About the game:
Title: Valorant
Status: Beta
Genre: FPS
Developer: Riot Games
Publisher: Riot Games

Valorant is Riot Games’ free-to-play competitive 5v5 tactical shooter, where you’ll need strong gunplay and timely use of abilities to come out on top. Choose your character and participate in matches up to 25 rounds long, taking turns as attackers and defenders. Between rounds, you’ll amp up your arsenal of weapons and abilities to make you stronger for the next round. Complete your objective or wipe out the opposing team to claim victory in each round and win a majority to take the match!

Valorant’s characters fill a variety of roles, from front-line fighters to movement-oriented flankers to support characters. Each character has a limited number of uses for their special abilities, which are more strategic in use than directly enabling kills. Use your abilities for a boost but remember that teamwork and strategy will usually win the day!

Explosive Features:

  • 5v5 Tactical Shooter
  • Upgrade Between Rounds
  • Limited Use Of Abilities

News and Updates

Valorant Blew Away The Competition As Most-Viewed New IP On Twitch In 2020

Streaming platform StreamElements and data and analytics platform have released their 2020 State of the Stream report, which highlights the most popular games...

Valorant’s 2.0 Patch Live Today, Adds New Agent And Reduces Competitive Ambiguity

The Episode 2 update for Valorant goes live today with a new agent, changes to competitive mode, and tweaks to a pair of the...

Riot And Bungie Join Forces To Fight Valorant And Destiny 2 Cheat Maker

Riot Games and Bungie may offer competing video game products, but there's one thing they can agree upon: Cheating in their games is bad....

Surprising New Hits, Disappointing Launches, And More: MMOBomb’s Top 10 F2P News Of 2020

Last year, I wrote that 2019 was a year of potential, if not immediate impact. 2020 fulfilled that potential by impacting all of us...

Valorant Revisits 2020 While Planning Riskier Agents In The Future

Riot Games is heralding the end of 2020 with a series of developer diaries for Valorant highlighting the past and future of nearly all...

Holiday-Themed Snowball Game Mode Announced For Valorant

On December 15, a frosty version of team deathmatch will be made available in Valorant. The special mode will be available for a limited...

Riot Games Teams Up With Crown Channel For A Valorant-Themed Digital Festival

If you've been looking for something to do on January 15, it seems Riot Games may have you sorted -- especially if you're a...

Valorant Q&A Addresses Leavers, Smurfs, And Block Lists

AFK players and leavers are an annoyance in any game, and doubly so in a competitive one. It's the sort of thing that every...

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System Requirements

Valorant Minimum System Requirements:

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