Yeah, you’ve had the game in the East for a while now, but let’s jump in and check out what the free-to-play MMORPG from NCSoft will offer Western players when it launches here next year!

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  1. Was really disappointing to be honest.

    The voice acting was decent, The leveling was ok. Nice variety of classes.

    However combat for all the hype felt really clunky and kinda shit. No warlock class which is the one class i actually wanted to play. Really generic standard leveling, get to zone, kill x, hand in.

    The UI is fucking awful, this is definitely a game-breaker. The customization for it is pretty shoddy and bad as well.

    Will probably play it when it comes out f2p, but will definitely not buy it or pay for membership and will be on my play when bored or until crowfall / legion comes out.

  2. I leveled 2 characters to max in Tencent (China) Blade and Soul. The combat is very well done, it was fun, fluent and compelling. The whole leveling experience was very enjoyable. It was the typical you travel to one area, do a bunch of quests then move to the next area and repeat. Typical quests like kill x of this and collect y of that but they were oddly fun for me.

    However, the game becomes one huge super boring grind after all side quests and main story are done. If you want to progress, you need to upgrade your weapons. In order to upgrade your weapons, you need to do bunch of daily quests and grind instances repeatedly. Same daily quests and instances weeks after weeks and months after months until you are bored to death.

  3. if you like to grind a lot this is the game for you….. i like grinding so i naturally loved it. Along with the fact that its action combat which is very good not clunky at all, nice and smooth,

    If you dont like grind that doesnt matter its still nice to play a once through although I would hold off from buying expensive packs if you dont feel like you could grind out the weapons to progress.


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