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Bullet Run 6

SOE to Close Down Bullet Run

Well, let's just chalk this piece of news up in the "Not Very Surprising" category. Sony Online Entertainment and Acony Games have decided to...
Bullet Run Announced (Goodbye Hedone) 2

Sony Online launches Bullet Run, a new F2P FPS

Sony Online announced yesterday that Bullet Run has completed open beta testing and is now officially live. For those unfamiliar with the game, it...
Bullet Run 3

Bullet Run

Bullet Run is a 3D semi-futuristic FPS published by Sony Entertainment. In the world of Bullet Run players become contestants on reality TV show where the motto is "kill or be killed". In Bullet Run it's up to the players to put on the best "show" possible in order to rack up the "fame".
Bullet Run Announced (Goodbye Hedone) 2

Bullet Run Announced (Goodbye Hedone)

Sony Online Entertainment announced that it will be challenging gamers to battle to the death in Bullet Run (previously titled Hedone). Developed by ACONY...