On this week’s show it becomes official and we bid farewell to Bless Online…at least until it does go free-to-play at some point (it’s inevitable, right??), Paragon assets are now fair game for anyone, and we take a look at a few less than stellar First Looks. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:01 Bless Online Goes B2P
23:58 Paragon Assets are Free!
30:35 Yipes…First Looks!
35:10 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
46:01 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. I don’t know who write these articles, but its a stupid person per say! It’s inevitable that it’ll go F2P? Why? People pay to pay PS1 graphics WoW, with not challenging content, why wouldn’t B2P, and it’s B2P not Subscription, wouldn’t work?

    He’s a FFXIV fanboy, the game that was a big floop, and by big I mean BIG, then it turned out awesome, and they they made F2P until a certain part, where people play and they give up, of so boring it gets -.-

    Wannabe writers its what it is…

  2. Da-bomb to Rift’s April Fools gag. They turned on fall damage. The only clue to this was in the message of the day which warned us not to ‘fall’ for any pranks. Clever. Watching the circus in chat about it was a highly amusing way to pass the time while I farmed Carnival currencies.


    For the question of the week: I am quite sad that Bless will be buy to play. Oh, not because I was going to play it, but rather because that awesome first look won’t be happening anytime soon. *sadface*

  3. I would like to give a Da-Bomb to Project Gorgon for finally! moving from alpha to beta and a A-Bomb to the same game for it’s 37 euros price tag. I’ve been debating my self lately if i want it that bad or not.

    Chiming in with my own opinion for this week’s Fortnite discussion: When they launched Fortnite BR i was seeing it as a danger to Fortnite STW, split dev time, split playerbase and so on, but now that it’s got so surprisingly popular it shifted my opinion on it’s impact on STW. Yeah, there are stories that most of Epic Games staff is working on PvP now and with BR being so popular, there’s no reason not to believe those rumors.
    However, now that Fortnite BR has gotten huge and it had so much exposure (it’s everywhere, and Epic Games are pushing it hard, i am writing this comment looking at a Fortnite add on the right side of the page), think how many people will try STW when it goes F2P. I don’t think they will shut it down this year, i believe they are gonna launch it, then see what they do with it, depending on how it does as F2P.

    QOTW: Yes, because i won’t waste the 2-3 hours on it now. Maybe i’ll do something productive for once, like spear some fish in Warframe.

  4. QOTW! Who really gives a damn? I mean…Really? Nobody thats who! Better question How will Chris Lee and his anti loot box effect F2P gaming?!?!? I would love to hear your guys opinions on that one!

  5. Bless should not have went buy too play cause it has no established ip first of all second its failed upon launch third its extremely generic using older engine. Important part though is that they them selfs said we only care about money not the game, cause developers developing something they love and make money of it, but if theres some sort of danger for corruption it tells a lot about the main interest. So my final thoughts total cash grab on a game that will get boring fast cause the devs them selfs don’t like working on it for free.

    • Yup I look around to see there really is only a few good multiplayer games that have a stable playerbase while the rest are completely deserted like a ghost town with a dead community.
      (Here a lists few of multiplayer games that i recommend)
      1. Team Fortress 2
      2. League of Legend
      3. Tera
      4. Player Unknown Battleground

    • It was bound to happen. Developers have been pushing out rehashed garbage for years and gamers are sick of it. Developers need to stuff their greed and arrogance if they want to succeed in this new reality.

      Unfortunately many of them still think they can get away with lies, cash grabs and low quality games. They will learn I’m sure of it, just like gamers did. But it will like take them some more shutdowns.

      • IF its 10$ ill buy it, Bless isnt worth more, also most games that are out today suck really hard, and the ones that are about to come

  6. I think the gaming market is going to crush real hard. Why? Because there has been a floods of games on PC Game and Mobile Game on the market this year 2018. The Developers are abandoning there games left and right even old MMO title games that been out on the market for a long time or being relaunched like Metal Assault for example and more junk.
    Not even the New MMO Games stand a chance with this over-saturated market. I mean just look around some of the Multiplayer online games that have become non-existed online. The community itself has become nothing but a barren waste land for most part.
    (MMO Genre itself is bleeding very badly to the point to no return.)

    • Thats because all the news games are same as old. The marked is filled with recycled products that are same as original. So if one company finally gets their head out of their ass and make decent mmorpg wow will be history. Killing it was an easy job but nobody put effort in doing it. Here few features that would help game prosper crafting that has apprenticeship allowing too learn new methods and recepies trough working with some one making things. Combat no more hp instead destructible armor based on materials used too make it. Combat mix between dark souls and batman arkham asylum allowing too deal easily with weak enemies and take strategic approach too strong ones as it would be in reality.

    • I have a bad feeling bless online isn’t going to turn free to play if there model business doesn’t play out well. it will get shut down instead being turned into a free to play game.


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