About the game:
Title: Warframe
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Digital Extreme
Publisher: Digital Extreme

Warframe is a free to play sci-fi co-op TPS (3rd-person shooter) being developed by Digital Extremes, the makers of The Darkness 2.

As a race on the brink of extinction, players wield powerful suits the Tenno called warframes. Ancient weapons from the old Earth, players must master the warframe to defeat the Grineer’s over-reaching empire that seeks to eliminate the Tenno.

Explosive Features:

  • PvE co-op shooter.
  • Sleek futuristic environment.
  • Unique weapons and abilities.

News and Updates

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System Requirements

Warframe Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP 3 or higher
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 or AMD Athlon x64 4000+
Memory Ram: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB HD space
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3600

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  1. This game has so many ups and downs and is currently in quite a pickle (community problems (in terms of banning and it’s veteran player base), company takeover and an uncertain future). But is does not take away that I keep enjoying Warframe for what it is. I can not speak for any veterans, who are more involved in the path that Warframe has taken over the years. I started somewhere in 2015 but it felt weird and I didn’t understand anything (all new players will have this, no escaping that) and I didn’t play it again. But then in 2017 they showed off this new open world (Plains of Eidolon). And suddenly I was hooked and I discovered what I missed out on. I still needed help because I still didn’t understand anything. Luckily there were some nice people out there that helped me, and told me about the community driven Wiki page, which is very informative and my go to place for Warframe information the game doesn’t tell you about. And now 3 years later, with some in between brakes, I play Warframe still discovering new things, connecting lore and going up the mastery ranks.

    Is this game good? Yes. I enjoy the mechanics and the somewhat frequent updates a lot. And the quirky things like “fashionframe” makes it a very diverse game too.

    What about the grind? The grind is quite a fickle beast. Some grind is very doable and fun, others are just complete garbage because of RNG (looking at you Toroids).

    Is this game the perfect MMO free to play game? No, it is not perfect. It is flawed. There is a reason it is sometimes called Bugframe. Every game has it ups and downs.

    Then again it does not take away that this game has so many enjoyable things one can indulge themself in. Just try it, figure stuff out.

  2. Well, my experience with Warframe.
    I’m playing it for around 2 years, and I really liked the PvE. However, after you keep doing the same thing a lot of times, you get tired of it. Well, it’s a RNG game, what to do, heh.
    BUT one thing that still making me play it is the PvP. It’s totally different from all other games, because you need to unite parkour abilities with aiming. And you don’t properly need good items to go there. It’s 70% balanced (The 30% are cancerous weapons, Venari that K.O.’s you with 1 hit, ability spam etc., and also bad weapons that don’t give so much damage), and for example, the MK1-Braton (initial primary weapon) is a damn good weapon to use there.
    Also you’ll find good people in the game. At least I found a bunch of. I’m a guild leader right now with Discord and other stuff. Oh, I really recommend find them, they’ll make your gameplay more entertaining.
    So yeah, if you enjoy PvE and PvP, this game is for you. If you’re tired of PvE, go PvP. If you’re tired of PvP, go PvE.

    • I absolutely love how people say the developers are evil, when what other game do you know that when they release content that if something is broken within minutes they are doing a hotfix to correct it, then monitor that issue for up to a week to see it fixed properly. Name another game that actually goes into the player base and talks with them on a regular basis as developers and PLAYERS? i am reminded of the 8-10hr patch days that WoW, everquest 1 and 2, and a multitude of other games on the market love to say we are bringing content, and NEVER deliver. at least with this game the developers do more and are actively working on the existing game and future parts. NOT TO MENTION you dont pay a dime unless you want to, i played since late 2013 about 6mnths after release and have NEVER bought plat with real cash but as of right at this moment i have well over 8k plat sitting for when i want to use it, hell i give away more gear, warframes, weapons, and my time to players in this game simply because the players are worth it. All of this rant coming from a player who alpha and beta tested eq1 and 2. and played vanilla wow when the game was actually a challenge, and imo given the same time frames and cashflow to the game can rival any of the top 10 mmorpg and about 2/3’s of the best shooters on the market simply on design and concept alone. so before someone says the devs are evil look at every other game company that has ripped thier player base off to the point 90% of those players are playing warframe right now.

