Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is a free to play 3D Sci-Fi MMORPG based on the popular Star Wars universe. SWTOR takes place 3000 years before the films, and allows players to become Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunters, Troopers, and other iconic classes! Each class features a custom storyline, complete with fully voice acted dialogue and dynamic questions that allow players to make meaningful choices that impact their own personal story.

As players progress they will meet a variety of class specific companions, each with their own special traits and behavior. These companions come with detailed armor sets, unique abilities and personal stories that progress alongside the players. Players will also gain access to a class specific ship, which allows players to travel in between planets and engage in space combat missions.

As a Free-to-Play player, some restrictions are present when attempting PvE dungeons/raids and PvP battlegrounds. A F2P player can only participate in 5 battlegrounds and can only gain loot from the bosses in the first 3 dungeons they attempt every week; players are also restricted from doing any Raids as a completely F2P player.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Electronic Arts
Release Date
December 20, 2011
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows 7 / 8


4 GB or better


15 GB


Intel Pentium Dual Core G6960 2.93 GHz / AMD Phenom II X3 B75 or better


Nvidia GeForce 465 GTX / ATI Radeon HD 5850 or better

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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animal 3 weeks ago
game is full crap

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Sara 6 years ago
[SPOILER ALERT! Read at your own risk if you haven't played!]

I've played this for a long time, and this is a great addition to the scifi mmo community. Thoroughly enjoyable content across multiple planets.


Until you hit endgame, anyway. When you look back at each class storyline, at first it seems as if the content has huge variety, but once you get to a certain point - such as the planet Corellia, around levels 47-50 for Republic characters, you realize nothing before truly mattered, aside from gaining lightside/darkside points or affinity with a favored NPC companion. Your choices at the battle of Corellia make or break your legacy at the end. You can play up to level 55, and from there you cannot progress any further without producing money and paying for extra levels and story content (and equipment). If you do, you can progress up to level 70.

-Great graphics.
-Companions have great personality and strange quirks.
-Sense of challenge and adventure.

-Huge game size: Around 19 GB installed.
-Newest content requires purchase of expansion packs and subscription status.
-Pay to win. The most challenging missions with the biggest rewards require equipment purchased with real money.
-If you cannot afford the previous two, at the very end (level 50-55) You find yourself indefinitely in limbo - you cannot progress to the more difficult missions available at your level due to lack of purchased equipment. You will die trying.

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infinnin 6 years ago
2016 review

Introduction: I have been playing this game since beta mode becasue I was an insane fan of Star Wars (I still love it but not that much when I was a kid) and this game quite changed through many patches expansions but latest expansion gave insane system core improvements, crafting changes etc, that I could talk about for hours, but some points still ruins/highs up the game so here we are:

-Very good storylines (for story fans I would recommend reading Knights of the Old Republic comics and play RPG by the same name, before playing TOR)
-Enough content
-Very decent leveling system
-Friendly community
-Still p2w
-Free-to-play mode is just a feeling of "getting stabbed in the back"
-Very reapetitive and boring quests/operations
-Poor customization without buying additional appearance packs (hairs, races etc)
-Poor support
-Dead servers

Final thoughts: its a must try for newbies looking for good stories and star wars fans with good atmosphere and galaxy, but lacking of many things that others MMO's has isnt calling to stay for long.

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Azmin 6 years ago
Played this game for 2 days then got auto banned due to some security issue. It so hard to contact customer support. No email only phone call. It a good game enjoyed it but beware you could be auto banned at anytime.

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Brad 7 years ago
wow, the game is free and you think your entitled to everything that people that pay monthly for get? grow up, get a new life... complain about monthly games that you don't get updates fast enough for.. stop being cry babies..

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lolwut 7 years ago
First off, don't even bother trying to go f2p on this game. It's designed to make you ragequit or ragebuy. Other posters have waxed eloquent on this and the specific limitations, so go read about that crap there.

I subscribed to this game for about a year, and pushed my character well into the endgame (which, like all MMOs, turns into a dungeon running grindfest... No really compelling content) - what finally drove me away is the complete apathy of the devs to anything not related to the cash shop (got bugs? Too bad, but we've got a new pack to buy!) and the broken PvP. Hacks abound, with the most popular being speed hacks (also drops skill CDs to <1sec) and warp. Even the Galactic Starfighter, almost a game in itself, is full of exploits, to the point where skill and gear are irrelevant next to the god mode.

Find a hacker and document them breaking the game? Great! They'll get a 1 week ban every time they get caught. Support is a joke. If you're looking for mediocre, repetitious PvE mechanics and gimmicky nostalgia, this is the place to be. If you're looking for good PvP, seek elsewhere.

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Philosopherpony 7 years ago
I played this game shortly after it first came out, and again only a few months ago. A lot has improved since it's release, but this game has a lot of work that needs to be done with it. Though, it pains me knowing that EA and Bioware aren't going to do a thing about the game's issues. To start, my biggest issue with the game is the whole pay to win system it has. If you've got money to burn, you're immediately at a major advantage here. Subscriptions add up overtime, and will eventually leave a sizable hole in your wallet. You'll have access to all the best PVP armor and weapons, and will basically be an unstoppable force. Even in PVE, you have almost nothing to work with as a free to play user. You'll get quest rewards that you can't even use until you buy a subscription, and between the credit cap, and the cut in experience gain, it's almost not even worth your time.

As far as the game itself goes, it isn't bad at all I must say. The story for almost all classes is not only interesting, but highly entertaining. Playing as a Sith warrior, Imperial agent, Republic trooper, and a smuggler, I can say that each of these four classes have either amazing stories, or awesome character interactions. I love the romance aspect between you and your companions, and even some of the characters outside your party (For example, a certain sergeant you meet as the republic trooper). I had a wonderful time progressing my characters.

