Archlord 2 is a PvP-focused MMORPG which pits two factions against each other in a bid to crown one player as the all powerful Archlord, ruler over the entire server. Players may freely swap between four different weapon types, and can combine the abilities from two separate weapons in battle. As players use a particular weapon, their proficiency with the armament will grow, unlocking new skills for them to utilize. At higher levels, players can engage in 5v5 objective-based battlegrounds, or participate in massive 200v200 faction battles over who will become the Archlord.

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  1. OMG its a wow clone with a few modest tricks…made it all the way to lvl 7 before uninstall, do yourself a favor and just wait for Archeage which is better in every way possible.

  2. I was so put off by how they just drop you in with no introduction, and the very “classic” point & click, I uninstalled it shortly afterwards. And there are no “middle ground” controls like Aura Kingdom or Black Gold have, just point and click.


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