  3. Warframe was a fun game back early in it state when the community was learning the rope on how to be ninja warrior. The game changed for the worse plus along with the community as well now. (Being Brain-washed)
    Digital Extreme the company has been Permanent Banning many skilled veteran player who supported their game for years. If you make one little mistake on anything your Permanent forever on that Account. The player-base has been declining heavily due to corruption by this company and the developer along with them.
    I do not Recommand playing this game at all. it has falling short on itself.

  4. not a bad game but a lot of glitches that don’t seem to fix and without really fixing them more to stuff for more glitches. then they have random number generator for items which is lame because it seems when new items come out they are really rare in my opinion they are really rare as they want people to purchase them so unless you want to spend thousands of hours to never get an item you probably will never get it unless you buy pay to play. personally played this game a whole lot and still there random number generator has not gifted crap. everything else is good.

  5. It’s a free and amazing game? Yes, it’s P2W game? Absolutely not, you can get all your gear either by farming it(which, as any other mmo out there is a pain) or by platinum(the ingame currency) that you can get with real money or by trading stuff with other players, the game’s still a little bit buggy because still on beta but the community is friendly and also there’s tons of people playing at any time, not to mention that the devs actually LISTEN to their audience so the is balance. All in all WF is a pretty solid game with hundreds of things to do, and the most importat thing of all, fashion frame, the true endgame boss.

  6. Warframe is a great F2P game, but like all games, it has its Pro and Cons. A very good point of the game is its business model. You can get almost anything without paying a cent. All weapons and characters can be unlocked just by playing the game. This, however, takes some time because you have to buy or find a blueprint, then farm for resources and sometimes you also need to farm parts. Once you have everything you can craft your weapon or warframe, and wait 1 to 3 days until it’s done. If you don’t have patience for that, you can just get it from the market with Platinum. This is the paid currency, which can be used to buy equipment instantly, or get cosmetic items (only available with platinum). You can also get platinum by trading in-game items with other players. You’ll have to find the most rare items, which usually take many runs on the same mission, but hey, its free!. Another good aspect of the game is the Dev team. They update the game constantly. They listen to the community, and make devstreams quite often to show whats coming next. New Warframes and weapons come every month, and sometimes there are special events that reward rare items.

    As a con, I have to admit that Warframe is a very repetitive game. At first you’ll feel overwelmed with all the options and missions you’ll find. But after a while, you’ll realize that the game is a Grindfest. Most of the time you’ll spend doing the same missions to get resources and parts. Once you finish all the quests and unlock all the planets, your main objective will be getting more weapons and warframes, level them up, get another piece of equipment, and repeat. The only “progression” you’ll get is the amount of weapons and warframes you’ve maxed out. But that doesn’t make it a bad game, you can still enjoy it because updates are numerous, and you always get new toys to play with.

  7. Warframe is misty.
    I think they know their sucessful to players.
    At first, it was a dull game for me, then with constant content adding it became full of potential.
    By this change it’s a paradoxical game, that involve a repetitive solitary gameplay and an evolving world.
    You can’t rush, but you can craft two-third of the objects.
    I’m playing it mainly this time, waiting to see where it goes.
    I expect two things:
    With it succes they gonna make it more and more pay to win
    On a long term the game will become very complete to be a lone style gameplay one.
    The best exemple would be Neverwinter in this future.

    • Hell yeah. The best PvE game evahh. It has robbed me my sleep for weeks/months !!

      It has become a lot more complicated than before. I haven’t noticed if they has changed the content but I bet they have.
      I would recommend the game developers more missions for the game. More complex missions… And of course more GEAR would be nice!!! A lot more – it’s too bad this game deserves to be nurtured like a baby.