All that being said, and as a huge Star Wars fan myself, it pains me to see such an amazing game ruined with it's fees. People say things like, "quit complaining f2p" like because we either don't want to spend the money, or even don't have the money to spend, than all these points suddenly become invalid. I'll spend money on a game if it's good enough, or if the prices are fair. This game, in it's current state, is not worth the amount you'd be paying. If they were to do what ESO is doing, or even what WoW is doing, it'd be a bit more reasonable. Maybe charge players for the game initially, then have micro-transactions for extra in-game content. As it is now, the only thing I'd know to compare it to is Runescape, but with the (as I mentioned) pvp items that you need to buy with real money or cartel coins.

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David J potts 7 years ago
Here my take on it, sure you can play the whole story for free but It feel like they are actively being disdainful, which that is true, I can list the all the reasons but I'm going to just cut it in a few words and I quote.

"You, cash cow give us money, you gain a few hotbars and can carry more then 30 items and sprint at lvl 1 and more, But no money and we make your time playing a living hell."


Pros: give money and it's a good mmo.

Cons: don't give money and it's Shit(poop, crap, not worth it.)
You have to pay them to even make a bug report.

so if you find a Game breaking bug and your a FTP then you cant even report it LOL

I rate this game at -10 out of 10 for Free to pay, oops i mean play.

~ David a player that will give money to GOOD or great FTP games.

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Sin 7 years ago
I've played this game on and off since launch. I've always been a subscriber - it is WORTH SUBSCRIBING. The game is amazing. It got me to quit World of Warcraft for several months, and that's never happened in my 8 years of playing WoW. The classes are fun to play, each class has a unique quest line that tells a story. The leveling/questing experience is by far the best I have ever seen in an MMO, because it makes you feel like you're not just another player. The voice actors in the game are magnificent, including Steve Blum as Andronikos Revel (for anime fans, he voiced Spike Spiegel in the Cowboy Bebop series). The game has great looking armor sets, you can get cosmetic pieces and rip out the good stats from your epic gear, pop it into the cosmetics, and you have a full epic set once again but with an awesome cosmetic look.

Cosmetic gear is easy to get, too, especially if you're leveling with a friend. You get social points for questing with another person, which you can use to unlock sets of cosmetic gear from each planet, so there's quite a few sets that are available. You can also get a lot of sets from the Galactic Market (auction house) for credits, which you earn through questing. If you are subscribed, you get 500 cartel coins per month to spend in the Cartel Market. Cartel coins are the currency that cost real money. You don't NEED it to play the end-game well. I have raided with people who are F2P and do better than I could. Most of the stuff in the Cartel Market is cosmetic: mounts, pets, armor sets (without stats, purely cosmetic), race unlocks, character customization unlocks (not that there is a lack of customization, it just unlocks some more options like white eyes or more tattoos), and companion skins (you can buy some of these from a vendor for in-game currency anyway). And not only that, almost all of the items from the Cartel Market can be purchased and then re-sold on the Galactic Market for the in-game currency, so F2P players can, theoretically, access a lot of the Cartel Market items without needing the spend any real money.

But trust me, this game is deserving of your subscription.

However, I will admit the F2P is not fun, for me at least. You are very, very limited on what you can do. The most frustrating thing is having a cap on your credits, which I think is 300k currently. Considering that most of the cool, high-end cosmetic items like mounts can run for 1 million credits, F2P players couldn't buy it from the Galactic Market if they wanted to. But like I said earlier, I know quite a few people in my guild who raid with us, and they are F2P players. I've never seen them complain, and they always do well. You can't buy epic gear with real money - you have to farm it out, just like everyone else. Which isn't too bad, either. Took me a few weeks of grinding dungeons to get enough gear to start raiding casually with my guild.

So is this game pay-to-win? No. But you certainly get a lot of perks and cosmetics for being subscribed.

Other than the non-existent pay-to-win issue, I only have a few minor complaints: the combat and movement can be choppy sometimes; if you play on a PVP realm, prepare to be ganked and camped often; the Republic and Empire classes mirror each other, so there's not as many classes as it seems at first (but you still get talent trees, which is nice); lastly, the customer service can be iffy - sometimes it's prompt and efficient, other times you're wondering if all you're getting is automated responses after days of waiting.

However, it's still a game worth playing, especially if you're into Star Wars. I'll admit, I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but my friend that I leveled with is, and we both had fun with the game.

tl;dr This game is not pay-to-win, you only get cosmetics with real money, and it's worth being subscribed if you like the game. Questing system is very fun and unique. Amazing voice acting. Choppy movement/combat at times. Very active game with a great community and fun events to bring guilds together.

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Geezer9999 7 years ago
Played this a while back and I must say, its really quite good. Story is excellent. My only complaint was the restricted amount of PVP, Dungeons, Raids per week you're allowed, I know it F2P and they need to make money from somewhere...but still its a great game.
Unfortunately I'm no longer playing this (WOW has hypnotized me, again) but hopefully soon-ish I shall return.

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oh dear 8 years ago
must play ^_^

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Oh 8 years ago
100% recommended try out imperial agent best story.

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Rick 8 years ago
All I see on this is how much people want to whine about restrictions on a F2P portion of the game. You guys need to realize one thing, the subscriber community protested the heck out of this game going to F2P because WE KNEW that it would suck for people to F2P will all the restrictions. I will not lie there are tons for F2P and Preferred Players don't get much better but they are a heck of a lot better off than F2P. Bioware went and made it F2P and the subscription base fell to below 1M but stayed above the 500K BioWare said was necessary to make the game profitable. You cannot expect a game to go F2P and then give you EVERYTHING those that subscribe get. Don't get me wrong the not having bank access, ability to use all crew skills, and a credits cap sucks and should be available to all. But can you really expect them to give you access to everything while they still have a P2P base.

