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Enplex Games Giving Away 5000 Copies Of Population Zero

If you're stuck at home bored and need something to do, Enplex Games is here for you -- well 5000 of you anyway.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 3 years ago
Population Zero Switching To Buy To Play, Will Release In May On Steam.

We've kept an eye on Population Zero, the upcoming free-to-play exploration-based MMORPG from Enplex Games, for some time now.

By Jason Winter - 3 years ago
Interview: Population Zero's Combat Is Detailed And "Souls-like"

While many survival games have simple aim-and-fire or hack-and-slash combat mechanics, Enplex Games is looking to do things a little different with Population Zero.

By Jason Winter - 4 years ago
Survival MMORPG Population Zero Hits Closed Beta Next Month, F2P Open Beta In 2020

If you need another early access-ish survival game -- who doesn't?...

By Jason Winter - 4 years ago