IMCGames takes Tree of Savior into Early Access…but wait, the plan to do it keeps changing and what happened to an “open beta?”

Let us know what you think and if you’d like to see more of this kind of content in the future!

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  1. Not defending them here but at least they asked the founders how long they should have exclusive access for and reduced it it to a month only so now Everyone else can play in April instead of June, Still crappy to have it in the first place.

  2. This game should have been buy to play like Albion Online changed their game to. I would’ve felt a little bit better. Just make it buy to play, founders pack owners get extra day early access with extra goodies, case closed.

  3. Another “Free” to play game trying to milk as much money as possible with another “early” testing. As you mentioned, Open Beta never happened and they used stress testing as an excuse for this pay testing phase. source:

    Whatever happened to the times when games actually gave its beta testers free crap as thanks? Now, the testers have to pay in order to do them a favor? Absolutely ridiculous!

    Although I am not sure of the validity, but I hear Tree of Savior isn’t doing too well in Korea, so maybe they are doing this in order to milk as much as they can out of its international fans before the game will come crashing down like its Korean counterpart.

    • Well you can thank all the people who buy into these crap marketing schemes.
      Will only get worst. Now every dev/pub will do this. Then they will come up with an other milking scheme, and people will gobble it up.

    • we have stupid people to blame, they’re like zombies who have been waiting for something new to play when those new games hardly stand a chance against the games that are running strong. example: random moba games won’t beat league.

    • I totally agree. Back in the day testers actually were testing the games, and it didn’t cost any money. They had to prove they’ve been testing other games, have experience into it.
      I will never, ever, ever pay to try a game out. Want me to get hooked? Give me a taste of your game at least…

    • Update: I managed to get a copy of the early access and let me just say the servers are lagging to the point of unplayable during peak times and there are queues of as high as 1000 during early mornings of a weekday. This feels just like any other open beta of any free to play game and those didn’t make you pay upwards of $10 to $50 for an early month of access. We’re on day 3 and the queues seems to be getting worse.

      If this is pay access, I hate to see what’s going to happen when they remove the floodgates and let everyone in.


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