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DeathScythe2100 9 years ago
I like or even love this game well use to anyways. I liked the game when it was free to play since there is no better game then a free to play game. But sadly most games that say free to play usually. Have some form of content or item that cost something that you are not able to loot or receive as reward in the game. And requires you to pay for (for example DS) DS. And DS let's you buy item's that you are not able to buy with the normal money so called credits. Now I do not know for a fact that everyone agrees on this. But I do think and believe that mostly every gamer loves to have a free to play game that's actually free a game where you do not have to pay for a subscription. Or DS (Example) For a game that let's you buy item's with the credit's/cash you earn in the game. Now I use to play this game as often as I would besides playing other games. But when I heard this game became a game where you needed the subscription to get the stuff that you use to receive. For free without having to pay, I was like, are you serious? And I really just wished that it was not true. But sadly it was so then I just stopped playing now I will get on this game but that is rarely. I think most if not all gamer's agree with me when I say there is no better game then a free to play game. And I actually mean free, No having to pay for subscription's or for DS (Example) and etc. Now I know the people who are subs or not subs might start hating on this comment but you have to realize this is my opinion and you should not take it so seriously now if you do hate on this comment and then waste you're time typing away hating on my opinion then go ahead but if that's how you use you're time by hating on what other people think, then I feel bad for you. But honestly this game does have bug issues not to all but to at least some or half of the community. And not everyone is able to play this game because they probably want stuff that has to be paid for but are not able to buy since they do not want to or, Or they are not able to. If they do wish to make this game good and have a huge community like they use to have. They will have to take off the pay for a subscription so that players can get the sprint and etc. For free instead of paying. Take their time and fix the bug's/issues in the game now I am not sure if they are working on the bug issue now I hope they are but so far it does not seem like they are. No everyone enjoys a pay to play or play to win game. People play the game to enjoy it not to pay for stuff that they are required to have if they wish to get farther in the game. I give this game a thumbs down. It could change to a thumbs up but that's after they fix the problem's with the game content.

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Baconmas 9 years ago
if your truly a star wars fan like myself you will love SWTOR the only downside is you get around 5 PVP mtches a week which is not bad. honestly i care about the story and its a good one.

IF YOUR A STAR WARS FAN..... give SWTOR a try!


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Robert 9 years ago
If you want to play a free to play sci-fi based game, I recommend playing Star Trek Online. It is a hell of a lot better than Star Wars: The Old Republic. There are restrictions on the size of your inventory and they limit the number of ships you can purchase in game, but overall I recommend Star Trek Online over Star Wars: the Old Republic any day.

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Archer 9 years ago
The game is FREE TO PLAY! Although leveling and other stuff will be a hell of a lot harder because you don't have the subscription thingy, its still doable. Im a subscriber from day 1 and I have seen the ups and the downs. There are NO BOTS on the servers and I've seen the servers get quite populated. Every "free" game out there could use more stuff and better stuff I'll agree. But this game is a fun game if you give it a try.

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GamingMaster 9 years ago

Please remove star wars the old republic from being in free to play category,This "game" is not free to play but a demo.

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trooperguy761 9 years ago
LOL. FTP complaining.... Never gets old. Just sub.

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Marte 9 years ago
I'm playing SWTOR and I like it, though not as much as I liked KOTOR (KOTOR2 was never really finised, so let's forget about that). The biggest problem I have with SWTOR is most likely due to the MMORPG genre in general, where all the classes must be balanced (or at least as balanced as possible), which for a the Star Wars lore is a terrible idea, at least becuase of the classes which you can choose in this game! If they were just Jedi and Sith (both with different types, like sentinel, guardian, shadow, etc), that would be no problem at all, but it's a big issue if they put in also mercenaries, bounty hunters, and the others. Come on, Sith and Jedi can't be on the same level of the others, they should e clearly above them. It's like the emperor could be killed by a bounty hunter! That's idiotic! This game should have never been a MMORPG, it should have been KOTOR 3!

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PnumbraViktus 9 years ago
Even while I was a subscriber the leveling was too slow, I quit.

Don't play this the leveling is too slow.

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DDH 9 years ago
I played SWTOR since Beta up until May 2013 as a subscriber and I'm F2P since.
F2P for SWTOR is exactly as allacore666 described it - very restrictive and not very fun unless you buy add-on features via micro transactions (and that adds up quickly!).

As for the game play itself, it does have some good elements:
The class stories, the voice acting and the companions (pets) and their stories are novel and interesting.
But the bad outweighs the good:

EA doesn't fix any bugs and each patch introduces new ones.
Their developers do not play their own game and completely disregard the input of play testers, with the result each patch brings a new embarrassment. I recall patch 1.7 forced everyone to PVP naked, because your armor would actually make you weaker - took EA weeks to fix the problems even though the testers told them months in advance of the patch release.

To the Star Wars fan, this game does not feel like Star Wars. Yes, you have lightsabers and that's about it:
No pod races, no multiplayer space missions, no epic faction battles, no open-world PVP. In fact, PVP in warzones is often against your own faction and open-world PVP, which really only happens during special events, is just free-for-all ganking.
The same Imperial guilds have mirror chapters on the Jedi side and freely switch from one faction to another for trades and item transfers. Lightside vs. Darkside really doesn't exist in this game.

