As you build up your colony, you’ll encounter the Swarm and the Ancients, two races of alien invaders who would love nothing more than to wipe humanity out. Embark on quests, recruit heroic units, and even colonize the home planet of the Swarm if you feel brave enough. You’ll need to balance your efforts between fending off your many enemies and making strategic alliances — or wars — with your neighbors if you’re going to survive.

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7 User Reviews

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  1. Ravioli on December 2, 2016

    Pay to win, no real players (too many gone players)

  2. Richie on September 21, 2016

    avoid this game like the plague. keeps getting hacked and your personal details used for phishing scams

  3. Wavdcr on August 19, 2016

    StarColony is a Great little Browser game , it has some Great players! But it has one Very Serious Problem that will eventually become the Demise of the game. There Support Team is very juvenile.
    They Harass as well as God Mod. They have a Serious problem with there MOD’s. if a person gets banned for One word and one word only for 48 hours . The Word Was * Hi*. They blame people for having Alts. When they do not have an alt, Also it does not say anything in the rules about having an alt . Its poorly support constructed . If you do come into StarColony , just beware of the Support team and dont get on the bad side of them.

  4. Serban on August 3, 2016

    How can a browser game be PC only? God help us…

  5. kyle on May 23, 2016

    best game everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. Nemin on May 1, 2016

    Not even the tiniest bit of a StarCraft copy, ah no…

    • Costa200 on October 19, 2016

      Actually, since Starcraft obviously ripped off Warhammer 40K, one can’t really blame these guys from continuing the tradition can we?

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