  8. Great game. you kinda get stuck in it. everything is basically free in this game. sure you have to buy a few platinum. <—– (NOT REALLY) this is definatly not a P2W game. why do you ask?? if your running low on platinum simply gather some rare items and offer to trade them for platinum. YES YOU CAN DO THAT IN THIS GAME!!!! but enough about in game currency stuff. the games flow is absolutely dynamic!!!! Its most CO-OP based so you dont really have to worry about that whole unmatched pvp thing. And another thing pvp in no manner is completely out matched. Why you ask??? your warframe (basically character if you will) could be level 30, but when you join a pvp match everyone starts out at lvl 1 and as you wreak havoc upon each other you eventually level up. so you all start out with the same level yada yada. Oh and your level outside pvp remains the same no worries there. Anyways back to other matters there all all kinds of weapons in this game. Anything from assualt rifles to lazer guns to swords hammers axes kunai bows. all kinds of goodies to explore and everything is craftable and everything can be found in the maps of the games. sure there are a few items you may have to buy to get but honestly i havnt run across any yet. The flow itself of this game is pretty amazing. its lobby based so lag isnt typically an issue. you can run across walls. scale high ledges. slide all over the place. and the shooting isnt rpg based. when you hit someone in the head it is a head shot!!!! but there is also a critical hit factor in the game for max damage. what im getting at is all most anything VIA movement is possible in this game and they just keep adding new ways to make the game even more fun. I personally highly recommend this game. it kills time and theyre are alot of friendly people on that are very willing to help you out. just simply ask.

  9. space ninja once space ninja for life
    because every major update they put something new on the game
    keeps you coming back for more…great evolution so far

    • Oh you got killed by an aimbotter?
      Well there is no aimbotter because this game is a coop game!
      Even though there was,you wont get mad because thats more helpful.

    • The grind in this game is insane. i would never recommend this to my friends. not to mention there is no use playing once u complete everything as every update forward is focused on the newer players and trying to keep them playing. there is no love for the vets. The community is toxic towards people who would even say anything against the devs on the forums.

      • The grind is the same as any other mmo except in warframe you can buy the items if you dont want to grind. And completing everything? If you mean running all the games content once, then sure…i guess… But this game is meant to re run content with new frames / weapons / builds / teams and to be able to have done it all you’d need thousands of hours played. And if your one of the few players who have been here from the start and actually unlocked and done everything then there are endless missions for those who want to make challenge, or pvp (still needs a lot of work), and clans / dojo’s. You can spend hundreds of hours alone on the dojo itself. I agree the community is toxic and this has progressively gotten worse since they day they released the open beta. However everything else you have said is complete BS and shows your lack of knowledge of the game

  10. This game is really fun! Its not even close to pay2win, except if your some lazy guy that wants to be maxed level in 10 minutes without doing work, the battle and variety of guns are awesome! You can’t be a person that started off and buy everything, because of the mastery rank, my only problem with the game is it gets repetitive really fast, I’ve played it for about 2-3 months, then I got bored because it all felt the same, I think something that will make it better is if they add more of a storyline, you really forget what you are fighting which is to protect the Tenno from being taken out from Grinner and Corpus.

  11. If you want to play an amazing and unequaled 3rd person shooter/MMO – go NO FURTHER……

    If you are interested in an established clan to play this game with and enjoy all clan resources.


  12. Warframe is a fun game with a group of friends, but I found it pretty lame when I was alone and matched with random people. I wouldn’t mind playing solo play, but solo play is waay to hard early on in the game, it does become easier as you get better mods or an appropriate frame though.

    • highly doubtful as it is exclusive to both PC and ps4… they have ios apps but i doubt it ….unless you dual boot the crappy ios on your mac and put a compatible version…….or check steam if they might have an answer…..darn no luck there either……..*sarcastically snickers*

  13. Pro’s:
    – Lot’s of weapons
    – Colorable equipped weapons
    – Amazing visual affects
    – Buggy at time’s
    – Some weapons have to be crafted (Unless if use Platinum to purchase)
    – Odd

  14. great game so far (been playinga couple weeks now i thin) except, if its now in open beta then why are the forums still a closed beta user exclusive?

    as in, you can’t post on the forums at all (topic or normal post) unless your already a closed beta user. maybe i missed something but that seems rather dumb to me.