PVP is rather disappointing in general: the classes have some serious imbalances and EA has persistently failed to address these issues. Just as with any other game issues, EA also failed to fix bugs in warzones that have been around since launch in Dec. 2011.
Cross-server PVP, which was asked by and promised to the community never materialized either.
Any kind of PVP that involves more than 2 dozen players causes the Hero engine to generate unbearable lag (which is one of the reasons that open-world PVP and epic battles do not happen). In warzones, the lag can be tolerated since there are only 16 players fighting in a separate instance. SWTOR PVP has also quite a few cheaters, namely lag-switchers and speed-hackers. EA's enforcement of the EULA is very mild. If a cheater gets caught, which is rare enough, they receive an email warning. Repeat offenders get suspended for up to 1 week only, but lose nothing that they have gained by cheating (i.e. warzone points, credits, experience, ranks).

PVE missions and raids are faction-neutral. You do the same raids as a Jedi or an Imperial. But they are actually interesting the first time you do them. Later, when you have to grind them over and over they get boring very quickly. PVE is just like it is in any other MMO - the bosses have millions of hitpoints and special attacks, but once you learn the pattern (or watched the youtube video) they are all very easy. The only thing that keeps PVE lively (or frustrating) are the many bugs in all of the raids and missions.

The micro transactions in the game (Cartel market) borders on Pay-to-Win: you can generate millions of credits by selling Cartel items that you purchased with real money, then use these credits to buy yourself high-end gear without ever really playing the game or doing the raids.

Lastly, the community is not very friendly. While it is not as bad as some true F2P games such as LOL, don't expect anyone to help you or even answer your questions in chat or on the forums. Trolls are abundant and, as it is with cheaters, EA does practically nothing about it. In rare cases, 3-day chat suspensions are about the worst punishment that they might dish out.

Overall, SWTOR had a lot of potential but EA/Bioware did not keep the promises they made at launch. Hence, player numbers have been dropping steadily since launch.
Now the game is not worth the $15 sub and because it's F2P model is so draconian, it's not worth the free download either.

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Dillan 9 years ago
Okay look people say it's a bad game but it really isn't! it's only a bad game if your one of those people who wants better stuff than everyone else... If you like the look of it... Go play it!

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Joseph 9 years ago
Guys, here's the best piece of advice your going to get on this forum. Ignore every comment on this page. If you are interested in checking out this game then just go and try it. As been mentioned there is a free-to-play aspect here so you don't have to spend any money. As for the restrictions, well they don't really kick in until your a bit past level 10 which should give you long enough to decide if your interested in this game or not. If your interested then by all means put a little cash into the game if not, well then there are more games to try. The people here either love it or hate it but no one here has given you an objective opinion on the quality of the game. The best way to get that is to try it yourself

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Nicholas 9 years ago
Best MMO ive ever played. Have been a supscriber and free to play havnet notised ant diffrens. Stop the hate plz

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BOB 9 years ago
You can unlock most of the restrictions buy buying them in the in game trade market for in game credits which include just about everything people bitch about, The only restriction I have on my account now is the credit cap, everything else I unlocked with out paying a dime. As far as pvp and the flashpoint restrictions you do have to buy a weekly pass which you can buy with in game currency as well, I can not think of anything at all I could not unlock from just playing and earning credits in game, quit bitching and being lazy.

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Played this game...boring as bacon!! 9 years ago
Looking for an excellent space adventure with insane battles, death everywhere and the chance to change the history of the galaxy around you...look elsewhere!

I've played this game at launch, payed for 3 months sub, upfront. Played all the classes at least once, stuck with my Bounty Hunter till lvl 50, managed to win a set of tier 1 pvp gear and I skipped about 20 lvls of story and solely focused on pvp because...

The story is absolute time wasting CRAP! Holy shit...hours of dialog, choices that do absolutely nothing to the gaming universe or to your story whatsoever.
So...I killed a hut, big deal...hes alive again for the next random guy to do the story mode. Oh and then, the hut I killed had his buddies try to hunt me down and kill me on some random planet, so I killed them. The same way I kill everything else, hit the "1" key...then "2"...then "3" and oh look, they're dead. Just like everything else.

Dungeon runs...whoop dee shit, do that crap over and over and over with ya damn eyes closed. Any dumbass can do this, even monkies could do it. And it's so boring, omg it's boring...least watching paint dry has some cool physics at the micro level about it.

Now, pvp is where its at, right? think again...Better than the damn story, but shank me dead, hours and hours, over and over again of trying not to die coz your teammates die, you lose buffs oh and look, you can't kill shit without them. And the enemy is IMMORTAL! I mean, you knock a guy senseless with a backhand, he has stars around his head not doing shit, and you gash his neck, stomach and then slowly drive your lightsaber down through his head and exiting his groin, and he takes a 10th of his healthbar in damage? wtf...and the guy is a damn smuggler, wearing cowboy leathers and boots...

I tell ya, this game did not impress me at all, just another stupid world of warcrap clone. Lucas Arts made some promises of innovation, feeling like a hero, changing the galaxy, imersive storyline etc etc...FAILED completely on all of it.

This game is JUNK JUNK JUNK!!!

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Zeon 9 years ago
Just clicking on the link provided by the OP made me cringe. As soon as i saw the many limitations that F2P has is astonishing. I too wanted to play this but yet again another F2P- pay to enjoy/compete model rumbles that completely.

This is also PVP too so in what aspect does a F2P stand a chance against a P2P if that F2P can never get on par with someone who is P2P?

Either make it subscription based completely like before or don't even bother to advertise F2P with these many heavy restrictions.

I agree with the post above. Just sounds like a trial version.

I have seen it all now tho. Pay to play, pay to enjoy, pay to compete, pay to win.. Stop labeling them F2P...

