On this First Look, we jump into the cross platform PC/Mobile game Adventure Quest 3D. While maintaining most of AdventureQuest’s charm, this new title currently in Early Access bring the IP into the 3rd dimension.

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  1. What shit game is this looks like shit gameplay is shit… why they waste time to produce such i big pile of shit????

    • Agreed. I mean I like the game on all devices idea but the way Artix entertainment is taking it it’s just garbage lol.

  2. It’s ok, just because this game has enough low budget to make improvements and aswell not that big experience with 3D, this game obviously could get better but it won’t be a game that been made in 10-50 million budget instead around 1 or few mils, so that shows most of the things going around and its fine.

  3. I was actually disappointed with the way they took the development process of AQ3D. It had alot of potential back when the tech demo first released the tech demo phase but soon as the alpha phase came that’s when the game went downhill in alpha phase and got even worse in pre beta phase. I’m just wondering if it can get any worse then it already is or if it will actually improve. But I agree with the other people the games just awful for a PC game. I think it could of passed as a game built from 5-10 years ago. I even heard they got no plans for a closed beta and going right from Pre beta to open beta. So unless they fixed alot of the glitches I wouldn’t recommand this game at all. I can already name a list of cons that this game already has and I’ve already tried bringing up the topic on some sites but people immedietly shoot me down and say it’s just pre beta. So yeah good luck to everyone who plays this crappy game.

    • Just wanted to update they do got plans for a closed beta but a very short one according to the news update. But yeah they got pretty hardcore players and since their playerbase is small and they make the room limits for each room really small like 10-20 people maybe 30 people max I’ve seen so far you pretty much see certain people often. I admit you can’t judge this game till it officially releases since nobody has really seen the content yet but if it’s anything like the previous games they released then I’ll take a pass on this game. But the play on all devices I do like that idea but if they don’t get more money behind this game and actual paid employees instead of just volunteers since over 90% of their workforce seems to be just volunteers then I got no high hopes for this game. But like I said above be careful when trying to bring up a topic of cons about this game people tend to shoot you down almost immedietly telling you that same old excuse that this is only Pre beta even though people obviously already know that most MMOs normally have alot more content then this by now which is all I gotta say but people should stop using that excuse soon as this game finally releases which should be later this year and open beta should be in 2 weeks if everything goes according to their schedule. But I still think this game is really crappy and wouldn’t recommand it to anyone due to the way the devs built it. But yeah good luck to everyone who enjoys this crappy game when it finally releases.

    • Also I don’t even think it’s ready for open beta yet even though they are starting it in 2 weeks. I think they should take longer time in closed beta.

      • Probably a little late but they are doing a longer closed beta. But I really don’t think it’s ready for open beta lol they should take another year or 2 on it in my opinion.


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