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Top 5 Free to Play Weekly Stories - Digital Extremes Announces New Free MMORPG: Soulframe Ep 518

Tennocon went crazy with announcements this year!

By Marlowe Ethos - 1 year ago
Fault Adds "Combat Mage" Morigesh And Tones Down Lock-On Abilities

Is there still time to squeeze one more game update into 2020 before the calendar turns over?...

By Jason Winter - 2 years ago
Strange Matter Adds Two New Characters To Its Early Access MOBA Fault

Strange Matter Studios released a new content update for the MOBA Fault.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 3 years ago
Early Access MOBA Fault Attempts To Re-Create Epic's Paragon

When Epic Games halted development on its third-person 3D MOBA Paragon and then made its assets available for other games to use, I didn't think that concept would take off.

By Jason Winter - 3 years ago