And how many models do these type of games go through.

Microtransactions - IMO the worse model i have seen used. Free to play - Login and pay to enhance gameplay, meaning you have to buy almost everything to get into the higher content. Again don't bother to PVP unless you want your ass handed to you. War of legends wins that award.

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lol 9 years ago

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ugurano 9 years ago
thx hazard, this my statesment, xd

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HazaRDReborN 9 years ago
My two cents.
If this game came out as a free model to begin with it is great stuff. Warframe has just as many restrictions and also much less content. So, for a free game or launching as a free game, it is good.

BUT! (here comes the hate)
This game did NOT come out as a free2play. It didn't even come out as a pay2play (like Guild Wars 1 and 2). It came out as a subscription game! The game was hardly ever worth the subscription model (I am a crazed Star Wars fan, and it was a really fun game because of that, yet STILL not worth a monthly subscription). Hence why it failed miserably. Oh, and the fact that after you bought the game with its 30 days free they forced you to buy a subscription plan as well for that to work, is a slap in the face and they should be ashamed.

The game, obviously, isn't worth a subscription fee, that is why it dropped to a f2p model. Now, for a f2p model it offers a lot, but nearly a lot as other mmo games. The quality and content is indeed better than most f2p games, but the restriction model is a disgrace. Other companies have gone to a f2p model and they are much more flexible, and they should be.

When a game falls from a subscription model to a f2p model it proves one thing, that people don't think it is worth the money developers think it is worth. The idea of turning into f2p is to make less at starters just to keep people coming, and to bring new people in as well. If successful, then it may even make as much money as the subscription model, or in same cases as we have seen in the past even more. These guys, offer NOTHING in the f2p model to keep people there. It isn't cheaper, it is the same thing in terms of costs. To play the game full, you have to pay s subscription!? To play the game full without paying for a subscription, you have to pay for 3 times the value of the game!? In both cases, WTF?

To play the game in an ok manner, you probably pay as much as the games value....... again, wtf people?

The developers obviously didn't get the point and are a bunch of greedy asses. The money that they milked in from this game already MORE than covered all profits and made them richer quite marginally than before, and gives them opportunity to be MUCH more flexible with it.

They should take example from such games as TERA (also went f2p) and of course GW2 (simply pay and play, end of story). So, of course, with so many ridiculous restrictions that actually affect the way you play, by comparisson it is a piece of shit that should burn and die out.

Worst part of all to prove how greedy as fk they are, previous subscribers and owners of the game get no or minimal (if any) benefits from the fact that they had actually payed for the title and for subscriptions. Subscribers have to either stop playing the way they did if they do not pay anymore, or keep paying subscriptions or even higher costs. Bull-----shit!

In other words, the game didn't go free to play. It just created a trial version for itself, that is why it sucks. They never stopped trying to force money out of customers, and EA along with BioWare should rot in hell and die out for ruining such a great opportunity of a game.

Shame on you BioWare, I respected you once. Thanks for putting your hand so far up my ass I can never feel the pain of rape again.

Stay away from this title people, it is an insult to old subscribers, current subscribers and future subscribers. It is not a f2p game, it is a trial version.

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Aeowyn 9 years ago
yeah I tried this, and after battling like a bitch to get it to register an account all I got was a useless desktop icon. I clicked and waited and went to make coffee and when I got back NOTHING had happened, so I tried clicking it again, and got "only one instance of the program may be running". so, naturally I went to task manager to close the obviously failed first instance and guess what: NOTHING.

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Neocron 9 years ago
Dont bother with swtor GREEEEEEEDY PAY TO WIN....they charge for equip gear, unfie colors on your gear, pvp, they sell armor, and in game money....i think this game should die... they want 7$ just to change the color of you gear
they let you do 3 free pvp match a day....and charge you 2.50$ to have unlimited as week...............they f-n charge you 90c to teleport NTY

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Tom 9 years ago
seriously why is this featured, requires a degree to just play the game. launcher isnt even fixed to work properly.

Was this review helpful?
romanisko 9 years ago
Why,in gods name,is this game featured?I never want to see this game for as long as i live.The biggest fail of a game i have ever seen.Stay away from this game if you value your health.

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dabawse 9 years ago
OKAY. so I saw all these comments while my SWTOR was updating and out of all these cons, SRSLY how many of you actually TRIED playing this game BEFORE you idiots criticized it. yes, the game has its ups and downs but all games do and id rather have a good hardcore game instead of an "hey guess what, I finished the game in one day" .BTW, treasure hunting isn't the best crew skill, there are other that don't particularly need the other like slicing(which gets you tons of credits), the credits max is NOT 250,000 because i've gotten WAY more as a f2p, and the xp is NOT halved, just partially slowed. do you really expect all free things to be good? SWTOR IS a good free thing so really give it a try.

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Mau 9 years ago
This is such a great game, as i played as a F2P i noticed i love levelling to 50, the story was great, but if you are really not a subscriber, i would say the games dies at the max level :(

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DrendGlf 9 years ago
Why is this game even in here its clearly pay to play its not even worth your time to play for free unless you dont work for a living. [may explain the ones who say the game is good as free play.]

Was this review helpful?
Ryan 9 years ago
Wow most of you guys are stupid huh? so what if you have to pay to get better stuff or access to more? its no different paying for Xbox Live so stop bitching, im already level 25 in 2 days and this is by far the best Star Wars MMO i have seen yet. and yes i do pay for Subscriptions. cuz i enjoy it

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Shadows 9 years ago
I'm really disappointed to see so many misinformed and poorly constructed reviews here about this great game. I have 6 max level characters in this game, and it has never once gotten boring or repetitive for me. There are a lot of great things in this game.

