Better find some cover and quick! This free-to-play spin-off of the B2P ARK: Survival Evolved challenges players to enter the fray solo or in teams to tray and survive against not only other players, but also the dinosaur filled environment. If things get dicey though, you could always try to tame a Dinosaur of your own and wreak some special havoc!

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  1. Game also needs a map of some kind, like fog of war an you can mark it with scrawlings. Otehrwise trying to memorize the map is futile, and further renders house building futile

    • It is on steam and nicely running and tucked away in my STeam library right now. I admit, it was hard to find it just by useing the search feature with key word: “Ark”…I used: “Ark Free”… Or you can try the full name.

      Game is ok. It just lacks HUGE lobby management and game organization to start. Then once in, the tribe management or get booted is hard for new players PRESS L!!!
      And lastly, the idea is kind of flop. You have about 30 min to build a abse through resource gathering, survive hostile beasts, and of course try and avoid other players if not in team…under 30 min…. after 20 you just have clothing and weapons, and housing useless with 10 min on the clock so I do not get the idea. It is like they lost focus between Arena brawler and “open world design” making it fall in a boring walking simulator and you die most often to the environment than others. I suggest the Culling over this cheap game trying to steal it’s thunder.


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