It’s Battlerite but bigger! Battlerite Royale is a 20-person battle royale based on Stunlock Studios’ popular 2-D brawler. Choose your champion, find power-ups in the world, and be the last man (or whatever you are) standing!

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  1. Diefool on September 13, 2018

    I’d be SO MUCH MORE HYPE over this if it was bigger…. “Battle Royale” just put the thought of 80+ combatants in my mind when they released info of them working on this….

    Still….I’m about to give it a go, I love Battlerite arenas already

    • Diefool on September 13, 2018

      Also…. just so you know…in 2021 there will still be battle royale games….. it just wont be so damn many lol