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Elite Lord Of Alliance Releases Patch 3.2

The latest update to Webzen's free-to-play anime-inspired MMORPG, ELOA has dropped; bringing with it an all new raid -- "Lost Temple." Lost Temple takes place in a set of ruins, overrun by wild vines. Players must be at least l...

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ELOA: Elite Lord Of Alliance Officialy Launches

WEBZEN’s anime-inspired triple-action MMORPG is live, and it’s time to celebrate. ELOA is holding a launch event that asks players to fill up a Monster Journal by killing different creatures found throughout ELOA’s world.

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ELOA Open Beta Test Kicks Off Today

The anime-inspired triple-action hack 'n' slash MMO ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance enters open beta testing today.

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ELOA Open Beta Date Announced

Korean developer WEBZEN announced today that the open beta for its free-to-play game ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance will kick off November 17th.

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ELOA Beta Starts Today

Webzen has announced that the initial beta phase, which should last for about a week, has begun for ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance.

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