Albion Online is a cross-platform sandbox MMORPG where players can create their own custom class thanks to skills being tied to each piece of armor. Nearly everything in Albion is created by players, requiring them to forge for materials and produce a range of equipment and housing. Albion features a full loot system, with players potentially losing all of their belonging upon death.

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  1. people talking about P2W clearly haven’t played the game.
    with gold (premium currency) you can only buy cosmetic items.
    All items are player crafted or looted.
    Even if you spend $1000 to buy the best items you’ll lose everything the first time you get killed, so that ain’t quite P2W to me.

    • You’re an idiot, have you played the game? I have and its some of the best combat in a pvp based game there is since it’s mostly skill based, tactics and positional.


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