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About the game:
Title: Urban Rivals
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: Card Type: Browser & Client
Developer: Acute Mobile
Publisher: Boostr

Urban Rivals is a free to play 2D browser based trading card game with more than 400 characters to discover, collect and level up by fighting live against players from all over the world!

You can decide your own fate. You can choose to have fight after fight to rise up in the rankings and become the world’s best player. You can also become a great trader and try to get the complete collection, or even just play for fun with your friends with your favorite characters.

Explosive Features:

  • Stylish comic book art.
  • Fast paced.
  • Large playerbase.

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System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. I used to love and spend an lot of time and money on the game, that is until my account was blocked for no reason. they accused my friend’s and I of multi accounting even though that was not true we all just played the game together in person all the time. But they did not believe me even though i BEGGED them to reconsider and that I had an lot of friends involved in the game. Still it did not matter and they chose to ignore and not let me be an part of the community anymore. It honestly made me pretty sad, but I have sense moved on and found that alot of games out there have communities that are much more inviting and wont ban for dumb reasons that honestly I still do not see as reason enough to ban an person who has been involved in the game for 8 years and spent over 1k in money on it.

    so with that said no I do not recommend this game it is in all honestly an shell of what it used to be and I feel bad for anymore that waste there time on it when there are WAAAAY better games with WAAAAAAAAAY better communities in them.

    If anyone would like proof of my claims I have the messages from the urban staff themselves saved as well as my proof and messages I sent to them as well.

  2. Urban Rivals has been around a very long time. The game has aged very well and has improved on a lot of its past issues.

    Allow me to list the pros and cons of today:


    1. A LOT of cards to collect and level up
    2. Amazing artwork on all the cards that are truly mind boggling
    3. Very addicting once you get into it
    4. Large community of players
    5. New game modes such as a single player “duel” mode

    Admitedly while I have been playing this game since about 2008 there are in fact a great deal of cons still

    1. This game is NOT newbie friendly even to this day: Early game does not teach game mechanics well at all, Does not adress certain abilites and clan bonuses

    2. If you want to get far in this game fast you would need to purchase “packs” although the game has made eaarning game money called “clintz” a bit easier to obtain.

    3. Most of the players are NOT english speaking

    4. A lot of players are NOT friendly

    5. Card bans are more ridiculous then ever

    6. Admins are NOT friendly at all, No chill what-so-ever

    Now I know the cons out weigh the pros. But I still highly reccomend this game IF and only IF you spend money on this game, Find a guild of friendly people, And have time and patience to learn the game mechanics on your own.

    Now I’m not one for advertising however: I happen to be the leader of a guild on urban rivals called “Code of Chivalry” If you do play this game and need help learning the basics i suggest you join it and I will personally make sure you at least have a fair chance of enjoying this game

    Look me up in game as the name “Alien Bubbles”

    • Its repetitive in gameplay, but the game itself isn’t. I bet you haven’t played this for even a week, because they release new cards and ld missions every week. The only downside is that you have to actually pay money to buy packs from the shop, but come on guys, magic the gathering and yugioh do this in real life, this is just a digitalized format with a huge competitive community. Also about the overpowered cards, a lot of them are either banned from Elo or penalized in Tourney, the two most strategic modes of the game. However, as a player that has been in this game for almost a year, i have to agree when you say the staff can be assholes sometimes, because some clans do have cards that are banned when there are better ones free, and thus a lot of clans get severely handycaped, specially in Elo mode. I would give this game a 8/10.

  3. Pros

    1: Lots of Cards
    2: Pill system
    3: Free to play?
    5: missons
    6: Time Waste OP


    1: GL2P-Grind.Life.2.Play
    2: admins are asshole jerks
    3: full of scamers r.i.p newbies
    4: over priced cards
    5: very very low money income
    6: cant trade without useing real money on a pack frist Ruins the chance for free players
    7: no ones friendly
    8: block system being trolled
    9: someone with a school life cant play this game cuz it needs atlest 200 hours of gameplay to get a good card
    10: full of over powered decks cash users
    11: gets boring after a while
    12: Free Banned accounts
    13: will take atlest 1month of non stop playing to get anyway other than lvl 100 and end up with 1 good card ONLY and cant trade make it worse
    14: PAY 2 WIN
    15: PAY TO PLAY
    16: PAY TO FUN
    17: to many trolls

  4. This game is really boring after a while and not much strategy and non-existent deckbuilding. You only get to play 4 cards and mathes last like 1 minute tops.

    Also, the admins are true assholes.

  5. Fun game, can be pay to win at higher levels, but with the pill system, you still atleast have a chance at bluffing a way to a win. I will give it a 3.5/5

  6. i played the game many times and stopped playing and started playing again
    after 1 or 2 weeks it gets boring.

    but it is an exciting game because nowe you can even earn credits with misions
    and then buy some good cards and i did it i became more exciting for me

    i think that urban rivals got more content with the missions and it is awesome to read the background of the characters or guilds it is awesoem in mymopinion

    so i am still playing it my name in urban rivals is sonnyvssn you can add me ass a friend

  7. for a free game it is pretty amusing….it’s even quit addictive once you get the hang of the game….you can lvl up,get awards and achievments,there is guilds and loads of different gametypes for your cards….

    minus is just that there are so many cards to collect and it takes ages to get them all,even if you buy packs…

    overall defo 4/5

  8. Great game, fast progression and lots of content with the new mission system, which are like achievements that give you rewards.

  9. There isn’t much to say about this game other than it is by far one of the best, if not the best, free to play online card games. The fact that you can level up your cards makes it pretty interesting and fun too. The only down side is that if you want to get new cards fast and without much hassle it’s pretty much a requirement to buy “packs” of cards, but you can get free credits completing offers or surveys so it’s not too bad. Lots of tournaments too. Go try it out.


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