- Eight different amazing story lines (each class has a different and unique story)
- Every class has five unique and interesting companions that travel with you all the time
- Every character is voiced and the acting is of high quality all the time
- Crafting is not boring and is easy to learn and pick up
- The community is actually pretty awesome
- Each world is different and has its own style, making exploring fun and engaging

- Free to play is restrictive, but I know people who have played the entire game that way and had no problems

This game is really good. It has its flaws just like every other game, but it's a solid MMO and I think everyone should give it a shot.

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ugurano 9 years ago
no play this shit game here.

to much restriction and boring story

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nobody 9 years ago
do not get this game, free players are restricted from acsessing large amounts of items and services. the F2P option only exists so sucker people into paying for almost everything, including mission rewards.

Was this review helpful?
stronglion 9 years ago
the game is fun and worth paying for although if you are more of a f2p player it might turn you down

Was this review helpful?
Madhatter 9 years ago
Is ther add on for the game

Was this review helpful?
kaveh 9 years ago
nice game and good choise for whos dont want to pay for other mmos have montly sub.

Was this review helpful?
rabbid 9 years ago
If you like running all over the place for days and days this is the game for don't need partys or healers you can pretty much do it all alone. Terrible party set up. If you are a loner this ones for you. Oh yah every other second they suggest real money to upgrade and get better equips ect..

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BrokenArrow 9 years ago
this game is worth playing to pass time but other than that I would not recommend this game at all. The lags are not that bad and graphics are decent but restrictions on this game is off the charts. if you want to get somewhere in this game you either become a subscriber or spend a lot of time in cash-shop. The character slots restriction is not that bad but the high level gear, quest gear and other very useful things are. Also f2p players don't expect to get in anytime soon when server are near full because queuing usually takes 20 mins if not more due to every subscriber that enters your server gets que up first before any of you. overall its a good game to pass time but there are better f2p mmos out there.

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Obliviously 9 years ago
Okay so I looked at all these negative comments but still (since i'm a die-hard Star Wars fan) downloaded the game. Overall it's a great game if your free-to-play except for a few things that people just nit-pick. One: You don't get sprint right off the bat which makes it to where your generally slower than other players. Two: The exp gain is a TINY bit stunted, not halved, stunted. As far as lag and game issues I have had none. You really have to have something up your butt to be That criticizing about this game.

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Vincent Van Sinister 9 years ago
This game isn't even worth my time anymore, between the lag issues, and the shitty customer service. Ive had the same problem for a week now, and they still have done nothing about it. Not worth my time and effort to try and combat their failed mistakes. Bioware can suck my fat dick.

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PcPro 9 years ago
I havent seen STO (Star Trek Online) on this site.. But for those that love space wars.pve/pvp ground and air combat this is a try. Everything in the game can be bought for inngame currency or if you want to speed up things you can put real money in it. Space station constructions with your fleet... a very nice game.

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Boriken 9 years ago
This game should definitely not be listed here as free. I've played since December 11 and although it's a great game if you pay, it has one of the worst Customer Support I've ever encountered. After every patch they do, there's usually always a fair share of people who have problems with their games. Due to the free to play launch not so long ago, they have now started charging for phonecalls to their customer support. So, whenever you get a problem and try to ask for help on the forums, they do their best, but usually always lends up having to phone. When you do phone it costs you money and you're put on hold for usually at least 40 minutes. It's a downright disgrace. Playing as f2p is completely awful as you get the least of the least possible. If you do decide to play as f2p, you'd better hope your a technical person else you'll be forking out money nonstop to customer support for fixes if you want to continue playing.

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PJCNET 9 years ago
What makes this game is the stunning voice acted quests with a brilliant storyline. If you play more than one character however you get a different main questline and depending on the side you choose there's 2 different starting planets. Unfortunately apart from that the rest of the quests are identical and there's not enough side quests to do different ones for more than one character to make it more interesting. It's still recommended however, especially now it's free to play.

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ExHuman 9 years ago
No thanks
I better go back to STAR WARS CONQUEST

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KB1331 9 years ago
Just out of curiosity, for those of you that have played this game and just hate it oh so much, did it ever occur to you that you should look past the variety of "problems" that are "keeping this game from being a great game" and realize that this is the ONLY MMORPG that is Star Wars based. If the concept of the slower exp gain (which truly doesn't affect your leveling progress), the chat restrictions (which btw, only exist until level 10), the not being able to sprint until level 15 (which isn't much of a hindrance on your game due to the availability of taxis), only having 1 crew skill (which doesn't have to be a crafting skill), the skill bars that only hold 10 skills (trust me, by time your level 50 you are already going to know which skills you don't need because you will have WAY more powerful skills once you hit the level cap), the credit limit doesn't matter either because you won't be rolling in credits regardless if you are a subscriber or a free-to-play player, the Purple Loot that requires Authorization and licences can be bought for credits at the in-game auction house, your speeder license becoming available at level 25 instead of 15 doesn't matter as well (unless you have 35,000 credits to purchase it at that time), and as a free-to-play player you ARE allowed to add friends (join a guild, join a group, hell you can even start a guild). If you really cant stand the "heavy" restrictions then either do one of three things: UPGRADE TO PREFERRED PLAYER STATUS BY PURCHASING EITHER $5 OR $10 DOLLARS WORTH OF CARTEL COINS ON THE OLD REPUBLIC WEBSITE, BECOME A SUBSCRIBER FOR $14.99 A MONTH, ENJOY THE GAME, OR STOP PLAYING IN GENERAL AND LET THOSE WHO WANT TO PLAY/TRY THE GAME ENJOY IT BECAUSE IT'S THEIR DECISION AND NOT YOURS.

