About the game:
Title: Valorant
Status: Beta
Genre: FPS
Developer: Riot Games
Publisher: Riot Games

Valorant is Riot Games’ free-to-play competitive 5v5 tactical shooter, where you’ll need strong gunplay and timely use of abilities to come out on top. Choose your character and participate in matches up to 25 rounds long, taking turns as attackers and defenders. Between rounds, you’ll amp up your arsenal of weapons and abilities to make you stronger for the next round. Complete your objective or wipe out the opposing team to claim victory in each round and win a majority to take the match!

Valorant’s characters fill a variety of roles, from front-line fighters to movement-oriented flankers to support characters. Each character has a limited number of uses for their special abilities, which are more strategic in use than directly enabling kills. Use your abilities for a boost but remember that teamwork and strategy will usually win the day!

Explosive Features:

  • 5v5 Tactical Shooter
  • Upgrade Between Rounds
  • Limited Use Of Abilities

News and Updates

You Can Stop Sending Messages To Riot, Competitive Mode Arrives In Valorant (Or, Maybe Not… *UPDATE*)

**UPDATE** So, it appears there is going to be a delay in Riot turning on ranked mode in Valorant for a bit. The company announced...

Riot Outlines Plans For Valorant Esports, Events Start This Weekend

Just in case you were wondering, Riot does have plans to turn its new FPS Valorant into a global esport. To get things rolling...

Riot Wants To Bring Valorant To Consoles, But Won’t Make Compromises On “Competitive Integrity”

Valorant is off to a good start on PC, but will it -- like many competitive shooters before it -- make the leap to...

Valorant Battlepass Debuts With Launch, New Mode Goes Into Testing

Now that Valorant has finally launched, Riot Games is offering players a look at the accompanying battlepass. The Valorant Episode 1: Act 1 battlepass...

A New Agent And Map To Be Released With Valorant’s Launch Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Riot Games' Valorant will officially launch. When it does, it will do so with one more Agent and a new map. Over the...

Valorant Launches June 2; Riot Discusses Feedback, Beta Progress, And Future Content

Beta is almost over, and it's time for Valorant to enter the gaming universe 4 realz, yo. Riot Games has announced that its free-to-play...

Valorant Dev Updates: Peeker’s Advantage, Solo Queue, And Vanguard Conflicts

Riot has a trio of issues to address in this week's Valorant developer blog. Taking up most of the space is a long discussion...

Valorant Discusses Player Behavior, Will Be Dropping A Code Of Conduct Soon

Since launching closed beta about a month ago, Riot Games' Valorant has been making news for a variety of reasons. And now we have...

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System Requirements

Valorant Minimum System Requirements:

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