StunLock Studios brings you the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions in Battlerite, the free-to-play 2v2 or 3v3 Arena Brawler.

To find out more about Battlerite, check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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    • Looks like you have to buy the game for now, later it’s going to be free. Okay, I’ve seen way too many games like that. None of them actually went free to play.

    • This is not gameplay commentary for your entertainment, its first looks on game it self. If video contains most basic content,info about options, character creation,monetization etc and video maker (reviewer) can deliver it to us, it does not matter who makes video, and whats his skill on specific game (Magicman said him self, mobas type games is not his strong side). And if i`m not mistaken mostly card games are done by mister Winter.

    • Apologies my skill level isn’t up to par for your standards but the point isn’t to review, it’s a First Look, not a review and the point of the video was served, not like my teammate was any better in our actual PvP match lol.

      Not to mention that most of our First Looks are LITERALLY us playing things for the first time (besides getting setting set up or skipping a tutorial for the video) so we’re experiencing the game the exact way YOU will the first time you play.

  1. Footages are not allowed to be shared :
    ,,Remember that the NDA is still in effect, so tell them no streaming or sharing footage until tuesday (September 20th)!
    The Stunlock Team”

  2. I played few days before NDA was lifted and something i noticed but Magicman didn`t… i will copy my comment from youtube! Actually you have so called EX skills on 1,2,3,4… i was going through key bindings and noticed that you have smth like alternative (similar skills with different effects) skills for already existing skills!!!

  3. One of the best betas in a long time. The gameplay was fluid and unique and the experience felt fresh. I ve played nonstop since the beginning of the beta and it is amazing. One of the few free games that deserves support.Give it a try!

  4. Character selection screen didn’t look half bad but I hate the overview perspective view of characters. So I most likely won’t play this game. I perfer playing in 1st person and 2nd person view. 3rd person view sucks.

    • thats not 3rd person, its top down view

      there are many games like Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 who have 3rd person and still have full camera control and WASD movement

      i agree, though, this is the same reason i won’t play this game, even though i have access to it

    • Theres a difference? Lol I didn’t know but then yeah I like 3rd person view. But top down view sucks I hate those types of games the most and would probably never play them.


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