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Fable Fortune Shutting Down In March

Fable Fortune's fortunes have run out.

By Jason Winter - 3 years ago
Fable Fortune - Gameplay First Look

The Fable franchise makes its way into the oh-so-crowded card game market.

5 years ago
Fable Fortune Exits Early Access, Launches In Full On Thursday, Feb. 22

Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonics irreverent card game Fable Fortune officially launches later this week, following a months-long period of time in Steam early access.

By Jason Winter - 5 years ago
How FFS (Flaming Fowl Studios) Kept Fable Fortune Alive, FFS (For Fable's Sake)

What, did you think FFS stood for something else?...

By Jason Winter - 6 years ago
Fable Fortune Delayed Two Weeks, Will Launch Simultaneously On Console And PC

Wondering why Fable Fortune isn't on your Xbox One yet?...

By Jason Winter - 6 years ago
You Can Preview Fable Fortune On Xbox One July 11

Want to get your (digital) hands on Fable Fortune?...

By Jason Winter - 6 years ago
Fable Fortune CCG Gets Funding, Cancels Kickstarter

A few weeks ago, we filled you in on the Fable Fortune CCG, being designed by ex-Lionhead Studios devs in the wake of Fable Legends' cancellation.

By Jason Winter - 7 years ago
Flaming Fowl Studios Running Kickstarter To Fund Fable CCG

A Fable-based CCG is on its way, if the current Kickstarter by Flaming Fowl Studios is successful.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 7 years ago