Well, it’s been a long, mostly painful road for Bless Online, but after closures, a pay to enter Early Access period, and less than stellar reviews, it all comes down to the Western F2P launch. Let’s dive in and check it out!

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  1. Hello… Me and my friend tried to “play it” and got till lvl 20, i wanted to give game fair chance and i think about 10 hours its enough. Few things i liked were that i got little nostalgic feel from Lineage2 times (probably mostly of map and how it looked) and looks of characters/armor, taming pets,mounts was kinda fun.
    Now things what went wrong in few hours:
    1st my cut scenes did not have dialog or audio at all, when i canceled scene, it started to play dialog.
    2nd i failed mission because i “left” quest location circle even if i was still in circle, when i restarted mission all mobs were out of circle and me as tank could not reach them with out leaving circle so i could not progress, i restarted like 5 times and only relog helped.
    3rd my friend died in his quest instance, he went back as soul and could not get his body, because it was still in instance, once again relog was only option.

    Overall game feels unfinished, some things are simply implemented with out testing or 2nd thought, as example at lvl 18 i had about 8300 HP, best potion gave me only 300 hp, next best potion was after lvl 20, but it still was not enough to heal my self. Character and most NPC voice audio are low quality, i had to lower audio so much so i barely heard voices. Word sure is big but mostly empty. I played in EU server and its chat was nightmare Russian,Polish,Spanish and other languages more then English and even GM messages were mostly in German language.

    I wanted to play this game till Fallout 76 comes, even i knew it was not good idea, i simply wanted to do something till other game comes out but i simply could not and did not want to play it anymore after less then 10 hours.

    And yea it was great video thanks Mike for funny take on video and NoobFridge for suffering for us <3

    • Actually, the more i think about it then harder not think about that this reworked combat feels like its ment for consule style playstyle. I wonder if in their new game combat wont be similar to this one.


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