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About the game:
Title: Vikings: War of Clans
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Plarium
Publisher: Plarium

In Vikings: War of Clans, it’s up to you to take on the challenge of managing your village, leading your warriors on raids, and becoming a jarl worthy of song! You’ll start off small, with just a single ruined village under your control. As you improve it and train your warriors, they’ll become more hardy and capable of defending it from your rivals — or attacking them and seizing plunder like any proper Viking should!

Vikings: War of Clans isn’t just about robbing and plundering. In addition to taking care of your village, you’ll also need to learn new techniques to improve your warriors’ capabilities and your ability to manage them. If your men are lacking, hire mercenaries to join you in your conquests. Whatever path you take, your defeated foes will shudder at your name!

Explosive Features:

  • Conquer Other Villages
  • Economic And Resource Management
  • Technological Research

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System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. I played it for a number of months but, like others, one day I couldn’t get on as I was stuck at work and by the time I got home my shield (that I had to pay real money for) expired and I got wiped out. Months of progress lost. The only way to climb back up… yup, spend real money.

    I simply stopped playing and never gave the game another thought. Well, until I stumbled on these reviews.

  2. It might be a good game if you speak Russian. Playing in a community is impossible when nobody speaks your language. I have seen almost nothing but Russian since I began playing 2 days ago…

  3. If I purchase lucrative offers alone, will the prices of packs in the bank also increase?? Please I need someone to answer this..

  4. I came, I saw, I conquered…and tired of logging on to find that my shield had expired and had been wiped out. I have a life. I’m not able to maintain my position on a daily basis; miss a day and you’re done. The game is beautifully designed and I enjoyed my time there. But at some point I realized it was producing the kind of anxiety that I get from real life and wish to relieve by playing games. Thus, I cut the vikings loose…and feel better for it.

  5. I am a newbie at Vikings War of Clans. I have been enjoying playing but became frustrated with the pace of developments. I purchased one of the Lucrative deals. $10 seemed like a reasonable deal.

    As soon as I bought the dang thing I realized I was in trouble. The package included so many troops that I couldn’t keep any food. Well the answer is that when food goes to zero, no problem, no effect on the troops. BUT ….. Every time I try to upgrade a building I have to have food. Part of the package that I bought includes a large number of resource bonuses including food (7500x of 250,000 food resources). The 250000 is eaten up rapidly by the huge number of troops. I can alternatively just buy the upgrade with some of the gold that came with the Lucrative deal. So what I decided to do is buy the smallest food resource item I could (15,000 food for 60 gold) then use one or more of these each time I needed to upgrade. That sort of worked but essentially I’m spending at least 60 gold for every upgrade. Oh well, my Lucrative deal included a lot of gold so …..

    Next I get attacked by someone and most of the troops from the Lucrative deal are dead. Hundreds of thousands of dead troops in the infirmary. If I wanted to resurrect them it would cost more than 10 times the amount of gold that I bought with the Lucrative deal.

  6. I don’t get the game at all? What strategy? What do i have to do? Beginners should get a beginners guide which is always available as all I’m doing is “upgrade this building” wait for an eternity for it to be done, seemingly get no benefits only to be told “upgrade this building”. Why? People are talking about armies of 100’s of millions. Seriously? I like strategy games but this all seems totally pointless as its going to take at least 1000 yrs to get anywhere…..or spend a shed load of real money which is clearly the common dominator of everyone elses gripes and moans. Upgrade the game play. Guess i’ll be waiting a long time again…..

  7. Save your time and save your money. This game is poorly managed, support is a joke more times than not and never any real help.

    If you like throwing your money at a game just for it to crash and you loose a major chunk of your progress then you will like this game.

    Every 24hrs it resets for daily update, that is another time you probably will experience the game freezing up and have to reboot it.

    Support on a good day is a joke. That is IF you can get a reply. Even if you do get a reply it is always scripted full of lies and alibis.

  8. I’ve been playing about 8 months maybe. What can i say… When you are playing smart you can grow nicely, get really strong and protect other members of your clan. This way he game is really fun and makes you feel you are doing something great for your mates, feel courage. But you must be patient and attentive to the details so you will not make a big mistakes.

    • I agree. Some of our clanmates even met each other in real. When you spend so much times together every day for a months people getting closer

  9. I love about this game that they never let us get borred. They add new buildings, Stronghold, items etc. What i don’t like is that its seems to be hard for new players to get what is going on around. They come, try, die and unfortunately quit sometimes. I think it is very important for experianced players to share their knowledge.

  10. I played this on the Browser Version. And my friend on pad. On both platforms it buggs and crashes. But for Browser Version load times are very long the first time. So any memory issue or crash bug makes you Close browser and reload. Imagine that happen when you are at war and need to Shield fast? Those that claim this is Pay to win are absolutely correct. You can buy to be boss and beat most. Joining a good clan can Counter that to an extent. But if you dont pay for packs you will have little impact to game. To many players pay alot and become way to strong for any F2P player.
    My story ended badly when game crashed during Kingdom versus Kingdom. And it happened when Shield was Down. Since a bug was reason for my huge loss of almost 2.5 mill troops (wich took me about a month to make) i sent a ticket to support. Got a reply after 3 days, that was like Reading a standard “we do not adress ingame issues”. So even though a game breaking bug happened, they dont do anything? Just horrible support and a Pay to Win game.

    Stay away!

