Defiance is an underappreciated, massively multiplayer, open-world shooter by Trion Worlds, and it’s our Triple Play pick for October!!

In Triple Play, we look at a free-to-play game, new or old, that we’ve been playing a lot lately and think deserves a spicy dash of extra coverage.

This month’s Triple Play video is Trion Worlds’ Defiance! Give it a look and see if you agree with our three points!

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  1. My friends and I found it entertaining, but I hated how all of the cool boss fights had to be solo’ed (I never finished the final boss fight because I had to spin around so much to keep up with him it mad me motion sick). Terrible, terrible design decision to force people to leave their parties to continue through the story solo…in a MMO. We updated to the PS4 now though, so there is nothing to like about Defiance anymore, since it’s not available. Why advertise a game so hard that is on an obsolete system?

  2. Dynamic events? All i have witnessed was random things suddenly spawning right in front of you.
    PvP is very unbalanced and hilariously glitchy. and raid bosses doesnt seem to be that challenging.

  3. “A lot of dynamic events” he says, but he fails to say that there is like 3 different events repeated multiple times to inflate the number of dynamic events. “Free to play, no, really.” even pay to win games that are “free to play” are free to play. For fucks sake Jason stop embarrassing yourself on every article you make.

  4. Defiance underappreciated? Hardly. This game is seriously one of the most repetitive MMOs on the market. Not to mention the game has no soul.

  5. 3 things that we like? hmm thats really hard because it can’t be played on new consoles. the riduculously huge updates that take hours to download. the impossible to complete boss missions. nope p, can’t think of any. at least the show survived its massive third season cutbacks, storyline changes, and character kill offs.

  6. Trion -> not interested

    I used to play it, but quickly saw that bugs weren’t being fixed, new content was very limited, and everything was moving towards progression by RNG lockboxes. Some of the original content is good – before they fired all those people and it became totally generic. Add on to that all the crap you get from Trion as a whole and I wouldn’t touch it again.

  7. Our whole family struggled to play Defiance for two years. It was lots of fun and funny but the disconnects and console lockups were horrific. We lost two PS3’s to the game. Destiny is our home now!

    • IWOOO!!!! DESTINY! I do get upset though because I feel like Destiny fans give Bungie way more crab then anybody about things that are wrong with it. (Bungie if your listening- Dedicated Servers). Never had any disconnect issues with Defiance on pc, happened occasionally on X360 but worked perfectly fine. One thing upsetting about the ps4, which I own and make love to, is that they are still behind just on PSN as a whole, but mainly the PS4’s WiFi adapter doesn’t use new WiFi standards, but also even when HARDWIRED the ps4 struggles to deliver a a third of my 50Mbps connection speed. This has been a constant nuisance, and due to this I feel I get more networking errors in Destiny then I should. (All ports are forwarded properly)

  8. Definitely a good FREE game, good graphics, good action, nice story, great massive multiplayer actions (arkfalls and Volge attacks are very good), lot of weapons, truly openworld, new seasons (new stories) added to the game (actually third season in game) and lot of players inworld. It may be repetitive at endgame but not more than other MMOs around. TV show is good as well.

  9. This is one of the best games I’ve ever played… for about a week.

    Seriously, give this game a shot until you reach the treadmill endgame, it’s amazing up until that point.

    Once you reach that point just quit and move on, because it’s literally the same thing over and over.


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