  15. The game is amazing in first place. You will and you should get bored if you play it a lot. Much more fun with friends. I dont like playing with randoms, because usually htey just try to speedrun or something. You have to remember its a beta, so funny things mught happen – which arent so funny at all sometimes. Game has a lot to offer, hope it will be awesome when it comes out.

    Also, if you are not ready to farm, which means repeating the same mission (the level chages everytime, its never the same, meaning it will look like the same, but has different routes etc.) over and over, well, it might take a while from you to get new guns.

    I could tell much more, but its best to find out yourself, because the experiense is awesome.

    • As of update 8 it is about 2gb for downloading and about 10 levels or so per planet (going off my memory, haven’t played in a week) and there are 8 planets, the same ones in our solar system. So this game is fairly big for the F2P model and how it is a non-pay 2 win.

  16. Good game for free in beta so alot of updates and everything u can buy u can get in game farming parts to craft them

  17. I am a Master Founder and the game is really stagnant as of late. I know there are new items and such and the game is in beta, but I found it to be boring now. There isn’t much to do; you run in and chop and pop things up. Thats it. Also the levels are mostly the same; they all have the same tilesets, nothing to really immerse a player when the “Awesome” effect wears off in a day or 2. There is little to no story. I don’t even know who is the bad guy.

    Overall I see the potential, but it seems really lackluster. I hope Warframe will have more immersion in update 8 and more of a skill factor.

    • I’ve played war frame 8. And I understand everything your saying but it is better than the last but nothing special.

  18. It’s a fine game but the lack of overall progression is a problem. Also the story is nearly nonexistant. Simple objectives and occasionally a boss encounter. Seriously I was in the closed beta and I maxed out my gear before I even finished 3 planet systems. Then they decided to throw everyone’s progress away with their “new and improved” upgrade system. Which was horrible. Absolute garbage because now the only means of strengthening a weapon is through mods. Mods also drop less than they did in closed beta and (surely by coincidence) mod packs for cash shop currency popped up right after the change to the upgrade system. Gee I wonder what they could possibly mean?

    Don’t trust these guys. And if you weren’t around for closed beta to see what progression was like beforehand–your opinion is void.


  20. This game is probably one of the best online games out there at the moment! I highly recommend checking it out and if you are new and are looking for a clan, check out Outlaw Star in the forums! We are always accepting new members, whether they are new players or veterans!

  21. Great fun game, this is game is amazing.
    Unique sci-fi, shooter, hack-slash game

    only downside I found is crafting does get boring from farming resources and community isn’t the best.

    ign: ReFaded

  22. I play this game since Closed Beta and it’s quite fun. Probably one of the games with the best graphics out there in the F2P realm. This review is as of update 7, and the game has just been launched on Steam. It now has 1 million users, and you can really see it when you log in.

    The gameplay resembles that of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer somewhat, although it’s less complex. For those who love PVE, this is one of few shooters that focuses on it (aside from Firefall), and there is actually no PVP at all.

    That also means you can play up to max level without spending a dime, without necessarily being gimped.

    1. Great “cool factor” – space ninjas with guns, what’s not to like?
    2. Can play solo or with friends, the playerbase has boomed since the game launched on Steam, you will find squads most of the time
    3. Graphics are great
    4. Maps have been expanded since the closed beta, and they are more varied, larger and more fun to play, although you can still get a bit of “samey” feeling
    5. Lots of frames to choose from
    6. Not pay to win
    7. Most of the items available in the cash shop can be bought for credits or built
    8. The Devs are all over the forums, listening to player feedback and have introduced player ideas into the game several times
    9. Their support has always been fast whenever I needed it
    10. Fluid movement and responsive controls