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vivi 9 years ago
TERA is going for free, neverwiner in coming, and Age of Wushu in April as well. No room for new games!

Was this review helpful?
DTwao 9 years ago
So many MMO games launch lately. Needs to try out a few. Age of Wushu is going to launch in April.

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xMaracx 10 years ago
Ok, so against all the comments and bad 1st impressions i decided to try this game, and to my surprise the game isnt all that bad and i think ppl are a bit too harsh on it, yes the restrictions are annoying but when you look at it, only big restriction to me is 1 crew skill and no cargo bay, but you can still enjoy it, the xp slowdown is actually not tht bad, it makes the game last longer and if you do (like me) want to get rid of the restrictions it isnt even all that expensive plus if u take the 5 euro worth of cartel coins you can use them too to unlock sumthin, but back to the free player i dont think you should judge it so harshly but this is all just my opinion and a attempt to tell ppl the game is worth a shot.

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Albert 10 years ago
Free to play means you get to play the game for free. You do, you can play it for free or pay 15 US a month and get everything. I've played 4 MMORPG Games in my life time on the computer. WOW like everyone, the game sux and you needed to have people run you through lvls which is tired and boring and at some point you don't get to lvl up. WOW all you need to do is a character from each of the realms and you have done story line. Rift, good game but its basically WOW, they even have the same guy doing the spiders I think. They added in to WOW RIFTS, which are good but still WOW, the only difference is that you all start from the same location you can't do each different character type and win. Lord of the Rings, My second Free to play after Starwars, okay, LORD Of the Rings is the same as Star Wars, you want to get all the good stuff, you have to pay for it. But you only have to pay for what you want, or You subscribe for 15 US and get everything. Star Wars, Star Wars has its flaws like all games, no one can be a WoW first time out. However Star Wars at this stage has gone pass anything WoW is and can do. Download Star Wars The Old Republic and see without paying anything, play for free, if you like it, pay 15 dollars and play for real. the only thing it is going to cost you is download and time. Trust me Stars Wars The Old Republic is worth it.

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darkvoidx 10 years ago
1 thing i hate for some mmorpg is the word when they say FREE TO PLAY ... IF ITS FREE
than freaking everything is free not like hey its free no month payment but you will not have all stuff in game antil you PAY!!! -.- 1 most thing i hate about mmorpg thats the onley thing i hate

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Lolz 10 years ago
SWTOR isnt completely f2p thats true, but you can still experience the entire story of the game, you can do whatever you want. There are a lot of restrictions yes, mostly not allowing f2p players to get endgame items and so on, BUT you can UNDO these things by buying certain ingame items with the ingame money. In fact, you can actually do everything a subscriber can by buying these items. YES it will need a lot of grinding missions to get the credits to buy those things, but hey, i dont know any other f2p/subscribe game that allows you to do this. People saying that bioware is losing a lot of players because of these restrictions are morons. Bioware is getting more and more players every week. Even real F2P games have a real money market with items you can only get by buying it with real money. In swtor u can buy these with ingame money also

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ugurano 10 years ago
yes but not free, but the story boring and the gameplay

Was this review helpful?
Rational 10 years ago
I have started to play SW:TOR as a F2P player, now I am a subsriber. Thats all for my introductions. So here is what I think. Good game or not. most people here who sumbit their reviews are acting like spoiled kids for 1 reason.

1. You want a game that is INTERESTING, has good GRAPHICS, doesnt have any RESTRICTIONS based upon your status and you want it ALL FFOR FREE.

Basicly, you are asking for a satisficing experience from a company who has spent alot of money to fulfil your request, and you want it for FREE. From my point of view, I found the game interesting playing as a f2p player and realised, that I wont be satisfied with so many restrictions so I subsribed, because I have a job, I can support myself and I know, that everything COSTS MONEY, and NOTHING GOOD IS FOR FREE. Please sumbit a review about the game itslef, not how it has hurt you because you are a debt-beat....

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sada 10 years ago
when your play this game, its a story game no mmo. fail game

Was this review helpful?
mike 10 years ago
is good ihave 8 carc and real thing about this when ihave at night iplay 10hour lol

Was this review helpful?
NormalKid 10 years ago
D.I.Y that SW:TOR is the most expensive games in the history in gaming..?? hehe.... pretty sure about that i think it takes 180-200 million dollars to make, it's like a movie! Yet, most of free players seem to hate this game because of limited features, EA and Bio ware don't understand why they lost thousands of players because of that crappy features. I know guys, I am a free player also of that and i quit SW:TOR because it has a lush graphics and Nice game play but the limited,UNSATISFACTORY features really dissapointed me! I know most of star wars players here will understand me. So that's all thanks! =)

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FrostSpike 10 years ago
i reaaaaallllyyy have too complain about this game its not even close too a free 2 play it says f2p but when you start it youl soon discover that after 4 hours and 50 quests you cant afford even a medipac thats like a basic potion since only subscribers get the normal money reward from quests soo dont even start it cause it doesnt matter if you doo all the quests if you grind for 500000 hours you still wont be even close too any of the subscribers.

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Pathog3n 10 years ago
Has to be one of the worst f2p models I've ever seen. Limits are so high when I came back to play I uninstalled the next day. I really love star wars and always have so kind of bummed out because the game wasn't that bad. But with other f2p games out there offering so much more I'd much rather play them. Cya later bioware

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Coreman0366 10 years ago
So i have been wanting to play this game for a long time and when i did i must say its not that bad. im a big star wars fan and the story makes it worth playing but if you dont like it there are alot of games out there and some are even worst. i went from a pay to play to free to play back to pay only because i got a new pc lol this game rocks and i can name 5 games off hand that are worst lol can anyone els lol

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Kingsan 10 years ago
You can definitely get to 50 using the f2p method, but you cant really do anything other then just grind. Can't do more then once instance a day, you can't endgame, you can't PvP. Get to 50, then quit. Unless you ever plan on paying in the future.