    • Man… kinda big losses. I know that could be annoying. In my clan we have the rule to activate double hero for KvK so even if enemy catch you in the city you will have the chance

      • You should add that double hero os only available via packs bought for real money. There ia no way to obtain it for free, not even by gathering the ingame premium currency byplaying te game. Money option only. Like half of the game’s options. Some people say you need money to saty shielded etc. Well, that is not completly true. With hard effort and participation on every event you can earn gold to buy shields to survive. But that’s it. You can’t do shit afterwards. If you don’t pay money, you won’t be able to do anything but be a farmer or farm for others. A clan helps, yes.. But only with surviving. The biggest BS in my opinion however is, that you can shield instantly after you send out an attack and that attack is still ongoing. If that wasn’t the case, then even bullies would have to watch out while attacking. But Plarium gives everything to the people who spend hundreds of dollars or euros on a weekly basis. You can’t afford that? You don’t belong into the world of this game.

        • Oh come on.. if he lost more than 2 mill troops it is supposed he did buy packs. So did i. And you can get with no money most of the stuff especially after last update. Look how many gold you can earn with events now! And there are some items that you cannot buy but only win in events

  11. My first impression was not good as I lost my troops few times but when i found strong team with smart players i changed mind. They taught me how to play. IMO great war game

  12. Fun game, nice graphic, active community. People who want just sit and farm resources will not like it. This one is for burning towns. No moaning and crying be a man and fight

  13. Very addictive game, because its more difficult than other similars. You need to find your best way to get stronger and stronger everyday/ Better join big clan as they will help you to grow faster

    • Best way is to buy packs. And when those that are Rich and stupid enough can buy packs of 600 Tier 5 units in 1 pack it becomes ridiculous.

  14. This game strongly encourages bullying and harassing others. If you aren’t going to spend hundreds of $$$ and be the bully, then you are going to be bullied, over and over again. Simple as that. Everything they add to it goes to favor the bullies. of course this is just a brief summarization without going into great detail.

  15. The entire game is pay to win. Exactly as the cons say. You want to win your battles? Pay them money to be VIP or pay them money to have time boosts. No skill involved. Stay the hell away from this money vacuum. New players suffer at the mercy of the pay to win assholes who just invade and steal all of your resources. You either build up in the middle of nowhere with no resources or you
    get constantly invaded by douchebag players so all the time, effort, or
    even real money that you invested into the game are sucked away. The clan in my post name is a big Spanish clan who will repeatedly invade you if you don’t join them. There should be a permanent peace shield until you are ready to opt into PVP at the time of your choosing not when you reach a certain level.

  16. Plarium is the most god-awful excuse for a “gaming” company… their games are bug ridden catastrophes that are only money pits for those stupid enough to waste money on them. They are barely playable because of frequent crashes, and in-game bugs. Plarium support is horrible. I tried to play “Vikings” but so much is broken, and the game is just about unplayable if you don’t throw money into it. Completely unbalanced, point-and-click torture device. Plarium does not create games – just revenue streams for themselves. Don’t waste your time or money on this shite.

  17. Tried this game out for a few days. It’s enjoyable as a resource gathering game, but then you realize thats all it ever is. No strategy…no skill….just many ways to pay real money for boosts, tricks, armies….you name it. It is 100% pay-to-win, so while it is possible for F2P players to build up for a couple days, once the protected period is done, so are you. DO NOT BUY THE LUCRATIVE OFFERS!!! What a waste of money. I would have bought stuff if they had a real purpose. I don’t know…maybe resource gathering games are not for me. After 2 days, your wait times start to get really long and you have nothing else to do but watch the grass grow. The graphics and interface was very good though.

    • Been playing longer than a couple days now. I retract comments. The longer you play this game, the more you can appreciate the depth. JOIN A CLAN! Very important to your survival and enjoyment.

      • Clans add Cooperation. And in some situations a way to Counter the big buyers. But problem is those that spend alot of Money just gets to big to fast. on the server i played 1 player was lvl 24 in 2 days. He had 500 mill inf in 5 days. That 1 guy could bully several clans alone. No way to deal With him. So all had to keep Shields on constantly Those that where F2P players had 0 chance and left game quickly. The Time boosters, the insane bonus on hero gir, added With the crazy 600k tier 5 troops pack makes this game extremely unbalanced. And the longer it goes the wider the gap beetween players gets. Cause all are engineered to keep the “pack” buyers to keep buying packs. The game has very little skill involved. Keep Shield up. Scout, send attack, read scout report, amd attack or cancel depending on result. Then Shield up asap. Where is the skill? Its just to use P2W mechanics.

  18. such a GREEDY game..i dont understand how can this game made top leaderboards on free market..there is so many better games…let me explain..

    Developers of this strategic game give you 0 strategic options hot to deffend yourself..u can only buy shield for real money but then u cant attack.. as a matter of fact u can buy for money everything..everything its unreal how BS it is for other F2P players..i mean if u have 1000dollars on game u can literraly install this and be rank 1 in an hour..u can buy army!! buildings which are constructed 15weeks instantly attack bonuses etc etc.. hero XP everything gear..its rdcls..and ME AS f2p player i spent like 48hours nonstop on game to test it but it doesnt matter how much time u have bcs u have almost nothing to do in game except clan chat.. so game doesnot reward my skill…nor my time spent on game..also i cant farm other guys bcs i can only send out 2attack groups in a time bcs i dont have some building level 5465456465465 . u cant even dodge your troops like in travian or something bcs every 10seconds someone attacks you with 1million troops and u cant do SHT u dont have options ..u cant upgrade your def buildings..(theres 1..1 def building not worth to build) u cant dodge u can however buy shield for like 5euro for 24hours do the math

    developers of this game put pointy hist. incorrect helmet on vikings and firstthing u ll see after EVERY login its big lucrative offer for 99dollars etc..they just DONT deserve profit.. game is not strategic at all and doesnt reward good palyers or clan tactic..its just BS


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