Epic picked a fight and now it has one…actually two! Who will blink first as Epic, Google, and Apple get in the ring and face off over the revenue split and treatment of app developers…while Fortnite sits outside the ring for a bit (at least on mobile)?

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  1. Apple are a dictatorship and a monopoly they blatantly do this by way of this is ours no else is allowed in.
    Google Play is a monopoly because it forces you to use their tool on android you really do not have any options, equals monopoly.
    Go go Epic! finally you a making a point that you solved on the PC by taking on Steam who owned the monopoly of games to ransom yo made the PC a little freer.
    Dump google and use DuckDuckGo as your search engine for a safer and none intrusive searcher of your thoughts.
    And just throw your apple phone away.


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