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BetaDwarf Outlines Changes To Minion Masters Economy

Lots of free-to-play games let you earn premium currency through gameplay, but very few will admit that they're handing out too much of the stuff and need to pull in the reins a bit.

By Jason Winter -
Minion Masters Decorates Arenas, Offers Discounts For Halloween

The arenas of Minion Masters have received their proper Halloween-ing, and it's time to summon spooks to go to war for you -- or just take in the flavor of the newly redecorated landscapes and frighten your enemies with your r...

By Jason Winter -
Minion Masters Pumps Out Second Monthly Season Pass

The second season pass for Minion Masters' Charge Into Darkness expansion is now live, which makes one wonder -- how do you have a second season pass for your content that just launched four weeks ago?...

By Jason Winter -
Minion Masters Announces Accursed Ascension Rework

When Minion Masters Version 1.13 arrives it will include a rework of the Accursed Ascension mechanic addressing the confusion it caused players -- particularly those newer to the game. When it comes to the acquisition of Spectr...

By QuintLyn Bowers -