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ugurano 10 years ago
freemium, this game rl shit

Was this review helpful?
ethan 10 years ago
i agree, its more like "free to pay to play" of SWTOR. i beta tested and pre ordered i played for about 3 to 4 months then quit untill recently, i tried the swtor again and found that this so called "fP2p" model that bio...EA is doing is bullshit! me being a beta tester and a founder you think that they would give me somthing for trying to play swtor again? but no they didnt, in fact you would think id get somthing like less restriction's? but NOPE beta testers/founder get shit canned to like the rest of the fP2p players. the restriction are trash the only thing you can do it struggle to play the story lines... and i do mean struggle, you exp is 25% less then every sub. they restrict you on freaking customer support!!!!! heck look at this they practicly force you to go "preferred account" if you want to have a semi crappy experience.

Take it from a former player if you play this game at some point you will hvae to spend money. do not play this so called free to pay to play model that ea is reting to make you eat.

If you really want play play swtor you should just subscribe.

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GamerTerran 10 years ago
I do believe there Free2Play is broken.. But thats about it.. Once you get use to there system its so simple! Ive just lvled 2 50 an did all the story quests (since its free) before subbing an then once I got where I wanted 2 be from a free 2 play aspect then U just sub opening Major PvP an PvE all that you wudnt have been able 2 do even if u where subbed an just starting..

DOnt look at the free2play as a restriction look at it like a kick start.

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dr.wagner 10 years ago
I also think this game is great. All of the negative comments about it are very confusing to me. The fighting is awesome, the stories are creative, and the PVP is dope. Not to mention the cool graphics. The restrictions can be annoying, but not when you take into account that it's FREE! What other solid mmo exists that's free to play the entire game all the way through? Give Bioware a break - they do need to make some money to stay in existence. I have a feeling they will also be giving more and more to F2P people as time goes on. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone. That being said, they should give more to F2P people (like reduced quicktravel times and quickbars) and more to preferred customers (use of special items). Still, I cant complain.

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Gdac250 10 years ago
Bullshit, this game is great. I have a level 15 sith maurder, and i'm having a great time. Sure there are restrictions on your cargo, but you can get that for 500 cartel coins which is like five us dollars. Also unless you're obsessed with pvp in mmos you don't need all your skills on you quick bar. You can just merely press p and have your protection, strength boost, and healing boost on the side. I don't mean to sound rude, but unless you're dirt broke most of the restrictions aren't really a problem. Also if you really like the but don't want the restrictions you can just buy a 60 day game time card from gamestop, or even walmart!But if you're someone who doesn't have much money you don't actually have to pa at all either because they added this little thing called legacies where you can get things like the mount skill with credits for all of your characters under the same legacy.
So my opinion is just try out the game for yourself. Also I'm having a lot of fun as a free to play player, so just make your own decisions.One more thing before I go, if your a fan of mass effect or games where you make your own choices you'll absolutely love this game.

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VampirToza 10 years ago

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aS 10 years ago
this game have boring story, and boring gameplay. and not so goode graphic.

free to play sucks on this game

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Scourgre 10 years ago
if it was a hack&slash like SWTFU i would pay for the subscription but this is bogus!
i mean omfg being a F2P player is like playing it ar uber hard mode

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knight Artorias 10 years ago
Lmao they totally missed the mark of becoming free to play. Its ok they will fix it when they figure out the player bass isnt getting any better. XD

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Tio_Z/frealms 10 years ago
I find myself having to contact support on this. Whenever I try to play it, says I don't have an active subscription plan on my account and I should get one.

Good start on this "free" experience =/

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The Beast Dam 10 years ago
So it is a Free To Play, but you have to Pay To Play. What? Thry couldn't decide which model to choose and they said: "The hell with it, we are doing both!"

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Allacore666 10 years ago
Free players get this : Not even worth it!! You pay for user interface skill bars! You have no cargo anymore! You get sprint at level 15 not level 1! You cant get a speeder license until 25 not 15! Your inventory (witch you could expand using in game money) limits you to only 30 slots! Crafting is bogus! When using crafting like Armstech (weapon crafting) you also need Scavenging too so you have components to make the weapons (witch enemies do not drop nor are rewards nor can you buy) so the game only lets free players pick 1 crafting skill out of 3! If you play for free just choose treasure hunting because everything else is just usless without the other! So all free to play jedis cant create your own lightsabers! The Credits limit is 250,000! You can only chat once then wait exactly 60 seconds before you can type again! So hard to LFG! EXP rate is cut in half! You literally could play longer than any level 50 player and still not be at level 50! Not to mention 2 skill bars witch hold 10 abilities a piece when by the time you reach level 50 you have over 30 skill that are vital to survival! Purple items you have to purchase a license for so dont even think about pvp (you will literally get your a@# handed to you)! The game has turned into pay to win! Oh yeah as a free player you cannot add friends lol! Stupid i know. You also only get 2 char slots even if your a prefferd player! So to sum it all up if you want to enjoy the game pay your 14.99$ a month or pay like something like 100$ - 200$ to have everything ala carte via cartel coins! I mean ive been playing since day one and i thought ok i can maby save some money (they promised prefferd players alot) but to no avail i pretty much got the same as free members! WTF Bioware and EA! go here and see this bull crap for your selves.

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