    1. Some items in the cash shop aren’t available for credits however they don’t cause you to be underpowered or slow progression
    2. Cash shop items can be pricey
    3. Game can get a bit samey, but they are expanding the maps with updates
    4. Some connection problems sometimes when joining existing squads that prevent you from joining them (doesn’t seem to happen with friends but just with randoms)
    5. The sounds could do with improvement
    6. Melee is basic hack and slash, it could be developed to be more interesting
    7. Some bosses just can’t be soloed, but this IS a co-op game
    8. No open world
    9. Almost non-existent story

    • great preview. But about cons 1 and 2 you specified, you must know that digital extremes (the developers) need to make money from this game, am I right? by paying for those item, you support them.

      One more thing, you mentioned firefall. firefall also have PvP but because it’s in beta, there’s somewhat low playerbase, therefore not many play the PvP, therefore you get the feeling that firefall mainly focuses on PvE .(FYI, I saying this in a constructive way, not negative)

      • Absolutely nothing wrong with making money out of your work, but the prices could come down a little, also considering that unless you want to play with weapons and warframe at half their power you have to pay real money. And this is coming from a Master founder who has bought all warframes and upgrades all weapons. Firefall is 50/50 pvp/pve, although more pve content will be added.

      • Then DE should do what almost every pulisher do, every now and then sales of 20-30% off. Don’t forget that they’ll add new warframes and weapons in the future, it will might get to the point where the sales of the items you see now in the shop, will drop and they might reduce the prices (players will probably prefer to buy the new items because they might have better stats), to keep the sales of them running.
        About firefall, well… you’re telling the obvious because it’s in close beta (rather long CB, if I may add). So, I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to july 9th.(But that doesn’t mean by then I quit playing warframe)

        • I’m just pointing out that Firefall’s focus isn’t pvp. And I’ve made sure to add that they are not finished with the game because they are in beta, which is obvious to you, but there have been people who have thought the game wasn’t in development anymore. Also whether Warframe makes sure that future sales are done or whether the prices might drop it isn’t relevant to the current state of the game 🙂

          • I hope by this point you’ve realized that you can just craft the weapons that would cost platinum. It’s still pretty samey all these updates later, though many things have been fixed.

  23. just tried open beta & is a buggy mess. Concept sounds interesting and graphics beautiful so willing to try again when no longer beta and its problems are ironed out

  24. When i come to install warframe a pop up comes up and tells me : the windows installer could not be accessed. Anyone can tell me what to do cause this never happened to me and and i really want to play warframe tks in advance.

    • you need to get a mail on your email from warframe …there will be a link there …and there will be two options… either create account or another one…pick the first one (even if you have an account which you will obviously have since there is no other way to get the mail…unless you get a beta key from mmobomb giveaways) once you do all the process and you get into your account there will be a download option in the website 🙂 hope i helped..if you dont want to wait for a beta key or for the game to come out..or you missed the mmobomb giveaway then you can buy the founders pack which will send you a beta key as soon as possible…and unlock some stuff in-game i think

  25. I just got into the closed beta yesterday and the game is really cool. The graphics and character design is really good. I mainly play in the solo because it is hard to find a team sometimes ad it is a little laggy in team matches, but I assume that will be solved overtime. If anyone ever wants to chat about the game(who is playing) or anything else(like anime) send me a message! My ingame name is KuroCrow.

  26. O have played the Warframe beta (one of the first to sign up) and it is great. There are a few bugs but other than that everyone should try it out.

  27. yeah you must download to play but you first need t get a key since the game is not even out yet and it is being tested or alpha or beta or something

  28. i have been waiting for this game is going to be epic i am so waiting that i use both my emails and hope that one of them get a beta key because this whole day i was waiting for a email that says i was in beta becasue i got in planetside 2 beta from one of my account so i am hopeing i get in becasue it looks so epic wish me luck and i wish you luck

  29. Hope i will be the first one to get the key to play this game this game is awesome!!!!!! Hope its way better than other mmos


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